Monday, February 25, 2013

Amanda Welling Goes Mental

Well, ever since STGRB and myself uncovered the truth about Amanda Welling really being GenX, boy has she hit the freaking roof. She went on a rant like none other I have ever seen. She starts it off by saying that I can't handle the truth? Really? And what truth would that be, Amanda? The truth about your identity? Oh please, stop being a baby.

She speaks about this STGRB doc-dropping thing again yet provides us with no proof of it. Meanwhile, I have a doc-dropping post coming up in March that Amanda did and I supply the proof.

Then she claims that STGRB and myself are out to "silence" her. No Amanda, we're just out to prove you to be the liar that you are with PROOF! Not just mere words. The same kind of proof I used to show there was (is?) sexual role playing going on, on Goodreads, which you and the rest of your bully clan continue to refuse the evidence for what it is. Sure, it would be nice if you just shut up and went back into obscurity from which you came, but speaking for myself, I don't mind you. Every time you post something on your GenXpose blog, you make yourself look stupid. LIke now, when you say stupid things like this:

"Bryant gives birth to hate blogs like flies lay larvae. In less than two hours, he created, destroyed and recreated several revenge blogs. Only after his backside was suitably kicked by our quick-capturing group and he was publicly shamed for his malicious efforts did Douthit, posing as her alias Athena Parker's alias Johnny Be Good, attempt to shoddily rescue him from soreness by tacking on a little section "proving my identity" in her latest book site attack. The problem is that's not me. Oh, they know it's not me but they're doing it anyway. Why? Because it's an excuse to hurt someone else who happens to be a Goodreads member."

You're correct, they are "revenge" blogs. Revenge being a payback to someone for doing something to me "first". But you never even came close to my backside sweetheart, and I was never "publically-shamed". Not like you're about to me be anyway. Thank you very much for clarifying that revenge thing, Amanda. As well as - thank you for this upcoming confession also, after I left a comment on STGRB talking about Amanda's other blog "Hippies, Beauty, and Books Oh My", Amanda (as genX) responded like this:

"Much to your dismay, we have removed nothing from this blog. Nor will we do so. This blog is evidence and testimony. It gets backed up several times a day and can be moved in its entirety to another host at a moment's notice."

So, you haven't removed "nothing" from that blog, Amanda? Nor will "we" do so? So, what you're saying is, it is your blog (and your husband, Jon) And now you're "Hippie" blog is evidence and testimony? ... Evidence and testimony for what? That proves Amanda and GenX are the same people? I mean, you just said it is your blog and you're writing as "GenX" - remember? But wait, I'm confused (NOT) because earlier in your post you say this:

"Only after his backside was suitably kicked by our quick-capturing group and he was publicly shamed for his malicious efforts did Douthit, posing as her alias Athena Parker's alias Johnny Be Good, attempt to shoddily rescue him from soreness by tacking on a little section "proving my identity" in her latest book site attack. The problem is that's not me. Oh, they know it's not me but they're doing it anyway. Why? Because it's an excuse to hurt someone else who happens to be a Goodreads member."

Hey Amanda, make up your mind. I don't have to say you're GenX, you said it for me. Here are the screenshots to prove it.

So, I ask you GenX (Amanda Welling) Who is the liar now? And yes, my evidence does exist and yes, I refute you. Unfortunately for you, I didn't shut up. I decided to put up instead. Much to your dismay. And there will be more in the future so keep digging that hole honey-buns.

As for paypal fraud in which you claim against (me?) STGRB and Athena - put up or shut up!
As for me being Athena, Johnny B. Goode or anybody else on STGRB - put up or shut up!

My suggestion to you GenX Welling (LOL) is to quit while you have a little bit of dig ..... you know what? That ship has sailed. Yeah, buh-bye!

Looks like Amanda bought a lifetime supply of shovels. Holy hole to China Batman! How deep does she plan to dig that hole?

