Monday, June 3, 2013

The Jack Eason Attack

The biggest cry from the bullies is that they have the right to rate and review as they see fit and that all of these badly behaving authors are trying to stop them from exercising this right. of course, we know this isn't true. The attack on myself had absolutely nothing to do with reviews. (But the bullies would have you think different)

Anyhow, here is yet another example of the truth, that it is not in fact all about reviews. Such is the case with author Jack Eason and the attack on his books by the bullies. (Fake ratings and reviews mind you) This is a clear cut case of retaliation by the bullies and their efforts to strike fear into any author who dares to have an opinion about anything. Especially, about them.

Let's start with this screenshot of Jack's Goodreads blog, shall we?

Now, Jack didn't write this on his GR blog, his author blog feeds into his GR account. Or, at least it used to, as I have since learned he left Goodreads in protest after receiving a "warning" from Goodreads about his blog. It would appear that Goodreads has a problem with "freedom of speech" where addressing their "bullies" are concerned - which puts credence to the rumor that GR and its staff supports bullying.

Anyhow, no sooner did his post go up when suddenly, he and his books were attacked. Check it out. 

As you can clearly see by the dates, these people never read his books. Yet, they hesitate none to show the world that they are liars by giving multiple one star ratings. 

You see, bullies, and most notably, bully author Rick Gualtieri, it's not about anybody's right to say they didn't like a book, it's about lying about the fact that you even read the book and give FAKE ratings - and reviews where you attack authors on a personal basis. 

Oh, and it's about freedom of speech. Yeah, you know, the thing you bullies cry about when you want to exercise it without being "condemned" for it yet, you turn around and condemn Jack Eason for exercising his right to voice his opinion about trolls. Why is that? 

Wait, don't believe me? Check out this comment from author Rick Gualtieri himself where he says in his "Anti-Asshat Indie Authors" group, giving the definition of an asshat author: "Asshat behavior: The labeling of people as bullies, criminals, and/or terrorists for daring to have an opinion on a BOOK."

See for yourself.

First of all, Rick, would this include people who call other people "asshats"? Especially against people who dare voice their opinion like author Jack Eason did? Let me ask you Rick, how can you not see the hypocrisy of your statement? You and your group are entitled to call people asshats for having and speaking their opinion yet no one has the right to call you and your friends bullies when you rate books you never read? Or in your so called reviews, you call people rapists? (As was said about me) Or other choice words? Really? 

And the moment someone voices that opinion, you and your bully friends attack them, terrorize them and post fake ratings and reviews and place their books in vile book-shelf listings? Where is Jack's freedom of speech? How is this not terrorizing? You're basically saying that if any author has any opinion about the manner in which you and your bully friends act then they are best advised to keep it to themselves or else you and your bully friends will attack them. 

Again, how is this NOT a form of internet terrorism?

Not only that, but attacking authors wasn't enough, was it? Now you have to go after readers and reviewers by making the claim that if anyone shows support for me or STGRB or any other author you people place on your "shit-list" and or give your books (and authors who support you) bad ratings and reviews, be it false or true, you will go after them with the claim of them being "sock puppets" and try and get them banned. Am I right about this? ..... No? .... Well then, explain this comment then if you would. 

Notorious author bully herself, Angela Horn, talks about "revenge" ratings and reviews. (I guess you people would know a lot about that, wouldn't you?) Then she proceeds to list people and make the claim that they are "sock puppets". How is this not "internet terrorism"? 

It would seem that the bullies do not like it when their authors (books) gets attacked yet, they feel perfectly fine and get defensive when they attack others. And if they think a fake rating was given to one of their books, they start to whine and cry about it. Yet, if I have a problem with them giving my book(s) and other authors books fake ratings, they call me an asshat. 

How is this not hypocrisy?

That Angela comment also has another interesting side story. You see, it was posted in the "Anti-Asshat Indie Authors" group before it went public. It was originally posted on STGRB. Now, ever since this group went public (after realizing that their group was infiltrated by STGRB) that wonderful comment and thread was deleted. How delightful. Why is that, Rick? Why did you decide to delete this thread and the comments made therein? Trying to hide something? And while we're on the topic, how many other threads and comments did you delete? 

Nice try!

So you see, when I posted earlier - warning readers and reviewers to be careful - I was right. You bullies are now starting to target people who practice the same behavior that you bullies practice only, if your book(s) are attacked, you start accusing people of being trolls and asshats. I say, welcome to the club, now you know how YOUR VICTIMS feel. But at least nobody is trying to have you wrongfully banned like you're trying to do to others. 

How is this not internet terrorism again?

And let's face it Rick, and Angela, and Elly Helcl - the only reason you went public with your group was because STGRB exposed you after infiltrating your hate group. I can only wonder what other screenshots their investigator got before you deleted stuff and went public. I suppose time will tell. Meanwhile, you have shown yourselves to be the real ASSHATS and very appropriately, named your group after yourselves. How fitting. 

I guess we can only hope that the words spoken by fellow bully/terrorist/asshat, Ederyn, in that last screenshot holds true. Where she said: "I hope readers are smarter than that, and won't forget just who the true dicks are. *Crosses Fingers*" 

Let's hope, Ederyn, let's hope indeed!

I'm Carroll Bryant .... and this is the Looking Glass.

Things We Learned Today:

* There's a new hate group on Goodreads called "Anti-Asshat Indie Authors"

* The people of this group are ASSHATS!

