Friday, February 1, 2013

Goodreads: Or Good-Pedophilia?

Disclaimer: Any person(s) mentioned in this report have not been convicted of any crime. *

* The groups mentioned are not just strictly 18+. Many of them were started by minors, and are not private. In most cases, you don't even have to be a member of Goodreads to view the content. All you need is a link. *

Goodreads is a website known for book lovers all around the world. It’s membership exceeds into the 10 millions. Male, female, the young and old alike. And while it is known to be a place where hard-core book lovers can go in search of that next great novel, there is another “hard-core” secret that nobody wants to talk about. Okay, maybe it’s not such a secret after all, but it is true that nobody seems to be talking about it. I’m scratching my head and wondering … why?

While we live in an age where tragedies occur more often than we like, things like school shootings and child abuse, one of the most unknown events taking place right before your eyes, and on the computer no doubt, is children interacting sexually in explicit conversations with adults in public and private groups also known as, “Role-play groups” on Goodreads.

If you are a parent, you might want to see if your child is a member of Goodreads. And if so, you might want to go into their account to see if they are participating in one of these groups.

While some of these role-play groups can look innocent at first glance, and maybe some are, there are some filled with violence and hard-core sexuality beyond belief. The worst part of it all is, under-aged kids are often times role-playing in a sexual manner with adults. Does this scare you? Well, it should. But don’t take my word for it, take a look for yourself.

*** Warning: some screen shots contain explicit words of a sexual nature ***

The following screen shots were taken by me (to which I have whited out my secret identity at the top right corner) and prove that these groups do in fact exist on the Goodreads website. In this screen shot, we see the banner for the group called Sexual Roleplay with 409 members listed. And while they do require everyone to check a box stating that you verify your age in order to join, under-aged kids can still gain access by simply checking the box and joining. They can also participate! And they do.

But this is just one group of many. Not all of these sexually charged groups require an age verification. (Not that it stops anyone anyway) Take for example the group, Love and Lustful Fantasies. (A group that appears to have been started by minors) As you will see in the following screenshots and links, proof that adults are interacting with minors in an explicit and sexual manner.

First, I want to show this screen shot of one of the role-play topics in this group, TEEN PREGNANCY.

Next, I want you to take a look at this Members List. Pay close attention the member who calls herself “I am a Fallen Angel” My research concluded that she is 15 or 16 years old.

Also listed in the member section is a man named Ian, and although his age is not mentioned, on his author profile, his bio indicates that he has written short stories and poetry since high school. Now, I am not one to judge, but I ask you, what are adults doing by being a member of a role-play group with minors where sexually explicit conversations are taking place? It just doesn't look right to me. In Ian's defense, he has not made any comments in the group as of yet. But the mere fact that an adult would place themselves in this kind of situation, let alone an author, is suspicious in of itself. It's just not a good position to place yourself in. 

Also pictured in this next screen shot is a woman by the name of Isis, a 23 year old that has commented in the group and as you will see in the line of screenshots, is interacting with another girl (Just Joe) A 16 year old girl.


Now, I'm no expert where the law is concerned, but I'm pretty sure that an adult talking like this in a sexually explicit manner with a minor can't possibly be legal, is it? I'm pretty sure this is inappropriate. I do know one thing, if I had a child interacting like this with strange adults on-line, I would be livid, absolutely outraged! Not to mention that this is happening - not on a porn site - but a BOOK site!

But wait, it gets even more scarier. I want you to meet Dan. According to his profile, his interests includes, "spanking", "voyerism", "keeping girls panties as a trophy", "potential incest" and "domination". Wait! What? Potential incest? Keeping girls panties? Is Goodreads a sex site? Could someone please explain to me why this man, looking every bit of late 30's to mid 40's, is doing in a group where there are under-aged people talking in a sexually explicit manner through the "art" of role-playing? 

First of all, I'm not quite sure I like it that kids are talking to kids in that manner on this Goodreads website, let alone, a grown man in the mix. And with the technology of screenshots, you will see the effort he makes attempting to interact with minors. (Dan has made 7 comments thus far in this group)


Again, I'm not going to sit and judge, but if I were a parent, this would scare the living crap right out of me. It's scary enough to worry about your child getting approached by adults on other social networking sites such as facebook and Twitter, or even on the streets, but to think that your child could be exposed to, and in danger of, predators on the Goodreads website is horrifying to say the least. This is not to say that anyone featured here is actually attempting to meet under-aged people off line, there is no cut and dry proof that they are, but let's face it, it doesn't look good in the least. Not very good at all! This is not the way adults should act at anytime on any website around kids, let alone on the Goodreads website. And while Goodreads has private messaging, can we say for certainty of what is going on out of the view of the public eye? The bigger question is, as a parent, would you want your children exposed to this? I don't think it takes a rocket scientist to know that this kind of thing lays the ground work for a potentially dangerous situation and outcome. 

