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Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves

We now get to turn our attentions to another blog who took liberties with me called, "Gypsy Book Reviews".

Just as it is with all these bloggers and blogs, I don't know any of them and they sure as hell do not know me. None the less, this post written is titled, "You Do Not Own Me". - To that I say, DITTO!

Now, this blogger starts off by saying that this post had been "simmering" in the background for a while now. (We'll address that near the end) And from first appearances, it took a while for this blogger to allow the simmering to boil over. Which thus led her to write this post.

Take a look.

She says that "reviewers" shouldn't be called out or called names like "bitch", "idiot", or "moron" just because they (the reviewer) doesn't like a book. Well, the fact is, authors shouldn't be called out or called names either just because you didn't like the book they wrote, but don't expect this girl to understand that. Also, I have never seen any author call a reviewer those names for simply not liking a book review. Nor does this girl post any evidence supporting her claim that it takes place. This is a common theme with these people of "Bully Nation", to make accusations without providing any evidence to support those accusations. As always, we're all expected to just "take" their word for it.

This girl claims that this happens every week so providing screenshots would be, or should be, easy for her to do, right? But alas, she never does present it so ..... 

Now, from what she says that she understands, is that I was pissed off that I didn't get the reviews that I was promised. (And interviews?). Then she subtly slips in this thing I had with a "minor". (I like how these bullies do that. It seems to me they know nothing about the legal age of consent.) 

Anyhow, "Gypsy" - I wasn't "pissed". But what was I highly upset or disappointed? Yes! Mostly because these people approached me, not the other way around. And because they were all friends with Jude and when she backed out, they backed out too. 

You know, I like it when one side expects "professionalism" from the other side and yet, they don't think it is fair to expect something similar in return. The fact is, if you want people to be professional with you, it might be best if you act somewhat professional also. Just saying.

She also mentions that apparently, my relationship with an 18 year old adult minor sparked this whole thing. To that I respond, kind of, because Jude stalked me on my shared blog and used my blog partner to try and get to me and I know we have gone over this already more times than I care to think about, but it's still a fact that these bullies refuse to understand and accept. 

Anyhow, she questions the reality and good practice of "keeping" ones word. She responds elegantly, "Oh my god, are you kidding me?"

No, "Gypsy", I am not kidding you. I (as well as other authors) when approached, do expect people to keep their word. I ask nothing more from others than what I ask from myself. (As it should be)

But as I mentioned, if you're going to play with the grown ups then you might want to play under grown up rules. Otherwise, maybe you should just stop asking for free reads in exchange for reviews and or interviews. Just a suggestion. I mean, if you can't keep your word because you're too unprofessional, then dealing with professionals might not be the wisest thing, you know?

That or ... stop making promises you know you're not going to keep.

This is when she then says that she don't owe authors anything. That blogging is not "her" job. That blogging is a hobby. Then she stresses how many bloggers have lives which include school, jobs and such. Okay, fair enough, but guess what? For most authors, writing is not a hobby. Like I said earlier, if you can't at least act somewhat professional then stop approaching authors for free reads. 

But let's take a break here for a minute. How does not keeping ones word have anything to do with the rest of your lives? Your school? You job? I mean, the fact is, you're going to blog about something and put in the time on your blog so how would expecting you as a blogger to keep your promise interfere with that? By approaching an author and promising that if said author gives you a free read of their book and you will do a review/interview, couldn't one assume that you are planning to include that review/interview into your normal routine of .... blogging? 

So why break your promise?

Unless - you never had any intentions on ever keeping that promise to begin with thus, cleverly "stealing" a free read because, you know, you're not a professional?

I don't see how keeping your word would get in the way of your so called "busy" lives. I honestly don't. And the truth is, keeping your word isn't just a more professional thing to do, but more so, just a decent thing to do. especially when the author was kind enough to give you that free read you requested. 

Then she explains everything clearly. She says, "shit happens". No, "Gypsy", shit don't just happen. People make shit happen by lying and stealing. That's how "shit happens". 

Then she goes into this BS about "what if I didn't like the book?" or "finish the book?" - Well, then courtesy would suggest that you contact the author and tell them honestly your opinion. And if a review was promised, and you (or they) don't want that review posted, then maybe a simple interview in its stead would suffice? This way, you wouldn't have to support a book you didn't like or say that you didn't like it. All you would have to do is just ask a handful of questions in an interview and move on. Everybody is happy. But the key to this whole scenario is - treat others the way you would like to be treated - with respect. 

To just simply blow somebody off like I was blown off and ignored is not respectful.

And this is important to note because she goes on to mention how "human" she is. Well, here is a newsflash for you "Gypsy", authors are humans too. 

