Tuesday, July 30, 2013

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I'm Carroll Bryant .... and this is The Looking Glass.

Things We Learned Today:

* There's a lot of news stories out there in the world .... but Carroll Bryant isn't one of them

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Coming Attractions For August 2013

The dog days of August is upon us. You know what this means, yes? It means, heatwaves, county fairs, state fairs, coney-dogs, picnics and .... and .... oh yeah, my birthday.

Anyhow, I have some interesting posts for you when you return home after a hot day under the sun. I hope you use suntan lotion, wouldn't want you to get skin cancer. And remember, when it comes to cyber-bullying, keep on fighting.


August 1st, 2013 - "Shoshana Bick"


We meet one of the worst bullies on Goodreads. 

Just be glad she isn't YOUR daughter.


August 4th, 2013 - "Internet Scams"


There are people out there that want your money.  Not to worry, Carz is here to help you spot these sneaky sneaks.


August 6th, 2013 - "Angela Horn Strikes Again"


Constipation is no laughing matter ... unless it's Angela Horn who is constipated. Believe you me, she is! LOL And this post proves it. We also see that she has other sock puppets, just like most of these bullies do. 

Prune juice Angela?


August 8th, 2013 - "Goodreads: What's The Purpose?"


The numbers don't lie folks. Goodreads and Amazon Kindle Forum Boards are beginning to fade away. The bullies are hurting their bottom line. You're not going to want to miss this post. You can't argue with the facts. The cyber bullying that is taking place on these two sites has gotten way out of hand to the point, the bullies are chasing away customers. And people like Patrick Brown are letting them do it. 


August 10th, 2013 - "Interview With Sharon Desruisseaux"


If you're an author, you're not allowed to ask the Goodreads bullies a question.


August 14th, 2013 - "GenX Says: Part Six"


First you'll laugh, and then you'll cry .... and then you'll laugh some more. Law enforcement? Courts? Juries? When will the madness end? Dumb-ass, dumb-ass, and dumb-ass. Rinse and repeat. Liar. Crazy train. A beat down like no other, and torture. Just another beautiful day in the GenXpose neighborhood. 


August 18th, 2013 - "GenX Says: Part Seven"


All good things must come to an end. This series is no exception. The Justice league, donation box, Carroll's CD's, books and blogs. Page views. It's insanity I tell you, total insanity! Buying people new brains and donkeys flying out of asses, I mean, it's chaos with a capitol CHA! LOL But fortunately, we have come to end of the road with the GenX series.

(Or have we?) O_o

The lies, the dirty deeds. Gen would have gotten away with it too if it weren't for those meddling kids.

"Rut-row Reggie."


August 22nd, 2013 - "Readers Have Rights"


Hypocrisy in action. H.J. Leonard. Ade. Elsa Hernandez can't stand criticism. Whoops, I mean Jude Henderson can't stand criticism. (What the hell is up with all these fake freaking names?) Bully Nation in hiding. Ice cream. What's eating Petey Parkerson? (You thought I was gonna say Gilbert Grape, didn't you?) Well, put on your big boy shoes, we're getting all grown up in here. 


"Keep On Fighting" - Frankie and the Knockouts

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Rick Carufel Taking Action

Author Rick Carufel takes action against Amazon and Goodreads bullies (trolls) on his local nightly news station in Minnesota. He brings attention to the problem of fake reviews and bullying through his local media and I for one commend him for it.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Angela Horn: Mental Gone Crazy!

Recently, I made a post about warning everybody, authors and non authors, of unfair banning practices that is taking place on the book website, Goodreads.com. I talked about how even now, everyday readers and reviewers are being isolated and banned for poorly rating and reviewing books of Badly Behaving Authors on Goodreads. In some cases, these people are getting banned for simply placing their books in poorly worded bookshelves, like the badly behaving authors on Goodreads do to other authors - such as myself.

Thanks to a post by STGRB, I think we may have figured out who the person is behind these senseless attacks on innocent people. Her name (one of them anyway, as evidence is showing this woman is using many, many different sock puppets) is none other than the worst badly behaving author on Goodreads herself, Angela Horn.

Evidently, this woman has made it her mission to go after Indie authors, which is telling considering that she is herself an indie author. And from the looks of it, not a very successful one at that. So why then would she ruin her career before it ever gets off the ground by attacking other indie authors? Or by attacking her readers? Why would she choose to start her writing career being the very same asshat that she accuses others as being? We'll get into that in a moment, but first, let's take a look at her Goodreads profile. Right from the start, she makes it clear how much of a "saint" she is. Take a look for yourself.

She starts it off by saying that she is from Yamalamadingdong, California. A word that eerily rhymes with "Dramalama" and as for the "dingdong" part, well, that speaks for itself I think.

She refers to herself as a "saint", talk about classic narcissism, I mean really? Correct me if I'm wrong but one of things that would make a person a saint is the fact that they themselves don't refer to themselves as a saint, right? Well, strike one already. Sorry Angela, one has not the power to anoint themselves as a saint. That's - not exactly how it works.  But since we're on the subject of sainthood, let's check out some her "saint-ful" behavior, shall we?

First, we are going to check out her Goodreads bookshelf. In this next screenshot, we will see at the bottom a book shelf she has titled: "shelveblockignore". Take a look.

If you noticed, she has 1139 books in this shelf. ironically, she hasn't rated (or reviewed) one of these books. This would indicate that she hasn't read these books. This would then indicate that SHE is not a reader. All she is saying with this is: "I am a bully." - Why else would anyone list so many books to ignore if they haven't read them? Think I am lying? Here is a sample of it, but don't take my word for it, visit her GR author page and her bookshelf for yourself and see with your own eyes.

