Monday, February 25, 2013

Angela Horn

One of the most common whines about the bullies is “We stay in our spaces. We don’t go to other people’s spaces. They come to our spaces and bully us.”

Translation: Blah, blah, blah, STGRB, blah, blah, blah, Carroll Bryant, blah, blah, blah, *Tear* and of course, blah!

(I know I already used that analogy before, shut up.) LOL

Well, allow me to introduce to you a most amazing woman. She is as kind, sweet and intelligent of a woman you’ll ever meet, and just as beautiful an lovely as an early morning Spring. Her name is Sharon Desruisseaux. And yes, she is an author.

Sharon was an un-expecting victim of the bullies. Someone put her books on a “shit-list” book shelve and soon, others followed. It’s a monkey see, monkey do chain reaction that occurs more times than you think. In any normal fashion, Sharon merely inquired to a few of them personally as to why they did that. Not knowing that in the warped minds of these bullies, this is a huge “No-No”! For one doesn’t have the right to question the actions of a monkey. Just slip them a banana and move along to the next cage.

Anyhow, the point is, all Sharon did was ask why? Why a person she doesn’t know, doesn’t know her, perhaps has never even spoken to, would go and place a book she has written in a shelf that designed to “degrade”.  A simple little explanation would have sufficed, everybody moves on. But no, did the bullies do this? Not at all.

One of the people in which Sharon contacted to ask why her book was placed on a “shit-list” book shelf, confused about as she was, was no other than fellow author, and now, infamous bully, Angela Horn.

Keep in mind that at this point, Sharon wasn’t going public with this question, she was addressing these people on a “one-on-one” basis. However, did Angela Horn keep it on a “one-on-one” basis? Absolutely not. Oh no, bullies can’t function one on one, they need to draw attention to themselves and call their army of delinquents in and attack Sharon on her Goodreads blog. Check this out if you think I am lying. Here is a shot of Angela’s blog post on Goodreads.

Talk about un-professionalism. Talk about a “Badly Behaving Author”. Talk about … okay, you get the picture.

Now, at this point, I wanted to show you some screenshots of other authors, and STGRB supporters, who went to Angela Horn’s Goodreads blog and attacked her for publicly being an ass. The only problem with this is …. There was none! Nope, not a one. Zilch. Nada. Zero-amundo and … you get the picture. 

Here is the link. Don’t take my word for it, see for yourself. Angela Horn

Nobody can say that there were any comments from other authors or STGRB supporters and that “Angela deleted them” because let’s face it, if there were any such comments being left, they would have either A) Left them up to prove their point …. Or B) some of her supporters would have captured it with “captions” in responses …. Or C) Left a retaliation comment, that of which you will not find in this case.

Bottom line: Nobody went to Anela horn’s GR blog to attack her. Not Sharon. Not her friends. Not her fans. Not STGRB. Not STGRB supporters. Not Carroll Bryant. (Hey, wait a minute, that’s me) Nope, no one attacked Angela on her GR blog. 

So, as to the claim that authors and their supporters or STGRB and their supporters “never stay in their spaces” doesn’t seem to apply here, does it? Because it sure looks like nobody “invaded” her space at all. 

Are we keeping up? Things are just beginning to cook. 

Now, after this “public” attack by the very un-professional and angry Angela Horn, (sounds like a catchy new nickname, doesn’t it? Feel free to use it. Just make sure that if you do, you give me full credit of course, Mr. Spicoli.) the dear Miss Sharon Desruisseaux promptly took to her author blog on Goodreads and wrote this very telling account of her experience. Please notice that when you look at the screenshot, you will NOT see Sharon mention any names. If you still doubt my word, here is a link to Sharon’s blog post, feel free to call me out on this one. Sharon's GR Blog

Now, if you’re questioning my opening line on this article about what the Goodreads bullies claim about staying in spaces, here is a screenshot of The  Holy Terror making a comment in regards to the “alleged”  bully practice.

I want to focus on the ending to this comment in which “The Holy Terror” says, and I quote: “How exactly does one bully someone else when THEY’RE the ones who come onto OUR personal space and stir up shit?” :End of quote.

