Sunday, June 30, 2013

Goodreads Extortion Program

Just when you thought things couldn't get more criminal, guess what? It gets more criminal! Take for example the latest idea from the "braintrusts" over at Goodreads. They finally decided how to combat bully reviews. Not by deleting the bully comments and reviews, mind you, (or the bullies themselves as it should be) but instead, Goodreads is going to attempt to extort money from authors in exchange for deleting (or hiding) bully attacks on authors through the book review system by having authors PAY for this service!

You heard right, folks.

Instead of doing the right thing, Goodreads is going to go the criminalization route in forcing authors who want personal attacks against them removed, through these bully reviews, to pay for it themselves! That's right. Pay Goodreads a monthly fee and BABAM! No more bully reviews. 

Don't believe me? Check this out.

And now this.

What this all comes down to is simple: Amazon wants to cash in through Goodreads by using author extortion to do what they should be doing for free, which is, enforce their ToS. I guess it's a sad day to be an author on Goodreads. (Or should I say, "Badreads"?) And I suppose now extortion has become legal on the internet. (I'll keep that in mind for future reference)

You read more about here from STGRB, who broke the story earlier yesterday. 

I'm Carroll Bryant ..... and this is The Looking Glass.

Things We Learned Today:

* Goodreads/Amazon practices extortion

* Extortion must be legal now

* Goodreads is "Badreads"

* Let's hope authors don't fall for this scam!

* It's a bad time to be an author on Goodreads

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Coming Attractions For July 2013

Get ready for the fireworks! Both literally and figuratively. July is upon us and we're just getting started here on The Looking Glass. I hope you have a great July 4th weekend. Be safe - all of you. (Even the bullies) No, seriously, I do wish the bullies a safe and wonderful weekend. That's just the kind of guy I am. What? No really, that is the kind of guy I am. Why you be looking at me like that? You doubt me? ... Oh for shame. Have you not learned that I do not hold grudges? I don't. Honest.


Believe you me, I wish I didn't have to have "The Looking Glass" to defend myself, but that doesn't mean I am like the bullies and go around wishing them pain and suffering and death like they wish upon me. Compassion is what separates us good people from the bad ones. Kind of like how it separates humans from the animals. 

No! I did not mean that I think of the bullies as animals. 

Or do I?

Anyhow, here is the line-up for the month of July in the year 2013. And remember, if you have a dream, then stand up and hold on to it. I know it all seems like fate, but big dreams are hard to make. You just don't come this far and never get scarred. I'm sending you a message from across the miles and through the years. It's all about faith and conviction. Unfortunately, the bullies have neither. Too bad.


July 1st, 2013 - "The Thorn Bu$h Lies"


Another hate blog has emerged. And yes, there are thorns in it. What can you do when the bullies refuse to see evidence right before their eyes? And when I say that Goodreads has sexual role plays on it between adults and minors, they refuse to believe me. Okay, fair enough, but will they believe Patrick Brown? Screenshots don't lie. Lolita makes an appearance. Year Of The Cat resurfaces. And oh, so much more. 

There, there bullies, dry your eyes, you'll get it right one of these days. All you have to do is a little research and ... stop lying! Maybe then you will be relevant too, just like Carroll Bryant. 


July 3rd, 2013 - "Secret Smell"


This is like that time you were nine years old and you had to stay with your grandparents for two weeks for whatever reason where you were conflicted with emotion. On the one hand, it's your grandparents, and you love your grandparents! On the other, they only bathed once every two weeks because they live out in the middle of nowhere, miles from civilization, with no indoor plumbing, and the last time they bathed was the day before you arrived. 

Oh sure, the visit starts out great, and you have taken up the practice to clean yourself daily in a nearby creek, but by day four or five, you're hiding under the porch in your newly built fort sleeping with their coon dog, a possum and a skunk. All of you with clothespins on your noses and a horrified look of terror on your faces. OMFG!

Move to the city grandpa and grandma! 

Yeah, it's like that, only .... without the clothespins. 


July 7th, 2013 - "GenX Says: Part Four"


"Hey there, Boo-Boo, is that a pic-a-nic basket I see? Or Ranger Bob trying to trick me again?"

"Oh Yogi, Ranger Bob doesn't care about you and picnic baskets. Ranger GenX on the other hand?"

"You are correct, Boo-Boo, GenX is always after my thunder. Let me take a squat behind some bushes, I'll leave her some thunder."

"You're all class, Yogi. But at least you have more class in your thunder than GenX has in her whole body"

"You can say that again Boo-Boo. Now keep an eye out. Don't want anyone to see this."

"I guess bears really do shit in the woods."



July 12th, 2013 - "GenX Says: Part Five"


Men in prison. Crushes. Age of consent. Two whores in a whorehouse. Pelican Bay.

Need I say more? LOL


July 16th, 2013 - "Jesse Ventura For President"


Our next presidential election will decide America's fate. And the American people's freedom. Do we continue down the destructive "democrat versus republican" path? Or do WE THE PEOPLE truly take back our country?

It's time to wake the fuck up America! 

It's time for some REAL change in this country!

Join the "Ventura Express"!  

