Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Word Is Out: Goodreads Bully Nation Crumbling

The word is out ya'll. Is that a light at the end of the tunnel that I see? 

Carroll Bryant Gets Trolled

This is one of those posts where the bullies once again stick their mouth into their foot. 

Wait! ... Reverse that. LOL

Yes, it's going to be one of those kind of posts. When it comes to the Goodreads bullies, it's like every time they open their mouth, or type on a keyboard, they say things so confusing it can twist your mind around and make you go ..... cross eyed? O_o

Such is the case with "Richard". 

Now here is an individual who accuses me of something, fails to show any proof to support his claim and yet, at the same time, in the very post he makes on Goodreads where he accuses me of something, he turns right around and supplies evidence that he does the very thing he accuses me of doing. 

Confused? Well you should be. The bullies are a very confusing breed. 

In this first screenshot, "Richard" accuses me of trolling. Take a look. 

He claims in his post that Booklikes is now going to be trolled because myself, and "The Rae'Chaelia Author" have accounts on there. Yet, to demonstrate this he actually trolls our accounts and posts the links to our accounts for the rest of the bullies to troll us. 

Are you seeing this now? 

So let me get this straight "Richard". You accuse me, and "The Rae'Chaelia Author" of trolling and in that accusation or belief, you troll us and leave links to our accounts showing that you trolled us? ... Really? 

I guess it could have been worse. I mean, he could have accused us of being pedophiles and left links to pictures of him in bed naked with an 8 year old. That's pretty much what I akin it to. LOL

But it gets better. (Of course) "OldRocker" jumps into the conversation saying: "Yep, they are there. Say cheese for the screenshots." 

Well of course I am going to take screenshots, "OldRocker". How could I possibly pass up an opportunity like this to once again show how stupid you and your friends are? LOL

Then "Nenia", one of the most notorious and nasty of the bullies, and an author wannabe, chimes in saying: "Is there no book site they aren't lurking on?"

Ditto "Nenia". And not just ditto to you, but to all of your friends. You people lurk on EVERY book site known to man, spreading your hate, filth, and lies. I bet you are on more booksites / websites than I am. So, you know, look who's talking. My question to "Nenia" is, can you ever say anything that doesn't make you look stupid or is filled with hate? 

Thus far, the answer to that question is a resounding NO!

But bully "Belle" gives her an answer. 

That's right. "Belle", I don't lurk on Good ....... wait, then how did I get these screenshots? OMG! I'm a lurker too, just like you and your friends. LOL But here's the thing "Belle", some of your friends are no longer on Goodreads either. You may go visit STGRB to learn all of who of your friends had their accounts deleted for violating GR policy lately. I wouldn't be too surprised if your account gets deleted someday too. I also won't be surprised if I do a future post on you and your friend "Ade" revealing your real identities. Stay tuned for that. 

Meanwhile, "JennyJen" the dumbass responds with the following post. 

Really, "JennyJen"? So what you're saying is, everyone that joins a book site and starts following their friends then they are trolls for doing so? And that's YOUR PROOF that supports your accusations? 

*** Crickets *** O_O


You see, when I joined BL, I didn't go "lurking" for people to follow. Instead, I just clicked the "Facebook" and "Twitter" option, where any and all of my friends who follow me on those accounts, I automatically follow them if they are on Booklikes. When I did this, did I end up following you? And if so, then why are you following me on Facebook or Twitter? 

I think someone (JennyJen) needs to pull her head from out of her ass.

I especially love the part where she tells me to "GET A FUCKING LIFE". .... *Face Palm* .... Ahem, I do have a fucking life, "JennyJen", I write books and songs. That's mostly my life. Speaking of life, what exactly do you do again? You know, other than joining every book site and website on the internet and spreading your hate and bullying authors, what exactly do you do outside of that? I'm curious. What is your contribution to society outside of hating people you don't even know? 


Then "Innocent Lamb" tries to be funny. 

 She knows who I am because she once had my books listed on her hate shelves. They have since been deleted, haven't they, "Innocent Lamb"? O_-

Then "Alicia" tries to be even funnier. 

Is that Chris Hanson from "To Catch A Predator"? .... I do believe it is. And of course, we all have seen their evidence that supports their libelous comments that I am a child predator, haven't we?

*** Crickets *** O_o

Oh, that's right, we haven't. 

Oh wait, I almost forgot, the bullies think 18 years old and over is still being a minor. That or, mentally, they and their friends are still like 12 years old in which case, I can almost see their point. 

Then someone by the name of "Tara" jumps into the conversation and makes an excellent point. (I know, the bullies will say this is me lurking, but unfortunately, no, it isn't. I do have an undercover account, but I don't comment to the bullies or anything bully related with it. I'm not as stupid as they apparently are.) Anyhow, here is the shot.

You're right, "Tara", they accuse all of us authors of trolling and attacking them yet they have never presented any proof of it. I'm serious! I have gone to so many bully blogs to read their bully posts and accusations and not one of them showed a screenshot to support any of their claims. I think the rest of the world notices this too. They also notice that myself and STGRB does show screenshots to support our claims. The world also notices that the only screenshots the bullies show are a lot like the one up above with Chris Hanson showing his head from around the corner, and other such related GIF's that really isn't evidence, but ssshhhhh, don't tell the bullies that. 

All the evidence clearly points to them being the trolls, the lurkers, the cyber criminals, and the like. Even more so since GR updated and finally decided to enforce their ToS policy. This has been clearly documented. 

Then "Howdy YAL" tries to use logic in their response. Check it out. 

So, you think it is a "consumer warning" when you post in a review about an authors behavior, "Howdy YAL"? ... Okay, then consider this my warning to consumers to not pay attention to your consumer warning because you are a liar. There! I am exercising the same rights as you. So then, why you so pissed off at me for doing the same exact thing as you? ... I don't get it. Do you not have "thick skin"? 