They make this too easy.

Now I would like to share with you some screenshots of the bullies from the hate group “Badly Behaving Authors” that can be found on Goodreads and Amazon Kindle Forum Boards. These comments are taken from Sharon’s Goodreads blog. Her own “personal” space. (Keeping in mind that nobody went after Angela on her GR blog)

Those that I circled are the bullies. Just a taste. I see Coaxial got two cents worth in. (About all he is good for, two cents) You’ll be seeing more about Coaxial. Trust me. One of the biggest bullies on Goodreads. If there were ever a sheep in this world, this individual is the biggest of them all. Coaxial wouldn’t know where to go if it weren’t for the footsteps of his friends for which he could follow. Not to take anything away from “In2Books”. She’s a piece of work all unto herself. I like to think of her as a cow-patty sandwich slapped between two pieces of cow-patties. (Okay, you’re right, I’m isolating here, and lying. The truth is, I think of all of them like that.)

But I digress - Do we see anything unusual here? I thought that authors, their supporters and those who support STGRB were the ones who “invade” their “spaces”? But of course, as the evidence shows, this is not the entirely the case, now is it?

The best part about these findings is that you don’t have to take my word for anything. In fact, I insist that you don’t. Just go take a look-see for yourself.

Warning: It doesn’t stop here. Oh no, not by any stretch. There’s still another little thing I wish to bring up since it came up on Sharon’s blogs comments. These bullies not only “Invade” other people’s spaces (while claiming they don’t and that it’s everyone else who invades theirs) but furthermore, even after they go to other people’s spaces and stir up shit, cussing and a fussing - when you curse back (because you know you’re only human and can take so much of these bullies and their horse shit) they turn around and accuse YOU of violating the Goodreads ToS and (yes, there is more) they threaten you with being BANNED! And of course the biggest cry-baby of the bunch threatening this is none other than …. Drum roll please …. “In2Books”! (If’ins that is your real name)

Check these screenshots out if you are still doubting me.

In the second screenshot, we have “Amy or Ames” saying: “I consider Gary’s comments to be offensive and threatening, and following those he offends is harassment which contravenes GR’s terms. If he continues this behavior, he will be banned as others have before him.”

Hey, “Amy or Ames” or whatever the freak you want to be called, here’s an idea, how about you stop harassing other people in their spaces? Yeah, that’s right, you heard me. Sharon’s blog is not your space. There, I said it. (It had to be said) Maybe none of this would have started had all of them just done what they claim they do and stay out of other people’s space. Nobody from STGRB or any other person “invaded” Angela Horn’s space, now did they? But these people not only invade other people’s space, they bully, they attack, they incite trouble and if you respond, they go crying to Patrick Brown.

Hypocrisy, hypocrisy, hypocrisy, and lies, lies, lies.

Do you want to know what this reminds me of? I was visiting a friend of mine not too long ago and his two boys, 6 and 8, were playing with their toys and as young brothers often do, they were arguing over space in the living room. My friend, their father, separated them and gave each of them their own space. The older boy slowly, and methodically, started spreading his toy cars further and further out, reducing the space of his little brother. It didn’t take long for the younger boy to pick up on this. “Hey, you’re not allowed to do that. That’s my space!”

The younger boy pushes the older one. “Get out of my space!”

The younger one pushes back. “Shut up! Stop pushing me!”

The father gets up and takes the older boys toys away and sits him down on the edge of the couch and tells him. “You don’t get any space now. Don‘t be pushing your brother.”

The younger boy cried out. “But he pushed me first!”

“Yeah,” said his father, “but only after you invaded his space. He had a reason to push you."

I sat there and nodded my head. Sensible father.

In the story I just told, the older boy is “The Goodreads bullies from the hate group, Authors Behaving Badly”. Namely, (Coaxial, In2Books and Amy)

The younger boy represents Sharon and her friends. Their space was invaded.

But do you want to know what the worst part of this is? “In2books” and her bully friends may very well get someone banned. Why you may ask? Because most of these Goodreads bullies are “Goodreads Librarians” and they have community manager Patrick Brown in their pocket.