I think the bigger question here is, where is Goodreads community manager Patrick Brown? Where is Goodreads site founder Otis Chandler? Are they aware of this kind of activity? I find it very hard to believe that they are unaware that this kind of thing is taking place on their site. How could they not know? If I know this is going on, and I can find it, then they would have to know it is taking place. But what are they doing about it? What are they going to do about it? Will they even do anything? Or will we get the same old song and dance like they gave us this past August during their so-called "ToS" changes regarding bullies? Yeah, I saw first hand how good to their word they are. You'll excuse me if I harbor doubt to their ability, sincerity and honesty.   

Again, I am no expert in law, I do not know if this kind of thing is illegal or not, Although I don't see how it could be,  but is it morally sound? Is it worth the risk to look the other way when clearly, adults are interacting in a sexually explicit manner with minors? Just to know that the potential is there for such a thing to occur is incomprehensible to say the least. In a world where too many children are getting abducted by internet strangers, do we as a society really want this kind of thing taking place on a book website? Is it really worth the risk? Or are we going to keep turning a blind eye to this until a child comes up missing, taken by someone off Goodreads? Only to discover later that it could have been prevented? 

You make the call. I did my part, I have brought this very serious issue to light. Now, the rest is up to you, the people. It's up to all of you to take some kind of action. Who very well knows, the clock could be ticking as we speak. A child could be messaging right now with an adult on Goodreads, making plans to meet.

Think about it!

And while you're thinking about that, think about this. This next screenshot is of another "role-play" group with 182 members. It is called Romance Roleplay, and for the most part, appears to have been started by minors. 

Personally, I find the topics in this group rather interesting. They offer "Gay" romance, "Lesbian" romance and "straight" romance, as the screen shot will show. 

I have a screen shot of two people involved in their RP game in this group, in the lesbian role-play. One is a male who goes by the name of Sean. While Sean doesn't reveal his age, one thing I do know is that he is at least 18 years old, or older. And how do I know this? It's simple, if he were a minor then his profile would be "private" as per the Goodreads ToS, which makes clear that all people under the age of 18 has to have a private profile. He is role-playing with a girl, Little Melia, who has a private profile. Now, this could be an 18 year old girl because adults have the choice to making their profile private or public, however, do you think her parents would be pleased knowing that she is involved in a sexually charged role-play with an adult male if she is by chance a minor? Wouldn't it be reassuring to know for certain if she is or is not a minor?

And here is a little snippet of their sexual interaction.

The bottom line is this, that there is over 1,750 role-play groups on Goodreads. How many of them cater to sexually oriented themes involving minors and adults? That number too, could be staggering. And of all those groups, how many children are participating in these sexually explicit role-playing games with adults? And of those, how many adults are corresponding in private messages with these children? Even worse, how many may be corresponding through personal emails, away from the games and the Goodreads website? I don't think that I even want to think about it.

When word got out about this report, it was brought to my attention that Goodreads community manager Patrick Brown responded by making some changes. This validates my article! However, this action is focused only at the 18+ sexual role-play groups. This is not the biggest danger, far too many of these role-play groups are started up by minors. And they are public! (Anyone can join) Which means that you do not have to be a member of the group to view the pages of the topics, and what is being said. You can click on any topic and still read what is inside. Many of these groups are not advertising themselves as sexual role-play groups. Many are given innocent looking names, for example: "1x1's" role-play where their banner reads "Role-play Central". But when you go inside and look at the topics, some may indicate sexual themes, others do not. Even in the ones that do not suggest sexual themes as is the case in "1x1's", you can often times find sexually explicit role-plays playing out through many pages. Some go faster than others when it comes to "getting around" to the sex while others take longer, and you sift through page after page before you find it. And, adults involved with minors in those role-plays. No, it's not just about the obvious sexual role-play groups, it's about the ones that are well disguised. 

I am under the impression that these groups are moderated by adults of the Goodreads staff. If so, then why are they not catching this? If I can find it, and I am not even a staff member, then how is it that they can't see what is going on? It's against the Goodreads ToS. (Which you can view at the end of this article for yourself) 

And while we're on the subject of the Goodreads ToS, why aren't these adults who are interacting with these kids being banned for doing so? What is the point of having a ToS if you are not going to enforce it? After all, let us not forget that I got banned just six short months ago after being bullied by members of the Goodreads group, "Badly Behaving Authors", which is moderated by Goodreads Librarians, and was covered by the website STGRB, but adults who correspond in sexually explicit role-plays are okay? Really? I also realize that there is a very good chance that I am going to be attacked unmercifully by these bullies from all sides. This concerns me deeply too, because this shouldn't be about our differences, this should be about protecting the kids.

I have only provided you with a few samples of what is going on. Just enough to prove that this is happening right now on Gooodreads. And with that thought, how many of these kids are in danger from a sexual predator? How many of them could there be at this moment planning to meet with an adult they met on Goodreads in one of these highly charged sexually explicit role-playing games? And again, I HAVE to ask the question, why in the hell is Patrick Brown and Otis Chandler allowing this to take place on their website? Don't they care about your children? 

Let this be a wake up call. If this makes you angry like it does me, then take action! Contact Goodreads and let them know what you think. Let them know how stomach turning this is! And also, let them know that you're not going to tolerate this type of negligence on their part any longer! They must take action! Force them to take action! It's their responsibility because they are the ones in charge. 