Or lose your country for good to the corrupt politicians from both parties, and corporate greed!


July 20th, 2013 - "Porn Versus Prostitution"


Which is better? Being a street prostitute or an actress in the adult entertainment business? Can America do better in protecting our young girls from rape? And prosecuting rapists? And building up young girls self esteem? 

I think we can!


July 23rd, 2013 - "Angela Horn: Mental Gone Crazy"


The Goodreads asylum for the insane has been taken-over by the inmates! And their leader seems to be Angela Horn, a self-proclaimed saint from the fires of hell! Narcissism at its finest. We get a more in-depth look at this "meds-deprived" nut-case. Beware all readers on Goodreads, this is the "The Power That Be". Angela is the one behind these unfair deletions of GR accounts. (Well, she is one of them behind it anyway) But could there be more? 

I ask the question "Why does she attack so many people? (Especially authors?) I also supply a very good possible answer. Find out that answer when you read this!   


July 30th, 2013 - "News: Not News"


Some things are news. Some things are not.


"Hold On To Your Dream" - Rick Springfield

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

In The Style Of James Dean

Written by Carroll Bryant

See this video and all my other (new and improved) music videos over at  TheCarrollBryant 


Monday, June 24, 2013

The Lit Reactor

I said I wasn't going to do this post, and then I changed my mind. Call it me being me, I don't care, but I went back to this article posted by "Lit Reactor" called "No Sex On Goodreads, Please" which was written by one Dean Fetzer. It's an article in regards to (or in response of) my post "Goodreads: Or good Pedophilia?" that kick started this blog "The Looking Glass Of Carroll Bryant".

I confess I am slightly confused by this article. On the one hand, Dean appears to take the stance that he is against adults and minors sexually role-playing on the Goodreads website. That is a good thing. Then he also mentions me in passing saying that I might have a suggested 'sordid past' while using "The Rex Files" post as his reference.

Why does this confuse me?

Because we have already established that the post made on "The Rex Files" is severely flawed. I pointed that out in an earlier post. I guess Dean Fetzer missed that. But one must ask themselves, why did Dean use that "Rex Files" post as a reference in the first place? Could it be that Dean and Rex are buddies? 

Well, if they are, it doesn't show on Goodreads. While they both have profiles there, they are not listed in each others friends list.

Okay, so maybe they aren't friends. Who knows? But why would Dean not do his research on the subject of Carroll Bryant if he is going to mention Carroll Bryant? I guess Dean is the only one who can answer that. 


In his article, Dean gives credit to Goodreads for updating their ToS policy. Well, let's not jump too quickly on that bandwagon Dean, my recent post last month about Goodreads and sexual explicit role-playing between adults and minors "2 months later" shows that not all is well on the policy front. Sure, they have since put on a good dog and pony show in their efforts to "clean" it up, however, they still have a long way to go. Provided of course, that Goodreads is serious about enforcing their ToS - which all of us here at "The Looking Glass" knows that Goodreads fails big time at enforcing their ToS. Some may even question why Goodreads even has a ToS. A ToS is only as good as the enforcement behind it. Since Goodreads lacks in that area, well, you get the picture. 

So I suppose I will wander aimlessly about trying to decide if Dean Fetzer is pro Carroll Bryant or con? I imagine that in the long term, it doesn't really matter. However, I wish he would have consulted with me prior to listing the post on "The Rex Files" before referencing it. A responsible person never wants to reference lies. It simply makes one look .... irresponsible? 

On a good note: Dean did post a link to one of my books.

Now you can see why I am confused. He links a blog with a post of lies regarding me as a reference then posts a link to one of my books to counter it. 


I'm Carroll Bryant ... and this is The Looking Glass.

Things We Learned Today:

* Lit Reactor writer Dean Fetzer wrote an article about Carroll's Goodreads article

* Dean Fetzer referenced a blog post of lies about Carroll

* Dean Fetzer linked one of Carroll's books to his article

* Carroll is confused

* Carroll is always confused?


Saturday, June 22, 2013

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Last Note

So I go to my hotmail and sign in, and I see this interesting email with the subject listed as "Carroll: Read This!"

I open it up and it's screen shots of a poem. The poem was also written in full. The message that accompanied it read: "I think Jude wrote this for you."

I read the poem and wasn't sure that she did write it for me although, it rang of a familiar tune. Then I get close to the end and realize, yeah, it was for me. But something wasn't adding up.

The poem is called "The Last Note" and once I realized that indeed it was written for me, I read it again. This time, it all made perfect sense.

Jude was responding to a poem that I wrote her. Well, a poem that she thought I wrote for her. The reason why I knew she wrote this poem for me is because she mentions that poem I wrote, in her poem.

After reading it a second time, I started to dissect it. You know, breaking it down. It didn't take long to see a contradiction in it and what she herself has mentioned in comments past. I thought I would address it here today. Here is a screenshot of the poem. It's not the entire poem, just the beginning of it.

I took a special interest in the picture she provided which reads: "I hope you find someone who makes you miserable." - I can only wonder if she is saying that to me also. If so, then I am confused. I bent over backwards for her time and time again.