Now, what do you think about that?

Meanwhile, the person who might suffer the most from all of this is Sharon. These bullies go to great lengths, not to just express their “opinions” but rather, they go that extra mile to try and ruin people’s image, character, and reputation. (And their career) This is - after all - their motive operandi. It’s not about expressing themselves as reviewers, it’s about power. It’s about bullying. And it’s about time for the ugly truth to show itself.

Gillian said it best in that last screenshot: “You see! Here they come!”

And of course, this all reminds me also of our newest bully and notorious stalker, GenX of GenXpose. She can’t stay in her space either. She also can’t help stalking people. Most notably, STGRB, myself and now, it would seem, my friends blog. But this is something a lot of us who do know the truth has come to expect. Think I’m lying? Well. Check this out.

We already know she started emailing me first. I covered that in my second article, “GenXpose Part One”. But did you know she also stalked/stalks Athena at STGRB? Yes, it’s true. Not only has GenX emailed me needlessly, but she also corresponded with Athena in similar fashion. (Or at least tried to) But Athena wouldn’t hear of it. Take a gander at this comment Athena left on STGRB telling us all of GenX’s exploits.

Think she’s lying? Well then, explain why GenX would send a follower request to STGRB’s Twitter account?

Kind of creepy, isn’t it? I mean, first she gets denied the right to comment on the STGRB website for her silliness bully behavior, then she pesters Athena about it through email. And if that wasn’t enough, even after Athena ended it and asked her to move on, GenX sent another email under a different email address. It’s like, this GenX girl always has to get the last word or something. These bullies can’t take the word “NO!” or the words, “STAY AWAY!” or even, “LEAVE ME ALONE!”

But this is what we’re up against.

Here she is flipping out on Athena on her blog.

That just gives me the willies every time I read it. As for the stalking part? I was alerted to this. Check out the screenshots. They are from her blog “GenXpose” where she posted screenshots of my friends blog. (Who has nothing at all to do with anything and, has never mentioned word one about GenX and her blog or anything.) And GenX is at least ten years older than my friend. WTF? Isn’t it about time you start acting your age, GenX?

By the way GenX, things don’t go missing after you report them. You’re more full of yourself than a Christmas turkey. I didn’t want her to take down my interviews, it was her idea. She just didn’t like your links and that of the hate group “Authors Behaving Badly” from Goodreads, popping up on her blog and stinking up the place. I can’t say I blame her, who wants to deal with your sewage? However, I reposted my latest interview (the one with the pictures) on my blog. An hour later, I was alerted to your post. Nobody is afraid of you. You’re nobodies hero except for that of your own. (And people say that I am narcissistic?) You and your bully friends need to stop living in the past and get over it.

She stalks at will. Or so the evidence would suggest. Check this out.

(FYI - I don’t have a web cam) Her and her minions just can’t seem to stop talking about me thus, I can’t help but to share it with you all. How about one more just for shits and giggles?

I like how she says: “I have repeatedly told others to be careful what they do and say because they own it. Many have chosen time again ignore that wise advice. So be it.”

Well GenX, it would appear as though we can add you to the list of who ignored you. Here is a screenshot taken of my blog traffic for my Carroll Bryant blog.

How many times does her blog appear on it? Five? You do realize there is only ten lines right? So half of my traffic comes from …. Gulp ….. You?

You’re a stalker GenX - OWN IT! (In my opinion of course)

And you’re just like your good friend Jude. No wonder you two are buddies. You have a lot in common. I bet you two exchange notes on the best ways to stalk me. How sweet. Do you two have Carroll Bryant slumber parties too? You do?! Awesome! That’s just fantastic.

But the good news here is, I don’t care. What I do care about are people like Sharon Desruisseaux, but I’m not going to worry too much, she’s a tough lady and she has a lot of supporters who stepped up to the plate. This next screenshot is an example of that.

To all of those who came to Sharon’s defense, you are angels. Thank you. Go in peace.

