Thursday, June 6, 2013

GenX Says: Special Edition

Okay, while we still have plenty more of the "GenX Says" series to go, I thought I would work this "Special Edition" in because .... well .... because I can and ... the bullies are back to making comments on the GenXpose hate blog. I wanted to go ahead and address them while the eggs are still in the skillet. (So to speak)

Anyhow, remember when I posted about GenX being back in her true bully form? Remember that post? Remember that screenshot I led off with? Here, let me refresh your memory.

Remember now?

Anyhow, there are (as of this writing) two comments posted on that article since comments were re-opened on GenXpose. This first screenshot is of a comment made by StLouisKiss. Check it out, because we are going to have a little field day with this one. Eh, actually, we're going to have a field day with both of the comments on that post. (Yeah, all two of them) LOL Here is what HE said. 

He says: "Your words are wasted, he can't control himself and he is quickly escalating." - Hhhmmm, I can't control myself you say, "StLouisKiss"? Really? I mean, the "GenX Says" posts are are taken from a post you bullies made a month or two ago. It would seem that if I had no control, I would have posted the full "GenX Says" series long ago. But you are right about one thing, when it comes to defending myself from your hate posts, I have no control to refrain myself. I am, in fact, compelled to do it. You know, defend myself from all of your hateful lies.

He then goes on to mention that I handle myself badly where rejection is concerned. Wait! I've been rejected? This is news to me. Perhaps you could enlighten all of us with more of your stupidity and maybe tell me who it was that rejected me? I sure would like to know. Oh wait, were you referring to Jude rejecting me? Well, if by chance this is so, trust me, she didn't reject me, I rejected her. (Ultimately) 

He also says that I taunted that I had evidence of serious criminal activity and that I said I didn't give it up to law enforcement but instead, that I wrote a blog post stating that I would "give evidence to the newspapers" so I could become famous. - Really StLouisKiss? I said that? And you have a screenshot of me saying this, correct? .... Oh, what am I saying, of course he has evidence to back this up. This explains why he never posted it. Not to mention, what evidence? Of what? I don't get it. What evidence are you referring to? By chance, would that be the sexual role play on Goodreads post?

Wait! ..... What?

My sentiments exactly. 

He also goes on to mention that I litter the internet with threats. Again, failing to provide evidence of this claim. (Naturally) He also says I tried to get "Amanda" alone several times. This must explain why she emailed me today begging for me to stop calling her "GenX". And as always, he fails to provide any proof of this. Not once have I ever tried to get "Amanda" alone. However, I did attempt to address any questions and concerns in the beginning when she started harassing me with posts and in the comments section of her hate blog. But I wouldn't classify that as a romantic thing as he implies. It's just a lying idiot being a lying idiot. Oh, and he also mentions I "isolate" her. Yeah, kind of like the way he and GenX and the rest of their bully gang isolate me with their hate posts and comments? I guess he would know about those kinds of things. He also claims I threaten GenX. - Really "Kiss"? You have screenshots of me threatening GenX? Anybody? .... No? .... Figures. LOL

He then says that I am aggressively violent. He says that I am armed. He says I admit to regular dealings with law enforcement and that I publicly threatened to shoot police officers. 

Well, what this nitwit is referring to is my previous "Gun Control" post. You know the one. The one I used to set these bullies up with where I talked about how local law enforcement was violating my rights and even attempted to falsely arrest me by getting another law abiding citizen to file a false complaint against me and everything just so they could execute that false arrest. First of all, what I said was that I was willing to protect myself against any such aggression. Big difference. Huge difference! And secondly, most of that post was a set up to get the bullies to do what they eventually did which was .... call in the feds. And guess what "Kiss"? It worked! Your plan backfired! Now you people are under investigation even if you choose not to believe it. LOL Oh, and by the way "Kiss", I allowed them to search my home for anything illegal and guess what? They didn't find anything. LMAO. 

And GenX says her blog tells the truth. What a crock. 

I see you guys are still fishing without a pole. 

He also says it used to take hours for me to respond but now it takes mere minutes. Hey "Kiss" maybe you should double check that math again. The "GenX Says" series is weeks behind schedule for me to respond. Anyhow, I think he is referring to my "Back To Form" post. Here, let me show you a quick and short version of it. 

