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GenX Says (Part Three)

Welcome to part three of the "GenX Says" series. We ended part two with the suicide issue and remarks. The thing is, there are a couple more screenshots where they harp further about that issue. At first, I wasn't going to include them, that poor dead horse can't take this kind of beating. But then I decided to go ahead and skim through them as quickly as possible. (So please bare with me if you can). The truth is, there are a lot of dead horses to beat here with the bullies because they pay themselves over and over again like a broken record. (If you can still recall what a record is) So let's not waste any more blog space than need be, okay?

To quickly recap, GenX and her goon squad (Or sock puppets) made a post where they all pretty much commented on things I said in many of my defense posts and now, I am responding to those comments. All the screenshots you see in this series came from one post on GenXpose hate blog, believe it or not. (For the most part anyway) I have had to take some shots from Goodreads and such for a few of their accusations to prove them wrong.

Anyhow, we will pick up here on part three where we left off from on part two. 

This first shot is where I made a comment about Jude's suicide threats to the effect that I called her last threat a bluff when I informed her that I was going to block her from emailing me because obviously, she did not go through with it, as it stands, she is still alive. In the response by the most idiotic of the bunch (which is saying a lot) "EA" - She assumes I am calling myself a professional psychiatrist. See for yourself.

No, "EA", I am not a professional psychiatrist, but you and your bully friends seem to think you guys are. (Resort to the conclusion of part two) where you bullies give out more psychological advice than a real psychiatrist. 

Thanks for calling me amazing though! I appreciate that.

(Sarcasm versus sarcasm - on the next Jerry Springer Show)

Then in this next shot, I talk about tough love. "EA" continues with her blah blah banter in response. Check it out. 

How am I focusing on myself? How am I blaming the victim? First of all, it is her fault for making the threats in the first place. What normal person would threaten suicide as much as she did? She does need to get help for that. I was always under the assumption that she was getting help. But how was it my responsibility to make sure she got that help? It's hard enough to make someone get help when you're there in the flesh, much less, to try and do it when she lives in Mexico and I live in Ohio. (In America) Not to mention, she was an 18 year old minor (sarcasm) and I was stealing her identity. (More sarcasm)

To understand those sarcasms you need to read part two.

And yes, "EA", it WAS her fault that I was angry with her for making all those suicide threats. She freaking made them! It wouldn't anger you that someone would make suicide threats repeatedly to just always get their way in a relationship?  Well, if your answer is no, then you probably aren't a very good friend. Even though she only made them to get her way. She was never serious about it. That's what angered me more, that she would make threats like that and not mean it. 

She didn't make the threats out of "depression" - she made them out of anger to get her way. There is a difference. And no, I am not a professional psychiatrist, but having been suffering from bi-polar since my car accident, I learned a lot about suicide. I am willing to bet I know more about the subject than you and all your bully friends put together. And yes, I was the adult, but news flash here: She was an 18 year old adult also! We were both adults. 

And FYI "EA", I may be a worthless piece of crap, but I am still worth more than you. I have more worth in my big toe than you do in your entire body. Just saying. Dumb-ass.

In this next shot, I talk about "The Runaway Pen" again, focusing on T.L.'s "advice" giving. 

AreaFive replies: "Who the hell is Bryant to advise? He can't keep his stories straight."

First of all AreaFive, who the hell is T.L. Shreffler to give advice? And secondly, where do I give advice? I don't see it. And lastly, what story do I not keep straight? Show us! Show where I have conflicting answers to any one question. T.L. talked a lot of shit on her post - shit she knows absolutely nothing about. And why does she know nothing about me? Because like you and all of your bully friends, you don't freaking know me! (But you like pretending that you do.)

Below is the rest of the comments the bullies made to the previous screenshot above.

To address GenX - Yes, this is what started all of this. There are plenty of authors out there who can not afford to give away free reads. Some of them can only afford to give out one or two a month if they are lucky. If you were an author then you would know this. So when an irresponsible blogger hops along and approaches an author for a free read, and then backs out of the deal, it hurts the author financially. First, they get robbed out of a book and second - they get nothing in return. No review. No interview. Thus, no potential sales from what they could have received had that blogger kept their word. For many of these authors, they rely on sales as part of their income. If you're too stupid and immature to understand that then baby, you need to find a real job and or hobby. Especially if you're too much of an asshole bully that you can't resist bullying them with your bully friends when they say something about it.