Obviously, she has shelved these books in this manner not because of the books themselves, but because she hates the people who wrote them. And this leads us to a very interesting question. Why? Why is she so angry towards these authors whose books she has never read? Why would she be such a badly behaving author? And such an ass-hat? Would it be because they are more successful than she is? A comment recently posted on STGRB might sugggest that this could be the case. Check it out.

Yes, it would appear as though Angela Horn has some sales issues. No wonder she has a grudge against so many other indie authors. (Or so, the evidence would suggest) But wait! Hey Carroll, I thought you said she was behind readers getting banned! ... Well, she is, take a look at this comment in the next screenshot.

You see, after Juno gave one of Angela's books a one star rating, she was banned off of Goodreads. Her account deleted! Does that sound like a saint to you? It would seem that Angela can't take bad ratings of her books so imagine if you were to review one of her books poorly? She would just call you a "sock puppet" and have you banned for simply sharing your thoughts about her work. Sounds like a badly behaving author to me. And isn't this the very thing she claims to be fighting against? Authors who can't take a bad rating / review of their books? Do you think we should use the "H" word here? .... Sure, I think the situation warrants it ....  HYPOCRISY!

In this next shot, you'll see where one reviewer had her one star rating removed by Angela Horn (or she had her "close" contact do it.) Regardless, I guess she can't handle the truth! LOL (Cue Jack Nicholson.) Take a look.

I only wonder how long A(nnabeth) will be allowed to be a member of Goodreads before Angela gets her boyfriend, Patrick Brown to ban her too. We'll see. I'll keep an eye out for this.  Maybe Coaxial Creature will do it for her. I hear she may have some kind of special relationship with one Patrick Brown as well. As of this writing, the date is 06/09/2013.

Angela Horn also appears to have some kind of fascination with feces. (And sex - which should make John Green happy, yes?)  Call me unbalanced, but when was the last time a saint referred to fecal matter on a regular basis, and fornication, as much as she does? Another example of this (other than from her profile) comes from this comment left on STGRB.

I also don't think a saint would post a blog like the one she posted on her Goodreads account. Take a look at it.

Or say something like this:

I especially like the part in the first screenshot where she says: "Some people just want to be loved. They don't care about convictions. Instead, they demand their asses be covered with kisses. I'm not one of those people."

Really Angela? You're not one of those people? Because when I see you getting readers banned for simply giving you a one star rating for any of your books, I see you angry because "you are not loved" and the reader didn't cover your butt-hurt ass with kisses. Excuse me, I have something in my throat, let me cough it out ....... "HYPOCRISY!" .... There, much better.

Or in the second screenshot where she says in bold to Eve (after attacking her on Eve's GR blog and writing a blog post about her, attacking her some more) to "GO THE FUCK AWAY" - Hey Angela, you're the one who went after her and oh, by the way, Eve was banned from Goodreads. Her account deleted.

Some saint you are, Angela Horn. Maybe you just need to get laid.

(Consult with John Green) Scum "A", meet scum "B".

Now, I am not one to tell people to rate books they never read or how to rate books they have read, but simply put, just know that if you do rate/review one of Angela's books poorly, you do run the risk of being banned from Goodreads and your account deleted because Angela's massive ego can't handle the truth.

However, if you do deicde to rate / review one of Angela Horn's books poorly, take some screenshots of your GR account/profile first. Then after you rate/review one of Angela's books poorly, take immediate screenshots of it and if you do get banned, send those screenshots to me and or STGRB along with your story. Let's gather the evidence together that Goodreads practices unfair banning of members and that Angela Horn is indeed the one behind it all.

Now, I don't know how she is doing it. It could be she is secretly a higher up staff member. But one thing is for certain, this screenshot of "TinaNicole" speaks volumes. where she refers to Angela as TPTB (which stands for - The Powers That Be) Take a look.

 So word up to everyone, tread with extreme caution around Angela Horn. She is such a self-proclaimed saint that if you piss her off by publicly rating or reviewing her books poorly, she will stalk you, harass you and then curse at you, and after that - your Goodreads account will mysteriously disappear. It's the old "torture then kill" that saints like Angela Horn practice.

Yeah, saints from hell!

(For more on Angela Horn - please consult the website STGRB.)

I'm Carroll Bryant .... and this is The Looking Glass. 

Things We Learned Today:

* Angela Horn is a self proclaimed narcissistic "saint"

* When people cross paths with Angela Horn, their GR accounts disappear

* Angela has an anal fetish (much to the delight of John Green, I'm sure)

* Angela needs to get laid

* There are saints from hell?

* The term "fecal matter" is kind of funny

* Angela can dish it out, but she sure can't take it

* Angela Horn is a BBA and class "A" ass-hat

* Angela is a disgruntled failed indie author lashing out at successful indie authors

* When Angela states on her GR profile that she reads to the blind, she probably reads them her books. And when she states she feeds the hungry, she probably means that she buys generic cat food and .... OMG! No frickin way?! 

* The above statement wasn't covered in my article - oh well - it's covered now

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Porn Versus Prostitution

I was flipping through the channels recently and came across one of those "Cops" shows. In this particular episode, vice was pulling prostitution stings in Las Vegas by posing as "Johns". One of the girls arrested in the show was an 18 year old fresh out of high school from San Diego. She said she was raped 14 times so far in her young life. She also went on to say that all of the men who raped her wore condoms except for one, who is now the father of her 3 year old baby. By doing the math, she was raped by an adult at age 14 or 15.

This is the sad state of affairs for so many young girls.

Obviously, we need to do more to prosecute adults who engage in having sex with children. However, this particular episode sparked a mild debate between me and my girlfriend. 