And if there are far more reviewers getting bullied by authors than authors getting bullied by reviewers, I mean, bullies, then where is all your evidence that shows this? Instead of crying like a baby about it and not showing any evidence that backs your theory up, just post the screenshots of authors invading YOUR space and attacking you in gangbang style. 

*** Crickets *** O_O

That's what I thought.

I will agree with you one thing while disputing you at the same time. Yes, most of the reviewers are kids. They are 20 something to 50 something adults with the mind of ten year old kids. However, my dispute? .... You and your bully friends are not REVIEWERS! You're bullies. Big difference. I have no problem at all with reviewers because reviewers review books, not authors. Bullies review authors, not books. See what I mean? 

Of course you don't, you're a bully, that's why.

This next screenshot is funny as shit. It doesn't have anything with trolling me, but it is funny, check it out. 

Yes "Jennifer (Sanity Is Overrated)", I'm sure your "criticism" of Goodreads drew their immediate attention. LOL You're influence is powerful! Of all the criticism they have received from so many people through the years, your criticism hurts them the most. LOL And while I do not know your mother or your siblings, I'm going to have to accept your word for it that she didn't raise any stupid children. But she did raise one of them to be a bully. That same one may also be a bit egotistical, if not narcissistic.

I'm Carroll Bryant ... and this is The Looking Glass.

Things We Learned Today:

* Carroll got trolled!

* There's still no evidence that authors are bullying reviewers

* Reviewers review books, not authors

* Bullies review authors, not books

* All bullies are kids (mentally speaking) 

* "JennyJen" is a contortionist  (And suffers from "head in ass" disease)

* The mother of "Jennifer (Sanity Is Overrated)" didn't raise any stupid children, but she did raise a narcissistic bully.

 * Carroll deleted his Booklikes account

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Booklikes: Dawid Piaskowski

In the past few days, Mr. Piaskowski, of the website, has been visiting some blogs. (STGRB and RICK'S INDIE PUBLISHING BLOG) He's leaving comments and trying to explain Booklikes position where the bullies are concerned.

While most of the questions center around the API issue, Mr. Piaskowski explains that this shouldn't be an issue. His explanation to solving the bully problem is that all one has to do is report potential bullies (or trolls) to his staff and they will be "investigated" to determine their "bully" or "troll" status. Take a look.

While that all seems well and good, a couple of my questions would be, if you already know about STGRB and you're responding on their blog, and you already know that STGRB is legitimate, why would you need people to report the "trolls"? Why not just save yourself some time and go through the bully list that STGRB has already provided and start watching those people and catching them yourself? Why do you need others to report these people to you? Couldn't you just utilize that list STGRB provides and watch the hard core violators yourself?

STGRB already recommends that everybody stay away from these trolls. I'm sure most people do. So in essence, most people are not going to go looking for the people listed on STGRB's list on Booklikes. Heck, many "legitimate" readers may not even join because of the trolls. But Mr. Piaskowski and staff could use that list and go look at these people's posts and make a commonsense determination from that to decide if any action is warranted. They could also send a clear cut message that this kind of adolescent abuse of their site isn't going to be tolerated.

Another question that comes to mind is, why not just delete the offensive material? It doesn't take a genius to know who these people are and what their intentions might be. They've made themselves obviously clear. Their blatant disrespect for the rules stands out like a sore thumb. Forget the API concerns for a moment and let's just concentrate on basic human decency.

When Mr. Piaskowski says these people and their BL account / blogs will be labeled as "troll", does this mean anytime someone goes to their blog there will be a label of some kind that will appear and say "TROLL"?

Something just isn't clicking here, and I got to thinking, (something of which I may do way too often) but what if, and this is just a "what if", but what if Mr. Piaskowski is going to try and pull an Otis Chandler?

By that I mean, how do we know that Mr. Piaskowski isn't going to use the bullies to move BL up the website rankings and haul in the big bucks that surely would accompany it? Then, once you get to a certain height, start addressing the issue?

Otis Chandler and Gooodreads made their money at the expense of bullied authors. The financial loss of all authors who were attacked, along with their books, on Goodreads was Otis Chandler's gain. He knew it then while it was happening and he knows it now in hindsight. Who is to say that Mr. Piaskowski and Booklikes aren't now taking that same approach?

You either condone what the bully trolls are doing, or you don't. If you allow them to get away with what they have been getting away with for so long on Booklikes as they have on Goodreads, then in my eyes, you condone that behavior.

Make no mistake, what GR is doing now to address the issue is only because they have nothing to lose. Otis already made his money, and now he gets to look like some kind of Saint for finally attacking the issue. The truth is, by allowing it to go on for so long as he did, he clearly doesn't have a problem with fraudulent ratings and reviews, and if Mr. Piaskowski is going to allow the same thing to happen on BL, then he hasn't a problem with these trolls either.

Well, not until he makes his money, I suppose.

While I can appreciate what Mr. Piaskowski is trying to say and do, the best course of action is usually the most logical, and that is, nip it in the bud. Delete the abusive content right from the start and or delete the abusers. Earn your money the right way, not off the sacrifice of Indie book sales by allowing these bully ratings and reviews on your site to begin with. 

This is "man up" time right here, not three years from now when you pocket millions of dollars after selling out to the next Amazon. 

I'm Carroll Bryant .... and this is The Looking Glass.

Things We Learned Today:

* You know what you learned today

I Want Your Love / In The Heat of The Night

"I Want Your Love" - Written by Carroll Bryant


"In The Heat Of The Night" - Written by Carroll Bryant

Friday, September 27, 2013

Coming Attractions For October 2013

Oh, the turning of the leaves this time of year here in Ohio. I simply love it! We got Halloween coming up, which is the celebration of people wearing costumes and masks. Speaking of which, (or witch) LOL I get to uncover some poser's of my own, thanks to law enforcement. You can read all about it below. (And when the posts come out)

We're living on the edge!