It's not a Barbie Doll game fuck nuts - It's real life. With real money at stake. With real human beings.

The quicker you and your bully friends learn this, the quicker you might acquire a conscience, a heart and a soul. And if you're lucky, maybe some compassion to boot. 

Then "shit for brains" Cheri replies that the whole idea behind me being at GR was so I could get free reviews and teenage girls." - No Cheri, it wasn't. The reviews and or interviews would not have been free. I would have given my book for those things. Those books are not "free". In fact, I did give them my book for free because they backed out of their service after soliciting me. And as for the teenage girl remark, show me the proof! You are more than welcome to post any evidence you have that I was trying to meet teenage girls. I wasn't even trying to meet Jude. She chased me. I did not chase her. And she continued to chase me even after I revealed myself a week after her 18th birthday. So if you have a problem with Jude and I having a relationship when she turned 18 (a legal adult) then take it up with her. She did all the chasing. 

Then AreaFive gets into it by once again, beating three dead horses in one short sentence. The "fake" pen name. LMAO - The model pic (yawn) and my age. Really? Still obsessed with that pic? And why is it so important for you to know my real age? (I told you guys before this drives the bullies completely nuts) And once again, fake name? Does Elsa Judi Sanchez Hernandez ring a bell? Yeah, your friend Jude's real name. And again (Yawn) she's not even an author! 

Did I mention something earlier about a broken record that repeats itself?

Then of course, the amazingly stupid GenX replies how it all began with my butthurt. (As if their constant whining about my pen name (now my real name) the model pic and my age isn't their butthurt) She says that I, a grown man, didn't get my reviews for free books and that I call it stealing afterward. Well, butthurt Amanda, it is stealing if you ask me for something in exchange for something and I give it but you don't? Guess what? You stole from me. As for me recognizing that these were teenage girls, and I should have known this, well guess what? Heather (from post two) was 35 years old. What's her excuse? Better yet, what is your pathetic excuse for her? (Dumb-ass) And I did "go along with my life" afterward, until Jude stalked me on my shared blog. 

As for me being involved with a minor under fraudulent circumstances, I know we covered this repeatedly in part two, but she was 18 years old, which by law of the planet earth, is not a minor. Liar! And I didn't wage a war on the internet, she did. By manipulating my blog partner so she could keep stalking me. And I don't have Douthit helping me, I don't even know her. I am on my own here. STGRB covered my attack, yes. They did several article's about me and my plight with the bullies because that is her cause. And while we're on the subject of recruiting help to fight battles, Jude recruited you and the rest of the bullies when she posted those emails that I allegedly wrote. Not to mention, all the people you have posting about me on your hate blog where I am only one person. (Hypocrite) 

As for this hate I have for Jude, that is fabrication on your part, I don't hate Jude. I don't even hate you and your bully sock puppets. I hate what you do and the lies you tell about me without proof, but life is too short to hate. I don't hate anybody. Trust me, there are more significant people out there than you in the world I could hate if I wanted to, but unlike you, I don't let that demon in my heart anymore. You and your bully friends are just not worth me condemning my soul with hate for you. If by chance I am wrong about there being a God, at least I can stand before him when I die and proudly proclaim that I have no hate for anyone in my heart or soul. Unlike you and your bully friends. 

"Hello Jesus, we bullied Carroll and the other authors because ....." (Insert excuse here.) 

God is watching? (That's between you and him.) Good luck with that.

And my "allegations" against Goodreads? Seriously? You see, you wouldn't know proof if it crawled up your ass and sneezed. Then answer me this all wise one of the universe, if all it was were allegations, then why did Goodreads act so fast to "save face?" - I bet Patrick Brown cringes every time you speak out about that because he knows they weren't allegations. So does everyone who reads that article. The only people who call it allegations are you and your blog sock puppets. Even many bullies from the bully hate group "Badly Behaving Authors" on Goodreads admit that sexual role-playing between adults and minors was going on, they were just pissed off that I was the one who broke the story. 

GenX, you must be a contortionist - being able to insert your head into your own ass like you do. That's quite impressive considering your - um - body size? (As this next screenshot will show)

Yeah, I went there. Deal!

