Thursday, June 6, 2013

GenX Says (Part Two)

We had some fun in Part One of this "GenX Says" Series, showing how Amanda and the rest of her bully squad lie. One of those lies was of course how old Jude was when she and I met. We slammed her ass on that one, didn't we? But don't expect her or any of the bullies to own it. They never own anything. They're perfect.

We also learned that what they are doing, by bullying me, is because they are defending their friend, Jude Henderson, who had a chance in early 2012 to let things be after I blocked her from being able to email me. She became a sour puss and quickly befriended my blog partner and manipulated her to allow Jude onto our shared blog just to "rub it in my face" that she can get to me whenever she wants. She is a psychopath to the extreme.

Now she has rallied up her crew again, most notably, GenX (Or Amanda Welling) to create GenXpose and after I announced in late November/early December that I was done with the bullies on that blog, had her (GenX) start attacking me all over again. She (Jude) also participated in the new hate blogs that have popped up in my honor. And so when I posted my defense posts regarding their new attacks on me, they (The bullies) then went to their blog(s) to break down my words from various different posts and started attacking them and spinning them. Thus, now I am taking their comments to my defense and breaking down their words. Keeping in mind that even with all they say, they never prove one shred of evidence to support any of their claims. Except for the model pic, which has been beaten down to bone fragments by now. It's not my fault though, almost six months later after I owned it, and a year since I took it down, they still can't move past it. It's all they got against me. It's the only thing I ever did wrong. My apology wasn't enough for them. It never is. No one who has ever apologized about anything where the bullies are concerned were given a pardon by the bullies. But that's because they don't bully people for a personal reason, they bully because they just hate.

Now, let's pick up where we left off, shall we?

In this shot, GenX responds to me saying that the bullies assume that Jude was the victim. GenX says she doesn't assume it but rather she sees proof of me bullying Jude all over my blog(s). She finishes it by saying ... "You know, in case they ever need to be entered into evidence." Check it out. 


Well, first of all, GenX sweetheart, what court would this so called evidence be entered? Kangaroo court? I'll have my attorney Mr. Koala Bear look into the matter.  Meanwhile, the only evidence on any of my blogs is evidence of me defending myself from you bullies. I post what you do and say. That is not bullying, that is defending myself against bullies. (Namely you) And if you are referring to my "Emails With Jude" post, well, that was to let everyone know that she was / is stalking me. So yeah, let's enter it into evidence. 


Consider this a deal for the bullies, but if any of you bullies can lead me to any post I ever made on any of my four blogs where I was attacking / bullying somebody, then present your proof here in the comments. Tell me what the post is called and on what blog it can be found on. If you can do that, then I will shut down The Looking Glass. You can't get any better than that, can you?

I know what you're already thinking, and you can forget about it. Do not say "The List" because that was a reaction post, not an attack or bullying. For starters, I was approached by bloggers who offered me a deal and then they stiffed me after I upheld my end of their offered deal. And despite what you bullies say, this is not just about "being professional", it's also about being a decent human being and keeping your end of a deal you offered to me out of the clear blue sky. Had these people kept to their word, the list would have never been posted to begin with, but that wasn't the reason I posted it. (They'll screenshot that line and spin it claiming that I admit that that was the reason why I posted "The List") Another action against me (and my friend) by Jude was what led me to posting the list. Had Jude not manipulated my friend to get to (stalk) me, the list would have never been posted.  But the thing that really tugs at my crawl (as my late grandfather would say) is the fact that Jude used my friend to do her dirty work. It's one thing to come after me, but it's another thing entirely to use my friend to do it. That is something I would consider close to unforgivable. 

There you have it. Present your proof that I bullied anyone, and I will shut this blog down!

In this next shot, we have Cheri, EA and GenX responding to another comment I made where I stated we would see in one of my posts, evidence where Jude made comments regarding her crush on me. Cheri replies: "Friendship with a teenage girl?" - Yes Cheri, friendship with a teenage girl. I have several teenage friends. What is wrong with being friends? You have something against being friends? There is no law against being friends with people, young or old. Jude has plenty of friends who are older adults, both male and female when she was 17. One of her mods is an example. The next three screen-shots are of the comment I made and their response. The second one is a shot of Jude's group and the thrid one is the profile of one of her adult mods well over the age of 30 when Jude was 17. That mods name is Heather. Here are the shots.

Now, there is a side story to this also. The 37 year old woman Heather is one of the people / bloggers who is on "The List" of people who stole from me. Originally, she was placed on the list, then shortly there-after, I removed her from it because of all the people who made their promises (and the list) she was the only one who actually emailed me. She went through this explanation of being busy and stuff and blah, blah, blah, so I gave her benefit of the doubt. A few months or so later, I discovered that she lied to me and in fact did not keep her word because of my relationship with Jude and because Jude asked her not to it. And how do I know this? Well, I know this for a fact because the person who told me was Jude herself through a comment I stumbled upon on Goodreads. This is when I added Heather back on the list.

Also worth noting, the bullies claim that all the people who stole from me are teenagers. Well, as the evidence shows, Heather is far from being a teenager. Although, that is not to say that mentally she isn't. That would be for everyone else to debate.

So as you can see, Jude has other friends just as old as I am. But wait! There's more. In this next shot, we have another author in which Jude is friends with. He is much older than I too. Check it out.

Now check out Jude's friends list on Goodreads. The last name captured is the author in the above screenshot. 

So let me guess, Cheri, shouldn't you also be attacking that guy for being "friends" with someone as young as Jude? Never mind, that question was rhetorical. 

Also in the response given, GenX makes that comparison again to the show, "To Catch A Predator". She also mentions that those guys on that show say the same things I do and they "end up arrested." Implying of course that I should be arrested for being friends with teenage girls. Well GenX, this is where your stupidity takes center stage. Those guys on that show try and arrange meetings with minors for sex. You see, here is the problem with your analysis: I never tried to arrange a meeting with Jude when she was 17, or any other minor period! Much less, a meeting for sex. This could explain why I have never been arrested. But please, if you have evidence that shows otherwise, by all means, present it. (I'm pretty sure she would have already done that if such evidence existed.)

I am no John Green.

Then "EA" responds last on that screenshot saying how she has to wonder if I clearly defined the boundaries of our friendship. You know, since I was the adult and everything. Well "EA", I did clearly define the boundaries with her. I had to because she was trying to cross them all the time. I never had to define boundaries with any other teenage friend. They never tried to cross them. When a girls libido starts acting up, like Jude's, I lay down the rules. But as I stated, Jude was the only one with whom I had to define those boundaries with until she turned 18. (A legal adult) Whatever happened with Jude and I after that is inconsequential. It's a private relationship between two adults at that point and not anybody's business, including yours and law enforcement. Case closed!

They make this too easy.

In this next screenshot, I talk about "Bookish" having taken down a post in which she wrote about me that was not painting me in a favorable light. I mentioned I appreciated her taking it down, and I do, but go on to condemn her actions in the first place for ever having posted it. Check out how the bullies responded to that.

GenX responds in her classic stupidity that we have all come to expect, saying: "Of course you condemn her, it's dramatic. You're all about the drama." 