The girl in question also claimed to have been arrested a few times prior for prostitution and she adamantly expressed that she intends to quit when she earns/saves up about $100,000 dollars. Her comment sparked the debate. I turned to my girlfriend and asked, "If she wants to earn $100,000 dollars, then why doesn't she just go back to California and work in the porn industry? 

With the big boom in the porn business, especially due to the internet, I would think going on auditions for the adult film industry would be a bit more lucrative than walking the streets of Vegas and trading a sexual encounter for a mere $60.00. (Which was the price she gave to the undercover officer in the show.)

I mean, think about it, if I were a female and I was going to trade sexual favors for money to make a living, then I would probably do it the legal way. I would become a porn actress. At 18 years old, i would think I would be something of a hot commodity. Provided I had fairly good looks, which this girl in question was. She could have used a shampoo, but other than that, she was quite attractive. 

So why do girls prefer "street walking" for chump change over starring in her own adult movie? I hear the work for the adult entertainment business is rampant. Or even perhaps start dancing at mens clubs? Exotic dancing can be a lucrative option too. 

My girlfriend had a different take on the subject matter. She looked at me confusingly. "That's what you got from watching this show?"

Now I became confused. "What?"

She shook her head. "The bigger question here," she said, "is why has this 18 year old girl chosen prostitution to begin with?"

It would seem my girlfriend was more focused on the fact that a girl who just started her adult life has started it by going into the sex for money business. And she raised the even bigger question, "Why isn't anyone in law enforcement concerned enough to go after the man who raped her when she was a child? Or any of the rapists for that matter?"

Very good questions indeed.

Prostitution has been around since the beginning of man, I'm sure. I can picture it now, our early ancestors gathered in their caves and squatting near a fire trying to add up all their Wooly Mammoth bones to see if they had enough to purchase a sexual favor from "Utonga" (Grunts) who happens to be the prettiest cave girl in the clan and still single. Perhaps her asking price was a femur, a tusk and two ribs bones for an extended reach-around and slap happy gang bang. (Who knows?)

Still, here in America, it is sad to know that young girls across the nation are being neglected and raped and feel that the only way to earn a living is to have sex with strange men for money. We can do better than this people. Can't we?

Okay, I get it that for some of these girls, sex for money is something they might want to do. In my opinion, I actually think prostitution should be legalized on a federal level. It should be federally regulated like alcohol and tobacco maybe, or take the blue print from legalized prostitution in parts of Nevada. This could actually help out our struggling economy where taxes would come into play. Same goes for marijuana. I think it should be legalized too. Beer is and it's a drug. When was the last time you read about someone being charged with "DWH"? (Driving While High) Now compare that to how many times people are getting charged with "DWI". (Driving While Intoxicated)

Now do your own math. 

But an 18 year old girl? Who has already been raped 14 times? And is working the streets as a prostitute? How about instead of arresting her and building up her rap sheet, we, as a society, help this young lady to get out of that vicious cycle she is establishing for herself in her young life? How about we work to get her trained for employment? Teach her some skills that she can use towards gainful employment the legal way? How about we work to help her rebuild her self esteem and self worth? Because she has a young 3 year old child, if we keep processing her through the legal system, how long before her daughter takes up the sex trade? 

I look at this young adult and see potential being wasted and thrown away. I see our system discarding a perfect opportunity to catch this girl now, while she is still in her adult infancy, and get her to the point where she can be a productive member of society rather than a career criminal that she has already begun to establish for herself. 

There lies the problem with our society.

The "no child left behind" program is exactly what I thought it was when it first started up in the early 1990's, nothing but garbage. This child somehow got left behind, and now, we are leaving her behind again! There's also a pretty good chance that her 3 year old will grow up and fall in between the cracks as well. Talk about a job well done America. 

Since this girl appears to have conceded to her lack of employment skills on a legal level, she has concluded that her best bet (and only gainful skill) is street prostitution. This only showcases how lost and confused this young lady really is. We all know that she's never going to get rich by being a "street-walker". Her best bet to get rich in the sex trade is to work legally in the adult entertainment business either as an actress and or exotic dancer. Not that this is any better, but it beats the path she is currently traveling. Correct? 

Or maybe we could do a better job of catching those who fall through the cracks and invest in turning them around. Especially if they have yet to get started on addictive drugs. This girl in question has yet to go into that scene. If we don't do something to reach out to this young lady, within the next few years, she's going to have a bigger problem than just prostitution. And so will we as a society. And let's face it, we need to do a much better job as human beings to prevent these young girls from thinking that sex for money is their best contribution to the world. We need to build their self esteem. 

I know times are hard for many people in this country given the current condition of our corrupted political system, but this is supposed to be America God-damn it. We can do better. Much better!

Can't we?

I'm Carroll Bryant .... and this is The Looking Glass.

Things We Learned Today:

* Too many kids are falling through the cracks

* No child left behind program is and always has been, a joke

* Even America needs to do a better job protecting girls from rape

* We need to build girls self esteem up when they're young

* We need to work on breaking the trend of career criminals when the opportunity presents itaself

* Being a porn star is better than being a street prostitute

* America should be better than this


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Jesse Ventura For President!

Recently, on Piers Morgan, former governor of Minnesota, Jesse Ventura, declared that if he is allowed to debate the republican presidential nominee and the democratic presidential nominee on national television, that he would run for president of the united states.

He's got my vote!

But here's the thing - the democrats and the republicans have gone to such extremes to "kill" the American dream, they would never allow an independent to debate them in front of the country. Especially Jesse Ventura because they know he would humiliate them to no end. They know he would address the REAL issues this country faces and not the "fictitious" ones they pretend is important.

