Friday, February 12, 2016

Internet Scams: Windows 10

Below is a link to my blog post - warning everyone of a phone scam / internet scam where the scammers are representing themselves as customer service reps from Windows and or Microsoft Corporation. Please read. It could save you from being cyber-attacked. Thanks.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Goodreads Still Keeping An Eye On Me

After all of this time that has passed, I see that the Goodreads staff is still popping in and checking out my blog. The truth is, I hardly ever check out anything on this blog. Once in a while I will come in and share some old posts with my Twitter followers. I still get a lot of views for having not posted in a coons age. (Raccoon, not a black guy. Just saying.)

If you looked at the first line, it told you the story of an organization that for as big as they are, obviously see me as still the "top dog" of the anti-bullying movement. lol

Thanks for making me feel important, Goodreads. 

I'm Carroll Bryant, and this is "The Looking Glass".

(Just wanted to do that for old times sake.)

(And this)

Things We Learned Today:

* Carroll Bryant is still the big cheese. Or maybe he cut the cheese. Jury is still out.