First of all, GenX, she never should have posted it in the first place so yes, I condemn her for that. I stand by that statement. Secondly, her posting that in the first place was her "DRAMA". So then at worst, she and I are two peas in a pod. (Kind of like you and the rest of your bully friends talking about me and causing more drama.) Let us not forget Amanda that you started in on me first. You emailed me first. I already provided evidence of that here on the Looking Glass. Was that you being "dramatic"? .... I think so. 

Then GenX goes on to say that the reason "Bookish" took down that post was because I harassed the crap out of her then she mentions how she (GenX) doesn't back down. Notice first of all that she fails to show evidence of me harassing Bookish. (Because it isn't true) I never go after anyone first, I only defend myself from things being posted about me. If you search my blogs and the web, trust me, you will not find anything where I was harassing "Bookish". But again Amanda, if you have evidence that supports your claim, I (And the rest of the world) would love to see it. The post she crated in the first place was her bullying and harassing me.

As for GenX not backing down from me, didn't I present evidence on one of my posts that you came after me first Amanda? Yes, I do believe I did. I am not backing down from your stupid ass. You're just not going to quit harassing and stalking me. The only thing you're not backing down from is me standing up to you. That's because bullies don't like it when people stand up to them. You know, the way I stand up to you and your anonymous gang of thugs on your hate blog. However, in the name of fair play, if you can present any evidence that I "attacked" you prior to 2013 (Because I didn't know you even existed before then and before you started your hate blog against me and STGRB known as GenXpose) then once again, please present it.

Cue crickets.

Next we have a Hall of Fame response from "EA" to another comment of mine. I mention the blog "Runaway Pen" writing about me and "EA" says that she sees a lot of irony about me. Most notably, my "pen name". She goes on to say that I disgrace the fine name of Lewis Carroll. Check it out.  It's hilarious! (I couldn't make this shit up if I tried) 

Where do I even begin with this one? LOL Okay, how about first off, my "pen name" (now my "real" name) is Carroll Bryant. Maybe she should have compared me to an author who's name ends with "Bryant"? Perhaps that would have been more accurate? I guess she couldn't think of a famous author with that last name, in which case, she could have used Kobe Bryant, a basketball player for the Los Angeles Lakers who went on trial in the past in Colorado for rape. (But was later exonerated from all charges) You know, to compare me to an accused rapist since that's essentially what the bullies are calling me. (Without proof)

Secondly, I can't help the name I was born with anymore "EA" or anyone else can help it, and FYI "EA", my birth name (last name) is in fact, Carroll! LMAO You see, I told you these bullies don't know a damn thing about me, nor do they ever do their research. They just open their mouths and let the stupid fly out. 

However, since "EA" brings it up, let's talk about fake names. As for me using a pen name in the beginning before I changed it, at least I am an author and many authors use pen names. That is nothing out of the ordinary or suspicious in the least although "EA" attempts to try and do that. (Spin city and hate) But what is her friends excuse? You know the one I am talking about, Jude Henderson. She uses a fake name and she isn't even an author. Why not attack her for "lying" about her real identity? (Which is by the way, Elsa Judi Sanchez Hernandez.)

So you see "EA", when you and your bully friends go there about the name, you only make yourselves look more stupid and like bullies and haters. You really do. Even if you don't see it. And the only person who ever knew my real name was in fact, Jude. I told her right from the start so, I wasn't trying to hide anything from her. I also later told her about the pic.(When she turned 18) Which was about 2 months after we first started talking and 3 months after we first met. You see, when I joined her group back in the day, I didn't pay her any real attention. She was just a mod of a group I was in. During that first month, she started addressing me more and more in the group, leaving a trail of comments behind mine. I guess we could say that this is when her stalking me first began. But thank you for bring this issue up.   

Okay, I need to recover a little from that one. You know, let my laughter die down a bit. 

This next screenshot is where I state that T.L. Shreffler starts out her post on "The Runaway Pen" in a hypocritical fashion by her stating that she tries to avoid drama at all costs. Anyhow, "EA" responds once again with a Hall of Fame reply saying: "Sooo .... he's gonna avoid drama by writing shit about someone HE doesn't even know to begin with, huh?" 

Seriously, you have to see this. Check it out.

Can you see how stupid this "EA"person is? Well, to answer your response "EA", she took it upon herself to write something about me first. (Someone SHE doesn't even know to begin with, huh?) I merely responded to what she wrote, pointing out her irresponsible writing, and addressing her accusations, lies and libelous comments she made in that post against me. Kind of like what I am doing now. You see, I am defending your comments against me now. The comments you are making in my defense of previous comments that you and your bully friends made. In essence, you and your bully friends attacked me with lies, I had to write posts to address those lies and set the record straight. Then you and your bully friends took those defense posts of mine and attacked that, thus, leading us to this post. (Get the picture now?)

My advice to you "EA" is to shut up because you're making yourself look the fool. Really stupid. LOL However, I know you won't and I know you can't because I have plenty more of your ridiculous remarks coming up. But yeah, you might want to stop talking. Just saying. 

In this next shot, you're just gonna have to read it and the response "EA" (again) gives. Take a look.

"EA" replies that it is a pretty good quick summary of what she has heard about the thing so far. 

Well "EA", that's exactly it, it's what you have heard. Unfortunately, you heard wrong and I have already explained that email. I have never seen it so I am at a disadvantage as to what it actually says, or if it wasn't "manipulated" in some way or if I even wrote it or what. However, thanks for acknowledging that you bully people based on "what you hear" rather than what the facts are. I have been waiting a long time for a bully to just come out and admit that. You did. So thank you.

In this next shot, we see me mentioning that when someone comes to you and offers a deal that they best damn well honor it. Anyhow, check out how they responded to this.

"EA" chimes in with this blah blah response that I was on Goodreads to promote myself and network and be discovered. That it behooves me to be on my best behavior. (She sounds like GenX because she says that word a lot, behooves.) And that I am not good enough to disrespect my audience and get away with it. (See how non authors give advice to real authors?) And that she didn't see anything unreasonable with "Run away Pen's" article. 

Well "EA", of course you didn't see anything wrong with her article, she's a bully, like you, and bullies stick together. And here is a news flash for you, the first few months, yes, I was on Goodreads to do all of that networking and stuff, but quickly became just another member killing time with friends online. This is why I never approached anyone for a review or interview. I really didn't care about book sales and I don't care now, for the most part. I didn't publish my books to become famous or make a ton of money, I got plenty of that already. Sure, a little more never hurts, it would just be more money to give to local charities. But again, it's not about just being professional, it's about being a decent human being and honoring your word. If I had approached them for reviews or interviews, then it wouldn't bother me at all if they didn't do it. However, they approached me. It would be the same as if a local teen came to my house and offered to mow my lawn for twenty dollars and I give him the twenty dollars in advance and the kid never mows my lawn. It's called stealing. These bloggers came to me of their own accord. I accepted their offer. I held up my end. They didn't. That's lying and stealing. You can spin it anyway you want to child, but in the real world, when you offer somebody something, the decent thing to do is honor it. It behooves you to be an honest and decent person. 