The poem starts out with her saying that this is the last poem, the last note for me. Then clearly states that it is not an apology. (But after breaking it down, it is something of an explanation)

She says that I accused her of wanting nothing. She then says, "Didn't I tell you I don't know what I want?" - To which I say, no, Jude, I do not recall you ever saying that to me. Perhaps you got me confused with somebody else? (We'll get to that later)

She then says that I ignored her remarks and that I wanted her so bad that I focused on my need and forgot all about her. (And I guess, her needs)

Funny Jude, but as I recall it, everything revolved around YOU!

Then she goes on to say this:

She says that when I accused her of wanting nothing, that it wasn't true. She wanted everything, just not with me. (So then, you lied to me when you told me you wanted it to be with me, correct?) Okay, good to know. 

She goes on to say that she is glad she never trusted me, and that she has no tears wasted on me. No heart to mend. No story to tell. (Don't you mean, no story you want to tell?) 

The next part is where I realize what poem she is referencing when she says that she may be "The Collector" (Which is the name of the poem that she thinks I wrote for her.) But that I am just a line in this note. (The last one for me.) With no more paper to be wasted and no more thoughts about me in her. 

Well Jude, I hate to burst your bubble dear, but the poem I wrote, "The Collector", isn't about you I'm afraid. You see, I wrote that poem for nobody really. It was inspired by a girl I knew in a writer's club that I once was a member of back in the year 2002. She and I gathered at my place one Friday night after a meeting where we drank some wine while sitting on my living-room floor reading each others poetry. She had written a poem where she stated in it that she was a collector of pain and blah, blah, blah (I can't recall the entire poem this many years later) and that line kind of stuck with me for a few days afterwards to which I was inspired to write "The Collector".

However, after going back to that poem and reading it again, I can see how you made that mistake. Those words I wrote years before I ever met you does strike an eerie chord, doesn't it? (Perhaps it was a premonition of meeting you?) 

Anyhow, now that I know you wrote "The Last Note" for me, I want to take a look at some more of the lines in it. 

In this next shot of the poem, I started to get the full impact of our relationship. Take a look.

She asks if I remember when she said she loved me - to which I will respond now in saying, yes, I do remember that. She then goes on to ask if she ever mentioned what she felt. To that I say, yes, you did mention on several occasions what you felt. 

She says also: "That doubt in the back of my mind." - We all have doubts about things, Jude. I had doubts too. Do you recall my doubts? (Probably not)

The she mentions the way those doubts came so forced. I had no idea she forced those doubts. None the less, she goes on to say: "The pressure inside of me." 

We all have pressures too, my dear, but I digress. 

But her meaning comes into full view after that when she elaborates that she felt pressure from me as I pushed her to say the words. (But what words? The words, "I love you?") 

Really? I pressured you to say that to me? I sure would like to know how I did that. I never pressure anybody to say anything. People either say what they say of their own accord or they don't. However, it would appear that she isn't even taking responsibility for what she says, and worse yet, like with everything else, blaming it all on me. 

Again, nice to finally know.

She sums up that part with this: "That pressure, it was you. You and your want to "hear" it. You and that need to keep me."

It's not that I had a want to hear it, Jude, nor did I ever expect you to say it or anything you ever said, but you volunteered it. But if it makes you feel better to blame me as to "pressuring" you to say it, that's fine. Blame me for everything. You have thus far and apparently, you still do. But know this, that one day, you will have to take responsibility for your own words and actions. (That time is coming in this post, so stay tuned.)

She goes on to ask me, "Didn't you ever think I was too young? That this was all kinds of wrong?" - Well, right back at you darling, didn't you ever think I was too old? That it was all kinds of wrong?"

I hate to break this to you Jude, but we are both responsible for what happened.

Then she asks: "Weren't you old enough to see I wasn't one to be played with? To be toyed around, you're own personal doll?"

News flash Jude: I wasn't playing you. I wasn't toying around. I would have thought my trips were proof of that. Apparently, they weren't. Not for you. 

Then she says she was "cheering at my stupid jokes and personal lies." - Well, Jude, what about your stupid jokes and personal lies? And, while we're on the subject, what lies? My real name? I told you right from start. The pic? I told you about that when you turned 18. (To say I didn't would be more personal lies from you.) "With thousands of girls between the lines. Thank God I never trusted you. Thank God I wasn't the one to fall."

Thousands of girls Jude? Really? You're implying that I cheated on you? Well what about him? Can you explain that to me? (Remember Dan? Or did you make him up?) It would appear I was the one who should have never trusted you. But I guess in your world, it is better that I took the fall than you. When it came to cheating, you beat me to the punch because you were afraid that I would do it. News flash #2: Just because you think it will be done to you doesn't excuse you from doing it first. Shouldn't you have waited for me to commit the crime before punishing me for it? What ever happened to "innocent until proven guilty?" - Oh wait, you're not from America, never mind.

Then she says: "Don't ever call me your sweet pea. Not ever. Not again. Get out of my life. Not a message. Not one more time."

I seem to recall that I tried that when I blocked you from emailing me. Then you turned around and manipulated my friend to allow you onto our shared blog. perhaps I should have been the one to say "get out of my life." - Wait! I did! But we saw how that went didn't we? (Please resort to the part where I mention she manipulated my friend to get onto my shared blog.)