Maybe we'll never know if, or how many kids may have met off line with an adult from goodreads. Maybe we'll never know how many kids have been exposed to sexual predators. But ask yourself this, do you want to find out one night while watching Nancy Grace? And if this post can save just one child from being lured in by a sexual predator on Goodreads, then for me, it would be well worth it. But why stop at maybe saving one? Can't we try to just save them all?

Before it's too late?

Or is it already too late? Worse yet, what are you going to do about it? What is Goodreads going to do about it, if anything at all? If you have a child who is a member on Goodreads, I suggest you get into his or her account and take a look for yourself if that child is participating in a sexually explicit role-playing game with an adult. If so, you contact authorities immediately! But if you think you can contact Goodreads and get any satisfying action, take a look at this next screenshot.  While the anticipation was building for the release date of this story, I was able to capture this comment left by an Anon on a blog called "GenXpose" which says: (Discussing this articles pre-release)

“The about page does imply it will have to do with bullying. He mentions a role play group, assumes minors have joined. I am a group moderator on GR, and they hold us accountable that underage members are not exposed to certain elements. Our group (as many) require members agree they are 18 and above. GR has other methods that also cover their ass when it comes to underage members. If he thinks to expose something along this line, he’ll be deflated. GR will shut down any group, status update, author page … ect that is found or reported to hurt kids. The fact he tried to have a romantic relationship with a 17 Y.O. minor member was no doubt a big part of why he was kicked off the site. My money is on him having nothing of credibility.”

First of all, there are three things I wish to address with this comment, other than the fact that I am fully aware it was made by an Anon. First, there is no evidence that I was ever romantically involved with an underage girl. I had a lot of friends and fans who were minors when I was a member of Goodreads, but I never engaged inappropriately with any of them. I kept everything on a professional and friendly manner. Rumors such as this have constantly been spread around the internet on various blogs by irresponsible individuals and still to this day, not one piece of evidence has ever been presented supporting their claim. And the reason why there is no evidence is because it never happened. However, this is an issue that I will be addressing in a future post. As well as the whole "Goodreads Bullies" issue. Right now, we must stay focused on the frightening situation at hand.

Secondly, "...assumes minors have joined? ...." - The evidence clearly shows that there are no assumptions being made here. Screenshots (and links) don't lie. Nor do your own eyes. If this really is a mod of a role-play group on Goodreads, I think I would be extremely concerned with that comment if I were a parent of a child who is a member of Goodreads. How irresponsible and uncouth can one be? The story wasn't even broken yet and already, there is talk about putting together a defense. This is very unnerving. 

I was also alerted onto another disheartening post made on this particular blog, GENXPOSE that is of some concern. An article that is attacking myself and the website called STGRB who, just days before this release, ran a preview article covering this horrendous story. The name of the article posted is titled "Libel will take you many places (none of which you want to go)". In it, STGRB is accused of "harassing, threatening and bullying" people by posting a preview leading up to this story, using material I edited out of this article.  This is alarming! For anyone to assume that by revealing the truth of what is taking place on Goodreads is considered harassing, bullying or threatening is imprudent to say the very least. Do you think I am making this up? Think again. You can click on the link I provided you to "GenXpose" or you can take the word of this screenshot I am supplying you as proof.

Am I to understand that this blog supports children and adults interacting in a sexually explicit manner? Well, I can't answer that question, only the individual who wrote that article can answer that. Meanwhile, I am left shaking my head from the sheer horror of that possibility.

And finally, I want to highlight a section of this ANON comment from earlier that really disturbs me, and should most certainly disturb you. In fact, this should frighten the crucifix right off the priest. 

“GR has other methods that also cover their ass when it comes to underage members.”

Really, Anon? They have ways to “cover their ass”? Thank you for the heads up. We’ll all most certainly take that under advisement and consideration. I'm sure the parents will sleep better at night knowing this as well. 

And so the fear for the children continues to grow. First they want to try and make me into something that I am not and they have no proof of, and then they are not above trying to cover up this injustice against the kids. Now a blog comes out proudly proclaiming that they are against this article which is designed to bring attention to a serious problem, and hope that by doing so, positive changes can be made to prevent a tragedy that clearly, with a little effort and sensibility, can be averted.

Some people have no shame.

Don’t let that Anon comment, or that disturbing post on "GenXpose" distract from the real issue here. And that is, there are adults interacting with minors in an inappropriate manner, by way of sexually explicit role-playing on Goodreads. The proof has been shown with just a few groups having been featured out of over 1,750 that exist on their site. And despite what the Anon commenter says, and that article, it is not being properly monitored or addressed. This situation is a time bomb waiting to explode, and that explosion can go off right into the face of an underage child. And I believe it will explode eventually if something isn’t done about it soon. It is all about accountability.

And regardless of how the Anon commenter, and the people at the "GenXpose" blog wants to slice it and dice it and pretty it up or cover it up, or assert their irrational theories of harassment and bullying, the cold hard fact remains: No minor should even be involved with role-playing groups where sexually explicit role-playing is going on. Not even among themselves - much less with adults in the group, and interacting with them. It’s just too much of a Pandora’s Box. Even when I think about about many kids could be creating secondary accounts to "pose" as an adult in order to perhaps sneak into one of these adult groups, I also shudder at the thought of possibly an adult "posing" as a minor just to role-play with kids in a sexually explicit manner. The pendulum swings both ways I guess. Still, I have to wonder, does Goodreads really need this sort of thing for a book website?   