The thing is, our two party system has worked very hard to eliminate the chances of anyone else outside of their belief system to run for president fairly. The two party system is nothing more than two communist parties trying to rule the formerly great united states of America. I say formerly because the fact of the matter is, we are not great anymore. And it's the fault of both parties. They are too busy trying to put an end to the other that the best interest of America has been long forgotten and is now classified as "history".

There is no such thing anymore as "best interest of the American people."

Only "best interest of our party". (Whichever party you support)

This is why we need to end the two party system in America. It's really not an option but more so, a necessary survival tactic if we wish to carry on into the future with the same ideals and principles of which this country was founded on. I truly believe that this next election will seal America's fate.

If we re-elect a democrat, then we are doomed for disaster. If we elect a republican, same result. Either way we go, America is screwed. And we all know this in our heart of hearts, don't we? let's face it, the state of our situation in America was started by the republicans. George Bush, and Dick Cheney really buried our asses and our constitution. They put us in this financial hole based on lies. Facts are facts and we all know this is fact. They took away a lot of jobs and went on a spending spree never before seen in our history, thrusting us into morbid debt.

Remember when everyone thought Obama was the answer? Everyone thought that "HE" was change. Turned out he was a fraud. Under his regime, America sunk even more into debt while the democrats went on a bigger spending spree than the previous administration. To put icing on the cake, they also have worked very hard to take away more and more of our rights and freedoms.

The republicans put us in this mess and the democrats failed to capitalize on getting us out of it. In fact, they made it worse. So when we start thinking about the next president, what makes any of us think that republicans or democrats can pull us out of it? The truth is, these political parties don't work for the American people anymore, they work for the big corporations. The American people have LOST their government.

And this a known fact!

So where do we go from here? We elected a black president, yeah, sure, whatever, and that didn't work out. What's next? A woman? Well, if that woman is a democrat or a republican, forget it! It will not work out. or better yet, a black woman? A Muslim president? A Mormon? .... Go ahead, put anyone you want in the Whitehouse, hell, for that matter, let's just elect a freaking monkey or better yet, sasquatch. What the hell, right? But trust me, if that bigfoot is a democrat or republican, our political shit is going to stink ten fold. It just won't matter.

There is only one way - no - one chance - that this country has to save itself. We need to elect someone who won't take corporation handouts. We need someone who can't be bought. We need someone who can't be corrupted. We need someone who will say it like it is and give America their toughness back in the eyes of the rest of the world. Simply put, we need to give an independent a shot at the throne. More than that, we need Jesse Ventura in the Whitehouse.

He did great as the governor of Minnesota. He has proved himself as a Navy Seal. He is a fighter. He is a true patriot in every sense of the word. He won't cave in and coward to other countries like our democrats and republicans do. He won't let corporations to continue to take over our country. He certainly won't allow China to do that. The democrats have their heads shoved so far up China's ..... never mind, you get what I mean. And trust me, Jesse Ventura will get the democrats and republicans to work together or he would probably throw each and every individual right out of the door of the senate one by one and by hand if they don't.

I honestly believe that the only hope Americans have left to get their country back and to take it away from the democrats and republicans  once and for all is to elect Jesse Ventura as our next president. Anyone else will just continue to be the same old, same old. The same old arguing between parties. The same old mistakes. The same old big government. The same old shredding of our constitution. The same old corruption. The same old lies. The same old broken campaign promises. The same old Fox News. The same old MSNBC. The same old Rachel Maddow. The same old Bill O'Reilly. The same old rising debt. The same old abuse of power. The same old jobless rate. The same old "piss on the American people" attitude.

You get my drift.

Jesse Ventura has already come out and said how he could cut into the deficit like nobodies business. And it makes sense. frivolous spending will be cut under President Ventura. People in the FBI, CIA, ATF, and IRS will have to shape up or deal with Jesse. The American people can once again lift their heads up high with Jesse Ventura leading the way - leading this country back into prominence. (And domination)

I know he will bring back jobs. I know he will look into the tax problem. He will cut out all of the BS of our tax laws. He will simplify things once again. He will bring back commonsense, integrity and pride back into this country that currently, lacks these things severely.

The democrats had their shot and dropped the ball. The republicans had their shot too and missed royally. And if this country puts another democrat of republican back into the Whitehouse after Obama, the name isn't going to matter. Clinton, Paul, Rubio, Christie, or even Walker, Texas Ranger, the bottom line is, this country will continue down the destructive path that we are on.

They say: Things will get worse before they get better. Well, put another democrat or republican in the Whitehouse next election and .... it's never going to get better, just keep getting worse.

Our future is at stake here people. We have already seen for the past 150 years what the democrats and republicans can do - drive us into poverty and slavery. We have nothing at all to lose if we put Jesse Ventura into the presidential office. In fact, we have everything to gain. And when I say everything ..... I mean .... EVERYTHING! (Including our freedoms again)


Let's start liking how that sounds.

I'm Carroll Bryant .... and this is The Looking Glass.

Things We Learned Today: 

* The democrats suck

* The republicans suck

* Both parties have destroyed this nation, this country

* America has nothing to lose by electing Jesse Ventura as our next president (and everything to gain)
* Our next presidential election is going to make us or break us

* The republicans got us into this mess and the democrats have proven that they can't get us out of it

* Sasquatch as president? Really Carz?

* Carroll is on board the "Ventura Express"

* Democrats and republicans are afraid to debate Jesse Ventura


Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Verdict: America On Trial

So it's official, George Zimmerman was found not guilty in the shooting of Trayvon Martin. As I allow this to sink in, I find myself reflecting to how it all began. For me, when this incident first occurred, I found myself on the side of Trayvon Martin. Like so many, I tried to reason with myself that George Zimmerman was guilty because of two things, first, he got out of the car. Secondly, he was carrying a gun.