And I didn't respect my audience? Obviously, since they didn't honor their end of the deal, they weren't my audience. Perhaps you bloggers should stop disrespecting your audience (authors) because bloggers and authors working honestly together helps each other. The author gets exposed to some new readers and the blogger gets some of the authors fans to follow their blog when they post reviews and interviews of the author. It's a partnership where both sides should win. But when you disrespect the author by breaking your word, I think both sides lose a little. But it is nice to know that some of you bully bloggers think you are doing authors a favor by showing them attention. If I had my choice, I would rather you bully bloggers not approach me with offers you can't see through. Nobody forced those bloggers to approach me. If you're not an honest and decent person, then I would prefer you just keep your distance from me. I don't need what you have to offer enough to be robbed. Get the picture Einstein? Good! 

That answer to "EA" is pretty much my answer to AreaFive who asks what do the reviewers get out of it? Then she answers her own question with "nothing". You are wrong AreaFive, they could get more followers from the fans of the author. Isn't that why you started a blog to begin with? To get followers? Page views? Recognition or some kind of small internet fame since you can't write and be an author yourself? Lie to yourself and the rest of the world all you wish. You know what I say is true. How many groups on Goodreads do I see things like - "If you follow my blog, I will follow yours."? - A lot. That's how many times. As for your assumption that maybe they were doing me a favor by NOT reviewing the book because they probably didn't like it, they could have still been honest with me. I asked them to be honest with me. I always tell everyone that it doesn't bother me if you don't like my work. What bothers me is when you attack me on a personal level instead of saying you simply didn't like the book. Even still, they could have still offered me at least an interview to replace the review. That option was always on the table. This way, they wouldn't have to recommend the book or reveal to their readers they didn't like it. But no such alternative was offered. At the very least, they still could have just told me the truth. But they didn't.

Also AreaFive, you're going to make me a deal? You want me to shut up and you'll stop writing about me? Then you add "Let's see if you hold up your end of the bargain." - Well, first of all, there is no bargain for me to hold up, numb-nuts, we haven't made any deal or agreement. Secondly, I did shut up late November / early December on my other blog when I declared that I wasn't going to talk about the bullies anymore then a month later, your bully friend GenX started shit with me and STGRB for absolutely no reason what-so-ever. So I already tried that approach and it didn't work. You dishonored your own deal before you even offered it. So how about we try another deal? You and your bully friends shut the hell up, leave me alone, and take down your whiny BS posts full of lies about me and then I will follow suit. You know, since you or none of your bully friends took me up on my offer last December of a truce.   

This next shot is a bit confusing. I mentioned in response to some comments, which I stumbled upon on Amazon Forums Boards, and GenX's hate blog and on Goodreads in certain groups, where the bullies were assuming that this ghost email I allegedly sent Jude where I told her to go kill herself, was sent in response to her "not giving me my book review and interview". This is not the case. I never responded angrily to any of the people who backed out of their promise to me where the reviews and interviews are concerned. Jude and I never "argued" about that. In fact, we never discussed it much at all. Nor did I correspond with the others because - quite frankly, they never returned a reply to my inquiry on the status of our deal. (Except for Heather, which I already covered in this post.) 

Anyhow, in this next screenshot, I may not have exactly clarified this very well. The fact is, if there was any email I sent to Jude which shows me saying to her to go ahead and kill herself, it would have been when I informed her that I was going to block her from emailing me. (At least I had the decency to tell her ahead of time instead of just doing it.) And she reacted with her usual "If you do, I am going to kill myself" routine. She said this so many times to me to get me to feel sorry for her or something and often times, this tactic of hers worked. But after a while, it got to be quite mundane. But there are comments floating around where the bullies are claiming that I sent the "kill yourself" email simply because she refused to review and interview me. Again, these claims are false. Anyhow, GenX and her puppets responded. Read for yourself.

So as you can see, they were confused about what I was explaining. Okay, I'll own it that perhaps I didn't make myself clear. Anyhow, I will address the GenX comment and AreaFive's" comment.

First of all GenX, I didn't "foster" anything. I think I touched on that earlier. And our relationship wasn't maintained under fraudulent circumstances either. She knew my real name early on. As for the pic, I kept our relationship friends only until she turned 18 to which she then discovered the truth about that. I sent her a joke picture at first before sending her a real one. The other joke picture she didn't appreciate, with good reason, I joke too much at times. Anyone who knows me knows this. However, she did not have a problem with the real picture of me nor did she not know what I looked like when I went to California. She knew in advance what I looked like. She had no problem with it at all. So pretty much since late September of 2011, she knew the truth about what I looked like and was fine with it. So there was no "guise of being someone else". 

As for GenX's question of a "child" manipulating me with threats of suicide, she never threatened suicide while she was 17 and we were just friends. She started making those threats when she was 18. So no GenX, she was not a "child" then. She was an 18 year old adult. (You really need to learn the law in regards to where minor ends and adult begins. Here, I will save you some time. It's 18 years old. Minor ends at 18 and adult begins at 18. Understand? Look it up if you do not believe me.) But yes to the manipulation part. In the beginning, I took her threats to heart. As the relationship continued through the end of 2011, those threats simply became mundane. (Wait, didn't I say that earlier?) 

As for the other question you asked, GenX, yes, I did admit that an UNSTABLE 18 year old teenager MADE me behave the way I have chosen to behave from then until now. Just like anyone you care about influences you one way or another. (Like your husband, idiot) When you really care about someone and they make threats of suicide, it will influence how you behave. Just like when she stalks me, it influences my behavior and how I react. Just like when she stalked me on my shared blog and manipulated my friend just to get to me for blocking her from emailing me. It influenced my decision to post "The List". Are you saying that her actions shouldn't influence me? That would be nuts. (Look who I am saying the word nuts to.) LOL

As for "AreaFive's" comment where she says I should drink my own urine  - You are urine AreaFive. However, you also have shit for brains. Other than that, why would you even think about something like that? Is it something you practice? Are you trying to confess something here? Are you spending too much time with John Green?

Anyhow, thanks for acknowledging that your friend Jude is UNSTABLE! 

Now this next screenshot has a lot in common with what we just covered. As GenX commented on how her unstable friend made me behave the way I have chosen, here I get ridiculed for not taking her threats of suicide serious. (See, you can't win with the bullies. No matter what you do, it's wrong and they attack it) read for yourself.

I will start with "EA's" reply where she accuses me of ignoring multiple threats of suicide from Jude by telling her to just get it over with and do it. No, "EA", I did not ignore multiple threats. Not in the beginning anyway. I already said that she pretty much got what she wanted from me when she did that in the beginning. But when it is a constant thing, you eventually figure it out that she only used it when she wanted something from me so therefor, she may not be serious. This was her pattern. So when I announced to her that I was going to block her because I no longer cared for her odd behavior, she used the "suicide" thing again. At that time, I knew she was only doing it because she didn't want me to block her. So guess what? I pretty much told her to do what she wanted to do because I was still going to block her. And if killing herself was how she was going to deal with that, then so be it. I wasn't going to let her manipulate me anymore with those idle threats. And I knew they were idle threats because guess what? She's still alive! 