Oh, and your last paragraph on your post Amanda: "You remember Jon, don't you? He's the other superfly been kickin' your asses. Try to remember that you are talking about his wife. Irritating him won't get you anywhere you want to be and, believe me, I like him far better than I'll ever like the two of you and I'll be happy to lend assistance. Now push your luck just a little bit more and see where it gets you. I'm not the kid that boxed by Queensbury rules. I'm the kid that takes you down hard on the playground for breaking a crying kid's glasses because you're bullies and deserve it." - But GenX, you are his wife. You just came clean in the evidence I provided up above. By the way,  you misspelled the word "Kissin". You spelled it "kickin".

As for showing you my IP evidence, I'll save that for court. You know, when you and Jon file those charges against me. What are the charges again? For daringly to defend myself against you and your bully attacks of lies? I forget. Was it for revenge? For uncovering the truth about your real identity?

Oh well, I guess it's not important sweetheart. I'm sure you two fruit baskets will come up with something. Hey, you two don't have any children do you? I only ask because I don't want to show up at your Kangaroo Court by way of a court order written in crayon, and see that your son or daughter is the judge. Although, that would be adorable. Kids playing grownup is always adorable. Take you for instance, it's adora ..... okay, maybe you're not such a good example. Anyhow, yeah, good luck with that whole .... you know .... taking me to court thingy-majig and what-not.

As for this final screenshot - honey, you did report my blog and tried to take it down. You failed. Talk about your narcissism.

Amanda, you pat yourself on the back way too much. You hold your own parade. (Always when it's raining though) And trust me, you give yourself way too much credit. It is so easy to distract you bullies and knock you off guard, take for example my three new blogs. You got so worked up over them that you wrote your new post out of emotion and ended up forgetting mid way who you are. I got your brain so twisted that you honestly think I am one of the STGRB staff. Do you know how hilariously funny this is to me? Can't you even see that I am playing you and your wack-job of a husband (who I know started the blog "Carroll Bryant Lies") like puppets? LOL I have you two so strung out and jumping all over the place like Mexican beans in a cigar box.

And now that I know it is your husband who started that blog about me, I am going to start learning how to ignore him too. And as for this statement you made: "Of course he found it on our blog, SLK posted it there and Bryant literally sits on our blog like a broody hen." Do you realize that it only took you about 15 minutes to post something about my three new blogs? Looks like somebody sits on my blog as well. But you also stalk other blogs too and that proof is on the horizon in future posts. In fact, a lot of your obsessing over me and Athena and STGRB is going to be revealed in the process. You are so going to like the month of March Amanda. I wish I could see you through your cam just for the priceless look on her precious chubby face. And oh, why do I say chubby when I should have said fat? Because I saw a full body pic of you and trust me jelly-roll, you are one big woman. (And that is pay back for this remark of calling me "fat boy")

But I say - if clocking in at 230 Lbs. at six feet and three inches tall is considered fat, then I am fat I reckon. But how tall are you again? And how much you carrying? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. I guess when all else fails, name call like an 8 year old.

I'm Carroll Bryant .... and this is The Looking Glass.

Things We Learned Today:
* A LOT!
UPDATE: I am going to be deleting those three new blogs. I only started them to figure out who started "Carroll Bryant Lies". Now that I know Amanda's husband started it, I don't need them anymore. I also got more than I bargained for with GenX's confession of "owning" that "Hippie" blog that Amanda owns - Thus - GenX is Amanda Welling.

If you watch the distraction in the left hand - you won't see what the right one is doing.
Hey, that could another thing we learned today


  1. Congratulations Carroll! I'm truly delighted for you. You were right all along. GenX IS Amanda Welling! There is no doubt about it whatsoever. She has been caught through her own stupidity.

    She really is having a melt down since the truth came out. Why doesn't she just except defeat? EVERYONE knows who she is now, end of story. Her ramblings are only making her look worse.

    I'm chuffed for you Carroll. You beat that bully Amanda Welling in the end. I bet she is kicking herself now. I don't feel one bit sorry for her, she brought the whole thing on herself.