As for Angela? Well, here she is showing up on one of my book reviews. Seems she is part of the bully crowd after all. The same bullies who condemned me for my article revealing how children are role-playing in sexually explicit role-plays on Goodreads. *Goodreads: Or Good-pedophilia?*  The same bullies who are a part of this group on Goodreads and Amazon forum Boards called “Badly Behaving Authors”. (Led by head moderator, H.L. Leonard, a Goodreads Librarian.)

So sit tight my Funyons, I have plenty more where this story came from.

I’m Carroll Bryant - and this is The Looking Glass.

Things we learned today. 

* Bullies do not stay in their spaces as they claim

* Bullies will cry to Patrick Brown and get you banned

* It’s not about “negative reviews” as the bullies claim

* The hate group on Goodreads is “Badly Behaving Authors” 

* GenX could very well be a stalker

* GenX stalks STGRB, my blogs and my friends blog

* Angels do exist

* I said Funyons 


  1. Angela Horn is the type of person I just want to smack. the type of person who just accepts the word of people who are shit-listing other people without actually looking into the situation themselves. Lazy? Gheesh. If more of these people would bother to do their own research, they would find out that these witch hunts are probably 98% based on misinformation and lies, and probably only 2% actually misbehavior. I felt so bad for what Sharon went through...

    1. I agree Katy. Sharon is one of the sweetest women you would ever want to meet. She is a class act all the way. Way more classier than I am, that's for sure. LOL

      And you're pretty classy yourself, Katy.

  2. Hi Carroll! :) Hi Katy! :) Yes Angela Horn is a nasty piece of work. She claims to support indie authors! But that just has to be the biggest joke that I have ever heard!

    I have seen her viciously attacking countless different indie authors on GR. I don't know what her game is? Is she jealous of other authors? I have heard that Angela Horn's books are dire, from what I've been told her books are REALLY bad. Out of curiosity I read a sample from one of her books and it was totally cringey!

    Regardless A.H. is a nasty piece of work! She is an evil and vindictive old battle-axe! I know that I don't sound much better then her with all the name calling, but if people saw the nasty things she says to indie authors then they would know were I was coming from. Carroll you have provided some good screen shots to show the kind of cutting comments A.H. posts on GR.

    From Charlotte. :)

    P.S. I know this is childish, but! Angela Horn initials are A.H. Its funny because A.H. has always been short-hand for Ass-hole!!! Hehehehe!!! I told you it was childish, but its kind'a funny too! ;)

    P.P.S. It amazes me how the bullies NEVER EVER show any screen shots of the things they accuse you of Carroll! There is NEVER ANY proof of what they say. They just make things up as they go along. Someone left a comment on the "C.B. Lies" blog under the C.B. history section. The commenter asks for proof of all the things that you are accused of. The bloger says that it is not their job to show proof of what they say!!!! They tell the commenter to go look for the proof themselves!!!!! Eh? Hello! The proof doesn't exist because EVERYTHING that they say about you is LIES!!! God knows that if they had proof then they would use it! Do they think we are stupid???

    1. I'm not worried about CBL anymore. It's just Amanda Welling and her husband Jon. LOL They lost their "cred" today. LOL Best of luck to them and their future.

  3. Dude,

    WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG with these people?

    Enough said.

    PS: the GR Librarians' shit doesn't stink. Or so they think...

    1. I think a lot of us are asking that question. But apparently, because I posted a small list of bloggers who lied to me, it was deemed that I could no longer go about my business in peace, and that the Goodreads Gods known as the hate group "Badly Behaving Authors" would also see to it that nobody buys my books because they are the "Judges, Jury and Executioners" of "Badly Behaving Authors".

      GR Librarians poop too? LOL

      Thanks for the comment. Peace and love to you.

  4. Excellent post Carroll - thank you! I knew little about GR and had no idea that anything like this was going on. I will give you a short version of my own encounter with this obnoxious clique...