So the final question is, what are you going to do about it? What are we going to do about it? And when is it going to be done? Don't wait until it's too late. The next child that role-plays in a sexually explicit manner with an adult - on a book site called -  could be yours.

 I’m Carroll Bryant - And this is The Looking Glass.

What we learned today

* Kids are role-playing with adults in a sexually explicit manner on

* There are over 1,750 of these "Sex Role-Play" groups on Goodreads.

* Goodreads isn't doing a good enough job policing it.

* There runs the possibility of a potential cover-up

What you can do to help the children

Contact Otis Chandler (Founder of Goodreads) and insist he makes it safer for your kids by banning all sexually explicit role-playing games for both kids, and adults. Remind him that Goodreads is about literature, and not a sex site. Good wholesome role-play is fine. Not sexually explicit ones. He can do this. He does have that power. Tell him to do the right thing!

Contact Patrick Brown (Community manager of Goodreads) And demand that he start enforcing the Goodreads ToS. He can do this. He has that power. Tell him to do the right thing!

Contact Goodreads Investors and let them know what is going on at Goodreads. Share this link with them. Bring this ungodly situation to their attention, and let them know you won't tolerate this kind of thing. 

Also, you can share this story with your friends. Send out group emails with the link to this site. Share this post on Twitter, Google, Facebook, and any other social website you are a member of. Get the word out!

Contact the Federal Bureau of Investigations if you come across an adult on Goodreads role-playing with a child in a sexually explicit manner. Flag the role-play conversation and let Goodreads know what you found. Demand the adult be banned. In fact, you could do a lot of good by flagging, and reporting any and all Goodreads ToS violations, including acts of bullying! And libel! It's about time for the decent people to take a stand and expect Goodreads to deliver what they promise in their ToS, a safe and pleasant atmosphere for which TRUE lovers of books can enjoy. Hold Goodreads accountable!

Goodreads ToS


  1. Nicely said Carroll as much as I like Goodreads it is in the end supposed to be a book site and I myself have noticed things like that though only as a passing thought I never thought about in this manner until now, thanks for opening my mind to see the bigger picture, as much as it sucks it needs to be seen

  2. I am at a complete loss for words. I most definitely will be deleting my Goodreads account and blocking it. Has anyone pressed charges or sued yet? The behavior on Goodreads in all departments has been very unpleasant the past year with all the cursing, libeling, hate, and nasty statements and reviews made by their "fine" librarians, authors, and members. It's a breeding ground for trolls, and now pedophiles??? Disgusting.

  3. I wouldn't know anything about that. I haven't heard anything in regards to any charges being filed. Although, I wouldn't be too surprised if it were to happen.

  4. @ Anon 1 - Thanks for commenting. I agree.

  5. Mr. Bryant, what was the reason you got banned from GoodReads?

  6. That reason was never explained to me. However, in the Goodreads ToS it clearly states that no reason is needed. They can ban anyone at anytime for any reason or ... for absolutely no reason at all.

    Take that information and do with it what you will.

    Thanks for the comment.

  7. Um, YOU were the one who wrote a story about a teacher wooing a 16 year old in high school. It cast them both in a sympathetic light as well/

    Do you really not see the irony in this?

    Keep pretending that you care about the children and hoping that it will mend your reputation with those who've already accused you of being a pedophile.

    1. @Anonymous 12:44

      That implies that crime writers who write about murder and rape are are even more reprehensible.

      Now where's the irony?

    2. Aaawww man, now why didn't I think of that rejoinder? LOL

      Thanks for the comment.

  8. Did I not mention in my article that the "bullies" would come after me unmercifully?

    Really Anon? You want to go there? Okay, let’s go there. First let's just start with this, as i mentioned in the article, these accusations persist about me without one shred of evidence. That being said ....

    My book, “Last Flight Out” is first off, a “fictional” story. A fictional story “inspired” by true events, most notably, “The Mary-Kay Letourneau Story.”

    Also, I am a “writer”. It is a writer’s job to be “creative”. To write something that opens the door for discussion and debate.

    My book, “Last Flight Out” neither endorses nor condemns adults engaging in sexual activities. It merely tells a story from “both” sides and opens that door for people to discuss the topic. That’s what good writer’s do. Just because I wrote the “fictional” story, doesn’t mean I approve of that kind of activity in real life, because I don‘t. I wrote it because a lot of people debate the issue of how old is old enough? I thought I would write from a neutral position, putting it inside a “fictional” romance. If you were a writer, you would understand this concept.

    My stories do not reflect my personal beliefs. They’re just stories.

    Also, my book does not have pornographic details or conversations. Not to mention, the ‘romance” between the two individuals didn’t occur until the girl turned 16, which some states and countries consider “consent” to begin about said age or at 17. The purpose of the “fictional” story was to present a topic of debate and add a unique element to the discussion.

    Does that address your question?