Like so many others, I got caught up in the emotional aspects of this case. It wasn't long before I was able to stand back and away from that emotion and began looking at it from a different perspective. The reason for this was; I realized that I was taking the same side as the racist organization known as The Black Panther Party. I also realized that I was on the same side as Al Sharpton, one of the biggest racists in the country. This drew red flags for me. And because of these red flags, I had to look at this from the side of rationality rather than emotion.

You see, when racists get involved and start pulling the race card when it had yet to be established that race was a factor, then it's time to reevaluate the situation. That's just what I did. In this process, I began to look at this case from a legal standpoint.

While it was already established early on that young Trayvon Martin clearly wasn't doing anything illegal that dreadful night, I turned my attention to George Zimmerman and what it was that he did that was illegal. Part of gathering this information was for me to talk to some community watch people in my area. After all, George Zimmerman was the captain of his community watch and his position was that he was following protocol as captain of his community watch. It turns out that he he didn't break any laws that night either.

First, he spotted an individual of whom he was not familiar with walking down the street in a community where there had been a lot of recent break ins. Obviously, Mr. Zimmerman had no idea that it was a 17 year old kid just walking home from the store.  Did Mr. Zimmerman profile Trayvon for being black? Did he profile him for wearing a hoodie? Did he profile him for being black and wearing a hoodie? .... Probably so, but that doesn't make George Zimmerman any more of a racist than Trayvon referring to George as a "cracker". But because we now know that Trayvon used the racial slur "cracker", means that maybe he too, profiled George Zimmerman.

George Zimmerman also failed to break any laws when he phoned police about this suspicious individual. Nor did he break any laws by getting out of his vehicle. He also failed to break any laws by carrying a gun which he had a permit for. So when it came to breaking any laws at this point, none were broken by either party. And yet, somehow, the outcome of these two individuals meeting came to a deadly conclusion.

Why is this?

This is when I began to realize something awful was going on. Something that I think everybody is overlooking. While the emotional aspects of this case rages on, the obvious reason for why this situation went down in the manner that it did fails to register with very many people. Sure, the obvious reasons are there for us to pick at and attack, but sometimes, we can't see the forest for the trees. 

For some strange reason, I did something I never did before. I decided to follow this trial. Something inside of me was saying that there was something bigger, more sinister going on here than what first meets the eye. I never did this before. Not with O.J. Simpson, not with Scott Peterson, Casey Anthony, or even with Jodie Arias. I also stay far, far away from the evil Nancy Grace. But this trial, that of George Zimmerman, I was compelled to follow all the way. 

Maybe it was because the first prosecutor of choice turned down this case for lack of evidence. Or maybe it was because the police chief of Sanford county was fired for not issuing an arrest warrant for George Zimmerman for lack of evidence . (Later on, on the second day of jury deliberations, the I.T. director of the Florida State Attorney's Office, Ben Kruidbos, was fired for testifying that the prosecution team withheld evidence from the Zimmerman defense team.)

All of this smells of something horrible going on behind the scenes. I guess I wanted to get to the root of that smell. While watching the trial, I did indeed discover what that smell was. 

I know first hand what it is like to called a racist by someone who doesn't even know me. I was called a racist by a person whom I suspect to be a racist themselves. I say this because, anyone who calls another person whom they don't even know a racist when no such evidence is presented, are themselves a racist at heart. Or just plain ignorant. Or both. But that's just my opinion or theory. And based on facts that of which I have learned through my years of life on this planet, and the foundation of what we know regarding psychology nowadays, I'll stick to that opinion or theory. None the less, I didn't see anything racist coming from George Zimmerman's actions. Not even the FBI found any evidence that George Zimmerman acted from racism in their investigation. Yet, many people continue to pull the race card in this incident. 

But why?

I know and understand that there still remains one major issue in this very bizarre case. A case where neither individual was really guilty of any law violations yet, a young man lost his life because of it. So, if neither of the two individuals involved were guilty of any wrong doing, then how did Trayvon Martin end up dead as a result?

The answer most will say in response is - "Because George Zimmerman pulled the trigger". - And I so much want to say that also, however, as according to the definitions of the Florida Law of "stand your ground", George Zimmerman acted accordingly within that law. THEN IT STRUCK ME! George Zimmerman didn't pull the trigger on Trayvon Martin that fateful night, the state of Florida did. 

Confused? ... Then allow me to explain.

First, let me ask this question, why does Florida have a "stand your ground" law in the first place? Why would Texas have it? Or any state for that matter? Don't we already have it in the constitution of the United States? From that constitution, don't we already have the right as American citizens to protect ourselves and others and our property with lethal force if need be? And don't we have a second amendment right to bear arms? .... So why do we need a "stand your ground" law? 

You see, I figured it out. I realized that if the state of Florida did not have a "stand your ground" law then George Zimmerman wouldn't have been able to stand behind it in his defense. And maybe, just maybe, George Zimmerman wouldn't have killed Trayvon Martin that fateful night if he knew he didn't have that law to stand behind in the first place. 

Think about it.

Then comes the question, who voted for the "stand your ground" law in the first place? And why did the state of Florida feel the need to make "stand your ground" into law? Was it because of the democrats always attacking our second amendment rights that the state of Florida, and its citizens, felt the need for such law? ... This is what got me to thinking about the involvement of politics being largely responsible for the death of an innocent teen. That and the involvement of the U.S. Department of (In)Justice financing racial demonstrations against George Zimmerman. Oh no, Mr. Zimmerman didn't pull the trigger that dark night, America pulled the trigger! I pulled it! You pulled it! We all pulled it! And unfortunately, our whole country, government and politicians pulled that trigger that night which resulted in the death of Trayvon Martin.