    Good man Carroll! I really am so happy for you. Its about time that Amanda Welling was shown up for the crazy bully that she is. If fact she has gone so far beyond bulling that its hard to believe.

    1. Thanks. She always talks about me "owning" up to things, yet she herself can't "own" up to anything. Nor can her husband. I got the better of them last night with my three "distraction" posts and got them all fired up that they both went ballistic.

      Those two (and the rest of the bullies) are so predictable. I know how deep their hate for me runs (although I don't understand why because I never did anything or said anything about them before) that once they saw those blogs, I knew how they were going to react and so I waited for the IP's to register.

      Seriously, they make this too easy. LOL

  2. Great job Carroll. You sure do know how to tug at their strings. If Amanda and her husband were smart then they would just leave you alone. Then again, if they were smart they wouldn't have tried to bully you to begin with.

    Once upon a time I was on the fence with this whole Carrol versus the bullies, but now I am team carrol all the way!

    You are the better man.

    1. Jon and Amanda Welling are my puppets. When I return from my vacation, it will be time to move on to the other bullies on Goodreads. The Welling family has just been proven to be liars so now, they are history when I get back from Cali.

      Thanks for the comment.

  3. Yeah, I couldn't believe it myself. I mean, GenX talking about owning the "Hippie" blog, moving it to another domain and everybody knows that "Amanda" owns that blog. I think she just got so caught up in her anger and hate that she forgot that she was writing that post as GenX. And yet, in that post she first declared she wasn't Amanda, then mentioned she moved the "Hippie" blog to another location, (which Amanda owns) then finishes by talking about Amanda in third person again.

    It's crazy. LOL

    Then she also mentions me copying her husband. But the only copying I did was calling one of my posts (and pages) "Carroll Bryant Lies" - This is the copying she is referring too. Thus, Jonathon Welling is behind "Carroll Bryant Lies" blog. LOL

    Hey bullies, ..... and this is your "leader"? LOL

    1. Erm... to be fair she is actually talking about GenXpose... because as you said, the other blog doesn't exist so logically she wouldn't be backing that one up. And she says this blog so I believe she means GenXpose. Also, she says the blog she backs up daily is evidence and testimony (against you, I assume since she begins the paragraph by saying "much to your dismay"). I've read the blog by Amanda Welling (I forget the title, but I used to follow it when it was active) and it had nothing that could be construed as evidence and testimony about/against you or STGRB as it was a book blog that talked about... books.

      I believe Gen X thought you were talking about GenXpose and responded acordingly. :P So basically your proof is not proof at all.

      Now I know this comment is not going to be approved, as I disagree with you, but just wanted to let you know of your fallacy anyway. Sorry to burst your bubble but that portion of the text doesn't prove Gen is Amanda Welling at all...

    2. Sorry to burst your bubble Anon. But she was talking about the "Hippie" blog because the link I had to it says that it isn't there anymore. It's been moved. Or deleted. Or made private.

      And yes the "Hippie" blog was mostly about books but I have screen shots coming up in March that shows she did post an article about me last summer on the "Hippie" blog so watch out for it.

      Nice try - nice spin - is this Amanda? LOL Jon? One of her goons?

      Don't worry, there is more evidence coming up about Amanda Welling - and more of her lies. Shown in screenshots off her "Hippie" blog and comments she made on my blog. Just sit tight. The rinse cycle isn't exactly done yet.

    3. Okay Anon 10:41 - You know the rule. If you want to debate, you have to reveal yourself. This is why your second comment was not published. I do not debate with "Anons". I don't mind comments that support Jon and Amanda Welling, but I will not debate or argue with you about our differences while you coward behind "Anon". I'm sorry, that's just the way it is.

    4. No, it wasn't. My comment wasn't published because my reasoning debunks your "proof". You don't seem to have any problem with approving comments of anons who support you.

      Thanks but no thanks. I don't want to give you any information about myself and lost all interest in "debating" with you when you called me a "coward" just because I chose to remain anonymous. Your blog, your rules, fair enough. My information, my rules too.