Meanwhile, it's in the studio I go to record more songs and going to birthday parties. It all seems like fun games until you realize you don't get to sleep as much, and you gain fifty pounds from all the cake and freaking ice cream you stuff in your face.

So check out the posts I have planned for October, but beware! The monsters are not always the ones you see at your friendly neighborhood Halloween party. Many of them reside right here on the internet and on Goodreads/Amazon Forums.

Some of them, you wouldn't even suspect they were monsters.

Also, enjoy the symbolic video, as always.


October 1st, 2013 - "The Bully Investigation"


I finally get to the bottom of the emails mysteries. (Thanks law enforcement) And you won't believe who was behind them. Then again, maybe you would. Of course, I knew it all along. But it is a good feeling to know that your suspicions are now supported by the truth. Shame on you ladies who participated for so long in stalking and harassing me. Shame indeed! It's about time I pull off your masks and reveal your true identities.

Turns out, somebody was watching me.


October 6th, 2013 - "AnnaLund Status Whine"


The bullies and their butt-hurt. I swear, will it ever end?


October 8th, 2013 - "Janis Hinkle: Teacher: Daly City, California"


We've already heard about her, but this is a reminder that monsters hide in the most unlikely places in our society. 


October 10th, 2013 - "Goodreads Founder Otis Chandler Lies"


A very interesting video.


October 13th, 2013 - "The Attack on Judyann McCole"


So, these attacks by the bullies are all about authors complaining about reviews? I think not. And this post, like so many others, proves it once again. You would think the Goodreads bullies would just come out and admit that it's not always about the reviews. Oh wait, they already have. 

Then why don't they quit their boo-hoo crying?


October 16th, 2013 - "Authors Against Abuse"


A place for those who have been victimized by the Amazon / Goodreads bullies.


October 19th, 2013 - "Cows Full of Ink"


A look inside the bully forum on Amazon Kindle Forum Boards.


October 22nd, 2013 - "Michael Hastings: Accident Or Murder?"


A video about the suspicious death of reporter / journalist Michael Hastings


October 30th, 2013 - "Goodreads Family Portrait"


The faces behind an evil empire.


"Living On The Edge" - Aerosmith

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Kara Erickson Fired? (Update)

When I'm wrong, I say I'm wrong. That doesn't happen very often. (Me being wrong) However, while I wasn't really "wrong" is this particular case, when I posted the question of the employment termination of Goodreads customer care director, Kara Erickson, I was misled by the comment that was posted in the article by "N".

As it turns out, from the responses I have received, "N" is a sock puppet. The identity of this individual is speculative for me at the present time, although, based on the responses, I have a general idea.

The point is, I don't think Kara was fired. I got this information from a reliable source who wishes to remain anonymous.

My message to this "N" character is: Grow the "F" up. 

People need to act like they got some damn sense. Now would be a good time to acquire it. 

Meanwhile, I just wanted to acknowledge to everyone that I strive to bring you actual facts and legitimate happenings that is going on over at Goodreads where the bullies are concerned. If there is ever a chance to be honest with all of you, I have to first be honest with myself. I may have jumped the gun on this one, but I promise, I'll do better for next time. 

I want you all to know that I am not here to throw up smoke and mirrors like so many from Bullly Nation throws at you. That being said, when it's time for me to eat a little crow .... then eat a little crow I shall. No matter how humiliating it may be. 

As for the Kara Erickson article, I'm having a slice of crow. 

I'm Carroll Bryant .... and this is The Looking Glass.

Things We Learned Today:

* Carroll is man enough to own it

* We all make mistakes from time to time

* Carroll needs some gravy for this crow

LitChick Shows True Colors

STGRB has recently made a post called LITCHICK REMAINS DEFIANT, and of course, I went to check it out. Basically, they are showing how LitChick and friends continue to defy the new policy on Goodreads. A policy, mind you, meant for ALL members to adhere to. But for some reason, "LitChick", and the rest of the bullies, seems to think they are being isolated.

Well "LitChick", you're partially correct. They are targeting certain people, those people being the ones who violate their policy. People like you. Everyone else has to conform to it, why do you and your friends seem to think that you don't have to conform to it? What makes you so special from the rest of the members on Goodreads? Feeling a bit entitled are we?

She ends her comment with, "Let them kick me off here. IDGAF."

Works for me. 

And "Karli the little" adds, "I think keeping on writing reviews on author behavior is the best thing we can possibly do."

I agree "Karli", it is the best thing you bullies can do, because that would mean you bullies will be getting banned. I like the thought of that. 

Nothing proves a point more than evidence. With that in mind, one of the biggest tactics that the bullies have resorted to in their defiance of the rules and authority is to attack authors and their books with fake ratings. This calls into more question the API violations by Goodreads, but that's for another post. One in which is being (and has been) covered by STGRB so I will not step on their feet where that subject matter is concerned. 

But just to show you some evidence that supports what these bullies are doing, which they must feel absolves them from being bullies and liars, this next screenshot tells the story about what these people are again all about, and how they deal with rules and authority. Something of which bullies, as according to my "Traits of a Cyber Bully" page, clearly defines and that "LitChick" and the rest are clearly showcasing every trait listed.

This is a screenshot of LitChick's revenge against those she has become judge, jury and executioner of, most namely, yours truly. 

Yes, "LitChick", the best way to prove to the world that you're not a bully ... is to bully. Good thinking there on your part. I guess where I say, that you so adamantly quoted me, that "you're not very bright" has now been proven - not by me - but rather - by you yourself with your current behavior and actions.