The death of young Trayvon Martin isn't just on the head of one George Zimmerman, it is on the head of all Americans. We have allowed our political parties (democrats and republicans) to divide this country. This can be widely seen by the fact that I noticed democrats calling for Zimmerman being guilty and republicans declaring him not guilty. This case had nothing to do about race, but everything to do about politics and the huge divide between the people of this country. And who is most responsible for this divide? Politics and the media. And the U.S. Department of (In)Justice.

The first thing we should have done in the Trayvon Martin death is condemn and refute any involvement by Al Sharpton and The black Panther Party. We, as a nation of people, should have never allowed these racists to enter the picture in the first place. But this issue didn't start with George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin, it began many years earlier when we the people of the united states allowed our government to separate themselves from us. This situation began when the American people allowed the American government to become its own entity, and it began when we allowed our politicians to divide us as a nation. We allowed this to happen when we began blaming guns for killing people instead of holding those who use guns to kill responsible for their individual actions. We allowed this to happen when we as a nation allowed the democrats to attack our second amendment rights. 

Let this be a wake up call for America and Americans. Our problems within our justice system isn't George Zimmerman, or people like him. Our problems reside in our government and our non-commonsense laws that we the people allow our politicians to enact. Our problems surround our political system. And our political system allows things like this to occur. The only way to fix our justice system, and to prevent what happened to Trayvon Martin to happen to anyone else is to change the structure of our political system. To get rid of both parties, democratic and republican, who only work for themselves instead of the people of this nation. 

No more evidence is needed than what I saw in this trial and everything that surrounded it. The disgraceful manner in which the prosecution went about their business in their case against George Zimmerman. George Zimmerman shouldn't have been the one on trial for the murder of Trayvon Martin, but our government should have been on trial. We should have been on trial as a nation for the death of this young man. 

When the verdict came in, I admit, I wept. But I didn't weep just for the lost of an innocent life that is Trayvon Martin, nor did I weep for what George Zimmerman willl now have to face for the rest of his life .... I wept for a nation. A nation of ignorant people who will more than likely continue to use race as their weapon, never to realize that the true weapon used against young Trayvon martin wasn't the gun that George Zimmerman held in his hand that night, or any possible racist emotion, but the weapon of politics used to divide a great nation against itself.

We are all in this world together people. We either learn to live by the message of the late great Doctor Martin Luther King Jr., which was that ALL people are entitled their rights, human dignity, and respect through love, peace and understanding, or we die by by our own hands of hate, racism, and division established by the American government and American politics.

Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. didn't just stand up for the rights of black people, he stood for the rights of ALL people, which includes womens rights as well. We are all equal to the rights of what every human being deserves, and are entitled to. If we don't change the ways of our political path (or structure) we currently find ourselves on, then expect more George Zimmerman's in the future. And while you're at it, expect more Trayvon Martin's too. 

This case wasn't about George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin, it was about a country divided. Divided by its politics and ignorance. 

God bless Trayvon Martin

God bless George Zimmerman

God bless the United States of America

(We sure could use it right about now)

I long for the day these tears of pain stop rolling down my face

We are not a world of black and white - but rather - a world of human beings

Love, peace, and understanding must prevail or we are doomed

Unite, not divide  

I'm Carroll Bryant .... and this is The Looking Glass.

Things We learned Today:

* Carroll Bryant weeps for all of mankind.

Marvin Gaye - "What's Going On?"

Friday, July 12, 2013

GenX Says: Part Five

And so we're moving right along here with the GenXpose garbage. In the first four parts, we covered a lot of their stupid crap, haven't we? I know, it's hard to believe there is still so much more of their sewage to cover.

To this point, we have shown some of GenXpose lies and lack of evidence to support the many claims that spills forth from their filthy mouths. Well, guess what? Grab some Ben and Jerry's and enjoy some more of their refuse. We're almost done with this series so, that could be considered a good thing, right?

Let's get to it!

The GenXpose bullies respond to what I said in defense of the Rex Files article about me and Jude. He was trying to make it seem like I was begging for the bullies to leave me alone or something and I was simply trying to explain that I offered them a truce. I also explained that I never complained once about reviews against my book before my attack on Goodreads and the only complaint I have lodged in regards to reviews since were about the known "fake" ones and the ones that attacked me on a personal basis and had nothing at all to do with my books. The bullies at GenXpose respond somewhat childishly. Take a look.

 "EA" wants me to 'give my mind a rest'. While "AreaFive" suggests I have a nice warm cup of urine. (Perhaps that is her preferred drink of choice?) And GenX says: "This is like MST3K ... but for blogs."

This is the kind of "professionalism" GenX claims her readers will receive on her "tell truth" blog. Hhmm, interesting, isn't it? Anyhow, I also suggested at one point that maybe the reason a lot of these people like Rex Files write about me is because they are looking to acquire more followers and or fans, trying to make some kind of name off of me. I think I am onto something here because here is a screenshot of Rex's fans on Goodreads.

Yes, you read correctly. SIX!

Not trying to toot my own horn here but let's see how many fans I have a year after being "banned" from Goodreads, shall we?

Let's proceed.

Then I sent out a personal message to Rex and GenX responds interestingly enough.

Gen replies: "If you truly believe that then why do you get so angry when I stand up to you?"

Really Gen? You stand up to me? To what have I ever accused you of for you to stand up to me? When have I ever attacked you? (Never) But if you have any evidence that I have attacked you for no good reason, please present it. 

You and your bully friends on GenXpose started coming after me first. (John Green included) And all I ever have done is stand up against you guys and your initial attacks, comments, libel, accusations and posts made against me. But the people reading this don't have to take my word, all they have to do is go to GenXpose blog and look at the dates of your posts about me and they will see they predate my defense posts. That is proof that you aren't standing up against me, it's proof I am standing up against you. 