In this next screenshot, the bullies continue to comment in regards to the screenshot prior to Amanda's profile screenshot. Take a look.

Cheri says that good authors ask for feedback from their readers all the time. Yes they do, Cheri. So did I. And for the better part, I got that feedback. Some positive, some constructive and some not so positive. But what you and your bully friends do by rating and reviewing books you never even read isn't feedback. It's bullying. And when I did ask for it from the bloggers who stole from me, they didn't give it. First you whine about (and give excuses) for your bully friends who didn't want to review my book(s) when they asked me for it because "They maybe didn't have anything good to say" (Consult part two) and then you change your tune by saying that good authors ask for feedback like you bullies would actually be honest with that feedback. not to mention that STGRB has plenty of screenshots showing when authors ask for feedback from the bullies, you all take offense and start ripping them a new one. Can we say hypocrite again? Yeah, I think we can. 

What's up with that?

Then finally, Hall of Famer "EA" (Consult part two) says that for an amateur author I have a chip on my shoulder. I'm expecting to get good reviews just because I gave away a free book? - First off, an amateur is someone who doesn't get paid for their work. I collect royalty checks for my writing, thus, my amateur status has officially been revoked. (It would appear that math is not the only thing the bullies suck at.) I also do not have a chip on my shoulder, but while we're talking about chips on shoulders, you mean like the one you and your bully friends have about my pen name (now my real name) and the model pic, and my age? You mean that kind of chip? LOL

And no, I never expect good reviews - I only expect honesty. A concept that is totally lost on you and your bully friends. And the only reason I gave away free books to your bully bloggers is because they stole them from me by promising me a review in exchange for the book which they failed to deliver on when they solicited me. So that kills your "bribe" theory. I never once tried to negotiate a good review in exchange for a free read. Not once! But if you have evidence that contradicts my claim, please present it to me. To all of us. The whole world. 

You can't, can you? Didn't think so. You can't prove it if it never happened.

In this next shot, I am talking about more of Evie Seo and her bully post about me. We get more asinine replies from the whiners. Take a look.

AreaFive kicks things off by questioning my irresponsible reporting. Hey AreaFive, you mean like the posts I make where I show screenshots of what you say about me and set the record straight? (Like how I started this "GenX Says" series in part one where you liars mention how Jude was 15 when she and I met and I showed with actual screenshots that it wasn't true?) Do you mean like that kind of irresponsible posts? Well, let's skim through your irresponsible posts,, shall we? Like for example: My name, my age, the model pic, and accusations that I chase after minors. You only post evidence about the model pic but never present any evidence that I chase after minors. You don't even post evidence that I chased after Jude. How irresponsible is that? And my name is irrelevant. A non-issue yet you boo-hoo about it all the time when in fact, your friend Jude continues to lie to everyone in regards to her real name. My age is irrelevant as well. Nobody cares!

You also claim that I stalk Jude yet, you have no evidence to back that up. I have evidence in "Emails with Jude" so, still want to talk about irresponsible reporting? .... No? .... That's what I thought.

Then EA says that I use the word bully too much, and that I am all about the fame. Well first of all, EA, I use the word bully too much because I have to deal with them too much. (namely you and your bully friends over at GenXpose) As for being all about the fame, did I start two hate blogs in my honor? As if one wasn't enough for you bullies (GenXpose) you were the ones who went out and did that. Plus, it's not my fault you bullies keep talking about me in your hate groups and blogs and all over the internet. You do that of your own free will. If I am getting famous, it's because you bullies won't stop talking about me.

Thank you for that, by the way. 

If I am famous and getting more famous everyday, it's because of that. because you bullies have made me famous. 

Then GenX says: "If there's a bully here it's Carroll Bryant. Again, two hate blogs in my honor isn't bullying? Recruiting more people on your hate blog "GenXpose" to come after me isn't bullying? (While hiding behind anonymous names) Emailing me first isn't bullying? And oh, this screenshot of my book sales information (on one of those hate blogs) from Amazon isn't bullying? (Courtesy of a friend who sent this to me) 

This isn't stalking me? Really? And what does my sales have to do with anything? This isn't an attempt to try and publicly humiliate me? You bullies do realize that my books are available for all E-readers, right? They are on about a half dozen book sites, you know this right? 