Hey, I understand, you don't like the new rules on Gooodreads, so fine, protest it. I'm all for it. I think it is every person's right to be able to protest what they are against of, but here's the thing, even while you're protesting, you still have to respect the rules. Protest the rule all you want. Protest it like it was Obamacare, but until the rules change, you're still expected to abide by the current rules that are in place. This is how civilized society functions. 

Then again, you and your friends aren't very civilized, are you?

Oh, and word to the wise, I never complained about a bad review, only reviews that are known fake and reviews that attack me on a personal basis and have nothing to do with the book. I have never attacked anyone who hasn't attacked me. I was always polite and considerate when I was a member of Goodreads. In case you forgotten, I was attacked by you and your friends over a relationship with another consenting adult that was none of anybody's business to begin with. Oh, and for exercising my "free speech" in regards to a post talking about my experience with a handful of reviewers of which, you bullies didn't have "tough enough skin" to deal with. I wasn't attacked for complaining about reviews. Reviews had nothing at all to do with my original attack. I had no bad reviews prior to being attacked. 

So I say, to all the bullies, keep on being defiant! Keep on demonstrating to everyone just how unruly and hateful you are. Keep showcasing for us all why it is so many stand against you and your bully friends. Keep reminding us why people like you have no constructive place in a decent society. Keep showing your bully colors. You're only proving my point, and that of STGRB, even more when you do this kind of thing. Maybe this is why, after all your years on Goodreads, you only have 267 friends?

Nobody likes you, "LitChick". You're a bully. You're a liar. Most of society doesn't like people who bully and lie all the time. I'm pretty sure your parents would be embarrassed by your behavior right now. If your parents were to see this, I am pretty sure they would be scratching their heads and asking, "Did we raise our daughter to act like this?"

Apparently so!

And yes, I went there. Deal!

So if you want to protest the rules, then protest the rules, but you won't be able to get anyone to listen to your protest of the rules if you're currently breaking the rules that are already in place. And you also have to keep in mind, Goodreads does not belong to you. It's not your website. To willingly decide you are going to break the rules in protest of the rules only reveals the real you. That real you is simple, you're a bully, and you're a liar. And you need to grow some tough skin. 

So you and your friends continue doing what you're doing. You're not gaining any supporters by doing it, you're losing more and more of them. It's kind of hard to support somebody who chooses to act like a spoiled nine year old. "I want a puppy and I want it now!"

I'm Carroll Bryant .... and this is The Looking Glass.

Things We Learned Today:

* LitChick is acting like a bully

* LitChick isn't very bright

* LitChick has a lot of growing up to do

* LitChick needs to grow some tough skin

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Nenia Campbell: Not Exactly Einstein

So the bully revolt is on in full force, and author Nenia Campbell seems to be trying to lead the charge.

On my pages section, you will see "Traits Of A Cyber Bully". That list is not a list  that I came up with. I put that together from three different websites, and the information I gathered came from three different professional psychologists on those websites. While after reading this post, you may want to resort to going to that page and read all the traits, then compare them to what you just read in this post. The answer as to what these bullies are really all about will become more clear. But for the sake of this post, I am going to post the first 2 "Bully Traits".

 1) The individual is apt to lose his or her temper easily. They are quite impulsive and tend to get frustrated at minor events.

2) They tend to disobey rules that are set up by authority figures. They would prefer to set their own rules. They are defiant.

Now, let's meet Nenia Campbell. (And a few of her friends)

I especially like how she lets everyone know that she is a proud member of the "Meanie Brigade".

 Anyhow, Nenia announced on her Goodreads blog something she got in her inbox. Take a look.

Sounds simple enough, right? I mean, after the debacle last Friday when Goodreads announced that they were finally going to start enforcing their ToS, the bullies went ballistic over the fact that Goodreads had already deleted some bookshelves without prior warning. It appeared in the beginning that all the bullies wanted was "advanced" notice before GR started to take down shelves. Well, Nenia, guess what? This is exactly what they did. This is your advance notice. 

Now, how are the bullies reacting to this? How about you take a look for yourself.

"Loederkoningin" says: "Oh I bet we're all coming under review at some point ..." 

Yes, "Loederkoningin", you are. Not just the bullies, but EVERYONE! You see, the bullies feel that this new policy of Goodreads is directed at just the bullies. The fact is, these new changes are for EVERYBODY! All members of Goodreads must conform. Ironic though that the only members who are complaining about this new policy change are the bullies themselves. Everybody else appears perfectly okay with it. 

Then "Batgirl" says: "It seems like they're not going to share policy with us ..."



Wasn't Goodreads announcement on Friday THEM sharing policy with you? I think that it was. And ... isn't this notice to Nenia Campbell a heads up in regards to her book shelf violating that policy and requesting that she address it to conform to their policy?

I think it is.


Oh, but it gets better. Take this next screenshot by "Alfaniel". 

Evidently, he thinks it's offensive for Goodreads to have a policy and to enforce it. He thinks it's offensive of Goodreads to want to get rid of book shelves that don't address the book. Really? And I suppose book shelves and reviews that attack authors ISN'T offensive? 

SMH Again.

Then "Alana - The Book Pimp" says: "We knew this was coming, though ... just another sign that the thought police have taken over."

Are you sure you knew it was coming, "Alana"? Because earlier, "Batgirl" shows concern that GR isn't sharing policy with you guys. 


Scratch My Head

And thought police? Really "Alana"? Goodreads is trying to read your thoughts now? 

*Face Palm*

Imagine that! Goodreads new policy is really a diversion from the truth, that all they really want to do is control your thoughts. Let's alert the media!

Then another great thinker of our time gets into the conversation. 