This was my response post to GenX's  post "Quicksand And Chinese Handcuffs". And why was I able to respond to this post so fast? Well, as it says in the previous screenshot, "I had a hunch after that last anon comment ..." - And what was that anon comment I was referring to on my blog? Funny you should ask. Let me show you. 

So you see "Kiss", GenX and the rest of you bullies are predictable. And oh, by the way, I had another hunch again tonight, which also proved to be right. You nutwads are back to talking about me again. Predictable, predictable, and ..... PREDICTABLE!!! LOL

And again, more outlandish and unprovable claims of me threatening GenX. It just doesn't seem to bother them to lie about everything and anything to try and make some point. One would think that to make your point, you wouldn't have to resort to lying. But they do. And we all laugh at it, don't we? 

Of course we do.

He then goes on to say he is concerned for GenX. - Really "Kiss"? You're concerned about your number one bully? Concerned for what? That she is going to be arrested by the very same federal agents she (and the rest of you) sent to my front door? .... Well, isn't that special? And yes, you should be concerned for her about that because guess what? It may very well happen. We'll see where their investigation takes them. Okay? 

He wraps his crappola of a comment with: "This man wants to be a headline and I'm not sure he cares much how he accomplishes it." - Really "Kiss?" I want to be a headline? ... Okay, if you say so. But the last time I checked, it wasn't me forcing you to attack me with your lies. Nor GenX. Let us not forget that she came after me first. I already proved that. But then again, you people wouldn't know proof if it came with a badge and knocked on your door. .... Wait! That may be coming later. We'll see what you have to say if when that time comes. Or .... did I just threaten you again? LMAO

Then "AreaFive" jummps in with her comment. Take a look. 

She says: "How is he so quickly aware of any activity here? He's subscribed to the blog."

No "AreaFive", I am not subscribed to that god awful hate blog. It's a public blog, you twit. Anybody can read it. And since I know you bullies are back in action, I guess I need to be checking in on a regular basis now, shouldn't I? You know, since you're apparently going to be back to telling lies about me again without any evidence. That or ... I could just continue to rely on my followers and friends to alert me to new postings you bullies make about me. And or, keep trusting my hunches. Take your pick. But isn't it funny how you people always seem to know what is going on over here on The Looking Glass? 

Wait! They have subscribed to my blog.

I'm Carroll Bryant .... and this is The Looking Glass.

Things We Learned Today:

* StLouisKiss is still up to his old lying tricks

* AreaFive subscribes to my blog?

* Carroll plays the bullies off their own hate for him

* The bullies are still predictable

* StLouisKiss is concerned that GenX will be arrested

* Carroll was rejected!

* Carroll is armed? 

* This post was a field day

* Carroll used the word crock for the first time on this blog

* The bullies fish without poles

* Carroll has good hunches


  1. Damn, Carroll, you're so far off its almost not funny - almost. Amanda isn't GenX, because I am. Heck she doesn't even have the same equipment if you get my drift. It's okay if you don't believe me, I know the paranoia has seeped so deep into your soul as to be a part of you now. That's fine. The truth is your opinion means less to me than that of the fungus I just recently cleaned out of my basement.

    I will give you a hint, though, just to be sporting. I'm really one of the other people you've recently spewed bile about. Oh wait, maybe that doesn't help much. You've foamed at the mouth so much as of late that you're practically a rabid dog, and looking at your post above about as coherent as one. Ta! I do so enjoy your nonsensical rants.

    1. It doesn't matter. You're a chicken shit to hide in the first place. If you're really not Amanda then you're a double chicken shit for allowing her to take the fall. What kind of decent man would allow that to happen to a woman? You're not a real man. You're the same kind of sick dick as John Green and Rick Gualtieri if that's the case.

      No one is paying any attention to you anyway. You have lost so many followers it isn't funny. Carroll has slammed you time and again.

      If you're really not Amanda then what does it say about you and your friends to allow her to take the blame? It shows what sorry assed people you all really are. Carroll is right, you people are too stupid to realize that. You people truly are cowards to the core. Thanks for confessing that Gen.