Then "AreaFive" says "Such a loving, caring older man who clearly wants to gently guide a young girl he befriended online." - Well AreaFive, first you call me a pedophile for being such a loving and caring older man then you turn around and mock me for it. Make up your hate! (Wait! You already have.) But hey, it's not my responsibility to guide anyone, much less, an 18 year old adult girl that befriended me online. If she still needs that much guidance at age 18, then maybe she should go back to being 13 again and give "maturity" another chance to develop. 

Then of course I have to address the idiotic comment left by GenX. *sigh* where she says I admit to fostering my relationship with Jude under fraudulent circumstances (again) and abused her and still does then says that yes, it is abuse. (As with the model pic, we heard you the first fifteen times.) Well GenX, if her threatening suicide at every turn just to get her way isn't abusive towards me then what exactly qualifies as abuse to you? (Rhetorical - I think) But no, I do not admit to abusing her in any way because I never abused her. Except maybe allowing her at first to get away with her suicidal threats. That may have been a form of abuse from her to me. I should have came down a little harder on her for using those threats as a way for her to get her way. So if anything, she was abusing me emotionally because she knew I hated to hear that from her. I hate to hear that from anyone. And before you start smart mouthing off to me about suicide you worthless sack of crap, just know that my favorite uncle killed himself about ten years ago so I am more than sympathetic about the issue. I cried for several days over that and still mourn his passing. He was my mothers youngest sibling and probably her favorite. Him and her were very close. So don't you ever effing talk to me about not being sympathetic over the issue of suicide you waste of human life! 

None of you ass-wipe bullies have the effing right to say anything to me about suicide. I already know how heartless and evil you F-wads are, but please tell me that you are not that far unemotionally attached that you are going to effing preach suicide ethics to me! So stick your evil opinions on suicide right up your fat effing asses! I know more about suicide prevention in my big toe than all of you A-hole bullies put together. And never for get that!

There, I got that out of my system.

Then dumb-ass GenX wraps up her stupid comment by preaching to me about how to deal with a minor child when they threaten suicide. For the last effing time, when Jude made her threats she was 18 years old! That is not a minor child! For Christs sake Amanda, please learn what a minor is. A minor is not 18 years old. (Are you really this stupid?) Or do you say this to intentionally lie? And you claim that your readers can get the truth on your blog? (I covered that in part one of the "GenX Says" series.)


Honestly, I am leaning more towards her being that stupid as opposed to intentionally lying.

Now this last screenshot for this post is a continuance response from the previous screenshot. GenX's reply goes on before Cheri responds and then GenX again. Take a look.

So, to continue to addressing GenX, I say - I was not maintaining a relationship with a minor in secrecy. First off, Jude was not a minor at the time, and she was the one who wanted to maintain secrecy. (I still can't believe you actually have the balls to tell people that you speak the truth. You really don't have a soul, do you?) And where the hell does it say that it is my responsibility to reach out and get her help? She was already seeing a counselor for it. (Or so she claimed) And what repercussions are you talking about that I would have incurred? There are repercussions with having a relationship with an 18 year old adult? Really? Hey, if you have evidence Amanda that I was involved with a minor inappropriately then why haven't you posted it on your blog yet? Why haven't you reported it to the authorities yet? You do realize that knowing about a felony crime and not reporting it to authorities is a criminal offense, right? So are we all to know that you are admitting to knowing about a felony taking place and you failed to report it? Amanda, this comment you made is one of the reasons why most of your supporters abandoned you and your hate blog. You say stupid lies like this and you give bullies a bad name. You are an embarrassment to the bullying community. You and your gang of thugs (Or are they your other identities?) 

Then in an attempt to top GenX's stupidity, Cheri jumps in with this comment where she questions the authenticity of Jude's suicide threats and questions if I promoted this? Asking if I used this as some kind of control manipulation towards her emotional state where I was trying to strip her of her identity. 

Really? Now all of a sudden you ass hats are psychologists? You're trying to tell everyone that you are professionals now at human behavior? Really? I mean, you bullies are so damn amazing! (Sarcasm - but don't tell them, let them figure it out on their own.) 

Then of course, dumb ass GenX pipes in with the last word. (Classic behavior of a narcissist. I should know, according to her I am a narcissist so I guess it takes one to know one) She calls it a classic hallmark of a predator to control and manipulate someone while stealing her identity in attempts to humiliate Jude in public. Saying that I blackmailed her and blah blah blah crapola crap. *sigh* 

If I could steal Jude's identity, I would. I would wipe her current one away (A bully) and replace it with a nicer one. One that has a conscience. One that has a soul. It would be one hell of an improvement to the identity she has now, and the company she currently keeps.

I have more respect for the "in your face" bullies like GenX than I do for the quiet ones like Jude who simply uses her friends to do her dirty work and or fight the battles she starts to begin with. I guess by her posting emails that I may or may not have wrote isn't an attempt to "publicly" humiliate me? Or posting accusations about me in her Goodreads group, which she did a few times. I suppose that is okay, right? Or like when she stalked me on my shared blog and manipulated my blog partner so she could get in and leave links to her blog on my shared blog to "publicly" humiliate me. All of these actions by Jude is okay with you bullies, correct? 

Just checking.

Well, that's it for now. Stay tuned for Part Three of the "GenX Says" series. It can only get more entertaining from here. LOL 

I'm Carroll Bryant .... and this is The Looking Glass.

Things We Learned Today:

* Jude has older friends than Carroll and the bullies are okay with that

* Carroll is no pervert like John Green

* "EA" should be in the Hall of Fame for stupid comments

* Jude was not a minor when she first started making her suicide threats

* The bullies don't hold Jude (an 18 year old adult) responsible for her words or actions

* Apparently, it is Carroll's responsibility that Jude doesn't kill herself

* "EA" should shut up because she is always making herself the fool

* Carroll lost his uncle to suicide

* Carroll lost his cool over the suicide issue

* The bullies over at GenXpose are professional pschycoligists

* The above statement was sarcasm

* GenX should be arrested for willingly not reporting any of Carroll's crimes

* The above statement was more sarcasm (maybe)

* GenX and the bullies do not know what the age of consent is or what the age of an adult is

* GenX can not produce evidence that Carroll interacted inappropriately with Jude or any other girl period, be it an adult or minor

* GenX has a very strange obsession with "To Catch A Predator"

* GenX (Amanda Welling) is a dumb-ass

* GenX admitted that Jude is UNSTABLE

* Carroll's attorney is a Koala Bear

* GenX is the judge of Kangaroo Court

* This "GenX Says" series is really getting interesting

*  The bullies are spreading their whine like a beatnik poet in a coffee house full of handkerchiefs


  1. Enough is enough. I'm commenting with my real name because, frankly, I'm sick and tired of being dragged into this bullshit and it needs to stop. I am not GenXpose. I do not contribute to her blog. I do not run hate sites against you. I posted ONE article that referenced you last year and that is it.

    GenX is a woman from Canada. I've only spoken to her a few times over Skype and that's about as far as our friendship ever went. I have not spoken to her in months, February, I believe. I am from Pennsylvania. I'm in college, I work and I do not have the time to be writing about you. I have my own blog that I write on about books, as you know.

    I have no idea why you keep telling everyone that I am her, but I am not. I have emailed GenX and told her myself that I'm fucking tired of seeing my name attached to hers. I never received a response back from her. Whatever.