    In closing, just because I write a story to get people talking about a very sensitive subject matter doesn’t mean that I approve of the subject matter in “real life”, or is a reflection of my “personal“ beliefs. I can write about things that I am against yet, still find a way to present it to others from a neutral perspective. Again, that’s what a good writer does. Not everything I write comes from “my” emotional state for or against, or from my personal perspective. If you go and take some creative writing courses in college, you just might learn this.

    It’s called - WRITING!

    Your comment makes it as though just because an actor plays the role of a pedophile for a movie, that said actor is in real life, a pedophile. Is this your insinuation? Because if it is, I would just like to remind you that it’s not.

    It’s called - ACTING!

    1. Roleplay is nothing but fiction in a different format.

      And I'm not seeing evidence that the groups were started by minors, or that any of the players are minors. I'm seeing evidence that the CHARACTERS are minors, and that the players are adults. You have screen shots of adults, but no minors.

      You make astounding leaps in logic. I don't see anywhere in your article evidence that someone is a minor beyond having a private profile. You can have a private profile as an adult. So either you are friends with the minors, or you just grasping at straws.

      Also, aren't you banned at Goodreads? So you're admitting you're breaking a ban by entering via a fake account. That's interesting.

    2. Seriously? Did you not read the article? I said that "Fallen Angel" and "Just Joe" - One could tell that by their pictures. (Which I blacked out due to the fact that they are minors and I did not leave a link to their profile for the same purpose)

      All one has to do is go there and take a look. You'll find it. Plus, STGRB has evidence on their website as well. It is corroborated!

      "Astounding leaps in judgement"? - I'm leaving that one alone. Again, if you need more convincing, go check out their investigation.

      "Grasping at straws"? Oh my, you're so .... never mind. If I was grasping at straws, then why has Goodreads already sprung into action to save face? Doesn't seem to me that they would do that if I was merely grasping at straws.

      Yes, I am admitting I "broke the ban." - So sue me. *Shake My Head*

      I have nothing against role-play, but even kids role-playing with kids in a sexual manner is wrong. And to top it all off .... you know what? I'm stopping right here. I'm going to let your comment be the rest of my response.

      But I digress, if this whole report is a bunch "leaps in logic", then why has Goodreads responded in the way they have thus far?

      Thanks for the comment.

      No, really, I mean it ... thanks for the comment.

    3. Sweet Jesus of Nazareth!!!! That anon is more worried about you breaking your ban over kids role playing with adults? Where do these people come from???????? From what rock did they climb out of????????????

    4. My sentiments exactly. Thanks for your comment.

    5. Lol, I'm not "more worried" about the ban-breaking. I thought that was obvious, considering it's at the end of the comment, written as an aside. I was just pointing it out.

      Again, I don't see any evidence that these people are actually minors - I only see evidence that their characters are underage. As you are a writer, I thought you would know the difference. As you are an RP-er, I REALLY expected you to know the difference.

      How did you find these groups in the first place? I've used GR for two years and I've never come across them. It seems like the only way to find them is to look for them.

      What measures do you think GR should do? Should they entirely remove the groups (I'm inclined to agree, considering they're not book-focused forums)? They implemented stricter age restrictions, but then minors have been lying about their ages since the internet was created. And more on that - should we get rid of all pornographic sites, since minors can lie about their ages there, too? Or should parents be more involved in their kids' activities? What is your solution?

      Finally, and this is just a thinking point, not really an "argument" or however you want to perceive it. Do you think that kids who are looking for sexual roleplay will land on Goodreads first? That's the last place I'd look for sexual anything, unless it's recommendations for erotica.

    6. I think you answered your own question without realizing it. Kids can access porno sites. However, some parents may block those sites, just like they do at public libraries. And yes, one way or another, if a kid really wants to access a porno site, they probably will find a way. Now, having said that, Goodreads is NOT a porno site. They list themselves as a "book" site. Somewhat misleading wouldn't you say? Parents see "Goodreads" and think, my child can join a book website, maybe get them to read more. Never realizing that their child might be interacting with an adult in a sexually explicit role-play game. catch my drift?

      How can I be an RP'er if I am not a member of Goodreads anymore? Are you referring to when I used to be a member, back when I had my author profile? Yes, I did role-play for about three weeks if memory serves me correctly. I was sent many invites to role-play groups, but I didn't really think much about it. When people joined my group, they asked me to join theirs and so I did. I didn't refuse many invites to groups. At one point, I had over a hundred groups on my list that I was a member of. Many of which I never made a comment in.

      A friend talked me into giving it the old college try one time. At first, I thought it would be fun. Maybe enhance my writing skills and open me up to more creativity, but I soon realized that it was a chore to keep up with. Kind of like, if I were a mechanic and worked on cars all day, would I want to go home after work and work on more cars? Probably not. That is how it soon felt, and I found myself not wanting to write on my books after spending an hour or so during the day writing in role-play groups. So I left.