GenX also goes onto say that my screenshot of Evie's followers doesn't mean anything. Yes it does mean something, GenX. It means nobody gives a rats ass about her and she is trying to get more of her bully friends to follow her. The problem is, you bullies are more scarce than you will admit. STGRB recently did a report about one of them who was caught red handed owning a half dozen sock sock puppets. I suppose we can assume that if all you bullies own six sock puppets each and there is only about 50 of you then obviously, it would make it seem like there is a bunch of you. I'm pretty sure we will be seeing more sock-puppetry exposure in the future where the bullies are concerned. 

And then GenX goes on to mention that that I have never attempted to contact her hate blog to refute any false claims or claims I made on my blog. Actually, GenX, I did make an honest attempt to address all of your claims and mine one time, remember? And how did you respond to that attempt? Allow me to remind you with this next screenshot. 

You see GenX, I did make an honest attempt to address everything, however, you treated it like a 12 year old child. You were the one who didn't want to take me up on that challenge. And you want to know something else? You still won't take me up on it because even to this day, of all the accusations you and your bully friends make against me, not once have you proven anything except that model pic, which I owned up to in December of 2012 - long before anyone knew who the hell you were, Amanda Welling.

(Now who's looking for fame? .... Amanda is! As GenX)

You don't want an honest and open debate that requires evidence because you don't have any evidence to support any of your claims. I even extended many opportunities on this "GenX Says" series for you and your goons to present your evidence. But let's me realistic here, there will never be any evidence to support your "pie in the sky" claims against me, will there? 

Didn't think so.

So, if you already treated my effort in the past to seriously address your claims against me like a 12 year old, why should I ever give you another opportunity? 

As for your final words on your response, where you say I demanded an apology from you, that was to mock your request to me to apologize to you and your bully goon squad. Let us never forget that you came to me first with comments on my blog, STGRB blog, and through email. Not to mention, your "Hippie" blog where you first wrote about me. (Someone you don't even know)

Then we have this shot of GenX commenting how her blog has all the proof. take a look.

She also claims I don't present any evidence. I think we cleared that up in part one of this "GenX Says" series, didn't we? She again says that if you want evidence that all you have to do is go to her blog. Proof of what Amanda? The model pic? Because that's all you present. And as I have said before, that has already been owned by me, addressed, explained and is old news. 

This next shot is of me still talking about one of the blogs that wrote about me. EA responds in classic fashion. 

She says that since I gave these bloggers free books and when I messed up their friend Jude, they decided it would probably be prudent if they didn't do me any favors. She then says she doesn't disagree with their reasoning.

Well EA, Jude and were still friends up until the time I blocked her in February of 2012. Jude wasn't "messed" up by me by that point. (The truth is, Jude was messed up long before I ever entered the picture) Still, if I make a promise to your friend and you two have a falling out, that would not affect my promise to your friend - even if we were friends because I carry relationships on a one on one basis. I do not get involved with my friends relationships with other people. It would be a situation where you two needed to work it out, but it would not have an affect on my promise to your ex-friend. Relationships between individuals are private and no business of anybody else.

I have had friends in the past who tried to get me to side with them in disputes with other mutual friends of ours. I would always say to them, "Dude, that's between you two. Don't get me involved because it's not any of my business and has nothing to do with me."

It's called "being your own person". You might want to try it out sometime.

This next screenshot is very interesting indeed. I talk about the unsuspecting attack on me on Goodreads but the first response by Cheri is an clear cut example of "misinformation" by the bullies and how they say things with no evidence to support their claims. Check it out.

Cheri mentions that I have like fifty blogs to defend myself with. Really Cheri? And you can prove this? (What am I saying, of course she can prove it which is why she hasn't proved it yet) The last time I checked, I only have four blogs. two of which are strictly for my writing. That is approximately 46 blogs shy of the fifty you claim I have. Anytime you want to prove the other 46 blogs, go for it. Good luck though in finding them because they don't exist. You'll be searching for a million lifetimes and beyond. (Infinity?) 

Then GenX says that I love to copy her. LMAO. You see, I said that once about her, and so what does she do? She copies me in saying it. Ha! That's irony right there.

AreaFive concludes it by asking if I have a crush on GenX. Yeah, AreaFive, GenX was first to email me, write about me, comment on my blog .... and I'm the one with the crush? 

I told you before I couldn't make this shit up if I tried.