Well "Simon", since you're unclear what "deleting a shelf" means, let me see if I can explain it for you. It means, shelve go bye-bye, can't see it no more. All gone. Disappear-o. Nothing left but memories. - Did that help you any?

Probably not.

Then "Simon" wonders if renaming a shelf "Bullying" would still be objectionable.

* Face Palm With A Tire-Iron *


Yes, "Simon", it would be objectionable.

Then "Not So Einstein" Nenia Campbell herself chimes in. Take a look.

Well, Nenia, their policy is pretty straight forward. Book shelves and book reviews are to be about books, not authors or websites. It's their website, they can make the rules. Either you comply with the rules like everyone else or you don't. If you don't, your account will come under review. If your book shelf or book reviews goes against their policy, then it goes against the spirit of their policy. Book related shelves and reviews should be about the book and only the book. Now, if it were called "Author" shelves or "Author" reviews, then you would be in line with their policy. But they're not called that, they're called book shelves and book reviews.

"Things that are self-explanatory for one thousand, Alex"

And no, Nenia, just because GR is enforcing their policy and want you to remove or change your book shelf that indicates an author supports STGRB doesn't mean that GR supports STGRB. It means that your book shelf does not comply with their rule that book shelves are to be about the book. 

* Face Palm With A Frying Pan *


"Ouch. That one hurt."

  And a side note, Nenia, your words are throw-up in the back of your mouth. 

I'm not even going to comment on this next screenshot by "Miranda". It speaks for itself and of my "Traits Of A Cyber Bully" list.

And here in this next screenshot, "Howdy YAL" calls GR staff "A-Holes"

Are we having problems adhering to the rules, "Howdy"?

Then "Charming" says: "The spirit and intent of Goodreads is not what it used to be."

On the contrary, "Charming", it was always GR policy (ToS) that inflicting emotional distress onto other GR members was forbidden by Goodreads. It's just .... now ... they have finally decided to enforce that rule. (And expand upon it)

Then, "Not So Einstein" Nenia Campbell changes her book shelf name. She wants to know if it passes muster. Take a look.

And here is the screenshot of that book shelf.

She renamed it, "Books That Support STGRB".

* Face Palm By Rocky Balboa *

Yo, Adrian, no, it doesn't pass muster.

Insert world's longest sigh here -------> (_________________)

 I guess now "books" are capable of supporting websites?

Are we getting the picture here? 

In this next screenshot, we have "Loki" spreading worldly wisdom about authors and their writing that only a "Loki" could spread. Take a look.


No, "Loki", not every author puts parts of their personality into everything they write. Sure, maybe some do, but not all. And not in every single thing they write. Have you ever considered that some books are just what they are and .... just stories? Take my book "Last Flight Out" for example: It was inspired partly by The Mary-Kay Letourneau story. There is nothing at all in that book that represents me in any way, shape or form. It's just a story! 

Now, in my book "Children Of The Flower Power", the only thing that represents me is the feel good feelings of love, family and friends that it projects. Other than that, it's just a story! 

Some parts of me can be found in "Of The Light" while again, absolutely nothing of me was put into my book "Year Of The Cat". 

But you aren't an author now, are you "Loki"? So, how would you even think that every author puts parts of themselves in every single book that they write? .... Oh, wait, I know the answer to this one, PLEASE CONSULT MY PAGE "Traits Of A Cyber Bully".

And "Loki" thinks that if you're a jerk, it will show up in all of your writing!



* Head Slam On Table *

And just when you think these people couldn't possibly get anymore intelligent, "Eric_W" pops in with this comment.


I don't even know if I could properly explain the word "offensive" to him or any of the bullies. I seriously don't think anyone could. They're reasoning simply defies all grounds of logic. Simply put, there is no logic at all in anything they ever say. None! And don't think for a moment that I am trying to educate them with this post either, because I'm not. If the public school system couldn't do it, then far be it for me to even think for a second that I could ever pull off the feat.  And speaking of the public school system, I think I should write them a strongly worded letter that points out their many failures. If Nenia and her friends are any indication of the results of the public school system, then a strongly worded letter is indeed warranted. 

"Eric", I'm questioning your ability to comprehend bubble-gum chewing at this point. 

And I'll leave you all with this this final screenshot of the night. I think it wraps up this post, and the message it sends, quite nicely. So have a good laugh now, and write your local school board later.

I'm Carroll Bryant .... and this is The Looking Glass.
Things We Learned Today:
* The public school system is in dire need of upgrading

* Nenia Campbell is no Einstein - Not by a looooooong shot - Nor are her bully friends

* Carroll worked in a "Rocky" spoof

* No tables were actually harmed in the writing of this post (Too bad the same can't be said for my head)
* "Loki" is an expert where authors and their writing is concerned
* The above statement was sarcasm
* "Loki" is not an author

* Carroll picked the wrong day to quit drinking

* The above statement was NOT my personality coming out in my writing

* Today would be a great day for Carroll to start drinking again

* The above comment WAS my personality coming out in my writing

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Goodreads Fires Kara Erickson?

An interesting comment made by "N" has many asking questions. It would appear that Kara Erickson, Director of customer care for Goodreads, has been relieved of her duties. It has been widely speculated by yours truly that Kara was assisting the bullies in their attacks against authors in book reviews and comments. My recent post, "Goodreads Staff Bullies: Kara Erickson, Emily Finley" called into question their participation and or assistance with the Goodreads bullies in attacking authors and honest readers/reviewers. No word if that post, and others mentioning their possible involvement, contributed to Amazon looking into their behavior and led them to any evidence that supported my suspicions. However, this is yet another step in the right direction for Goodreads. It is my hope that more of those who are responsible for so many senseless and pointless attacks against authors and those who showed support for bullied authors on Goodreads, are held accountable for their actions.