You started in with me GenX (Amanda) not the other way around. I have already provided evidence here on The Looking Glass showing that to be true. So I have no idea what you mean when you say "you stand up against me?"

But again, if you have any proof I came after you first, please show it for us. 

Then in one of my posts they capture this that I said to Rex that when Jude was crying that I was stalking her, she failed to mention when she stalked me on my shared blog. Take a look see. 

"EA" replies that it sounds fishy. She seems to think that stalking me on my shared blog is a strange thing for Jude to do simply because I blocked her from emailing me anymore. She says there are a lot more interesting ways to get back at me for that and that I pretend to "know" her motives, but she doesn't know how I intend to prove it. 

Well, "EA", it isn't fishy. There are plenty of interesting ways she could have gotten back at me and another one of those ways was when she posted emails I allegedly sent her and got you and your bully friends to attack me on Goodreads and get me banned. You see, she must not have wanted me to stop emailing with her. And when I did, it must have pissed her off. And yes, I know Jude well. Very well. So yes, I do know her motives just like I know all of your motives against me. And as for proof, well, you asked for it so here you go. Look closely. 

As you can see here "EA", Jude admits she worked her way onto my shared blog. (Without my knowledge) So there is your proof that she did it. Please notice the date of that post. (June 24th, 2012) About a month before the attack on me on Goodreads. Now, obviously, Jude defends her actions by claiming that my blog partner was a "client". But Jude also knew I was a part of that blog. And Jude knew she and I were no longer on speaking terms. So commonsense would suggest that before she works any kind of deal with my blog partner, she (Jude) should have cleared everything with me first. But she didn't. In fact, she even went as far as to tell my blog partner not to even mention their "new found friendship" to me at all. 

Yeah, very fishy indeed "EA". 

Of course, if you continue reading that post you will see where Jude offers to help me and my blog design too, in exchange for listing her design blog links on my blog. Saying that she can do "business" despite personal feelings. This coming just months after her and her friends backed out of our "business" deal for them to review my books and or give me an interview on their blogs due to "personal feelings". How convenient is that? Either Jude is very stupid in matters of business, or she was up to no good. Which is it? Because anyone with any commonsense knows you don't screw your "ex" over from promoting their work then turn around and ask that "ex" to help promote your work. Again, that's just plain stupid.

Is that enough evidence for you "EA"?

Then "AreaFive" adds her two cents worth at the end. "His impotence frustrates him." - Nope! Wrong again "AreaFive". You are the one impotent. I bet this post frustrates the hell out of all of you, doesn't it? You see GenX, this is what we call EVIDENCE!

Then they capture these words I said and they respond accordingly.

"EA" says that I said it was a revenge act for me to post that list and that it was my way of retaliating against her. Then she mentions how sad of a human being I am for doing it. And that I am not very mature for doing it. 

You're damn right "EA"! It was revenge and retaliation for her stalking me on my shared blog! Every action deserves a reaction. I wanted to get her to stop stalking me and I thought by posting the "The List" that she would get the effing point. But while we're on the subject of "revenge" and "retaliation" and "immature" (or being a sad human being) let's look at your actions and those of GenX and the rest of your friends. Your attacks on me and my books are "revenge" actions. Or "retaliation", right? And some of your bully friends doing this against me are in their late 20's to early and mid 40's so .... what the f*&# is their excuse? 

Can we say hypocrisy? ... Sure, we can say that.

In fact, you just not only called yourself and the rest of your bully friends "sad human beings" but you also called your besty Jude a "sad human being" and "immature" because she stalked my blog in "retaliation" and for "revenge" for me blocking her from emailing me. 

"EA" and Jude are joined at the hip where stupidity is concerned.

Then not wanting to be left out of the "stupidity" parade, "AreaFive" chimes in with this: "He's like forty something, right? He's bitching like a six year old snot rag because a bunch of teen age girls didn't review his book? Are you kidding me?"

First of all, thanks for admitting that "they" didn't review my book as they promised. And yes, I am bitching about it because when YOU approach someone asking for something free in exchange for a service, and you get that "free" product, then you best damn well provide the service you effing promised. To not do so is ...... wait for it ...... STEALING! 

Oh, and secondly, they weren't all "teen age" girls. Some of them were in their 20's, 30's and ... wait for it again ...... 40's! 

Then of course, when I bitched about it, you and your bully friends bitched about me bitching about it, just like a six year old snot rag. 

Really? GenX and friends are bitching about me for bitching about Jude and her friends who screwed me over and stole from me after Jude stalked me on my shared blog? Are you kidding me?!

Then they capture this that I said and again, promptly commented on it. Check it out.

I posted a comment where Jude confessed that she has a crush on me. "EA" replied: "I don't see a contradiction there."

Well of course you don't "EA" because you're stupid, remember? But here, let me enlighten you, it is you and GenX and the rest of the bullies who are crying about me having the "crush" on her and stalking her, not the other way around. That screenshot proves that "she" (Jude) had a crush on me (too) and that stuff I posted above is proof she "stalked" me. (See the contradiction?) Not to mention that later on in that post (which you so conveniently left out and - gulp - took out of context) is that later in her comments on "Lucy's" post, Jude tried to down play it and says jokingly that I claim "she" (Jude) had a crush on me - as if to indicate that "she" (Jude) didn't have a crush on me. That was the contradiction. But not to worry, "EA", I don't expect you to know the meaning of the word "contradiction". With your stupidity, you are excused.

And let us not forget a recent video where Jude "admits" to crushing on several of her professors at her little technical college. Jude can't seem to help herself from all of these crushes. How many crushes is she shooting for in her lifetime? She has to be close to some kind of record. 