She also says in this poem to me that: "Why two days after our goodbye you ran into some other girls arms? You said I was the one. Good thing I didn't believe you. You were never one to trust."

Well Jude, because you said you wanted to say goodbye so I went with it. I was only doing what you asked me at that time. If you didn't want to say goodbye then you shouldn't have said it. Or did I pressure you to say that too? Hey, it was your idea. After everything I did for you, that was my reward? But yeah, I did try and move on with my life. I ran to Jennifer, and you know this. If you didn't want me to run into her arms for comfort, then why did you say goodbye in the first place. You were the ONE! You just didn't want to believe it. 

But wait! I am confused here. Is this you confessing that Jennifer wasn't one of my "sock puppets"? But ... but ... that doesn't make any sense. I have a screenshot here of you saying otherwise. Take a look.

Make up your mind!

At least somebody believes that Jennifer wasn't my 'sock puppet".

Is Jennifer the girl of who's arms I ran to or is she my "sock puppet"? Because she is the only girl I ever ran to. Maybe I ran into my own arms using my ever so vivid imagination? So which is it, Jude? Did I run into Jennifer's arms or is she my "sock puppet"? 

And news flash #3: You weren't 17 when you made that comment. (Or were you and you are admitting that you lied about your age?) And you weren't 17 when we really "got together". (Or are you lying about your age?) Because last time I checked, you were 18 both times. EIGHTEEN!!!!!!!

Now I see where your bully friends get that idea. 

She wraps up this poem for me talking about suffering, our fights, and more distrust and (my favorite part) why I was so blind! - Yes, Jude, I was blind. I was blind to the real you. Not the other way around. 

She also says that my selfishness never let her shine and my jealousy always came back twice as hard. Really Jude? I was holding you back from something? Like what? Like holding you back from fulfilling your dream to be an author? (I offered to help get you published, remember?) That was how we met in the first place, but you chickened out from it like you do everything else and then blame it all on me. Or like how I was willing to hook you up with an agent so that you could pursue your "acting" ambitions? Really? I was holding you back?

And my jealousy? Need I again remind you of Dan? And that situation? Now can you see where jealousy may have poked its head out? Oh, how soon we forget.

She goes on to say that I was her big mistake. (Nice to know.) And she makes clear in this poem what I had to learn the hard way when she says: "I.Was. Never. Yours."

Yes Jude, I already somehow knew that. Hence, just one of the many reasons why I ended up blocking you from emailing me in the first place. But then I wonder, if all of this is true, why was it that I was the one who ended up blocking you first from emailing? If I was never yours to begin with, then why did you play me and toy around like I was a doll?

Oh, wait, that was your line.

She ends it with a "P.S." - But I am not even going to address it.

So you see Jude, I am glad that you got inspired by my poem to respond to it. However, as I mentioned before, that poem wasn't for you. It wasn't about you. But we now see two things: First, we see how art inspires art inspires art. (That girls line in her poem inspired my poem "The Collector" which in turn, inspired Jude's poem "The Last Note" to me.) It is good to see the artistic juices flowing.  And it's nice to know that Jude reads and gets inspired by my work. (I knew you were a fan) But what does it say about you Jude that would jump to the conclusion that I wrote that poem "The Collector" about you?

I'm not even going to say the word narcissism. Drats! I said it anyway, didn't I?

And secondly, it is good to see how Jude truly feels. And that even in her poetry, how her twisted mind works and it's one lie right after another. 

Of course, just to add one more of Jude's lies to the mix, here she is commenting that she "blocked" me from emailing. Take a look. (Pay special attention to the date she posted it on the upper right.)

Yeah Jude, you blocked me around July 21st, 2012 - after I blocked you around February 15th 2012. Then you stalked me on my shared blog, and I was forced to unblock you to write you asking for why you manipulated my friend and blog partner to get yourself on my shared blog behind my back. Then I blocked you again.

Then you blocked me!

I also notice that you failed to mention that to your bully friends, didn't you? Gee, I wonder why that is?

But me outing you and your behavior was too much for you to take, wasn't it? Maybe this explains why you did this to me to "get even". It's a screenshot of Jude posting two links that are no longer available. I wonder, are these the links that led to this mysterious "email" Jude? Take a look.

And where do these links go? Check for yourself. (Photobucket)

I guess we will never know now, will we? (Or will we?)

Or maybe it was where she posted the emails as this next screenshot has Jude offering everyone a chance to see the emails leading up to the one(s) she posted on Photo-Bucket. Proving that she did post something to get the bully gang after me. But notice also in this next screenshot how Jude contradicts herself when she says ..... "his current post already states how evil, evil, evil I am since, you know, I've been making constant blog posts telling awful things about him." - Check it out.

No Jude, I wasn't referring to your blog posts that showcase me being awful, but rather, the "email(s)" you posted telling (or showing) awful things about me that led to me getting attacked on Goodreads by your bully friends in the first place. And yes, it was an evil, evil, evil thing to do and you know it. Because you know why you did it. To get back at me for "outing" your actions of manipulating my friend to stalk me on my shared blog. Granted, two wrongs don't make a right (what you did, what I did in retaliation) but hey, neither does adding a third wrong make it right either. (Like posting any emails) And FYI, one "evil" would have sufficed.   