While I hate to see anybody lose their job in such a bad economy, I also have to think about all the pain Kara Erickson may have assisted in causing by supporting those who have shown time and time again that they're only ambition is to destroy reputations and careers with their needless attacks.

Good job, Amazon, I am glad to see real action being taken in an effort to make Goodreads a better place for everyone.

As for Kara Erickson, all I care to say is, shame on you. Shame on you for protecting people who get cheap laughs off of hurting others. You had a responsibility to help those who needed it and instead, you took sides. Worse than that, you took the wrong side. So if indeed this comment on Goodreads is true, then you have no one else to blame but yourself.

And so it would appear that the bullies on Goodreads can add yet another victim to their total. Because of these people. many have lost accounts, book sales, blogs, and now, someone's employment. I anticipate more fallout from the damage that these bullies have caused through the years and through their actions. I'll keep everyone informed as best I can.

My thanks to author Rick Carufel for supplying this screenshot. 

 I'm Carroll Bryant .... and this is The Looking Glass. 

Goodreads: State Of Affairs

Ever since Goodreads made their announcement to "clean" up the negative stuff in hopes of making their site more friendly, the bully revolt has been in full force. They have been going around and demonstrating exactly what I and STGRB and now, many others, have been saying for so long, that these people we dubbed "The Goodreads Bullies" are indeed not real reviewers, but bullies. This following screenshot tells the tale.

I know we all like to think that at some point, we stand for a cause. We fight for that cause with everything we have inside and believe in it whole-heartily. But then there comes a time when we have to take a step back and ask ourselves what it is exactly we are becoming. What are we really doing here in the middle of the fight?

Even General Patton eventually became his own worst enemy when he got addicted to war, and forgot about the cause. In the end of his life, General Patton made enemies of friends. Not because he turned mean, but rather, he forgot the cause and became addicted to the fight. To the war. In the end, he didn't care what the cause was, he just wanted to fight somebody, anybody!

I'm now beginning to see this is some people from both sides. For a select few, it's not about a cause anymore, it's about the fear of the war ending.

I myself look forward to the day when I can shut down The Looking Glass. That day will come when I see Goodreads enforcing their ToS fairly to both authors and reviewers. And when I see those authors who were treated unfairly in the past by Goodreads staff, and allowed the opportunity to return to their GR author pages that they were banned from, then I will see the opportunity for me to shut this blog down.

And I long for that day. 

You see, I'm not addicted to the fight. I am sticking to the cause. When the cause is no longer there, neither will I be. 

This post is a message to all on both sides of the battle. (Some of them know who I am talking about) Have you turned into General Patton? Are you still fighting for a cause or have you become addicted to the war? 

Hate destroys and divides. If you are someone who feels that you need to make a list of some kind, or even book shelves to keep track of all those you hate, those you have never met personally, then it is you who needs to look into the mirror and ask, "Why do I hate so much?"

Love, and civility, on the other hand, brings about peace. If you have nothing nice to say about someone, maybe it's best to just be civil and say nothing at all. Not even in book reviews. That is what brings about peace. 

To not practice this could mean, you're not fighting for a cause, but rather, you could be addicted to war. 

Is that how you really want to live your life?

I'm Carroll Bryant ..... and this is The Looking Glass.

Amazon: The Clock Is Ticking

A couple months or so ago I went to the Amazon Facebook page and left them a one star review. I'm not sure why I did it. I guess my frustrations regarding their "review policy" on their Kindle Forum Boards finally wore on me. Sometimes, you just have to say your peace, and get it out. Well, much to my surprise, I got a response from them, someone by the name of Chey. Check it out.

As you can see, I have yet to get another response.

As I have reported last month, Amazon Kindle Boards Alexa rankings have plummeted in recent months. Over 190,000 spots. That's a lot for a site such as theirs. Perhaps this is the reason why a few months ago, there was talk on the forum about Amazon considering to get rid of the forum. It could have just been idle talk on their part, you know, say you're thinking about taking the forum down and then word gets out and everybody starts to panic a little and people come back to the forum in hopes by participating more, they will reconsider. 

I also attributed their falling numbers to the fact that real readers don't want to risk having to deal with the bullies and trolls lurking on the forum. Just like with the Goodreads decline. It doesn't matter if you have 20 million members when only a few hundred thousand are participating.

These bullies/trolls are like cockroaches. Once they infest your house, it is hard to get rid of them, but if you act swiftly in the beginning, you have a good chance to clean house. Amazon and Goodreads failed to do that and instead, actually endorsed it. Once cockroaches get out of control, the only way to get rid of them is to take down the house, burn it. Burn it all. Then maybe rebuild. 

But the fault isn't just in the roaches, it's sits on the shoulders of those who looked the other way when they showed their little heads. When you operate with inconsistency in upholding your own rules, and ToS like Goodreads and Amazon, this is what eventually happens. When you don't have any morality to stand on, people are quick to notice. And when you constantly remove legitimate reviews and allow known fake reviews to stand, you send the wrong message to your customers. Such is the case with this next screenshot. A review written by one of the bullies/trolls that clearly violates Amazon Fora review policy by mentioning another book in the review yet, despite this review being flagged repeatedly, it remains as of this writing.

Here is a shot of their review policy.

Actual proof of why Amazon Kindle Forum Boards is failing.

So if when Amazon actually does decide to take down the Forum, it would be easy to blame the bullies/trolls. It would be a lot easier though to just blame those in charge for allowing the cockroaches to take over their house in the first place. After all, these roaches are filled with a nasty disease called hate. And let's face it, hate loses every time.

If Amazon doesn't learn this lesson, then how long before we see them pull the plug on Goodreads? I mean, the very same thing is happening there too. The clock is ticking.  