Then we get to some really stupid stuff here with "AreaFive's" comment when she says: "So he admits that his bait and switch worked and he knew an underage girl had a crush on him. I am certain law enforcement is most grateful for these many public admissions."

First of all dumbass (AreaFive) it is not against the law for an underage girl to have a crush on an adult. When I was 12, I had a crush on one of my teachers. I guess my your "supreme" logic, that teacher should have been held responsible for my crush and should have been arrested. 

(Just when you think stupid can't get anymore stupid.) LOL

Secondly, dumbass (AreaFive) I didn't admit to any "switch and bait" - whatever the hell that is supposed to mean - so I guess "law enforcement" is screwed in their "prosecution" of me, aren't they? (Which may explain why law enforcement hasn't "arrested" me yet. Funny that.)

So, what are these so called "admissions" again? 

And of course lastly, I never met, attempted to meet Jude when she was 17 those first 2 or 3 months when she and I met and she was a minor. Only after she turned 18 did/would that occur. And the last time I checked, 18 is the universal age of consent. Looks like "law enforcement" is screwed again. (And so it would appear dumbass (AreaFive), like GenX (Amanda Welling) doesn't know what age constitutes being an adult. 


And this next screenshot speaks for itself. (I guess they all do in a way, don't they?) However, you can see by the response what stupid looks like in a stupid conversation. Take a look.

I don't even know what they are talking about in their responses. I have only claimed to know that Gen is Amanda Welling. And that came by her own admission on one of her posts on her own blog which I proved in an earlier post. But like I said, their responses speaks for itself their level of stupidity and hate. 

In this next screenshot, again, self explanatory. Check it out. 

"AreaFive" wants to know if I think it is safe to talk about my "relationship" with Jude now. Then she proceeds to say: "Perhaps you should read up on what the law says."

Yes, dumbass (AreaFive) I do think it's safe to discuss my relationship with Jude because I already know what the law says, however, you apparently do not. And 18 years old is the universal age of consent. That's how old Jude was when our "relationship" took off. 

Need I say it again? ..... Dumbass.

And these idiots at GenXpose continue with the "age of consent" banter. 

Dumbass (AreaFive) says: "You seem to know a lot about girls." - To which I respond, yes, dumbass, I do know a lot about girls. I'm a guy. I have had many relations with many girls in my life. One of my best gifts is to know when a girl is a psychopath - like your friend Jude - and get the hell out while the getting is good. 

"EA" says: "C'mon Bryant, just admit you gave yourself a boner with that thought. The truth shall set you free. Or get you ten to life." - Okay "EA", I admit it, that thought gave me a boner. Now, where the hell is my ten to life? .... Ten to life for what? For getting a boner of thinking about an 18 year old girl? LMAO. 

"Cheri" says: "The boys at Pelican Bay have a special room for guys like this ..." - And to that I say, I bet you know that room well too, right "Cheri"? .... Right? .... Do you make good money "visiting" that room? 

Then comes this next screenshot. Take a look. I talk about the fact that Jude loves my books and wants to review them and interview when she is "crushing" on me then when the crush is over, she backs out. 

"EA" replies: "Welcome to life, Chucklebutt, it happens. A professional doesn't get all butthurt and wound up about it."

I didn't get all "butthurt" and wound up about it. Why do you think it took 8 months after the fact and Jude stalking me on my blog before I wrote about it? You know, if stupidity was a flesh eating disease, you would be hanging in a high school science room right about now. 

And for our final screenshot for this post, I present you with this. Me saying that ultimately, all I ever really wanted from Jude was a friendship. All I tried to be with her was a friend. Check out the response. 

"EA" says: "In a COMPLETELY inappropriate relationship." - Uh, no, "EA", there is nothing inappropriate with two adults being in a relationship of any kind. There may be some who are morally against two adults being in a relationship, but there is certainly nothing illegal or "inappropriate" with it and because she and I were two "CONSENTING ADULTS" - I don't see how our relationship is any of your damn business. 

"Areafive" replies, thinking she knows my "real" age, that it's normal for a man three time her age to "befriend" her. (Jude). (She says this sarcastically) Well, let's see, first of all, she befriended me first. Secondly, I have a lot of young friends. (So would it seem that Amanda does too) and finally, I am not three times her age. More like, twice her age. Yeah, closer to twice her age than three times her age. Shows what you (don't) know. 

As for the "teaching her tender and tough love"? I wouldn't know about that. Jude taught herself well on her own when she was 15 and had sex with a 28 year old so ..... there wasn't really a whole lot I could teach her. She got (gets) around. Kind of like me. I get around too. She and I are two whores in a whorehouse. (Or peas in a pod, however you wish to look at it.)

As for "Many men in prison say so." - Well, dumbass (AreaFive) I guess you would know best what those men in prison think, huh? You seem to get involved with a lot of them apparently because you speak intelligently on men and prison. How many of your ex boyfriends are serving time? (Rhetorical) 

That wraps up Part Five of the "GenX Says" series. Stay tuned for part six shortly. If we're lucky, we just might get this all wrapped up. 

I'm Carroll Bryant .... and this is The Looking Glass. 

Things We Learned Today:

* Rex fans 6 - Carroll fans 233

*  Gen thinks by attacking me that she is "standing up" to me

* Carroll proved that there is something "fishy" going on

* The bullies at GenXpose blog still don't know the age of consent

* Carroll and Jude are both whores

* "EA" doesn't know the meaning of "contradiction"

* "AreaFive" seems to know an awful lot about men and prison

* Jude crushes on a lot of older men (including her teachers) and she vblogs about it

* The bullies still don't know Carroll's real age (and it eats them up) LOL