* The bullies are now targeting innocent readers and reviewers

* This new hate group had deleted some content before they went public

* This new group only went publlic because they were exposed internally by STGRB

* They don't seem to like it when readers rate and review their book(s) poorly, be it real or fake (Go figure)

* Authors Rick Gualtieri, Anegla Horn and Elly Helcl are asshat bullies

* Author Jack Eason was attacked by the bullies for voicing his opinion

* The Goodreads bullies are indeed terrorists, criminals and asshats all the way


  1. Nothing surprises me anymore.

    With that first blog paragraph, Jack Eason really has their number. They don't like hearing the truth.

    1. The thing that catches my attention is the fact that he never mentions any names. So how would anyone know if he was talking about them unless they already knew in their heart that they were a "troll"?

  2. You are absolutely right about these people. They need to be stopped and censored because they're sick in the head. I'm a fantasy author and I'm terrified to speak my mind. These people are destroying my livelihood.

    I just shelved Rick Gaulterri's books on GR and now I'm gonna leave one star reviews on all his books too. I invite you to and everyone here to do the same. Lets see how these terrorists like it when we fight back. If they're gonna attack us like terrorists than we should fight like guerrillas!

    1. I have gone on record in the past saying that I have no problem with one star ratings and bad reviews of books - provided of course that they are honest ratings and reviews. I also do not think that libeling an author in a book review is what the book review process is all about and thus, it is harassment and bullying. There are other forums where people can express their dislike for authors on a personal basis, but the book review is not that forum.

      When you cross the line from reviewing a book to attacking the author on a personal level in a book review, you are no longer expressing your love or hate for the book, but your love or hate for the author on a personal level and are now merely attempting to harm a persons reputation and or book sales - which is harassment and bullying.

      But just like my attack, Jack was attacked for his blog post, not anything he did personally against these people. He is just as entitled to his opinion without fear of being targeted as these bullies claim they have a right to theirs without being targeted. Yet they are the ones all the time targeting authors for anything THEY deem to be "bad behavior". They have appointed themselves "Judge, jury and executioner" of the publishing world.

      I never got that memo.

      I was also attacked for my personal relationship with an adult female. (Thought I would add that in there)

    2. there is a simple fact rate a book for its story and how much you like it or don't. not because you don't like the author. Bad people can still be great authors. you know the old saying don't judge a book by its cover and that includes the authors name

    3. This is true, an author can be bad and still be a good writer. Hemingway may be a good example of that. However, authors today on Goodreads are being attacked for having an opinion that may not reflect what these bullies believe and they are attacking these authors for it. Also, authors and their books are being attacked if they even show any support for STGRB or myself or any other author they put on their shit list. Even if said author(s) show their support on their own personal private blog, or on their Facebook page, or Twitter. Places where one would think an author would be allowed to express their opinions without fear of retribution or retaliation.

      But I do agree whole heartily with what you said.

  3. Great write up! I live about two towns over from this asshat (Galtieri). I actually recall his name showing up on the police blotter a few times. I'm laughing because you just did an expose' on him and I'm pretty sure he's "exposed" himself in other ways too. You should dig a little deeper on this clown. I don't doubt you'll turn up a lot more than what you did. He's a bad apple amongst the bunch.

    1. I'm intrigued by your use of words. "Exposed"?

      I think I will take your sound advice and see what I can find on this guy. Character is everything. Correct? LOL

  4. Carroll,
    Thank you so much for showing your support and concern for the way the 'trolls' are going after not just myself, but literally dozens of our fellow writers.

    The inmates really are in control of the asylum (Goodreads)

    Jack Eason.

    1. The way I see it, if by them attacking me on Goodreads last year was the end of my career then me standing up to them wasn't going to do any more damage, right? ... This is how all authors should approach it. That after they are attacked, they have nothing to lose by standing up to them.

      Does that make sense?

      Thanks! Hopefully, more authors will start to stand up against this insanity. I've been doing it for a year and look, I'm still alive. I'm still blogging. I'm still writing. I'm still selling books.

      Authors need to see that just because these people attack you, it doesn't mean your life is or your career is over. It means you finally have something to fight for. (And a cause to stand against) Pick up that cause and fight for your name. Authors need not be afraid anymore.

      I concur about the inmates. No truer words are spoken.

  5. I'm puzzled over your allegations of terrorism. Sure, the bullying I can grant and there was a bunch of rude assholes doing their thing, but terrorism hasn't happened here: There was no attack designed to inflict terror upon the general civilian population here.

    May be pedantic of me, but it irritates me when politicians declare any enemy action targeting the countries military they don't like as terrorism while excusing attacks that they initiate that kill civilians in foreign countries as valid military strategy. This similarly irritates me: The reviews are fraudulent and you are completely within your rights to get angry about that, but they are NOT in any way a form of terrorism.

    1. I hear you Travis, and you make a really good point. Obviously, I do not mean to compare what is going on in the real world where terrorism is concerned as opposed to what is taking place on Goodreads and Amazon Forum Boards, but in a sense, in my opinion, the bullies are putting authors in fear of being attacked for what they say or for expressing their opinions and or support for STGRB and myself.

      Clearly, no author wants these bullies to attack their books needlessly or senselessly thus, an author may want to express their support for what myself or STGRB are trying to do in combating these bullies and yet, they live in fear of doing so for fear of retaliation by the bullies.

      To me, this is a form a terrorism. Internet terrorism. When a group of people take it upon themselves to go after authors for simply having an opinion on this issue and if that opinion is not in favor of the bullies, they attack.

      These bullies are not just saying their peace and moving on, their intentions is to solely ruin and destroy authors reputations and hurt their book sales. This is crossing the line. And now they are focusing in on regular readers and reviewers. (Or non-authors) Only, since they can't attack their books (because they are not authors) they are calling them sock puppets and getting these people banned from Goodreads simply for showing support for the authors the bullies attack. (Or for STGRB)

      You may see it differently and I respect that. I honestly do.


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