I'm Carroll Bryant .... and this is The Looking Glass.

Things We Learned Today:

* Cockroaches are bad

* Goodreads is on the clock

* Hate loses every time

Monday, September 23, 2013

Carroll Quote: Special Bully Edition

"I can't even count on one hand, all the people I hate, but that's only because I don't hate anyone"

That quote was inspired by the following comment made by "Jonas" on a recently posted article by Laura Hazard Owen, about the GR policy change on the website "Gigaom". 

Below is my full response to the "Jonas" comment.


Book Likes: An Alternative to Goodreads

So if you're like many people who are sick and tired of dealing with bullies on Goodreads, then I might have some good news for you. There is a book website that you might want to look into. They are Called Book

I plan on joining soon and will take a good look around. Once I get a feel for it, I will do another post regarding them. Meanwhile, maybe you would like to give them a shot for yourself.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

.38 Caliber

A link was sent to me recently that led me to a post on .38 Caliber blog. For all of you who may be new, .38 Caliber is a blog owned by Mahala. And Mahala also goes under the name Anna Karenina. And the real identity of Anna Karenina is Janis Hinkle, an elementary school teacher in California.

Now, this post was published on September 1st. I just caught wind of it a few days ago when a reader sent the link to me via email. The post is called "Broken". It starts off with the very definition of trust. Then after that, the article kicks in.

Now, the article itself is somewhat confusing. Confusing that is, until you get to the end of it. So we're going to follow the next few screenshots one at a time until we get to the end. That's where the power of this article comes from. And it's very telling.

Read the first part. 

Confused so far? .... I was too. But keep reading. 

Yes, it seems that someone is planning and plotting again to attack me. But oh, who can it be? And to this point, I was intrigued, sitting on the edge of my seat. At this point, someone has apparently rubbed Mahala/Anna/Janis the wrong way. And this person, whom ever it may be, is now plotting to once again, try and take me down. 

The interesting part of that screenshot is where somebody refers to me as a "second stringer". Um, okay, I can live with that. But you have to admit that for a second stringer, I made the bullies look bad, and I proved a lot of their lies, and they sure as hell talked about me a lot. A LOT! And stalked my blogs religiously, but I defended myself pretty well. Granted, I had some valuable assistance from STGRB, and let's face it, they are the first stringers in all of this. Yet, for a second stringer, Patrick Brown once emailed me for help. Like I said, I'll take second stringer any day of the week. That's still better than any of the bullies. They're not even third stringers.

But I digress.

So at this point, I'm really drawn into this post. Then came the last part. It blew me right out of my shoes. Take a look.

Did you see it? Did it knock you off your feet? 

Turns out, what I thought I was reading was a post about me, it was in fact a post about GenX. (Let me say that again) IT WAS A POST ABOUT GENX!

And not just some random post either. An apparent heart-felt one. Evidently, GenX doesn't just lie to her readers, and the rest of the world, but she also lies to her friends. Or those she sweet talks into believing they're her friends. And from what I gather from this article,  Mahala/Anna/Janis, was duped by GenX in some manner.  

Why am I not surprised?

Why are WE not surprised?

I have covered GenXpose blog more than any other blog on the internet. I have covered GenX herself, and her friends, more than any other bully. (Or bullies) In fact, it is common knowledge at this point and time that the only reason I even started The Looking Glass was to defend myself from GenX and friends attacking me. In fact, GenXpose blog was started for the sole purpose of taking me and STGRB down. 

Major fail.

And .38 Caliber is correct, in all of the bullies attempts, I wasn't the one who disappeared. The bullies were / are the ones who are disappearing. However, that is of their own doing.

But even more interesting than discovering that GenX lied to Mahala/Anna/Janis is, knowing that in August of this year, GenX was planning to make a comeback where attacking me is concerned, AND - she was trying to recruit some minions to assist her with this flamboyant task. How flattering.

In hindsight, we now see the lying ways of one GenX. We now get to discover the deeper truth about her character. We now know of the deep hate she carries inside of her heart and soul for yours truly. A mere second stringer that has ultimately, at every twist and turn, humiliated her and exposed all of her lies. And it would seem that her lies run so rampant, she even lies to those who put their trust in her. Proof that GenX will stop at nothing to attack someone. To bully someone. To stalk someone. To harass someone. And that someone being little ole me. 

I continue to stand by my assertion that GenX is really Amanda Welling. I maintain this stance because starting at around July/August of 2012, there were only four people who were leaving comments on my blog and other blogs aimed at me, emailing me, antagonizing me at every opportunity. Those four people were, Jon Welling, Amanda Welling, GenX, and Jude Henderson. 

Of course, Jude never emailed me as herself. (I had her blocked) She used a sock puppet instead. I reveal this in an upcoming post scheduled for October 1st called "The Bully Investigation". You won't want to miss it. 

But in the conclusion of the article posted on .38 Caliber blog, Mahala/Anna/Janis asks the very same question that I, and perhaps some of you may have been asking yourselves, which is .....


(And while we're at it, why all the hate?)

I'm Carroll Bryant (second stringer) ..... and this is The Looking Glass.

Things We Learned Today:

* GenX lies to those who trust her, and call her friend

* GenX is / was plotting to attack me again

* GenX was trying to recruit minions to assist her in attacking me

* This post by .38 Caliber paints GenX (and all those who stand by her) in a very bad light

* You just can't trust a bully to be honest

* More dissension in the ranks of Bully Nation

* Carroll is a second stringer

* Carroll is more relevant than all of the bullies put together

* GenX has lost her cred

* STGRB is first string all the way

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Goodreads: Smoke And Mirrors

There certainly appears to be a lot of celebration going on lately. Ever since the "big" announcement on STGRB that Goodreads is "cleaning house" by way of deleting author bashing book shelves. I think there are a lot of people suffering from concussions by way of hitting their heads on their ceilings from jubilation of the news.