Maybe this is (why and) how I got banned from Goodreads. Your mysterious email posts and your bully friends collaborating false evidence against me. Or was it the work of this woman named "Amanda"? (As she at least takes full responsibility for my being banned.)

What is it with me and women named Amanda?

 Here is her profile.

But at least she has the balls to accept responsibility. Which could lead into the question as per her real gender, but I digress again.

So you see Jude, perhaps you can learn from "A-man-duh" about taking responsibility for your words and actions. I know you never will, but still, your poem for me called "The Last Note" is interesting to say the least.

The very least.

It's also good to know that Jude stalked me after I blocked her from emailing me. You see, the person who sent me this poem also informed me that they asked Jude when she wrote that poem. Her answer was "about a year ago." - This would make sense because when I was a member of Goodreads, I posted this poem up on my writing section about that time. (March 2012) Which means that she could only have gotten it from there at that time. Which also means that she was still "checking" me out. If I was such a horrible monster to her as she and her bully friends claim, then why was she still going to my GR profile and reading my writing? And why on Earth would she assume of all the poetry I was putting up did she think "The Collector" was about her? 

Of course, her "checking" me out during that time was after I blocked her from emailing me, and during this time she would become friends with my blog partner and best friend for the sole purpose to manipulate my friend into letting Jude onto our shared blog as a administrator under the guise of "helping" her with her blog design. Jude made sure that all of this would be their little secret. I wasn't even to be told they were friends. This was to ensure that I couldn't stop Jude from her diabolical plan. Then when she was busted, she tried to tell me that she could come onto my blog and help me with my design. In exchange all I had to do was let her leave a link on my blog to hers. Yeah, I know. And believe me, it killed me with laughter when she dare suggested that we could do "business" despite our "personal feelings". Really Jude? When just a few months earlier you couldn't do business with me and my books because of "personal feelings". So you broke a promise. Then you turn around and expect me to do business with you? 

Jude and her bully friends make the claim that I stalked and harassed her yet all of the evidence that has ever been presented clearly indicates that it was she who stalked me. She stalked my GR account and took it upon herself to assume I wrote a poem for her that wasn't written for her and she stalked me on my shared blog. Both of which there is proof of. She and her bully friends have never presented proof that i ever stalked her. And if you want to know of a poem I wrote for you Jude, take a look at "Master Blaster". I wrote that one for you after the second time you started talking about me in your GR group. Remember that? Don't worry Jude Henderson (Elsa Hernandez) I shall never allow the world to forget that you are the one who sent the bullies to my door. As long as they leave their shit up and attack me, I shall continue to let everyone know how it all started. Sometimes, in a war, people forget how it began and why. Not this one, Jude, you will always be mentioned at some point every month to remind everyone who and what you really are. 

I'm Carroll Bryant ... and this is the Looking Glass.

Things We Learned Today:

* Jude wrote a poem about Carroll

* Jude thinks Carroll's poem "The Collector" was written for (about) her

* Carroll's poem "The Collector" was written in 2002, long before he met Jude

* Jude did post something on "Photo-Bucket" regarding Carroll (The famous email?)

* Jude blocked Carroll from emailing her in July 2012 after Carroll blocked her in February 2012 only to unblock her to ask why she (Jude) stalked him on his shared blog in June 2012 -  then blocked her again immediately after that email exchange in June of 2012.

*Some Amanda chick (or A-Man-Duh) takes responsibility for helping to get Carroll banned from Goodreads. 

* Carroll has bad karma regarding the name Amanda

* The relationship between Carroll and Jude has more depth to it than first meets the eye

Monday, June 17, 2013

John Green Shows His Ass

It would stand to reason that John "Look At Me, Look At Me" Green still wants everyone to ... um .... look at him? ... That or he just likes to show his ass. Be that as it may, he left another post on GenXpose blog, ranting and raving, whining and crying, moaning and groaning about all the authors he and his gang of bully thugs have attacked that are standing up for themselves. Bullies really hate it when they are stood up to. Their self entitlement supersedes all commonsense and rationale.

Anyhow, while I am not even going to address his cry-baby whine, I am going to address his accusations towards me. (Yes, it would seem he simply can't open his dumb bully mouth without somehow, someway, directing his own personal butt-hurt towards me.) Despite the fact that he talks about me, writes about me, references me in almost everything he says, believe it or not, he is a heterosexual. (I think) I guess he could be bisexual, but that would be purely speculation on my part. However, his constant need to bring me up at every turn is questionable to say the least. (The very least)

In this screenshot, you will see the beginning of one of his "look at me" rants. Notice at the bottom of the screenshot where he says - "One guy is such a sociopath he openly bragged about clocking the IP address of everyone who visited his site, so he could stalk them if need be."

We all know that "guy" is me, don't we John Green?

Here is the screenshot.

The first thing I would like to draw your attention to is the fact that he has no evidence to support I "stalked" anyone. Yet, for some strange reason, this goober doesn't hesitate a second to accuse me of stalking. 