      However, during those few weeks, I took a look at other role-play groups I was sent. This is how I discovered it. Not as you may be implying that I went "looking" for it. At first, i was somewhat flabbergasted, but nobody seemed to care. I guess like anything abnormal, give it time, and it becomes normal, but I never could shake it out of my head.

      back then, I couldn't see what I could do about it. i didn't have a personal blog then, just my Goodreads blog. What was I going to do? Blog about it there? I considered it, but then figured I would probably get banned and nobody would find out anyway. Plus, I was a new author, how would I get my "name" out there if I had gotten banned in my first few months? I suppose I did what everyone else did and just ignored it. But I never forgot about it.

      Once I got banned a year later, and formed an alliance the past six months with STGRB, I figured the time was almost right for me to maybe say something about it. I had my personal blog and everything, dealing with bullies, and felt that with my platform having been built finally, I could now bring it to light and get this knowledge out to the public.

      Like my grandfather would say, "It's about the timing."

      of course most kids probably don't go looking for it, but if you click "groups" - it will take you to a list and on the right hand side (in small green lettering) there are "genres" listed. If you click on one then it will throw up a bigger listing on your page. (You know this,) Included in the listings are "roleplay" and "rp" - with the number of groups available next to it in parenthesis. Other genres listed are "romance", "sciencefiction" and ect ...

      And the evidence does show there are minors. You are making yourself look foolish with that argument. people have already gone there to look for themselves and found it.

      You're not fooling anybody. You are an RP'er trying to defend what can't be defended. give it up. No wonder you're posting as an Anon. LOL

      What measures should Goodreads take? it's simple, I stated that in my article. (Didn't you read it?) They should ban all sexual role-plays period! They are a book site, not a porno site.

    7. Also, I am not having this discussion with you. I know what you're trying to do. It's not going to work. it's obvious you're one of those bullies from the Goodreads hate group, "Authors Behaving Badly". You are attempting to "shift" the discussion. All future comments you leave will be deleted.

      You are not making any valid argument.

      Just thought I would let you know that I'm onto you.

    8. However, if you wish to use your "real" name, we will resume this discussion.

  9. Great response Carz! Anon just got put in his/her place.

  10. Thanks, but it's not about putting people in their place. That comment was intended to take attention away from what is going on. I knew this the moment I read it. A very common practice of my detractors.

  11. Crap! I forgot to say - Thanks for the comment. LOL

  12. I don't know which is more shocking? The fact that these disgusting "groups" exist on Goodreads or that fact that someone left a comment on here complaining about a fictional character in a book??? It seems that the poster is more interested in insulting Mr. Bryant instead of thanking him for bringing these groups to our attention!

    These "groups" look very worrying indeed. Has anyone who works for Goodreads commented on these findings? You would think that a site that promotes reading books would be safe, but from what I've read here Goodreads is anything but safe.

    Thank you for bringing this to my attention Mr. Bryant! I am genuinely shocked that someone posted the following comment on here

    > > "Um, YOU were the one who wrote a story about a teacher wooing a 16 year old in high school. It cast them both in a sympathetic light as well/

    Do you really not see the irony in this?" < <

    This person seems to be totally missing the whole point of this blog post. No wonder these sordid groups went unnoticed for so long,

  13. Thank you for your comment. (I remembered this time) LOL

    This is why I made a mention of this in the article. I know these "people" and I knew they wouldn't be able to restrain themselves. Even though these people have "differences" with me, they still can't find any common ground.

    Their obsession and hatred towards me is astounding. They are more focused on me than the issue at hand. I'm not even a member of Goodreads anymore, having deleted my "undercover" account already that I used for the past four months to cover this story, and yet, they seem unconcerned about the adults that are current members and interacting with kids in a sexually explicit manner - perhaps as we speak.

    This is disturbing.

    I also added a new rule to the "Rules Of Engagement". The "Stay On Topic" suggestion. These people will come in here and do everything they can to divert from the article. They are famous for that.

    1. Yes I thought this comment was very strange indeed. Especially this bit:

      > > "Do you really not see the irony in this?

      Keep pretending that you care about the children and hoping that it will mend your reputation with those who've already accused you of being a pedophile." < <

      Is "accused" the new "proved beyond any reasonable doubt in a court of law to be guilty?"

      It is obvious that there is a problem between you and this person. If I were you I would have deleted his/her slanderous comment. If these person honestly believes that you committed a crime then he/she would have report it. If they believe it to be true than it is their duty to report it and it is very wrong of them not to. But the comment comes across as childish name calling. The comment is in very bad taste when people on here are trying to discuss some very disturbing findings on Goodreads. It seems the person who wrote the comment is trying to silent you! Maybe this person knows more about these Goodread groups than they admit.

      Enough about that troll. Mr. Bryant have to published these findings anywhere else? Have you gone to a newspaper to share this story? I think you should. Parents would think their children safe on a book forum. People should be made aware of this.

      I found a link to your blog on facebook. A friend of a friend posted it. A few of us were discussing how shocking this story is. Facebook is a good way to share information, I will share the link to this blog with my friends.

      I am not used to reading blogs. So when I first followed the link to your page I spent ages squinting at the screen shots trying to read them. Then I went back onto facebook were my friends were discussing this blog and I asked them how could they see the screen shots? They laughed and told me to click on the actual screen shots to enlarge them. I felt like a silly old coot! So for any other coots like me maybe you could give instructions above the scree shots? Just a suggestion.