Then we have this comment I made regarding me making myself available to GenX to address their accusations and to answer their questions. (Scroll up - we covered that already earlier in this post) But here they are responding to it again. 

EA replies (I dig her ass-hattery) "Hey dumb-ass, instead of leaving things like this to your audience to figure out what you're saying, JUST SAY IT. Clarity is not your strength, and if you're trying to be a professional writer, that's not a good thing."

EA, you're the dumb-ass, apparently. I left the screenshot to that comment to answer the question for me. Perhaps you are too stupid to have figured that out. Sometimes, I don't need to come out and say things, all I need to do is post what you idiot bullies say and do to answer questions for me. My audience are intelligent people, unlike your audience of supporters, and they know exactly what I was saying (proving), the same thing I said earlier in this post, that I made the attempt to honestly address your issues with me and GenX responded like a 12 year old with her "Bryant Plays Let's Make A Deal" post. 

It's not my fault that you are too stupid to understand this.

I think by allowing that screenshot to answer for me was both clarity and proof of what I attempted to do. And that proof shows how you and your bully friends lie out of your asses. LOL 

Cheri ends the commenting with: "Class is not his forte'." - Nor is it yours Cheri. You and your bully friends. I mean, still crying with your butthurt over a pic? My name? My age? Really? 

There is more peas in this pod than first thought. 

For this final screenshot of this post, I make the comment in regards to The Rex Files writing a story about me. I make the assertion that it was done so in an attempt for the author Rex Jameson to make a name for himself off of my name. (other than him being a bully, there is no other possible reason for him to write anything about me - somebody HE knows nothing about, huh?) Anyhow, check out the responses to it.

EA says that I really must be a narcissist because I think that this is all about people trying to capture some of my reflected glory. Well, EA, allow me to answer that with this next screenshot of Rex's fans on Goodreads, okay? (She won't get this, I know. JUST SAY IT.) 

What do you think EA? Think he isn't trying to grab some of my reflected glory? he only has six fans! Six! And he has been on GR for like what? A year or more? ..... Six! (JUST SAY IT.) 

I have been banned from GR for almost a year now, and was only a member for about 16 months prior to that. I wonder how many fans I have showing on GR. Hhhmm, let's take a look, shall we?

I rest my case. (Damn my narcissism.) JUST SAY IT.

GenX responds with: "Are you blinded by his beauty yet?" - Well Amanda, this could explain why you and your bully goons are so stupid. Blinded by my beauty or the truth. Pick one. (Or both if you like) 

I also mention in that screenshot that like all the stories before and after Rex Files article on me, that it is riddled with inaccuracies This is when EA raises the question: "Did you ever stop to think that the common denominator is you?" - Yes EA, I am the common denominator here, aren't I? But hey, you and your bully friends made me the common denominator. (Dumb-ass) 

She also adds that it is remarkable how everybody that looks at the situation has the same take and yet, sees it wrong." - Well, EA, you're half correct. You see, not everybody that looks at the situation has the same take, only you bullies have the same take. There is more support for STGRB and myself and other authors who have been bullied by you and your gang of thugs than there are for you and your gang of thugs. And to be honest, I owe that to you guys for making the hate blogs in my honor. That was the first real dead giveaway that you people are the bullies. I can't thank you enough for that. You bullies are only hurting yourself more than what I or STGRB could ever hurt you. It's just that, you bullies haven't opened your eyes up to that yet. (Or have you?) Perhaps this next screenshot will answer that question. (JUST SAY IT) Fine, I will just say it: Yes, you know this because why else would you hide your members names on your hate group "Badly Behaving Authors" on Goodreads after having been showing them in the beginning?" (Hiding for a reason?) Don't take my word for it, look for yourselves.

Yeah, I think you know that you're in the minority.

And as for GenX's response - I say this - It occurred to me. (Looking where you're pointing.)

I'm Carroll Bryant ..... and this is The Looking Glass.

Things We Learned Today:

* Amanda Welling never turns down a meal

* Carroll went there. Deal!

* The bullies have a lot of explaining to do when they stand before Jesus

* Carroll has more fans than Rex Jameson

* The GR bullies are ashamed to show who they are

* The bullies need a new dead horse to beat

* Jude was messed up long before Carroll ever met her

* Carroll has 56 blogs unaccounted for


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