    I don't hide behind screen names. I use my real name on Amazon, Goodreads, my blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

    I barely know Jude. It's not my business what happened between you two. But when you create other blogs with MY name, that seriously pisses me off. If that isn't bullying, I don't know what is. There are screen shots on one of the hate blogs, CB Lies, and I'm sure others are floating around the internet.

    So, I'm asking you as nicely as I possibly can, please stop attaching my name to GenX and her site.

    1. I agree, enough is enough! But just remember Amanda, YOU did write about me first. Someone you don't even know. Even your husband has "stalked" me. You have too, leaving comments on my other blog. Plus, you have posted lies about me and you know it! So enough with your belly-aching.

      The fact is this: Assuming for the moment you're being honest and GenX isn't you, you still know who she is. So until you send me an email revealing her identity or SHE reveals herself, you'll continue to be her in my book because that's where all the evidence points. Just like all of you bullies continue to say I am associated on an official capacity with STGRB (most notably, I am constantly being accused of being Johnny)

      But always remember Amanda, you took it upon yourself of your own free will to get yourself involved in this mess. Nobody forced you to write about me or for you and your husband to leave comments on my (blog) posts.

      And if you really felt that whatever happened between Jude and myself is none of your business, then why did you even write about me in the first place? Stop contradicting yourself and for God's sake, stop trying to come off as some innocent victim here.

      So I am asking you as nicely as I can, please reveal GenX's true identity if she is indeed not you. If any of your bully friends really cared about you, they would reveal her identity. Until then, you got yourself involved with this so take your lumps - just like the rest of us.

    2. The article I wrote wasn't about you specifically. I do think you have stalkerish tendencies and that's why you were mentioned. But that was almost a year ago, so, you know. Time to move on. I haven't said a freaking word about you anywhere on my blog since, and I don't intend to.

      I honestly have no idea what Gen's real name is. I've only ever known her as Gen. I would be happy to forward to email I sent to her in feb with the timestamp and everything. Again, I am not her. Let me know where you would like me to send it.

      I didn't write about you or Jude. I did write an article about how to protect yourself from internet predators because a lot of crazy shit was happening last year. I don't give a shit what happened between you two. It isn't my business. I can't speak for all the "bullies," as you like to call them.

    3. I just sent you and email, Carroll. To the forced bat address.

    4. Amanda, the fact is you mentioned me. I read the article. You associated me to being a predator. You still attest that I am "stalkerish" and there is no evidence to indicate that I have stalked anyone. You got involved when there was absolutely no reason for you to get involved. I don't give a damn about your reasons. You did it. You said it.

      You also left comments on my other blog along with your husband that I ended up deleting because they were not kind comments. You were a nobody to me coming into this year until you magically appeared on GenXpose blog in the comments section, taking your cheap shots at my expense. Same for your husband. When GenXpose suddenly appeared from seemingly out of nowhere, so did - ironically - you and your husband.

      Moving on? You hypocritical bitch. You dare suggest I move on now while you took it upon yourself to attack me? When you continue to refuse to do the right thing and take down all your vile crap and apologize to me for your part? And you dare suggest that I move on?

      You and your husband know how to contact me. If you have evidence that proves you are not GenX then great, I'll be happy to take a look at it and if it is evidence, I will do the right thing. If you don't have evidence that counters the evidence already showing you are GenX, then I don't really want to waste my time with it.

      True, maybe you haven't mentioned me anymore on your "other" blog (all the more reason to start GenXpose) but you have attacked me through comments on GenXpose blog. And so has your husband. And through book reviews on GR. It just strikes me funny that you waited all of this time to finally try and reach out to me regarding this issue.

      Proof is in the pudding. Show me the pudding!

      I don't like to call "them" (or you) bullies. That's just what all of you are. My evidence has (and shall continue to do so) proved this.

      You know GenX's identity. I believe this whole-heartily. You made your bed, now sleep in it if you can. Other bullies have crossed over from the dark side and some of them have reached out to me and fed me information to prove to me they have changed their bully ways. If this is your attempt to cross over, you're doing a piss poor job of it.

      You're either part of the problem or part of the solution. So far, you and your husband have been part of the problem. If your precious reputation and image is being shattered, then you have yourself to blame at this point. You did your part to try and ruin mine so welcome to the "turn about is fair play" party. Not to worry though, there are others in line to be "exposed". Plenty of others.

      Meanwhile, you get no sympathy from me. I have yet to get yours.

      You have my final word on this subject. Do with it what you will. I suggest you own up to everything and make your wrongs right. I can't forgive those who refuse to ask me to forgive them. (And show that they are truly regretful for their part in attacking me)

    5. As soon as GenX showed up, EVERYONE went to her. It wasn't just me and my husband. Sure, we wrote comments there. A lot of people did. So I'm not sure why you are singling me out of everyone. A lot of people wrote blog posts about you last year too. So again, not sure why you are so focused on me.

      I don't know how to prove to you who I am, or rather, who I'm not. I've sent you the email I sent to Gen. Her and I do not get along, so she's not going to come to my defense any time soon and she sure as hell isn't going to reveal herself to save my ass. If I had her name, you would be the first person to know. Read my email. I'm not going to discuss this anymore here. We can continue this conversation privately.

    6. So basically now what you're saying is that you won't believe Ms. Welling because it doesn't fit your theory?

      That sounds astonishingly like zealotry to me.

    7. Nope, it means I haven't seen any evidence that she isn't GenX where-as I have seen evidence that she is. It's about evidence. Google that word and learn what it means. Just because she says she isn't, doesn't make it so.

      I want pudding! LOL

    8. Amanda Said: "As soon as GenX showed up, EVERYONE went to her. It wasn't just me and my husband. Sure, we wrote comments there. A lot of people did. So I'm not sure why you are singling me out of everyone. A lot of people wrote blog posts about you last year too. So again, not sure why you are so focused on me.

      I don't know how to prove to you who I am, or rather, who I'm not. I've sent you the email I sent to Gen. Her and I do not get along, so she's not going to come to my defense any time soon and she sure as hell isn't going to reveal herself to save my ass. If I had her name, you would be the first person to know. Read my email. I'm not going to discuss this anymore here. We can continue this conversation privately."

      Carroll Says: Amanda, we have nothing more to discuss. You didn't take down that review "months" ago. It was there last Monday. We are now officially done here. Don't bother emailing me again either. I won't be responding.

      And seriously, you're giving me the "everybody else did it so i did it too" routine? Really? SMH

      I didn't single you out, you simply stood out. Next time, for the future, think for yourself. Don't let everyone else do your thinking for you. For crying out loud, you're like 30 years old.

      But like I said - You lied. We're done. Have a nice life. When the "GenX Says" series run their course, I will be done with you. Provided of course, GenX (you) doesn't make any more stink with me.

  2. These people are horrid. I think I know why they didn't want this series to be posted. They really are hateful twits. Do you think Jude could be one of them? Maybe Cheri? Maybe EA?

    1. Funny you should bring that up. I often thought that perhaps Jude was one of those who posts on GenXpose. I even had Cheri and EA as my top candidates. But it is a good question.