      Have a good day.

    5. Your reasoning didn't debunk anything. I still have it stored in spam folder. Your reasoning was a rant and a debate. I do not debate Anons. I debate people. And for your information, I have allowed several comments on this blog from non-supporters of me. It just so happens that they played fair. They said their peace and moved on. A few tried to turn their comment into a debate like you tried, and I told them the same thing, I don't debate Anons.

      If you have something solid to debate with, then great! I welcome it. But not as an Anon.

      You lost interest in debating me because you have no point. And by using your real name, I would shame you like I did Amanda and Jon. It is that fear that keeps you in hiding.

      I didn't just call you a coward, I call people who wanna fight as an Anon a coward. Or debate. If you can't back up your position or your argument by using your real identity, then this is not the place for you to try and make your case. A comment to say your peace as an Anon, friendly or otherwise is okay. If you make a good point or it appears as though you are headed down the road of making a good point, I might let you post a couple more comments - however - if you're just going to rant and ramble and accuse without providing evidence, then no, you have to go to one of Amanda Welling's blogs, (GenXpose or Carroll Bryant Lies)

      They allow lies and spinning over there.

      You have a good day yourself.

    6. I just want to add here that the reason I don't debate Anons / bullies on my blog is because they always change the direction of the debate towards something else, and always accuse others of things that have never been validated with evidence. Or try to argue evidence against themselves that is "cut and dry". Not one bully has ever owned to anything they have done wrong. Not even Amanda or Jon. I have. (Although, now that I have said it, they might angle something to own up to just to say they have too. LOL You know, to try and save a little face)

  4. Amanda is a friend of mine. I knew all along she was General Xavier. We all knew this. Some of us warned her to ignore the accusations of stgrb saying she was Amanda. She didn't listen. Now she is caught lying. Once you're known to be a liar then it's over. You lose all cred.

    The rest of us are beginning to distance ourselves from her. She's not our leader. We wanted her to be but she couldn't deliver on her promises to take down you and stgrb.

    I know you're not a part of that site Carroll. I wanted you to be but you're not. I do know you're still a member on gr and either a member of the bba group or you have a spy in there. I'm going to find out who you are, or who your spy is Carroll. When I do, you'll know who I am.

    Oh, one last thing, Jude is the one who told us your real name. I know for a fact that Amanda has done a background check on you. Thought you would like to know.

    1. I appreciate your honesty. I already knew she did a background check on me. And yes, she has been proven to be a liar. Multiple times. Her "cred" is shot to hell.

      Good luck on your "Where's Waldo?" quest. You're going to need it. And quite frankly, I don't care who you are.

      In regards to STGRB - No, I have no affiliation with them outside of friendship. We have a mutual respect for one another that works well for our cause, which happens to be the same - ridding Goodreads and Amazon Forum Boards of the hate group "Badly Behaving Authors" on both of those sites. Although I will concede that I "might" have a spy in there. I'm a crafty bastard when I have to be. I might not be into all that book-learnin like you fancy city folks, but I do have street smarts.

      I also knew that Jude was the one who revealed my real name and everything else. She was the only I ever told. But that name has since been changed legally.

      I hope for all of your sakes that Amanda is not your leader. Because where she will lead you is to a kingdom called "Humiliation" in a world known as "Doom".

      It is easy to manipulate people who are filled with hate and over-confidence. They (the bullies) think I hate them, but I don't. I merely despise them. And their actions. That's the difference between them and me. However, they are predictable and they think I am crazy. Maybe I am, but my crazy is "controlled". Sometimes my off-the-wall schemes work and sometimes they don't. This time it worked. Either way, I know they think I am crazy enough to do "anything" so when I made those fake blogs, I knew they would take the bait. My hope was that I could find out who is behind "Carroll Bryant Lies" and I found out. The Amanda discovery was merely icing on the proverbial cake.

      Thanks for the comment.