    I received a Google alert on one of my titles back in early August 2012. It was a wonderful 4-star review on Goodreads and I had a few conversations with the reviewer. The only reason I signed-up at GR was to respond to this great review. I wrote a non-fiction book about real events (a memoir) and I always respond and talk about it - whether good or negative. At some point I returned to GR and noticed that someone put my Memoirs book on a shelf titled "lendink". I responded in a comment that she was mistaken, I was not a part of the Lendink fiasco, and all that I did was defend those that were involved on the KDP publishing forum. She didn't care and it ended with a heated exchange. It was months later when I returned to GR.

    All that I did was click "like" on an author's (Gayla) post about a misogynist. I did so as I had experienced his wrath in KDP back in September 2012. I guess the gang saw my "like" and followed it to my profile and next thing I knew all of my titles were placed on nasty shelves (shit-list, bba, sheisse, - even rape-abuse etc...). I dared to respond to a couple of the nastiest statements made in comments under ratings and here we are...

    The reason stated for harassing me and making denigrating statements about me and all of my titles was that I responded to a "reader". Well, the woman that shelved my title as Lendink sure was not my reader and neither were any of these dolts. Of course it escalated as the entire clique of 10+ decided to rate all of my titles with 1-star, adding derogatory comments. They later edited the "reviews" (lol) to make statements about the books they never read and removed the nasty statements about me.

    How dare I respond to a gang of miscreants that includes authors making the choice to attack my books! Well, life is a 2-way street... I consider my options on what to do next. Angela Horn was the instigator, but others in the clique ran with her idea. I won't even say what I feel like doing because I may do it. I live by the rule, *What's good for the goose is good for the gander.* It ain't over yet!

    1. Thank you Vicky. Although I am sorry to hear about your experience with this gang of GR thugs. I find it amusing still that these bullies continue to cry about the fact that they are the ones being bullied and they are the good guys when all of the evidence that has ever been provided by myself, STGRB and others shows the complete opposite. There has even been evidence showing that these people argue and fight amongst themselves at times.

      If you have noticed, most of the authors (if not all of them) that have joined forces with the bullies have very few friends, fans and followers. (Gee, I wonder why that is?) LOL

      I concur with you in regards to your rule. I feel the same way. Maybe that is why I have stood up to them all of this time. I am trying to lead by example that yes, there are times when one should walk away .... but .... there are also times when one should stand and fight back.

      Where these GR bullies are concerned, it is fight back time. I have seen others who walked away and these bullies still continue to attack them. Walking away from them or apologizing has never worked with these internet terrorists in the past, so standing up to them - in my book - is the only option.

      Thanks for sharing your story. STGRB and myself are always here for you if you need us.

    2. Carroll,

      Now I see where my May 10 comment is. ;)

      I quote from this post: "These bullies not only “Invade” other people’s spaces (while claiming they don’t and that it’s everyone else who invades theirs) but furthermore, even after they go to other people’s spaces and stir up shit, cussing and a fussing - when you curse back (because you know you’re only human and can take so much of these bullies and their horse shit) they turn around and accuse YOU of violating the Goodreads ToS and (yes, there is more) they threaten you with being BANNED!"

      Now here's the thing... That first nasty review from "Gretchen the Goddess" is not gone as far as I can see and I have checked from a secure IP. I shared numerous (6 or more) emails with Emily Finlay at GR when complaining about all of the cursing - every couple of words was "f---" or "sh--" in the review and in her comments to me. Emily informed me that cussing was NOT against GR ToS. I have the emails, of course.

      So cussing and carrying on like a freak is okay if you are with the troll gang, but not okay if you are a target of said gang? I didn't even curse in my responses to the nutjob. I reported it because it was on one of my books. A few days later this "Gretchen the Goddess" seemed to disappear.

      Does GR staff always adjust the ToS to serve the trolls?

    3. The answer is YES! That's pretty much it. There is absolutely no consistency with ToS enforcement on Goodreads. The bullies have community manager Patrick Brown in their pocket. This all falls onto his shoulders. He allows the abuse and neglect of the GR ToS to occur. This allows the bullies to roam free and attack whomever they wish with little or no resistance. The moment they do get resistance, or if anyone stands up in defense, they have that person banned. This is how the bullies terrorize others.


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