    2. Worry not Anon, Amanda is Gen. However, in your scenario all you say is true. This is just a game to these people. That's all it is. And they don't care if innocent people get caught in the crossfire. That's what makes it so fun for them. Just one big joke. Ruining people's lives is their sole purpose. Even their own kind are expendable. They have constantly shown that. They are heartless, soulless and evil. They don't care who they hurt just as long as they hurt someone.

    3. Hmm, I was wondering why my ears were burning. All I will say is that if treating my readers (regardless of their opinion) with respect, having a sense of perspective, and attempting to act like a professional are things that make me a "sick dick", then I am proud to wear that label.

      Rick "sick dick" G.

    4. This last comment makes me laugh so hard because, well, if only you knew how ironic it sounds.

      "And they don't care if innocent people get caught in the crossfire. That's what makes it so fun for them. Just one big joke. Ruining people's lives is their sole purpose. Even their own kind are expendable. They have constantly shown that. They are heartless, soulless and evil. They don't care who they hurt just as long as they hurt someone."

    5. You attempted to act like a professional? When? Where? And you think by creating an "Anti-Asshat" group is being "professional"? If so, then you are more mentally distorted than I would have pegged you to be.

      Burning ears? Really? More like, "Glad I stalk Carroll's blog so I can see my name. I'm somebody now!"

      You're beginning to wear a lot of labels lately, Rick. Most notably, the "bully" brand label.

    6. @ Anon 2:05 - Ironic? Meaning that I go around hurting people? You have a reference of this and proof that i do this? Hey, Amanda came after me first. She admitted her wrongs then tried to blame it on "the crowd" was doing it too excuse. Amanda has earned whatever she gets. And it doesn't matter if she is or isn't GenX. But she is Genx so the point is moot. And I didn't base that finding on a credit card either. She confessed to it when addressing a comment I made about Amanda's "hippie" blog. GenX associated herself to that blog with her own words. That is how I discovered she was Amanda.

    7. She wasn't blaming it on the "crowd," she was trying to explain to you that she wasn't the only person who went to GenXpose blog when GenX first opened shop.

      You're a fucking idiot. Learn some reading comprehension.

    8. You're such a wanker. Ironic because you go and do shit like this just for the hell of it. Never mind that there are real people you attack. Doing things like this make you a total asshole. Do you have friends? Do you have a girlfriend? Does she know you treat women like this?

    9. It's the same thing.

      "Everyone else was doing it too." - LMAO So if everyone else on GenXpose blog was kicking cats like they were footballs, you would be doing it to? LOL You're the real "fucking idiot" Anon 5:57. There were a lot of people who chose to think for themselves instead of joining in on the "Carroll bashing" over on GenXpose blog.

      You have to remember, I never said or did anything to Amanda before I discovered she was GenX. Nothing! Just like I have done nothing to anyone first, and nobody has evidence that I ever attacked anyone first. Because I haven't. They attacked me. Someone they don't even know. Just like they attack others for no reason. And these bullies never show any visual evidence to support their claims. Never!

    10. @ Anon 6:03 - Yes, I posted that for like fifteen minutes on those three counter blogs I created after you bullies started "Tired Of Bryant" and "CBLies" and post lies on those blogs. I wanted you to see how it feels when people post things about you without any evidence. Apparently, you don't care for it much do you? Now you know how I feel. The difference here is, mine was only up for 15 minutes. Your posts of lies are still up!

      So quit your cry-baby whining. Sue me. Let's go to court right now! You effing wanker jerk. I'm a real person too that you bullies attack. You are the ones making yourself look like the total assholes that you are. Like I said before, you people can dish it out, but you sure as shit can't take it, can you?

      Yes, I have plenty of friends. Yes, I have a GF. (She's not a sociopath like Jude, (aka Elsa) And yes, she knows I treat bullies like this. (A real woman wouldn't attack me for no reason like Amanda (aka GenX) did/does. Nor would a real woman manipulate my blog partner just to stalk me on my blog like Jude Henderson did. (aka Elsa Judi Sanchez Hernandez) Nor would any decent human being start a hate blog in my honor. In fact, no decent human being would even start up GenXpose blog.

  2. sorry to jump in here carroll but for all the talk these bullies talk about you not being relevant, they sure do seem to be keeping a close watch on you. you're getting quite the rise out of them for someone who is insignificant. you're still their biggest thorn. lol i think its funny how they pretend you're nobody and they all come here to comment.