  5. As if the pay pal e-mail wasn't enough proof that Gexpose is 100% Amanda Welling, but then she goes and forgets who she is writing as on her Genxpose blog and she admits who she is by accident! You couldn't make this stuff up! Hehehehe!!!!! :)

    Why is she so intent on hiding her identity anyway??? She must indeed be ashamed by her own behaviour.

    Well AMANDA WELLING you are well and truly caught out now! You don't even have your GR bully friends around to support you any more. I bet they are all having a good laugh at you now Amanda! In fact I bet they are glad that they withdrew their support for you when you never delivered. Amanda you have made such a mess of everything! Now see where all that nastiness got you??? Tut-tut! Silly spiteful girl! *shakes head*

    Here is a quote from Amanda Welling's Genxpose blog:

    >>> "Gen Xavier: With almost 30,000 views in less than two months, it seems this blog is the best way for us to communicate with a great number of people at once. " <<<

    So that means (if we actually believe that many people visited her hate blog!) that 30,000 people are now laughing their asses off at Amanda Welling to-day!!! I know that I laughed hard! I laughed hard when I saw how you and STGRB caught her out through pay pal. And I laughed uncontrollably when I read her forgetting herself and admitting everything on her Genxpose blog! It was like watching a car crash in slow motion!

    Imagine that! 30,000 people watching Amanda Welling been caught out in her ugly lies. I bet Amanda Welling is feeling "butt hurt" to-day because she is kicking her self for slipping up so spectacularly! :)

    Great news Carroll! I'm thrilled for you!!! :)

    From Charlotte.

    1. Yeah, she brags about 30,000 page views but you have to remember, 25,000 of them comes from her and her fellow bullies. LOL But you're right about one thing, people are distancing themselves from her from what I hear. In fact, I have a post coming up shortly covering that issue. Something that has been brought to my attention just minutes ago. It should be interesting. Thanks Charlotte. Love and peace to you.

  6. I always miss the good stuff. Carz, you are nuts! lol I don't know what all went down while I slept last night, but whatever is was it sure did piss them off and caused them to go ape shit. I don't know why anyone would be surprised at what you do, the last line in your Looking Glass poem reads, "I am Mr. Tom Foolery." I think I will read that poem again to see if I can figure out what you're going to do next. :D Damn it Carz, next time fill me in, I hate it when I miss the good stuff. Hugz to U buddy.

  7. How come those blogs still have those screenshots posted? If I were Jude, I would make them take them down. I doubt many people saw those posts by Carroll, but these people have them plastered all over their blogs. They are doing way more harm than Carroll did.

  8. I'm shocked, and I am angry at Gen because I really believed her when she said she wasn't Amanda. I can't believe she lied to me. I'm disgusted with myself because I was on her side and against you Carroll. Now I see that you are telling the truth and probably always have been.

    Like others, I was waiting for some big evidence from her to show that you did something or said something but she never delivered. They are all the time talking about that model pic and you accepted responsibility for it and they still won't drop it. If Gen lied about her identity then what else has she been lying about? She never owns anything while always complaining that you don't. You did. You owned up to that pic. You explained it. I believe you now.

    I'm sorry Carroll. I never did attack you or your books but I did have your books on my shitlist. I took them off. I am actually going to buy that flower power book and read it. I am also going to be sending you a more appropriate apology in your email with my real name. If you don't accept it, I will understand. If you want to do a post on me and rip me apart, I will understand. I owe you at least that.

    I hope you don't though because if Gen and her friends find out who I am they will shun me. Not that I am much worried about that as much as I am them turning around and attacking me too. I know they will if they found out. Please accept my apology. Thank you.

  9. I feel the same way. Amanda and the rest have gotten way to ridiculous lately. It's gotten to the point where if Carroll owned a bar they would accuse him of supporting drinking and driving. That article about role playing got me looking at you in a different light. When I saw them making fun of you for your Justin Bieber post I thought how stupid. There's nothing wrong in you posting about him. The whole point of your blog is to attract readers for your books. You do a great job of that. The posts on Genxpose are nothing more than rants anymore. I'm sorry too Carroll. (Beth)


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