      I was informed by a source that Jude is one of those behind one of those hate-blogs against me. At the very least, Jude is supplying these people with information that they could have only gotten from Jude. Things I told Jude and nobody else. So yes, either my source is correct and Jude is behind them or Jude is feeding them info.

  3. That Amanda comment is pathetic personified! She has the audacity to say that Jude and Carroll is none of her business after writing an article about Carroll filled with lies? Nobody is crying for you Amanda, or for the other bullies who later regret their involvement in attacking Carroll. He has withstood all that you bullies have thrown at him and is kicking your asses! I have noticed more and more bullies dropping from the ranks. They're even creating new sock accounts to distance themselves from their old sock accounts on GR. Carroll says in his 'about the looking glass' page that he is going to go after all the bullies one by one. Now they are all running and hiding and crying because he shines the spotlight on them for their cruel actions. Don't stop Carroll! Nail every last one of them! You have earned my respect. It is my hope you also get to take down GR for all their garbage. Your following is growing with each post! You're a one man wrecking crew dude! The trolls are on the run. Take this as a lesson learned Amanda, you don't fuck with the Carz! I agree with him, stop your damn bellyaching and take your medicine.

    btw what happened to the 'goodreads info' page?

  4. Y'know, I'm really freakin' sick of those people on GenX making fun of the name Carroll. Since they stalk your blog, I'll just address them directly:
    You have to be completely ignorant to not realize Carroll is a perfectly legitimate man's name. It's my FATHER'S NAME. And I will thank you to stop posting rude and ignorant comments about the name Carroll, or hinting that maybe it's a woman's name.

    Sorry to bring this here, CB, but the fact is it pisses me off.

    1. This is the place to bring it. I know of another famous man with the first name Carroll. That would be Carroll O'Conner, otherwise known as Archie Bunker from the hit 70's show, "All In The Family".

      Sorry for posting this so late. I just discovered that some comments got thrown into spam folder for some reason.

  5. Wow! What a comment. However, allow me to correct you on one thing, I am not a one man wrecking crew. This stance against the bullies is being addressed by more and more people. There's STGRB (first and foremost) and other brave souls such as Jack Eason and Rick Carufel. (To name a few) But you are right, the bully ranks do seem to be shrinking.

    As for the "Goodreads Information" page, I took it down on my own after consulting with Neustar. I may be doing a post about it in the future. I don't know. But I learned something today and because of what I learned, I decided that I did not need to keep that page up. Unlike some people, when I believe I may be wrong about something, I act accordingly and appropriately.

    Again, thanks for that awesome comment! LOL

  6. Don't forget that Amanda's husband Mepis has made several comments on genxpose blog. Amanda has too. She's also left fake reviews on your books on GR Carroll. If Amanda wasn't really Gen then she would have worked with you early on to clear her name by revealing who Gen really is. If Amanda isn't Gen then she knows who Gen is. I believe Amanda is Gen.

    1. I haven't forgotten. I used your comment as reference in my response to Amanda. Thanks for the reminder though.

    2. Not because I had to, but I removed the review months ago. You can check if you don't believe me. My own blog post on my book blog will be amended shortly.

      We did in fact tell Carroll that I am not Gen months ago, but just like now, he continues to believe I am. What else would you have me do? I can't force Gen to say who she is when we aren't even on good terms. I can't give information I do not have.

    3. The article on my blog has been scrubbed of your name. I'm not playing around. I want this resolved like adults.

    4. "Hey look everyone, my name is Amanda, and I don't know Carroll Bryant but he is a stalker and a predator. I said so on a blog post I wrote and left up for nearly a year. He stalked my friend Jude. I have attacked him for no reason at all. I have left comments on GenXpose blog attacking him further. I have posted a fake review on Goodreads on his books. My husband has attacked him too. Now, a year later, I want to make things right without as much as apologizing to him for the trouble and the pain that I and my bully friends have caused him. This will make everything A-okay! Ain't I the sweetest? Now I will rely on his mercy to take down all the things he posted about me on his blog in his defense because I don't want potential employers to Google my name and see what a bully I have been to him online. Even though, had I just minded my own business and left him alone in the first place, as he had never done anything personal against me, none of this would even exist. Oh, gosh, jolly gee-whiz, if only I wasn't a bully. If only indeed."

      What is posted on the internet stays on the internet. It is there forever. GenX said that once. Maybe a dozen times. Well said GenX, well said indeed.

    5. Amanda Welling said: "Not because I had to, but I removed the review months ago. You can check if you don't believe me."

      Carroll said: Amanda, you're a bold face liar, you know that? I checked my book reviews last Monday. (A few days ago) and it was still there.

      Once a liar, always a liar. You just sunk your ship.

    6. I just cleaned out my Goodreads account a week or so ago and I thought I had deleted my review earlier than that, but it's entirely possible that it did get deleted after you had checked your reviews. You see, unlike you, I can own up to my mistakes.

      I have given you all that I can give to you regarding Gen, which I know is not much. I don't doc drop on people and even if I had all of her personal information, which I do not, I'm not about to hand it over to someone that is hell bent on some kind of revenge trip.

      I was kind to delete my review. According to Goodreads ToS, it wasn't against their poliies. I was even kinder to go back and delete your name from my own blog when that is my private space.

      You know what isn't kind? Making false accusations for months on end because you misunderstood something that was said on Genx's blog. You know what else isn't kind? Making entire blogs about me when you do not know me. The proof of that can be found on (ironically) genx's blog and one of the other anti-cb blogs. What is even more unkind? The fact that I sent you a private email I had written to GenX, with timestamps and unaltered, and you still want to tell everyone that I am her.

      I know that you need someone to blame for the things that Gen writes about you and I just happen to be your target. I get that now. I think it's very middle school-ish of you, but hey, that's your prerogative. You keep saying your not a stalker, yet you keep writing about Gen and using my name, you obsess about Jude, and you write about other people who had nothing to do with what happened to you last year. I guess we will have to disagree with the whole definition of a stalker.

      Don't get me wrong. I'm not angry at you. Not even when you called me fat, made fun of my photos, made a blog that basically stated I cheat on my husband, or how you continually ignore what I have to say. It honestly makes me sad. I feel bad for you. You must be so lonely and this must give you such great pleasure to do this to people.

      You hold everyone accountable for your actions, and no, I'm not talking about the stupid model photo or how you lied about your age and physical appearance. I'm talking about how you decided it would be a good idea to go off on a huge rant about a few people who didn't give you interviews or reviews of your books. You didn't like it when people called you out on what they felt was bullshit, and now here we are. Almost one year later and almost every single one of your posts, you talk about the same shit. Don't you ever get tired of repeating yourself over and over again? We get it, dude. You think Jude fucked you over and blah blah blah. Nobody is even talking about you, except Gen and the other idiot who is running the Carroll Bryant Lies blog, yet you still feel the need to drone on and on. But hey, it's your life. If you want to waste it playing these stupid internet flame wars, again, that's your prerogative.

      I won't comment here anymore. You won't hear a peep from me and neither will the "bullies" since I've left the GR group because of fuckery going on there as well. I said it to Gen and I'll say it to you. I stick up for myself. If I feel like something is wrong, I say something, and I walk away. Life is too fucking short to deal with bullshit and the people who spew it.

