Monday, June 17, 2013

John Green Shows His Ass

It would stand to reason that John "Look At Me, Look At Me" Green still wants everyone to ... um .... look at him? ... That or he just likes to show his ass. Be that as it may, he left another post on GenXpose blog, ranting and raving, whining and crying, moaning and groaning about all the authors he and his gang of bully thugs have attacked that are standing up for themselves. Bullies really hate it when they are stood up to. Their self entitlement supersedes all commonsense and rationale.

Anyhow, while I am not even going to address his cry-baby whine, I am going to address his accusations towards me. (Yes, it would seem he simply can't open his dumb bully mouth without somehow, someway, directing his own personal butt-hurt towards me.) Despite the fact that he talks about me, writes about me, references me in almost everything he says, believe it or not, he is a heterosexual. (I think) I guess he could be bisexual, but that would be purely speculation on my part. However, his constant need to bring me up at every turn is questionable to say the least. (The very least)

In this screenshot, you will see the beginning of one of his "look at me" rants. Notice at the bottom of the screenshot where he says - "One guy is such a sociopath he openly bragged about clocking the IP address of everyone who visited his site, so he could stalk them if need be."

We all know that "guy" is me, don't we John Green?

Here is the screenshot.

The first thing I would like to draw your attention to is the fact that he has no evidence to support I "stalked" anyone. Yet, for some strange reason, this goober doesn't hesitate a second to accuse me of stalking. 

Now, let me go on record to to say that I did not clock "every" IP, just the ones that were stalking me, and knowingly belonged to the bullies. What's the matter Johnny Boy, get busted did you for stalking me and my blog? I have every right to know who is leaving me death threats and yes, this is the primary reason I would track any IP associated with me online. You and your bully friends like to threaten the lives of people without any remorse what-so-ever. In case you haven't heard the news, making death threats is illegal. Which leads me to my next question, did YOU leave one of those death threats for me on my blog? ... I guess we'll find out soon enough, won't we? Maybe that's why he is so pissed off that I wanted to track IP's. 

Well, I'll have you know John Green that I didn't stalk anyone. Any information I collected was turned over to the proper authorities. That would be the reason for me collecting information. Not so I can "stalk" people. 

I don't know why I waste telling the truth to you, you're just not intellectual enough to understand it. But I am not losing hope for you though, oh no, not by a long shot. I still foolishly believe that one day you will stop your bullying, stalking and harassing ways and actually become the pride of the Marines instead of the biggest embarrassment and disgrace. 

I'm sorry, I can't hold a straight face any longer.

Seriously though, just like with the names of GenX, Amanda Welling, and others, I have never heard of John Green or never thought enough to remember them prior to the year 2013. (That be this year) Just like so many bullies, he appeared out of nowhere and took it upon himself to attack me (someone he doesn't even know) for his own bully reasons. What those reasons are has yet to be determined. Then again, bullies don't usually have any logical reason for their actions. They just operate like some brain-dead zombie, trying to feed off of other peoples brains to supplement their own brain. Word up John "The Look At Me, Look At Me, Brain-Dead Zombie" Green, it don't work that way. Eating my brains isn't going to make you any smarter. But I appreciate the thought that by doing so, it would improve your intellect. 

Would somebody please pass the gravy boat?

I'm Carroll Bryant .... and this is The Looking Glass.

Things We Learned today:

* John Green is starving for attention

* John Green likes gravy?

* Carroll has a hard time holding a straight face where John Green is concerned

* Zombies like to eat brains

* Carroll said "gravy boat"

* Death threats is illegal


  1. John Green is a total idiot. If you look at this post:

    He talks about someone at STGRB committing "defame and libel" against a troll called "Misfit". No such thing as defaming a troll so rots of ruck with that lawsuit. LOL

  2. Really? He accuses others of libel? Against a "fake" name? LMAO That is classic! ... And a bit hypocritical too, if you ask me.

    I guess he doesn't feel that calling people a rapist, pedophile, or racist is libel? I also assume he hasn't a problem with wishing people death?

    I think all these bullies are idiotic ... and hypocrites. But ... that's just me.

  3. Carroll,

    Mentioning libelous statements etc... A friend that is also an attorney has a Google alert set for one of my blog titles and arrived at your blog via the alert the other day. He called me to ask if I know you etc... and of course I stated how I first came across you and your blog (STGRB). Anyway, he says that you most definitely have a libel suit and should pursue it. The vile accusations made and names they've called you are way beyond over the top.

    An attorney would file the suit and a Dendrite motion and he couldn't imagine the info (their names, addresses etc...) not being turned over. Just sayin' - these people are really, really stupid. Your problem has been ongoing for a long time, so it's not as if it lasted a week and was over and this stuff is all over the internet on various blogs they've started. This is a reference to a civil suit, but in some states this form of severe harassment is criminal - there is such a thing as criminal libel.

    Just an FYI...

    1. Thanks Vicky. Civil trials are more easily won after criminal charges are taken care of. I am waiting for the process to work itself out right now. I could use more lawyer friends though. LOL


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