Sunday, September 29, 2013

Carroll Bryant Gets Trolled

This is one of those posts where the bullies once again stick their mouth into their foot. 

Wait! ... Reverse that. LOL

Yes, it's going to be one of those kind of posts. When it comes to the Goodreads bullies, it's like every time they open their mouth, or type on a keyboard, they say things so confusing it can twist your mind around and make you go ..... cross eyed? O_o

Such is the case with "Richard". 

Now here is an individual who accuses me of something, fails to show any proof to support his claim and yet, at the same time, in the very post he makes on Goodreads where he accuses me of something, he turns right around and supplies evidence that he does the very thing he accuses me of doing. 

Confused? Well you should be. The bullies are a very confusing breed. 

In this first screenshot, "Richard" accuses me of trolling. Take a look. 

He claims in his post that Booklikes is now going to be trolled because myself, and "The Rae'Chaelia Author" have accounts on there. Yet, to demonstrate this he actually trolls our accounts and posts the links to our accounts for the rest of the bullies to troll us. 

Are you seeing this now? 

So let me get this straight "Richard". You accuse me, and "The Rae'Chaelia Author" of trolling and in that accusation or belief, you troll us and leave links to our accounts showing that you trolled us? ... Really? 

I guess it could have been worse. I mean, he could have accused us of being pedophiles and left links to pictures of him in bed naked with an 8 year old. That's pretty much what I akin it to. LOL

But it gets better. (Of course) "OldRocker" jumps into the conversation saying: "Yep, they are there. Say cheese for the screenshots." 

Well of course I am going to take screenshots, "OldRocker". How could I possibly pass up an opportunity like this to once again show how stupid you and your friends are? LOL

Then "Nenia", one of the most notorious and nasty of the bullies, and an author wannabe, chimes in saying: "Is there no book site they aren't lurking on?"

Ditto "Nenia". And not just ditto to you, but to all of your friends. You people lurk on EVERY book site known to man, spreading your hate, filth, and lies. I bet you are on more booksites / websites than I am. So, you know, look who's talking. My question to "Nenia" is, can you ever say anything that doesn't make you look stupid or is filled with hate? 

Thus far, the answer to that question is a resounding NO!

But bully "Belle" gives her an answer. 

That's right. "Belle", I don't lurk on Good ....... wait, then how did I get these screenshots? OMG! I'm a lurker too, just like you and your friends. LOL But here's the thing "Belle", some of your friends are no longer on Goodreads either. You may go visit STGRB to learn all of who of your friends had their accounts deleted for violating GR policy lately. I wouldn't be too surprised if your account gets deleted someday too. I also won't be surprised if I do a future post on you and your friend "Ade" revealing your real identities. Stay tuned for that. 

Meanwhile, "JennyJen" the dumbass responds with the following post. 

Really, "JennyJen"? So what you're saying is, everyone that joins a book site and starts following their friends then they are trolls for doing so? And that's YOUR PROOF that supports your accusations? 

*** Crickets *** O_O


You see, when I joined BL, I didn't go "lurking" for people to follow. Instead, I just clicked the "Facebook" and "Twitter" option, where any and all of my friends who follow me on those accounts, I automatically follow them if they are on Booklikes. When I did this, did I end up following you? And if so, then why are you following me on Facebook or Twitter? 

I think someone (JennyJen) needs to pull her head from out of her ass.

I especially love the part where she tells me to "GET A FUCKING LIFE". .... *Face Palm* .... Ahem, I do have a fucking life, "JennyJen", I write books and songs. That's mostly my life. Speaking of life, what exactly do you do again? You know, other than joining every book site and website on the internet and spreading your hate and bullying authors, what exactly do you do outside of that? I'm curious. What is your contribution to society outside of hating people you don't even know? 


Then "Innocent Lamb" tries to be funny. 

 She knows who I am because she once had my books listed on her hate shelves. They have since been deleted, haven't they, "Innocent Lamb"? O_-

Then "Alicia" tries to be even funnier. 

