Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Goodreads? Or Good Prostitution?

Before I begin this article, I wish to thank the fine people over at STGRB website for giving me permission to use their screenshots. Thanks guys!

Now, on to the good stuff. 

When I opened The Looking Glass back on February 1st, 2013, I did so with a bang, reporting about sexual role play groups on Goodreads and showing that these groups allow both, adults and minors, to participate in them and often times, between each other. 

I also followed that post up with a couple more that revisited this concerning issue.

I thought I had covered all possible venues and theories where it pertains to these highly charged and sexually explicit groups on a book site known as However, a recent report by STGRB raises another serious concern. Prostitution!

We all know about Craig's List website, and the many news reports of sex solicitation having taken place there. many prostitution rings have been busted from operating on that website. Interestingly enough, I haven't heard much lately from Craig's List regarding prostitution these days. it makes one wonder, what happened to them? Where did they go? 

Oh sure, I'm almost positive that it still takes place there, and maybe it got a little too boring for reporters to write about it anymore. Like one of those things that just grow into its own identity. Think Craig's List and automatically you think prostitution. It's commonplace now and the two are synonymous with each other. 

But if we're to raise the question that it doesn't occur as often anymore because the guilty parties are now aware of the high risks, then obviously they would be wise to find some other online avenue to run their illegal sexual games. Well, if that's the case, why not on Goodreads? 

They do have several sexual role play groups. They also have groups that cater to "adults only" that are extremely loaded with pornography images and talk. And let's face it, as big as Goodreads is getting, and especially since I broke the Sexual role play story, who is to say that this kind of activity hasn't found a new home on Goodreads? 

It's the perfect cover!

This very possibility was brought up in a report by STGRB and the question was raised: Could there be prostitution rings running out of Goodreads? ... Perhaps the following screenshots answers that question. 

It appears that STGRB was approached from out of the blue by a person calling themselves "Rosebud". And sent to them an interesting email suggesting, and or implying, that such could be the case. 

While this in no way proves that such a thing is going on, why would one believe that it couldn't be going on? How many of you were shocked to learn that adults and minors were interacting with each other on Goodreads through sexual role play groups? And let's face it, Patrick Brown either honestly didn't know about this taking place, or is completely incompetent at his job, on a website he is a community manager of or he is a total liar, knowing that it was taking place and choosing to ignore it, which put many underage kids at severe risk and danger at the hands of online sexual predators. And we know this has to be one or the other, correct? After all, he did send me an email requesting my help in doing his job. 

So why wouldn't it be feasible to think that perhaps Patrick Brown could be looking the other way on this issue as well? Or be completely ignorant at his job? 

Nothing spells doom faster for any company than a supervisor who is clueless at his posistion, or simply doesn't care. We also know Patrick Brown is aware of the cyber-bullying taking place on Goodreads and in fact, the evidence suggests that he supports this kind of illegal activity. He also allows hate groups on the Goodreads website. So why then, taking all of this information and evidence into account, could one suggest that there isn't any prostitution ring running out of Goodreads? 

If Goodreads has gained the reputation of being a safe haven for pedophiles and bullies, then why wouldn't it also be a safe haven for prostitution? 

While you're contemplating that question, I want you to take a look at these screenshots that were kindly supplied to me by STGRB. 

Now, I have a couple people on the inside at Goodreads who have been (and still are) hard at work in their attempt to uncover anything that would resemble prostitution. The only problem with this is that many - if not all now - groups that cater to sexually oriented material have been secretly hidden by the head mods of these groups. It has become virtually impossible now to penetrate them. Were they ordered by Patrick Brown to go off the GR grid? Well, that's a question that will have to be answered on another day. Or maybe, it may go unanswered. 

None-the-less, the only way, I fear, for this question to be answered is to have federal agents go into the Goodreads program itself and take a good hard look for themselves at private messages to see if indeed there are any prostitution rings running on Goodreads. 

Let's hope we can get that to happen. The truth needs to be revealed. 

And if by chance there are prostitution rings running from Goodreads, ask yourself this, could minors be involved with that too?

How bad do you want to know?

How much of a chance do you want to take?

 If you see anything that raises suspicion, or if you come across any information that may be related to the possibility of prostitution on the Goodreads website, please contact authorities promptly. Or, if you wish, take screenshots and forward them to me or STGRB and we will turn it over to authorities for you. My contact information is listed up top titled "Contact". 

I'm Carroll Bryant .... and this is The Looking Glass.

Things We Learned Today:

* Goodreads could have prostitution rings running from it like Craig's List does

 * Patrick Brown could be one of the worst community website managers in the history of community website managers ever!

Final word:

One thing is for certain. If there are prostitution rings thriving on Goodreads, then Patrick Brown made it harder to uncover by having these sexual role play groups go secret. Thus, placing minors in even more danger. Don't believe me? Take a look at this last screenshot.

Think about that for a while.

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