    1. First of all, jump in all you like. That's why the comments are there. For you the reader to participate.

      As for your point - well said. It is very funny how much they come here to see what I, "Mr. Irrelevant" is up to. LOL

      I am their biggest single nemesis. (Outside of STGRB) but Mr. Eason and Mr. Carufel and others are (or will be soon enough) some pretty big thorns for the bullies to deal with too.

      The bullies days are numbered. And they know this. Their ranks have dwindled over the past six months severely. Their message is falling on deaf ears. Bully Nation is crumbling little by little all around them. They are now gasping for air as the waves of justice and truth continue to splash on and around them.

      All of their lies are coming home to roost.

  3. One recurring theme that bothers me is this group's referring to themselves as "readers" that just didn't like a book. Ha! I know none have read any of my books or most others that they've chose to attack. They attack a book because they disagree with an author's statement somewhere, but none can even admit it and instead they redirect the blame for the attack - typical straw man tactics. I doubt that most ever read anything except blogs.

    As for GenX, whoever she may be, she's not intelligent and when she ventures away from the topic of Carroll Bryant, she makes little sense, which is most likely the reason she's always writing about you. She sure knows nada about law - I've read through much of her stupid blog just to confirm what I read here.

    1. Rest assured that GenX is Amanda Welling. Amanda, in her email to me, described GenX as a Canadien girl with a British accent and works in the law field (or something like that) - What is this, a game of clue? Mr. Mustard, in the study with a candlestick holder? - Anyhow, one anon comment suggests that GenX is a man. You see, you just can't trust anything the bullies say. Amanda Welling is GenX - and that's the end of that - However, I am trying to decide if I should do a post on the Amanda comments and her email to me.

      Yes, these people try to claim they are readers however, if you look closely, they never read the books of the authors they attack. So I ask, WTF are they reading? LOL Oh, wait! They're reading my posts here on The Looking Glass. LMAO

      Amanda / GenX is always writing about me because she is trying to fight her friend Jude's battles. And because I think she secretly has a crush on me. Kind of like the 9 year old girl who always hits the 10 year old boy in the arm when she sees him. The boy takes it as violence but the girl does it out of .... love. LOL

      Side note: I am sure you have seen the lack of evidence they give to many of their claims against me. There will be more of this coming up on the next four or five installments of the "GenX Series". Exciting stuff.

  4. Hi Caroll we love you in Philippines. I tell all my friends bout you. kisses.

    1. Hello to the Philippines! Thank you! Love you too! LOL

  5. haha my friend say she like your music caroll.

    1. Thanks! Tell your friend I like my music too. Haha J/K

      Seriously, thank you to the Philippines! Wait! Is this you "sugar" girl? LOL

  6. Mrs. Welling deserves whatever she gets. She attacked Carroll for no reason. She admits to following the crowd like a weak minded child, and she is 30 years old. She never apologized. If I was an employer, I wouldn't want her working for me. She would be a liability to the rest of my employees.

    1. I couldn't have said it better. I'm sure The Donald would say it better though. He would look her right into the eyes and say, "Amanda, you're fired." LOL


    1. Look everyone ... Amanda comes to my blog and comments, leaves a link when I asked her not to comment anymore here, emails me, and guess what? .... I'm the stalker. LMAO!

      It is obvious that Amanda Welling doesn't know what meaning of the word "stalker" is. Haha

    2. A pretty good story except she got a few things wrong and left a few key things out. For example, she says "GenXpose" opened after "The Looking Glass" when in fact, "GenXpose" opened a month before "The Looking Glass".

      She also left out the reason why I posted "The List". In retaliation of what Jude Henderson (Elsa Hernandez) did - stalked my blog while using my blog partner to do it - but I digress, how is everything she said "stalking"?

      Again, if you're going to "defend" yourself Amanda, I mean, GenX, at least be truthful about it.

      You know, the more you try and convince yourself you're not GenX, the more you look like her. Just saying. LOL

      And for the final time (I hope) you wrote about me first. You attacked me first. And if you want to talk about ruining people's reputation, you need to take a good hard look at your contributions (and that of your friends) in regards to what you did to me.