    7. Amanda said: "I just cleaned out my Goodreads account a week or so ago and I thought I had deleted my review earlier than that, but it's entirely possible that it did get deleted after you had checked your reviews. You see, unlike you, I can own up to my mistakes."

      Carroll Says: Nice save. You said months, it's been days. How is that confusing? Too late. I really don't care. And BTW in case you missed it, I own up to my mistakes. I already did that. If I haven't owned up to anything it's because I didn't do it. It was probably one of your manufactured lies GenX. As for Goodreads and their ToS: Don;t make me laugh. Goodreads has already demonstrated that they only enforce their ToS to protect you and your bully friends. Outside of that, that don't give a shit about their ToS. And stop with the "kind" bullshit. If you were really kind, you would have apologized to me. But you didn't. You are only looking out for own ass. Afraid that future employers will Google your name and discover what a hateful bully you are. Do you want to know what isn't kind? You running your mouth to begin with. So shut the F up. Hypocrite. I don't need anyone to blame. I don't need a target. How long you going to play this "I'm the victim" crap? You started this of your own free will. Karma is a bitch isn't it Amanda? Own it! And writing about Gen is stalking? She writes about me. She wrote about me first. She writes posts based on my comments proving she is stalking me. I mean, proving that YOU are stalking me. And I don't obsess about Jude. She was the one who started this shit and I'll never let the world forget that. She is also the one feeding you information about me because she is the only one who knows a lot of what you people say. (And isn't it funny how you are defending your "not friend anymore" GenX? .... I knew you were a fake. And I only write about those who have written about me. Check my blog. I don't bring up anyone who hasn't started in on me first with their lies. Kind of like how you wrote about me first and now, you're crying about me defending myself against you. And I write about those who bully other authors. Yeah, we do differ on definition of stalker. You and your bully friends however, they are the definition of stalker. Maybe you should look up that word.

      You're angry with me Amanda? Cut the shit. I called you fat because you called me fat. Tit for tat. And yes, i am so lonely. LOL My girlfriend isn't enough to take away the loneliness I feel inside. Blah, blah. Proving yet again how much you don't know about me and how you love to lie. No, it doesn't give me great pleasure to do this to people. They do it to themselves by writing lies about me first, like you did. Remember? (By your own admission) It is I who feels bad for you. Who do I hold accountable? What actions? You mean like I hold you accountable for writing about me first? How is that my fault? And yes, you are talking about the model pic because you mentioned it. And what the hell is so important about my age? I never lied about my physical appearance. I am 6 feet 3 inches tall, blonde hair and blue eyes. Do you even see what you're doing here? You're being GenX. I didn't go on a rant about people who didn't give me reviews or interviews. I posted a list of people who lied to me and stole from me after they approached me. And I did it because your friend Jude stalked me on my shared blog. Something I have proved already. But that must be my fault too, wasn't it?

      (End of part one of two parts)


    8. Nobody called me out for anything. They attacked me by calling me a pedophile and a rapist and other vile shit. That is not calling someone out. That is bullying. And I have to repeat myself over and over again because you bullies keep repeating the same old lies over and over again. Don't you ever get tired of that? (And yes, you still do it - one year later) And I don't think Jude fucked me over, I know she did! I proved that too and have even more proof coming in the future. She stalked me. That proof is on the way in future scheduled posts.

      Yes, GenX (you) and the people at CBLies and Tired of Bryant hate blogs are still talking about me. This is why I still defend myself against them. (One year later) And oh, people on Amazon Forum Boards are still talking about me too. And no, I don't feel the need to drone on and on, I wish I could stop but to do that, you and your bully friends would need to stop droning about me on and on.

      It is my life. I wish I didn't have to waste it defending myself against you GenX. I really do. But it's your life too and if you and your bully friends have nothing better to do than to post lies about me, that's your prerogative, then I guess I will continue to acknowledge those lies and defend myself.

      You won't comment here anymore? Hell, I asked you not to comment earlier and yet, just like when I asked GenX not to email me anymore, and like STGRB asked her not to email them anymore, she still did. You two could be twins. LOL

      You stick up for yourself? Good for you. So do I. And when you wrote about me first, I stood up to you. As for the fuckery on GR, you were a part of that. Never forget. And as for the part that you say something then walk away, why didn't you walk away after posting that article about me? You kept going on GenXpose blog in the comments section months after that post. That is when you and your husband stood out to me. And you're right, life is too short to deal with bullshit and the people who spew it. Just one last question (rhetorical) But why did you spew your bullshit first? Talk about holding others accountable for your actions. You need to look into the mirror girl. Or maybe .... you should look into the .... Looking Glass?

      Nice try GenX. You just revealed your true self with your final comment here.... What am I talking about? You're not done commenting. LOL

      (End of part two of two parts)

  7. A word of warning Carroll, Gen is Amanda. This is a set up for Gen to show that you are not a man of your word when it comes to working with them to take down posts. Think about it. If Amanda was really serious about all of this then why did she go public with it here on your blog? She would have contacted you privately. Be prepared for the bullies to post about this.

    1. Already on it. But thanks for having my back. I know their tricks. LOL

    2. She did contact him privately, but he prefers to be an asshat.

    3. No she didn't. She contacted me through this blog first. The only thing she sent me was an email she allegedly wrote to GenX. The whole thing looks so fake.

      And talk about being an ass-hat, how can someone confess to their needless and senseless attacks on me without offering up an apology? That is what Amanda did and that is ass-hat behavior. Then to top it off, she turns around and makes it seem like it was all my fault for her attacking me and blaming her actions with the "everybody else was doing it" excuse.

      How pathetic and ass-hat like.

    4. What's pathetic and asshat is that you are able to see the time stamp, date, and ISP of the email, which should tell you it was being sent to a person different from the sender. Asshat.

      Not to mention that GenX and Amanda got into a huge argument on GenX's blog. Was that manufactured, too?

      See this-Comments are near the bottom of post

      You're acting like a fucking moron who doesn't know how to fact check, so you just make up these crazy conspiracy theories to draw attention to yourself. Your mother must be so proud.

    5. Let's address this then.

      Time, stamp, date and ISP is pointless. To wit: I have three computers and each carry their own ISP. How easy is it for Amanda and her husband Jon to "role-play" the Amanda vs GenX scenario? Pretty easy. I could do it here at home myself if I wanted by turning all my computers on and quickly jumping from one to the other. Or ... I could get one of my close friends and or a family member to participate from another state or country.

      All one would have to do is give them passwords for their fake emails etc.

      As for any argument between GenX and Amanda on GenXpose blog, how do we know it wasn't Amanda and her husband staging this argument? I could get into an argument with myself by myself if I wanted to. That proves nothing. While the words written by GenX on a post she made where she connects herself to Amanda's "hippie" blog is the evidence I am sticking with.

      Plus .... an anon commented yesterday and claimed to be GenX and claimed to be a man. Amanda herself told me in the email she sent me that she Skyped with GenX (allegedly) and that GenX was a Canadian girl with a British accent.

      Is this Amanda lying again to me after lying to me about when she took down her fake review of my book?

      You see, when it comes to you bullies, it's nothing but one lie after another after another. And I am going to do a post about this since you called me a moron and I shall call it, "Amanda Welling Saga".