Now, let me go on record to to say that I did not clock "every" IP, just the ones that were stalking me, and knowingly belonged to the bullies. What's the matter Johnny Boy, get busted did you for stalking me and my blog? I have every right to know who is leaving me death threats and yes, this is the primary reason I would track any IP associated with me online. You and your bully friends like to threaten the lives of people without any remorse what-so-ever. In case you haven't heard the news, making death threats is illegal. Which leads me to my next question, did YOU leave one of those death threats for me on my blog? ... I guess we'll find out soon enough, won't we? Maybe that's why he is so pissed off that I wanted to track IP's. 

Well, I'll have you know John Green that I didn't stalk anyone. Any information I collected was turned over to the proper authorities. That would be the reason for me collecting information. Not so I can "stalk" people. 

I don't know why I waste telling the truth to you, you're just not intellectual enough to understand it. But I am not losing hope for you though, oh no, not by a long shot. I still foolishly believe that one day you will stop your bullying, stalking and harassing ways and actually become the pride of the Marines instead of the biggest embarrassment and disgrace. 

I'm sorry, I can't hold a straight face any longer.

Seriously though, just like with the names of GenX, Amanda Welling, and others, I have never heard of John Green or never thought enough to remember them prior to the year 2013. (That be this year) Just like so many bullies, he appeared out of nowhere and took it upon himself to attack me (someone he doesn't even know) for his own bully reasons. What those reasons are has yet to be determined. Then again, bullies don't usually have any logical reason for their actions. They just operate like some brain-dead zombie, trying to feed off of other peoples brains to supplement their own brain. Word up John "The Look At Me, Look At Me, Brain-Dead Zombie" Green, it don't work that way. Eating my brains isn't going to make you any smarter. But I appreciate the thought that by doing so, it would improve your intellect. 

Would somebody please pass the gravy boat?

I'm Carroll Bryant .... and this is The Looking Glass.

Things We Learned today:

* John Green is starving for attention

* John Green likes gravy?

* Carroll has a hard time holding a straight face where John Green is concerned

* Zombies like to eat brains

* Carroll said "gravy boat"

* Death threats is illegal

Friday, June 14, 2013

Major Announcement Part Two: Further Notice!

You know, you try to be a nice guy. You see a situation develop and you stop to think, "Hey, why kick someone when they are down? What's the point?" - Right? So you try and do the right thing.

Then when you do, you get disrespected. 

No sooner did I post my "Major Announcement" on Friday, June 14th, saying that because of recent events, I was no longer going to go through with the future postings of my "GenX Says" series because I felt Amanda Welling suffered enough with all the deletions of her internet life when suddenly, I get this comment from "Sayomay".

This is just one of two comments she made.

How is that for gratitude? She says "Fuck You" to me. And hey, you know what? Fine. Fuck me I guess. Now, an anon made a comment also but before I get to that, let me tell you guys what else happened. I got an email from Gen Xavier. Yeah, an email! Everyone on this planet knows that she is the last person I would ever want to send me an email, right? I mean, when she stalked me on my Yahoo account, I told her not to email me again and I blocked her. Athena Parker from STGRB did the same thing, and what did Gen Xavier do in response? She sent Athena another email under a different email account. 

Well, from out of the blue, Gen Xavier did the very same thing with me. After having told her I did not want her emailing me, she emails me. Take a look. 

She starts it off by saying: "I read your latest post and I want to believe that you are sincere in your sentiments." 

Really GenX? Does it look like I give a rats ass if you think I am sincere or not? You don't know me! And I don't give a shit what you think about me. Not to mention, you know I don't want you emailing me unless you do so to apologize. Guess what Gen Xavier, you didn't apologize to me, did you? 

She then says: "Obviously, you realize I've been telling you the truth. I am not the Wellings and I have have not done the things you have accused me of."

Hey, GenX, news flash! I still think you're Amanda Welling. And I don't accuse you of doing the things you done to me, I showed it with evidence on this blog. (Obviously) You - and your gang of cyber criminals on your hate blog - have done a lot of things to me. You people came to me first. Wrote about me first. Attacked me first. 

Then she says: "I wanted to write to you because I am concerned that you are worried about retaliation."

Retaliation for what? I'm not afraid of anything, let alone retaliation - and least of all from you Amanda! 

Then she says: "Please don't be. I mean every word I post to my blog. I would never post yours or anyone's personal information. You were not the only person who got doc-dropped on our blog that day. Several people were. We contacted authorities and handed everything over to them. I would not disclose you. It would be unethical. Unlike you and many others, I keep my correspondence confidential."

Amanda, I don't care if you doc-drop me or not. And if I was one of several people that got doc-dropped on your hate blog, then guess what? You doc-dropped it because it is your blog! And while we're on the subject of "You don't doc-drop", then explain this! (It came from your blog)

Now that's UNETHICAL!

But wait folks, it gets even better from here. (And more frustrating) I sent her a reply. Check it out. 

Do you see at the end where I ask her to "please leave me alone"? and: "If you do understand this, then do not respond."

Well guess what? She didn't understand this. SHE RESPONDED!!!!!

