Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Reviews Versus Bullying Update

In an earlier post called "Reviews Versus Bullying", I presented you all with evidence that clearly showed the difference between an honest review and a bully review. One of the reviews I focused on was a review by a girl named "Nicole", who is really Jude Henderson, who is really Elsa Judi Sanchez Hernandez.

Anyhow, here is her bully review that I originally posted. (Notice the "likes" at the bottom)

I also showed you a comment by someone named "Squa" who said: "This is not a review, it's a personal attack."

Obviously, "Squa" was correct in his or her assessment of Jude's review. Here is the screenshot. 

I also did an update at the bottom of that post, "Reviews Versus Bullying" where I informed everyone that "Squa" had their account deleted by Goodreads. (Either by Patrick Brown, Kara Erickson or Emily Finley.) 

But prior to "Squa's" account being deleted, these bullies quickly entered into the picture.  (Nenia and Zahara) They left their two cents worth of bullying. Check it out.

Notice how Nenia captured the comment made by Squa and bullied it before Squa was banned, yet these bully comments were spared by Nenia and Zahara and they were not banned for their bullying. Proof yet again that Patrick Brown and his staff "has the bullies back".

Did you notice the "likes" on Jude Henderson's bully review in the first screenshot? That was the original screenshot in the original post of "Reviews Versus Bullying". It reads "7" likes.

Now look at the updated screenshot of that same bully review by Jude. 

If you notice the "likes" now, you will see it has increased by "11" to "18".

All of this is once again evidence that Patrick Brown and his staff are protecting the bullies, and making a consorted effort to silence and censor everyone else who disagrees with them. This is also proof that the bullies read this blog religiously, despite their claims otherwise. 

This is also one of the reasons why Goodreads is going to apparently be hit with a massive class action lawsuit, as reported by STGRB.

I'm Carroll Bryant ... and this is The Looking Glass.

Things We Learned Today:

* The bullies stalk The Looking Glass

* Jude Henderson is still "Nicole"

* The bullies only claim to fame is .... bullying

* Patrick Brown, Kara Erickson, and Emily Finley are protecting the bullies

* Patrick Brown, Kara Erickson, and Emily Finley are bullies themselves

* Goodreads / Amazon is going to pay dearly for it too



  1. You mention Jude Henderson in this article. I read somewhere that she got an abortion. Is this true?


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