I'll allow time for that to sink in. 

Meanwhile, her rant continues.

She then admits that bloggers know how to make a lot of noise. And she is well aware of her potential to influence others. (Doesn't sound like a hobby to me) And how she has persuaded others to read a book based on her reviews. She sees the SHINY potential she has to helping authors promote their books. (So then why the unprofessionalism?)

Her knowing this is also her admitting that she also knows the SHINY potential she (and other bloggers) have to "ruin" an author. Especially an Indie author. And even more especially with LIES! (Llike she did with me by slipping in that whole "minor" thingy.)

You see, these people aren't all that ignorant to their power. They know their influence. Be it for good or bad, they are well aware. Thinking about it, maybe these people are too unstable for such power. Maybe this is why I have (since my ban on GR) declined several interview and book review offers. And maybe this is a sign for other authors to reconsider accepting reviews/interviews with these people. Or not even approach them either. Because they haven't the maturity or professionalism to engage with professionals on a professional level.

In fact, if all Indie authors decided to not work the review/interview angle with these unprofessional bloggers, then maybe then they would see how little power they truly have. They would be begging for authors to send them those free reads then. Think about it. If authors just decided not to give anymore books away for free, these "kids" would have to go out and actual earn some kind of income to pay for books. (Or visit the library more often) 

Then she suggests that authors treat her like a human and not some douchebag. To this I say - DITTO again! Maybe these bloggers who approached me should have treated me like a human too instead of a douchebag. Because that's exactly how I was treated. The power of their influence went to these bloggers head and they treated me like a douchebag before I was able to act like one. 

Then she says that I go around thinking I am the next big thing since sliced bread. Yeah, that's not treating me like a douchebag is it? That's treating me humane, right? Someone this girl doesn't even know and she thinks she has me all figured out without knowing the real story. (And you want people to treat you with respect when you can't do that for them?) 

Bully entitlement! 

She goes on to say there is no contract between the reviewer and author unless she says, "I promise". Now, I want you all to think about that because guess what "Gypsy", these bloggers/reviewers did say "I promise", hence, the reason why I got upset that they broke their PROMISE! 

*Face Palm*

So, if I say these people made me a promise and then broke it, then essentially you are saying that they were in the wrong, right? .... Then why are you bashing me for them breaking their promise? I mean, if you agree that it's only a contract when you say the word "I promise" like these bloggers did and I sent them their free read per their request and then they break the promise ..... essentially, you just said that would constitute a contract under your belief system. And they did just that and they broke it! And now, you go to your blog to condemn me while at t he same time, proving my case. 

* Face Palm * 

Then she posts screenshots of my Goodreads blog post. You should visit her blog and check it out if you like. Then she continues with her post. 

She goes on to say that she will respond to any authors concerned with the status of their review or interview if they email her. Guess what "Gypsy"? I tried that with those bloggers and only one of them ever responded. And when she did, she lied to me. The others treated me like a douchebag and ignored me. They didn't treat me like a human. 

Look, I completely understand the difference between me approaching a blogger and imposing on them to get a review or interview, (which is why I never did that) and when a blogger/reviewer approaches me. I would never expect anyone to review or interview me if I approached them. However, when you approach me, that is a totally different matter altogether. (And even you know that to be true, "Gypsy")

But one interesting and final note here, in the beginning of this post where "Gypsy" mentioned that this whole thing was "simmering" for a while now? Then it all boiled over and led her to post this article about me? .... Well, "Gypsy" must have a really short "simmering" to "boiling" ratio because she also mentions in closing that this whole thing really bothered her a whole lot for her to talk about it. But the confusing part is, this post she did was about a week after this whole thing began. Don't believe me? Then take a look at the post date for this article. 

Sunday, July 22nd, 2012 - a week to the day I was banned on Goodreads.

Seems to me "Gypsy", you couldn't wait to sink your teeth into this post.

Simmering and boiling over indeed.

* Face Palm *

I'm Carroll Bryant ... and this is the Looking Glass.

Things We Learned Today:

* "Gypsy" attacks me for other people breaking their pormises to me

* "Gypsy" admits that I was done wrong because these bloggers broke their promise to me

* "Gypsy" admits that when you say "I promise" then it is a contract

* These bloggers did say "I promise" to me

* "Gypsy" contradicts herself

* It's okay to expect to be treated like a human but not to treat others in such a manner

* Carroll was treated like a douchebag right from the start by these bloggers 

* Authors are human too?

* It only took a week for "Gypsy" to have enough?

* "Gypsy" expects authors to be professional but not herself or other bloggers

* Bloggers know their influence (Good and bad) 

* The bullies have self entitlement issues

* "Gypsy" needs a good anti-virus program to protect her computer


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