And my response to her? (Again)

And then, to top off everything, take a look for yet a third time. She continued to email me saying: "Since you can't control yourself no matter how polite I am with you, I'll just block you."

See for yourself. You can't make this shit up. 

Yes! Amanda! By all means, please effing block me you psychopath!

FYI - it is not polite of you to stalk and harass me.

Do you see what I have to deal with here? Do you see what I have been dealing with here? Can you feel my frustrations? But guess what? She's not going to block me. She's a nut! She's a stalker! She can't stop harassing me even after I have asked her time after time after time after time! She will not stop! 

Not to worry, I did send those emails to my contact in law enforcement.

Now, I want to show you a comment from an anon on my "Major Announcement" post.

And you want to know something? Anon is right. I am damned if I do and damned if I don't so ... guess what? I'd rather be damned if I do. 

As of right now .... the "GenX Says" series is back on!

I'm Carroll Bryant ... and this is The Looking Glass.

Things We Learned Today:

* Genx is still Amanda Welling in Carroll's book

* GenX is a stalking Carroll

* GenX is harassing Carroll

* GenX is bullying Carroll

* GenX doesn't understand that Carroll wants her to leave him alone

* GenX doesn't know the meaning of the word no

* GenX doc drops

* GenX is unethical 

* GenX is a polite psychopathic stalker except for the ... psychopathic stalker part

* Carroll is damned if he does and damned if he don't

* Carroll prefers to be damned if he does

* Carroll has sent her unwanted emails to Officer Mowery of the Waverly Police Department

* The "GenX Says" series is back on!


Here is another psychopath for you. Does she remind you of someone?

(Click on the link below)

Amanda Welling

Major Announcement

Due to recent events, I have decided to "suspend" all future "GenX Says" series posts.

Until further notice.

I wish to go on record saying that in no way am I celebrating the deletion of Amanda Welling's blog, Facebook account, Twitter account or Goodreads account, or any other account on any other social website they may have been a part of. 

Having lost my Goodreads account last year due to the attack on me by the bullies, I know first hand the feeling one gets when all of their hard work and efforts are taken down. Many forget that I had over 750 poems on my Goodreads account and about a dozen or more of the new poems I never saved and have lost them forever. 

However, I will say this much - that each of us have choices that we must make. When you decide to bully, harass, stalk, or otherwise attack someone on the internet, you put at risk everything you have worked for. This includes your reputation. 

Sure, it all seems to be harmless at first, and you may feel you have a right to say whatever you wish to say, and while that is basically true, there are limits. What you may think is legal and morally acceptable, others may not. I think what I am trying to say here is, don't put on the internet anything you would never say to someone's face. You're not as "anonymous" as you may believe you are. You can be traced. Everything on the internet, even if deleted, can still be located by authorities. 

My best advice is this: If it doesn't directly pertain to you, a situation that you see unfolding on the internet, then it might be best if you make the right choice to stay out of it, unless you wish to offer support. Things can easily get out of control and people may post something out of that emotion without thinking it through all the way and the next thing you know, you just became a cyber criminal. 

Even though this is still the internet, the last frontier of the old wild, wild west, and still relatively untamed and unmonitored, there are still laws of the land that need to be adhered to. Even on the world wide web, you're still not out of reach from the long arm of the law. 

Be nice. Be polite. Or be invisible. 

What has happened to Amanda Welling is very sad in my opinion. Though she brought it onto herself, my heart still goes out to her for some reason. I'm not even remotely relishing in any kind of victory what-so-ever, but instead, wishing that none of this would have occurred in the first place. It didn't have to be like this. I think now, even GenXpose blog is starting to understand this, and take to heart the results of our actions. (Based on their recent post)

Despite current events taking place, and what the future may bring for us all, it still comes down to one thing: Cyber bullying is wrong no matter how right you think you are in doing it. The best thing to do is what I was taught as a child. "If you have nothing nice to say to someone, then perhaps you shouldn't say anything at all."

Let's just all try to get along. And if by chance we can't, then maybe we should just ignore each other and move on with our lives.

Does this mean I won't defend myself in the future? No! I will always defend myself in the future. The thing is, I just wish I didn't have to defend myself. I wish those who choose to attack me wouldn't place me in that uncomfortable position to have to make that choice. When it comes to walking away or defending myself, I will always choose defense. Always!

I'm Carroll Bryant .... and this is The Looking Glass.

Madden 13: ESPN Killed Madden

*Heavy sigh*

It’s always the same. Every year since its inception, gamers look forward to the new Madden football. The anticipation was no different for Madden 13. The only thing is, this year, it was more bust than boom. It didn’t take long for me to figure out why.

ESPN …. Nooooooooooooooooooo!

First of all, gone was the “The Franchise” feature. It was reborn into something else entirely. That is only if you can figure out what it is. I had to get online to find it. Only to discover that in order for me to play franchise mode, I had to take over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach, Greg Shivano and his career. Bummer.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Bucs and I am perfectly happy with coach Shivano, but what if I weren’t? Anyhow, that is mild considering the crap I had to go through just to start my “Coaching Career”.

