Saturday, February 23, 2013

Carroll Bryant Lies

Hey everyone! Great news to share. Somebody has honored me with a blog dedicated all to me! Isn't that amazing?! Apparently, I am a force to be reckoned with. How cool is that? On the surface, it appears that GenX, Amanda Welling, John Green and who knows how many more are behind it, but now, instead of going after STGRB, they are STILL coming after me. But seriously, a whole BLOG dedicated to me and my lies? LOL Okay, but you do realize that to be taken seriously, you HAVE to provide actually proof of my lies. You know this, right?

Let's take a look at this blog, shall we?
Carroll Bryant Lies appears to be focusing on "my lies". All three of them. LOL Yeah, I know, right? But anyhow, let's take a look at one of these lies that this new blog site wants to focus on. It is the dreaded "Model Pic".
First of all, didn't I explain that here? Goodreads Bullies: My Final Defense Post
I'm fairly certain I did. You know, a joke that went too far. Apparently, the Goodreads bullies aren't swallowing it. (Maybe because their foot is still in their mouth - hard to swallow a foot whole) Not to mention, I can't help what others put on their blog, can I? Of their own accord? Well, evidently, the Goodreads bullies seems to think so. Hey, GenX and Amanda or whomever you are, I know you want to impress me by giving me credit for special powers, but honestly, I can't make people do my bidding. I wish I could. I have a task in mind that I would make you do, but that aside.
They seem to focus on my defense against John Green's attack article on me. (If you'll note, all of my posts are "DEFENSE" posts of "OTHER" people's posts that "ATTACK" me. This leads me to believe that these bullies are sending the message, "If we attack you first, and you try to mount a defense, we will attack you further by creating a blog JUST FOR YOU!")
 Anyhow, because I posted that tweet John made about ... um ... "things he likes to eat" ... the bullies now want to talk about me wanting to be a "porn star".
Okay, I said that in an interview. Apparently, first of all, the bullies have no sense of humor. They take everything in a literal sense. It is obvious that "they" do not get the joke. Still, they are trying to compare that to something John Green actually said to a female on twitter in an actual correspondence.
Do you see how far these pathetic losers will reach?
This new blog they created just for me isn't doing anything different than what is already going on. Just spin city all the way. And still no evidence to present. And what they do present, I already talk about so, what's the point? You know?
Okay CBL, you busted me! I mentioned in an interview that when I was 14 years old, I thought about becoming a porn star. OMG! You are such great investigative reporters! How did you come across that scoop? LOL Like I said, though it was an attempt of being humorous, even if it were real, what of it? A lot of young men think about doing it. Not to mention, I was "FOUTEEN YEARS OLD" when I said I thought about it. You want to defend your friend for having sex with an adult at age 14 by saying she was a child who didn't know any better? Okay, fine, that could be somewhat of a point, yet then you want to turn around and say that me (at 14) isn't a "child" who doesn't know better? ... Really? You want to show your two-faced hypocrisy that easy?
Let's take a look at their "About Page", shall we?

They start out by saying ... "We are a group of readers, writers, and book lovers who are tired of self-published author, Carroll Bryant, being able to post whatever he damn well pleases on his many blogs and with his socks."
Really? First of all, I have socks? And you can prove this? Because this is the first time I ever been accused of having socks. Wait! I do have socks! I admit it. I have like, 50 pairs of them. Wait! You don't mean those socks, do you? LOL I know what you mean. And again, evidence talks, bullshit walks (like bullies) - And now, about this "posting whatever I want" business - Do you mean like the posts on GenXpose? Or John Green's blog? Or all of the blogs you listed under the "History" page of Carroll Bryant?
So what you're saying is, it's okay for ALL of you to post what you want to, with or (the most standard practice) without evidence to support your lies? And opinions? But if I actually post evidence and give MY opinion, you people get tired of it? You see, what you really mean to say is, "We're tired of Carroll Bryant standing up to us and our lies and our posting about him and saying whatever the hell we want to say so we're creating this blog to show everyone that Carroll Bryant is a force to be reckoned with and we have no other counter measures to write about on our own blogs anymore so we created the "anti-Carroll Bryant" blog similar to the anti -STGRB blog in hopes to get him to stop defending himself against us."
You see, when you become a force to be dealt with, your enemies start grasping at straws and upping the pot. In this case, they created a whole entire blog dedicated to me and my three lies. LOL
They go on to say ... "Since he believes in naming and shaming people who disagree with him and he seems to have no problems with his own hypocrisy, we have no problem pointing out the logical flaws in his arguments."
I named people and shamed them who disagree with me? When? Calling me a pedophile isn't disagreeing with me. Calling me a racist isn't disagreeing with me. Writing posts that say I chase after underage girls isn't "disagreeing" with me. First of all, you people need to learn the meaning of disagreement. And the difference between that and "libel".  As for the hypocrisy part, what hypocrisy part? I have no problem at all with my hypocrisy part, only yours. LOL I never posted about your hypocrisy until you posted about me. I didn't make all of you people write articles about me. You did that of your own accord. Take your medicine when you're called out for the liars that you are. It isn't my fault that you lie about me, and decide to post it on your blogs. But seriously, you think this blog about me is going to prove your point? Trust me, it isn't. You still have to support your claims with evidence. You don't do that because lies don't come with screenshots and links. It either is true or it isn't. If it's true, you can prove it. If it isn't, you can't. End of story. So yes, please point out all my "logical flaws" - LMAO. (This should be good)
Now, let's just take a look at one of their biggest hypocritical statements on this new blog of theirs, shall we. This is what I mean when I say, "They make it too easy". LOL They say, ... " We believe in our Freedom of Speech, as well as Carroll's own rights. We have the right to share our opinions, as does he."
Then, they come right back with this ... "Carroll Bryant will NOT be allowed to post here."
I don't have to say anything further about that, do I? Of course not, we'll let the evidence speak for itself. (EVIDENCE!) LOL
You see, people of the "Carroll Bryant Lies" blog, that is what we call in the "sane" world as evidence. And it can be seen in the screen shot above.