Is that Chris Hanson from "To Catch A Predator"? .... I do believe it is. And of course, we all have seen their evidence that supports their libelous comments that I am a child predator, haven't we?

*** Crickets *** O_o

Oh, that's right, we haven't. 

Oh wait, I almost forgot, the bullies think 18 years old and over is still being a minor. That or, mentally, they and their friends are still like 12 years old in which case, I can almost see their point. 

Then someone by the name of "Tara" jumps into the conversation and makes an excellent point. (I know, the bullies will say this is me lurking, but unfortunately, no, it isn't. I do have an undercover account, but I don't comment to the bullies or anything bully related with it. I'm not as stupid as they apparently are.) Anyhow, here is the shot.

You're right, "Tara", they accuse all of us authors of trolling and attacking them yet they have never presented any proof of it. I'm serious! I have gone to so many bully blogs to read their bully posts and accusations and not one of them showed a screenshot to support any of their claims. I think the rest of the world notices this too. They also notice that myself and STGRB does show screenshots to support our claims. The world also notices that the only screenshots the bullies show are a lot like the one up above with Chris Hanson showing his head from around the corner, and other such related GIF's that really isn't evidence, but ssshhhhh, don't tell the bullies that. 

All the evidence clearly points to them being the trolls, the lurkers, the cyber criminals, and the like. Even more so since GR updated and finally decided to enforce their ToS policy. This has been clearly documented. 

Then "Howdy YAL" tries to use logic in their response. Check it out. 

So, you think it is a "consumer warning" when you post in a review about an authors behavior, "Howdy YAL"? ... Okay, then consider this my warning to consumers to not pay attention to your consumer warning because you are a liar. There! I am exercising the same rights as you. So then, why you so pissed off at me for doing the same exact thing as you? ... I don't get it. Do you not have "thick skin"? 

And if there are far more reviewers getting bullied by authors than authors getting bullied by reviewers, I mean, bullies, then where is all your evidence that shows this? Instead of crying like a baby about it and not showing any evidence that backs your theory up, just post the screenshots of authors invading YOUR space and attacking you in gangbang style. 

*** Crickets *** O_O

That's what I thought.

I will agree with you one thing while disputing you at the same time. Yes, most of the reviewers are kids. They are 20 something to 50 something adults with the mind of ten year old kids. However, my dispute? .... You and your bully friends are not REVIEWERS! You're bullies. Big difference. I have no problem at all with reviewers because reviewers review books, not authors. Bullies review authors, not books. See what I mean? 

Of course you don't, you're a bully, that's why.

This next screenshot is funny as shit. It doesn't have anything with trolling me, but it is funny, check it out. 

Yes "Jennifer (Sanity Is Overrated)", I'm sure your "criticism" of Goodreads drew their immediate attention. LOL You're influence is powerful! Of all the criticism they have received from so many people through the years, your criticism hurts them the most. LOL And while I do not know your mother or your siblings, I'm going to have to accept your word for it that she didn't raise any stupid children. But she did raise one of them to be a bully. That same one may also be a bit egotistical, if not narcissistic.

I'm Carroll Bryant ... and this is The Looking Glass.

Things We Learned Today:

* Carroll got trolled!

* There's still no evidence that authors are bullying reviewers

* Reviewers review books, not authors

* Bullies review authors, not books

* All bullies are kids (mentally speaking) 

* "JennyJen" is a contortionist  (And suffers from "head in ass" disease)

* The mother of "Jennifer (Sanity Is Overrated)" didn't raise any stupid children, but she did raise a narcissistic bully.

 * Carroll deleted his Booklikes account


  1. When a reviewer reviews a book, it's nothing personal. They only review what they read. When a reviewer reviews an author, it's personal. I don't blame Carroll or any author if they speak up about it. If these people didn't want to make it personal then they wouldn't talk about the authors in book reviews or anywhere for that matter. The problem with some people is they think they know someone just because they read a few things over the internet or someones books. Unless you actually know an author in real life, you shouldn't be talking about them like you do. Just my 2 cents.


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