Even when you go into the game, you have a ton of ESPN crap slapping you in the face. The whole main screen has “fantasy tweets” by ESPN “experts”. (LOL) Okay, and you have these highlights of “features” that focuses on everything from unhappy players to contract negotiations and – gulp – college players.

Wait! College players? What the hell?

First of all, who cares about fantasy college players? Not I. And apparently, not too many other gamers either. Secondly, who cares about ESPN “experts” and their fantasy tweets? Again, not I. And apparently, not too many other gamers either. (Rinse and repeat)

Worse of all, I couldn’t go in and change generic player names either. Thanks ESPN. Thank you very much for ruining Madden Football. Why does it seem like everything ESPN touches goes to crap? First they ruined Monday Night Football for me by getting rid of Hank Jr. opening song, and by showing two games on Monday Night (not to mention the NFL Network ruining fantasy football for me by having “Thursday” night games every damn week, but now my Madden Football Game is ruined?

Trust me when I say, more is not always better.

Then of course there is the Madden draft. I mean, I took my lumps after paying over 50 dollars for the game, gave it a try and played the first season and really getting geared up for the off season mode, my favorite part of the Madden Game and has been since 2007. And what did I find for all my troubles up to this point? More ESPN crap! These analysts of ESPN just yapping all draft long about this player and that player and blah, blah, blah! I don’t even like all of their yapping during the real draft, why in hell would they think anyone would want to hear their yackity yack in their fantasy game?

It’s official - ESPN is more narcissistic than I am.

The nightmare drags on when you try and resign your players. And forget about making a trade, I don’t think it can be done. The whole process from A to Z is crapola by the ton full. It is one aggravation right after another. I don’t think I found one single thing I like about Madden 13. ESPN took all of the fun out of the game. Even playing a game is a headache. Who wants to throw 5 interceptions in a game every game!? Well, that is what you can expect when you play Madden 13. Even though, the plays are very similar to that of Madden 12. (I love Madden 12) And because there is so much junk on your screen in Madden 13, it is slower than molasses in a Vermont winter storm.

In Madden 12, you have free agent bidding after the season, and you can resign your players with a fair amount of ease although, once in a while you have difficulty resigning some of your “diva” players unless you’re willing to pay out of the butt to resign them. I also like the draft set up on Madden 12. The rookie free agent add-ons after the draft and prior to pre-season is great in my book. Cut days is fun as hell. You don’t get that in Madden 13. Also, as a side note, when calling defensive plays, I like to move my linebackers and safeties around and reposition them from time to time before the offense snaps the ball, and guess what? You can’t do that with Madden 13 either. The players will move back into their regular position if you do, and go to another a player. I hate that! I know where I want my players to line up on defense!

ESPN must be Democrats; they refuse to let me make my “own” decisions.

Don’t even get me started on scouting. In Madden 12, you get to pick 20 players to scout, then 20 more (or the same 20) during combines and then you get to work out five players individually. In Madden 13, you have to earn brownie points in order to just open a few of the gazillion categories to scout just one player. I understand the concept of trying to make it as real as possible, but too real is too much. In the end it is still just a game. The only thing missing in madden 13 is coach Madden digitally kneeling to his digital knees and kissing the digitally exposed asses of the digital ESPN executives. Hey Madden, word up dog, you’re the king of the prom – not the fat boy who brings his third cousin. Enough of this already. You gave ESPN experiment a shot and it failed. Count your losses and move on. Get back to Madden Football by keeping the focus on the football. It is the game of football that makes it great, not the fluff of ESPN. There is way too much attention shown to the off season in Madden 13 and this is distracting while at the same time, all of the features that made Madden Football so great; was removed.   

Needless to say, I no longer own Madden 13; I took it back and got my money back in the process. I then went to my local gamer store and bought a couple of used Madden 12’s. Stocking up on them in the event Madden 14 is as stupid and useless as Madden 13. But before I ever buy another new Madden game, I will go to the internet to find out if ESPN has their hand in it. If they do, count me out. I hope the Madden franchise learned its lesson, nothing good ever comes from getting involved with ESPN. ESPN is not football, football is football. Take ESPN out of it, Madden. You have lost a future customer of all new Madden Football games until you do. ESPN is a poison to all it touches. ESPN ruins everything. The only thing good about ESPN is their “Fantasy Football” game. I’ll play that until they screw it up then go CBS Fantasy Sports Football.

On a scale of one to ten – with ten being awesome! And one being WTF? – I rate Madden 13 at WTF? I wouldn’t own that game again if Madden and ESPN offered to pay me fifty dollars to take it off their hands. As my grandfather would say, “There is no amount of money.”

Yes, that is how much I hate that game.

Just leave my Madden Football Game alone, ESPN, please? Just leave it alone. Nobody cares what the real Skip Bayless thinks, much less, what a “digital” Skip Bayless thinks. Take from Madden 12. You got it right with that one. And whatever you do Madden Football; keep it real, just not too real. If I wanted “real” then I wouldn’t play Madden I would just watch ESPN everyday. But if I did that then I wouldn’t know what the crap was going on in the world of sports. 

I’m Carroll Bryant …. And this the Looking Glass.


Things We Learned Today:

* Madden 13 sucks