    2. I have people working on sending the links out to newspapers. I haven't done that yet. I may this coming week though.

      Kudos to you and your friends at Facebook. Social networking is the best way to get this story out to the public. My heart-felt thanks to you and your friends.

      I will take your advice and make the announcement:


      LOL Thank you for your comment.

      If you want to read another disturbing comment, scroll up to "Anon" @ 3:44 PM.

  14. Just to clarify - you stalked several potentially underaged members of Goodreads to get this information?

    1. Like you and your friends stalk me, STGRB and my friends blog? Like you and your friends do authors? Like you and your friends are doing now? ... No.

      I went to the groups like any other person can and does. And read what can be seen by the general public. Or I joined them. I didn't stalk people, I stalked "role-plays". Role-plays aren't living breathing things.

      I told you the "bullies" would be showing up.

      You know, for an article isn't "proving" anything, there sure is a lot of resistance about it, isn't there? A lot of you seem very unhappy about this report.

      GenX, is this you? I can smell you a mile away girl. Why not use your real name? Don't want everyone to know you stalk me? Don't worry, wait until you see your post.

      Love you.

  15. @ GENX (In regards to her post - where she claims I didn't report my findings to the proper authorities) Just because I never said that I did, doesn't mean that I didn't. (Think about that) LOL

  16. Look, this is very journalistic of you, but since we're all into "full-discloser" and "think-of-the-children" mode can you please provide proof that you did report this to Goodreads or to the authorities? Before posting this article. Because, dude, that is what a concerned person would do; since you were banned from GR (as you admit right here) it kind of seems like you're just bitter about it.

    I mean, not that I don't share your disgust about the core issue: if minors and adults are interacting in sexual role-playing games (which your text and screenshots fail to prove since it's pretty easy to create a fake profile on the Internet), that is indeed disgusting and GR should do whatever it can to stop it. But the way to make sure this happens is to contact Goodreads and the proper authorities. Not write a blog post.

    1. The authorities HAVE been contacted. That I can assure you.

      Intent has nothing to do with "The Truth".

      Did the reporters who broke "Watergate" go to the proper authorities first? The answer is - No!

      Often times, the best way to get the authorities to take a serious look at an issue IS for someone to do a report and bring it to the attention of the public.

      There are "ax's" to grind from both sides. Does it really matter if "I loved Goodreads" and hated to "out" their best kept secret or if I loath Goodreads and just want to watch them burn? The answer is: NO! It doesn't matter either way. The truth is the truth and intent has nothing to do with it. Being bitter has nothing to do with it. If it's okay for the "bullies" to be bitter at me and attack me and my work, then why is it not "okay" for me to do the same in regards to Goodreads?

      Be careful the puddle of hypocrisy. Stepping in it can be a doooozy! - *Carroll Bryant Quote*

    2. What I am saying is ....

      Love, neutral, or hate - it doesn't change the truth or the reason for which to bring it to the public's attention.

      It's still the truth that counts in the end.

    3. Um ... what Carroll said.

    4. @ Anon - I deleted your rant. It violated my "Rules Of Engagement".

      You had your say, I responded. Now you're just repeating yourself. Stop beating a dead horse.

      If you wish to debate, then stop "hiding" behind Anon. Use your real identity or your identifiable "computer" name, please.

      Thank you.

  17. I'll be honest with all of you. I didn't think I would do this story until maybe April or May of this year, allowing time for law enforcement to do their job, but the truth is, GenXpose came onto the scene and started harassing me, stalking me and all of that, and this is what ignited that "fire in my belly" to go ahead and get it out now.

    So really, if you want to go thank somebody for this article coming out at this time, go thank GenX of "GenXpose" blog. She's the real hero here.

    So thanks GenX! You made it easier for me to make this call.

  18. I'm confused. If there is no merit in this story then why is Good Reads hiding groups? It's just my opinion, but that fact leads me to believe that Good Reads has something to hide.

    1. Exactly.

      Thanks for the comment.

      Now, on to the Superbowl!

  19. Thanks to you a roleplay I've been working on for almost two years got deleted, an have of my characters.

    Are you going to bag on romance novelists now because 16-year-olds read them?

    I'd say you suck, but you'd probably get me for mature language.

    Thanks for helping to stop me from developing my writing skills! You rock! :D

    Dude, piss off.

    Love, GR roleplay friends

    1. It wasn't me, it was Patrick Brown who allowed it to exist when it never should have in the first place.

      Sorry to hear about your hard work. However, if you were not engaging in "sexually explicit" role-playing, then your role play shouldn't have been deleted.

      You mean to tell me you can't work on your "skills" in role plays that aren't "sexually explicit"? I'm sure Ann Rice didn't need to "hone" her skills doing that. I'm sure you'll be fine. Maybe you should work on your "skills" with romance instead of porn.

      And no, I have no problem with romance. Only porn. And porn is what those "sexually explicit" role plays are (were). In fact, I don't care if young people "discuss" books of an erotica nature - just as long as they discuss it responsibly and not "role play" sexually with adults. Book discussion is great! Sexually role playing between minors and adults is not COOL!

