Monday, June 9, 2014

The Simple Life (Song) Carroll Bryant

It's always good to get back to your country roots. I wrote this at my parents lake house on the porch one summer Sunday evening, after supper. What a wonderful memory!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Anne Rice Agenda - Part One

In my previous post Questioning Anne Rice - I mention my concern of just exactly where she might stand in her battle against bullying. I question whether she really is concerned about actual author bullying or just simply against one star ratings and or negative reviews, in general, of books. (Most directly, her books.)

I have yet to conclude a definitive answer or opinion. However, I did stumble onto something recently that could raise a few eyebrows. A screenshot on a blog that captured a comment on the Amazon Forum Boards by Ms. Rice and has since been deleted from the Amazon Forum Boards. I will post this at the end of this writing, but when you read it, perhaps you will come away thinking the same thing that I thought, which is, WHAT THE FREAK?

It is a rather long rant by Anne Rice, attacking negative reviews of one of her books. It left me scratching my head in wild wonder. It also makes me wonder even more that perhaps her crusade against bullying is more a smoke-screen for trying to ban negative reviews. But as I stated earlier, I still haven't reached a decision. But if I continue to stumble onto things like this, maybe that answer will come more into the light. I don't know. I mean, I truly want to believe she is against cyber bullying of authors, yet, her passionate rant captured in the screenshots below leads me to think she could just be against negative reviews. It's perplexing to say the least.

Then I think, 'If it really is about bullying, and not about negative reviews, then why did she delete this comment from the Amazon Forum boards?' - Because, quite frankly, these comments of hers appears to be more about negative reviews, and not about bullying. I'll continue to seek out more of her comments to try and gauge her position a bit more clearly. If I find anything interesting, I'll post it here on The Glass in a "Part Two" etc, post. Maybe together we can get to the bottom of the Anne Rice agenda. Is it really about bullying, or negative reviews?

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