      Nobody here feels sorry for you. You get what you earn. And sweetheart, you earned everything you get.

      And to think, through it all, you still failed to do the one thing that good people do. Apologize for your actions.

  8. So she leaves a link on your blog after you asked her twice to stay away? What the hell does that psycho think you're going to do because she wrote another post about you? You've had so many posts written about you Carroll by these people, does she really think you would give a shit that she wrote another one on you? Talk about butthurt.

  9. This comment goes out to mostly Mrs. Welling. While I'm happy for her that she got her internship, she may not want to start celebrating just yet. There may have been laughter over all of this during her interview process, but when she left the interview, there was nobody laughing. She will be watched like a hawk. At the first sign of trouble, she will be gone.

    Mrs. Welling has already confessed to attacking Mr. Bryant first on her blog. I have read that article and she did, while in not so many words, make him appear as a stalker and a sex predator. Mrs. Welling also admits to making comments about Mr. Bryant and posting a book review that wasn't entirely accurate due to the fact that she never read his book. (That I'm aware of) Another point of concern is Mrs. Welling failure to apologize to Mr. Bryant. Mrs. Welling needs to understand that she is not just going to be judged by what she says and does on the internet, but that of whom she associates with as well. I would suggest Mrs. Welling keep that in mind because I am someone who hires new employees at the company I work for. If I became aware of this situation, I would look into her other social media accounts to see if she associates with any of the people that are attacking Mr. Bryant. All of this are red flags as to Mrs. Welling's online personality, and could very well reflect her true personality.

    This is not to say that I wouldn't hire Mrs. Welling because of it. Having said that, and please pay special attention to my next words Mrs. Welling, if I had you in my office right now for a job interview, and I was aware of everything surrounding you on the internet, I would refuse you employment. Not because of all that has been taking place, but primarily due to your current post on your blog. Allow me to explain. Your defense in regards to you being Gen is fine. I don't have any problem with that at all. I do have a problem with the fact that within your post you have chosen to supply links to other blogs and articles written about Mr. Bryant that do not portray him in a very positive light, and does not involve you and the current dispute between you and Mr. Bryant. By doing this, you have told myself, and other future employers, that you have a vindictive streak running through you. Not only are you prepared to defend your name, which you have a right to do, you also take an offensive, and aggressive action against Mr. Bryant. On that basis alone, I would not hire you.

    My advice to you Mrs. Welling, take down those links. You're not hurting Mr. Bryant, you're proving his argument. You're only hurting yourself.

  10. Mr. Bryant, please do not mistaken my previous comment to Mrs. Welling, and the fact that I would not hire her, as an endorsement for you. While I agree people are entitled to defending their name and reputation, I disagree with all of this from both sides. Where there is smoke, there is fire. I wouldn't hire you either. I do wish all involved the best, and would ask that everyone involved just take down everything. That would be the best solution for all parties.

  11. Question: At what point does the bulliee becomes the bullier?
    Answer: When they forget how it felt when they first got bullied.

    I don't condoned nor congratulate any form of bullying, from either parties. Growing up I've seen it happened to a lot of people, young and old. It has been thought of only to happened in adolescent years but I think our society has definitely carried it through to adulthood. I think its wrong. Cyber bullying is very dangerous, because it takes a life of it own. Ask yourselves at what point does it stop. At what point does either party wins in the end. They don't because it festers. As professionals, we have to take responsibilities for our actions and try to uphold the moral code. We are adults who are supposed to set examples for the upcoming generation, and we are failing. They see that cyber bullying is OK, and the best way to combat it is to go hard and call someone out of their actions publicly by humiliating them. Every time you take the time out and degrade someone your also lowering yourselves to their level.

    I have read about many different cases where cyber bullying has killed many teenagers. So many teenagers, are committing suicide because of bullying. Where are the voices of encouragement for them? Do you think the other person on the other end of bullying feels guilty because they made someone die? Or are they just calling them weak, coward or useless. Or maybe they don't care.

    What will become of the next generation? Are they going to do the same things we have done and become worse or are they going to rise above it and stop it before it starts?

    This comment is meant for everyone, I am not taking sides of who is wrong or who is right. I just want you all to see the bigger picture in all of this.


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