      Hey, one final thing, if you think you need role plays to "work" on your "skills" - then you might want to look for a day job to pay the bills. There are plenty of other ways to work on your writing skills without sexually role playing with adults on Goodreads.

      Good luck to you. (I get the feeling you're going to need it)

      P.S. - Mature language is fine. Dirty language is questionable. But you can use whatever language best fits your "skills". Again, good luck to you.

  20. I have no words.

    I knew Goodreads was bad, but wow they're REALLY headed into cesspool territory now, aren't they?

    Patrick must be so... proud. Especially considering how much he spouted off at me about the site's "integrity" a few years ago, when I asked him to ban bullies who were rate-hating on my book.

    He spouted "integrity" or lack thereof when it was found out I'd opened sock puppet accounts to rate my book 5 stars... IN retaliation to all the BS one-star ratings I'd received in the space of 24 hours (about 60 of them popped up in that time frame). So yes, those bullies have been there as far back as 2009 & 2010. :/

    "Integrity" indeed.

    1. Yeah, there is no "integrity" where Patrick Brown is concerned. Only the "bottom line".

      He dressed up and revised the GR ToS back in August 2012 and still has yet to "enforce" it. He only did it to get Wikipedia to delete the truth about that site. That it is a website that endorses bullying by its own librarians. That they permit a hate group to exist on it. They knowingly allow fake ratings and reviews and bashing of authors in those "book" reviews. They also allow gang attacks on authors and anyone else by their librarians and their bully friends but you are not allowed to "fight" back with them or else they (the bullies) will have you banned.

      Patrick Brown with integrity? Ha! What a laugh. He knew these role-plays were there and taking place. He knew kids were interacting with adults in them too. For all we know, he was interacting with those kids too under a sock. How are we to know he wasn't? I mean, why else would you allow something like that to take place on your site and not do something about it until after somebody writes an article about it?

      I don't know.

      Thanks for the comment Jen.

  21. I really think the sexual roleplays should be deleted, but if Goodreads will do that, they must send a warning first before deleting. Don't you think a lot of members will go outraged? I do think so. I think they should send a private message to everyone on goodreads, telling them the new rules. But I do think it's rude that you use the names of the different people in the pictures. Just wanted to point that out.


    1. Well, I certainly appreciate your comment, but as for me being rude for using names, hey, it's all public information. if you don't want to be caught doing something "naughty" then don't do anything naughty. LOL That would be my advice. They are lucky I blacked out their pictures. I didn't have to even do that but I did.

      While we're on the subject of rude, how rude is it (was it) for Patrick Brown and Otis Chandler to allow this kind of thing on their site? Not to mention, how "illegal". Just wanted to point that out.

      Thanks again for the comment.

  22. You... Why the hell must you give out names?!?!?

    1. They ... Why the hell must they use their names on a public social site?

      Hey, be thankful I didn't show their faces. (You're welcome) I could have done that - but I didn't. Names can be changed on social sites.

  23. Carroll,

    I am reposting this comment here:

    I’m not sure why I didn’t think of it before, but here is a thought…

    He’s not my favorite guy for his decisions to prosecute anything he deems obscene (which is less than what you discovered and has little to do with law), but Sheriff Grady Judd in Polk County, Florida is your man. He’s the one that arrested that author of a book about pedophilia in Colorado – Philip Greaves – they dragged him out of his house and transported him to Polk County. Sheriff Judd loves publicity and this is his lifelong cause that you’re describing. But don’t tell him who sent you his direction…


    1. Good idea, but I'll pass. I wasn't fond of what he did. In fact, I thought it was criminal what sheriff Grady did. Now, had it been federal agents that went after that man in Colorado, maybe a slightly different story. (At least more understandable) Then again, I am a writer thus, I stand up for the right to artistic freedom in all forms. I don't have to agree with the content but, I do agree with the right to write it.

      If memory serves me, that guy in Colorado wrote a book on how to molest children? Yeah, absolutely disgusting in my opinion. But does he have a constitutional right to write it? I think so but, I would rather let the supreme court decide that one. I would think that a "how-to" book shouldn't include how to hurt people or break the law. Then again, a clever writer could write a fictional story and pretty much include that information within a story so what would be next? Censorship or limitations of artistic expression?

      Invasion of literature is a slippery slope. The question of content can always be debatable but the right to write it should never be hindered. Should books like "Lolita" and "Last Flight Out" be outlawed? I don't think so. Then we could also forbid journalists to write about it in the papers and on news websites. When does it stop?

      As for GR and the sexual RP between adults and minors, at first I thought that maybe the reason GR didn't do anything to stop it was because perhaps it fell under the "creative writing" category due to the fact that they were "role playing" however, my moral compass tells me that is BS. If one person was role playing with themselves in that manner, okay, but when you have an adult getting sexually explicit with a minor in any manner, not okay. I don't think adults role playing with minors is wrong as long as it's clean but, once you cross that sexual line, it becomes worrisome, and shouldn't be happening.

  24. Now, do I think these people who have role played sexually with these minors be arrested? Probably not. I don't know. It could depend on if they ever tried to meet them off line. However, a stern warning may suffice and absolutely I think these adults partaking in this activity with minors should be banned from GR.


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