      Kind of catchy isn't it? - I will post the email she sent and her comments and show everyone with evidence how you bullies lie out of your ass-hat asses. LOL

      My mother is very VERY proud actually. She loves it when I stand up to you bullies and your lies. That's exactly how she raised me to be. To not be bullied by anyone.

      Your mother on the other hand ..... maybe not so much proud. Unless your mother is a bully too and she raised you to be the bully that you are.

      What's wrong bullies? Amanda? GenX? You find it acceptable to speak YOUR conspiracy theories about me with no evidence to support your claims but when it comes to someone and their "conspiracy theories" about you, you cry moan and groan about it like a little baby? It would appear to me that you can dish it out with no problem, but you sure as shit can't take it, can you?

      Karma, karma, karma. - Payback is a bitch, but karma is a motherf*$#er. LMAO

    6. Karma is a bitch and I hope yours comes in form of crabs.

      Again, with the conspiracy theories. Are all the people in your head really this loud?

      My mother is quite proud of me, thanks for asking. I don't put up with internet trolls out to destroy innocent people. I don't get mad when someone doesn't give me what I want and ends up throwing a hissy little bitch fit all over their blog.

      You're such a sad little man who takes up way too much good oxygen.

    7. Crabs? Sorry, Amanda, but I don't get with skanks like your husband does. Oh, wait! I guess one could get them from using public restrooms, huh? Well, in that case, good thing I don't use them.

      Hey, you brought up the conspiracy theory thingy. Not I.

      Well Amanda, I'll tell you, I only have one voice in my head. Unlike the voices in yours. Let's see, there's you, Amanda, then your sidekick personality, GenX, and only God knows who else and how many other socks you may use. But yes, sometimes that one voice in my head can get a bit too rowdy.

      You're mother is quite proud of you? **Applause** Then I guess my first thought was correct, she's a bully who raised a bully. If you don't put up with internet trolls who destroy innocence people then why are you one? I know I haven't attacked anyone, only defended against them. And exposed them and their lies.

      I'm not mad. And I certainly am not mad because nobody gave me what I wanted. I don't want anything. Except I am craving some vanilla ice cream right now. And throw a hissy fit? You mean .... like what you are doing right now? ... O_o ..... I see.

      Don't worry, you will never hear me "beg" for all of you and your bully friends to take down their posts. Even if proof ends up coming out that Amanda is not GenX (which I know she is) I still won't ever edit, change, take down any of the posts. And just like Amanda and the rest of the bullies fail to do with me, I will never apologize to them.

      Everything stays!!!!!! Ahahahahahaha, muwah-haha.

      You're a sad little bully who was raised by another sad little bully and has decided to waste their life being a sad little bully.


    8. Hey Carroll, I took that anon comment as them wishing you dead, like Mrs. Joseph did. Looks like you're right, these people are violent. They really do wish you to die. Good people would never go that far. I know that no matter how angry I am with someone, I have never wished them dead. The more they come here to try and make you look bad, the more they make themselves look bad. Now I see why you allow them to comment on your blog and why they don't allow comments on theirs. Good show, sir!

    9. Are you twelve? Have your balls not dropped yet? Grow the fuck up.

    10. Take your meds, Brian.

    11. Funny, I was going to say the same thing to you. LOL I swear to god, I was just about to say that you needed to grow up! Haha Serious!

      Wait! Now I'm twelve? Let me check. ..... There's one .... there's two ..... and there's the third one. Great! They're all here. :D .... Wait! Three? O_o

      Look at the bright side, I'm not going to your blog and leaving rude comments, am I? .... Who needs to grow up again?

    12. Anon said: "Take your meds, Brian."

      Carroll Says: Why? It won't change what the bullies say and do, will it? ... I'll take mine when they take theirs. Wait! Brian? Who's Brian? ... Oh, that's right, that was my birth name. Who is this? Amanda? Jude? (I mean, Elsa Hernandez?)

    13. None of the above, crazy pants.

      You're so paranoid and delusional. It's quite funny, actually.

    14. Hey, you're the one coming here and commenting on my blog as an anon. Now that's funny!

      It's my blog. I can call you whomever I please. LOL And now, I shall call you ...... Patrick Brown. hahahaha

    15. So little maturity + too much time= this blog.

    16. Funny, that's what people say about GenXpose blog and those two hate blogs in my honor.

      Imagine that! LOL

  8. If any new posts appear on those blogs, then you should post those emails that Amanda sent you. I want to read them. :) There is no doubt that Amanda is Gen. That last comment is Gen all the way. Amanda Welling is severely mental Carz. I would beware of her if I was you.

    1. She said in her email that she knows I live just a few hours away or something. So yeah, I will beware.

      Good idea. I think I will do that. If any new posts pop up then I will post those emails.

      I concur, no doubt GenX and Amanda Welling are one and the same. And they are BOTH mental! LOL

  9. She admits what she did to you. She fails to apologize for it. Then in her last comment, which you asked her not to leave, she blames everything on you. This girl has issues. No doubt Amanda is genx.

    1. That seems to be the consensus. Great point made.

  10. They are now linking this in the BBA hate group on Goodreads. This whole thing was a GenX setup. LOL An attempt to show that "I don't work with bullies to take stuff down". LOL Idiots.

  11. I'm trying very hard to follow your sense of logic here.

    Let me see if I got this right. Basically what you are saying is that way back in January, February and March, Amanda and her husband looked into a crystal ball and had a vision that one day in the future they would call you out for your bullshit. So they wrote back and forth to each other on different computers so the IPs would be different and argued with each other on GenXpose blog and then Amanda wrote a nasty(?) letter to GenX who is really her but it really went to her husband. And they did all of this to defend their friend Jude who isn't really their friend and Jude is the puppet master behind all of these people who write bad things about you?

    Are you fucking kidding me right now? You need mental help, man. Just trying to make sense of the shit you write literally hurts my brain.

    1. That pain in your brain stems from the fact that you're trying to actually think about something.

      Anyhow, I tell you what, I'll post the email Amanda sent me and we'll let the people decide what they think is going on. Okay?

      Oh, and we'll use dates too - to show the plan. You have to understand, once it was discovered that Amanda is GenX, why wouldn't her and her husband try to come up with some way to make it look like she isn't? I'm just saying, what Amanda has provided me ISN'T proof she isn't GenX. There's more than enough overwhelming evidence to suggest she IS GenX.

  12. I have deleted a few "anon" comments from the bullies because ... quite frankly ... it got to be boring. The same old whine and insults. I mean, sure, at first they are hilarious but then it's like, grow some balls already and stand behind your "convictions" with your real name. These bullies keep doing the same old thing over and over and say the same old thing over and over. Crying about this, moaning about that. 100 people read the evidence for themselves and only five of them don't get it. But those five are bullies so ... naturally they don't get it.

    Anyhow, bullies, for now, use your real name or remain in your caves as the cowards that you have shown the world for you to be. Amanda is GenX .... deal! You keep making it worse when you come here, stalking my blog, and making insults, and harassing me. Don't you bully losers have your own hate blogs to insult me on?

    Knock yourselves out. You know you want to. LOL


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