What the hell?

Really? This is exciting to you? Goodreads starts deleting author bashing book shelves and you're pissing your pants over it? 

Here's the thing; I'm not buying it. And no, it's not because I'm some disgruntled old man who simply enjoys chasing the unruly teenagers off his lawn either. I'm not buying it because, in the scheme of things, it's small potato's. There are a lot more important things than author bashing book shelves. 

While I might bend just enough to say it "could" be a step in the right direction for Goodreads, let's just call it what it really is; a miniscule step at best. 

I, more accurately, refer to it as simply smoke and mirrors. A dog and pony show. While everyone else seems to be elated to accept Patrick Brown's table scraps, I will reserve my elation until I see actual efforts of goodwill. Meaning; when it comes to doing the right thing, you're either "all in" - or your not. 

Goodreads, Patrick Brown, is not "all in". (Not yet anyway)

So, you're probably asking, "What do you consider to be "all in" Carroll? What is it that you are waiting to see from Goodreads and Patrick Brown that will finally convince you that Goodreads is now finally starting to "change" their ways in regards to this bullying issue?"

Very good question. Allow me to answer.

I will be more impressed when Goodreads starts to delete author bashing reviews. I give those higher priority. Let's face it, if author bashing book shelves are an issue, then why isn't author bashing reviews an issue? See where I'm going with this? 

If calling an author an asshole is wrong for a book shelf then how is it not wrong for a book review? To me, it's more of a priority to delete that as opposed to the book shelves. 

Yes, the book shelves should be deleted. Yes, it's a nice little gesture, but then again, so is opening the door for someone, but who is to say the person opening the door for you won't slam it shut on you once you start to walk through? 

If I were to be given the choice of what to start deleting first, author bashing book shelves would be last on the list. The first thing on it would be, delete the author bashing reviews. 

Then there is account deletion. Yesterday, in all the excitement of the "big" news, many have overlooked that three, count them, three member accounts (at least) that I know of were deleted by Goodreads staff. One account was of Mary Shelly, who saw her account get deleted after she made a comment on STGRB. A second account was deleted of a member who showed support for bullied authors. Her account name was "Sugar Sinn". And finally, another member account was deleted when a girl flagged the reviews on my books that are bully reviews. 

Doesn't sound like Goodreads is doing anything good to me. It sounds like Goodreads is still up to their same old shit. I would be really super-duper impressed if Goodreads actually started to delete the accounts of those who are in fact violating their ToS. You know, the ones leaving those author bashing reviews. People like, "All Hail Gimlock", "Steph Sinclair", "ETA:Soon", "Mrs. Joseph", "Belle", "Ade", "Pete Morin", and the like. 

Instead of stalking my blog and STGRB looking for comments by our supporters, and deleting their accounts, why isn't Goodreads deleting the accounts of those who are actually violating their ToS and bashing authors? And while we're on the subject, why is Patrick Brown and his staff going after people who comment on sites outside of GR and deleting their accounts for simply speaking their opinion and or disdain for GR? Those comments are not being made on Goodreads. Nobody is violating GR ToS by speaking about the matter on an outside blog or website. Talk about attacking people who are exercising their right to free speech. It just looks to suspicious to me, and very unprofessional there, Patrick. Do you have "soft skin"? Well, maybe you should take the bullies advice to authors and grow some thick skin there yourself big boy. 

So yes, instead of deleting membership accounts on Goodreads of members who are not violating GR ToS, how about Goodreads start deleting the membership accounts of those who are? 

And finally, for goodreads to go "all in", maybe a good gesture in that direction would be if GR offered to reinstate those authors (and other former members) who were attacked by the bullies and banned. You know, since no evidence has ever been shown that the people who were banned had ever violated the GR ToS in the first place. You see, that would be a reason for celebration. That would be the miracle. Kind of like watching Jesus turn water into wine. That's what would impress the shit out of me. I would risk my own concussion for that occurrence. 

So you see, while I am happy that, on the surface, some progress appears to have been made, the cold hard fact is, it's not. Not yet anyway. So excuse me if I don't carelessly jump into the pool on this one. There's still more evidence pointing to this as being nothing more than smoke and mirrors. A dog and pony show. A public relations stunt from a website that could use the slightest uplifting story to try and counter balance all the negative ones preceding it. 

And no, I don't see anything that would even remotely suggest to me that Amazon, Goodreads, or Patrick Brown is "all in" when it comes to righting the wrong. Or doing the right thing in general. I'm sorry, I just don't see it. 

I'm Carroll Bryant .... and this is The Looking Glass.


Well, that didn't take long at all. Shortly after this article was posted, I got this email. The identity of this person has been covered.

My thoughts EXACTLY!

Update: 09-24-2013:

I just found out recently that Mary Shelly was really Rick Carufel. Do I feel a bit humiliated about it right now? Yes. But I'm a big boy so I guess I'll get over it. However, the other people who had their accounts deleted on Goodreads, to my knowledge, were not socks. If I learn different in the future, I'll update this post again. 

Things We Learned Today:

* Deleting author bashing book shelves is fine, but what about the author bashing reviews?

* My supporters and those of STGRB are still having their accounts deleted for things they say away from Goodreads

* The Goodreads staff are still stalking my blog and STGRB 

* The GR bullies accounts are not being deleted

* Dog and Pony shows are cute, but this one being performed by Patrick Brown and Goodreads is not

* Concussions are bad for you

* Carroll Bryant isn't buying that Goodreads really wants to put an end to bullying on their website, or are enforcing their ToS fairly and evenly 

* Goodreads bullies are still getting preferential treatment from the GR staff