My second lie is that of my age. Really? You're going to hate me because I dance around that? The only reason I dance around it is because it drives the bullies "crazy". LOL Don't ask me why because I don't know. I just know that it does. Drives them crazy, that is.

And my third lie is my writers name. LOL Yeah, they call that a lie. Like Jude Henderson isn't lying about her real name and she isn't even a writer? As Gump would say, "That's all I have to say about that."

Now let's take a look at "The History" of Carroll Bryant, shall we? Here is a screenshot of it.

First of all, this isn't "my" history, it's the history of all the posts made against me by the bullies and their supporters. It's other people's opinions and or flat-out lies" made against me. It's not my history, it's all of yours. All of you bullies. This is what I mean when I say these people haven't a clue. In none of these articles they list does anyone show any kind of evidence that supports any of their claims except for the fact that most of these articles talk about me posting "The List."

Really? Can't you people come up with anything "original"? You're going to keep beating that dead horse until you're blue in the face? (Or have we passed that already?) What a joke. Nice try guys, but this blog is about as lame as all your other blogs. And that's sad. I would have hoped this blog about me would be so much more. I deserve it! LOL Because - like you say - I'm a  narcissist. Wouldn't this blog just be "feeding" my narcissism? (Just asking)

I also noticed they added in the following post, "Self Control Is Lacking", that I have .. "Problems in sustaining satisfying relationships." - This is inaccurate. I have no problem at all having "satisfying" relationships. They are all somewhat "satisfying" to me. I think they meant to say "Long term" relationships. Which would be more closer to the truth. But the fact remains, I don't want a long term relationship so there-fore, that wouldn't be a problem. Of course, if they are talking about their friend Jude Henderson, you would have to talk to her about that. She is the one who seems to be "looking" for a long term relationship and yet, having a problem with them. At last count, her supposedly "ex" Daniel, cheated on her. Of course, I carry my own doubts about this Dan ever having been a real BF of hers. Jude is psychotic, more or less, so .....

 Their welcome post starts everything off in the proper direction. Instead of posting "lies" that I have said, they post a cat. LMAO A cat!!! Yeah, we'll take you seriously now. You posted a picture of a cat. That is so 13 years old of you. Here are a couple of shots of that post.

Here are a few interesting things they say that I would like to bring up. First we have this, ... "In a nutshell, this is our way of venting and pushing back at the drama that has surrounded a portion of the book loving community for quite some time. Many of us have been feeling like the Grumpy Cat and it is time for us to change that."

Really? This is your way of venting and pushing back? Pushing back against what? Defending myself against your original posts filled with lies about me in the first place? Then you push back when I actually go out and "defend" myself with "The Looking Glass?" - Really? Well here is a free education for you bullies. To push back, you first must be pushed. I never pushed you. You pushed me. Pushing first means "posting" about me first. I am the one who pushed back with this blog. Long after all of you already had your say - which was unwarranted and unfounded - now I have my say but you bullies, in your warped thinking, believe that by me defending myself against your original lies is me "starting" everything? And so now you're going to "push" back?

If I wouldn't know better, I would think I am actually making them look foolish with their lies about me. Trust me, I take this new blog in my honor as a "BADGE" to wear proudly. I really do. If you people at CBL need anything from me, let me know. I'll be glad to help. LOL

 Now let's take a look at this article called Carroll Bryant Goes After John Green - First of all, I went after him? No, more like he went after me first, then I defended myself and now he and his friends are coming after me again with this blog. Hey John, I can't help it if the truth makes you look stupid. That's not my fault. If you would have just left me alone to begin with then none of this would be happening right now. (Same for GenX and Amanda Welling) I mean, after all, you guys wrote about me first. That is pushing, by the way.
But check this out, in this article they say ... "Funny Carroll, you seem to love talking about these "bullies" as well. You see, we really hate the double standard with this guy. If you post about him, that isn't okay, but he seems to think he can say whatever he likes about other people with no consequence."
No, I don't think anyone can say anything about anybody and there be no consequence. There must be a consequence. And no, I don't like talking about you bullies. I have to talk about you because you people are "talking" about me first. Your blog posts went up first. Your accusations and lies went up first. I am merely defending myself from them. If you wouldn't have ever posted those things first then I wouldn't have ever created "The Looking Glass". Can't you see this? And how is it a double standard for me to talk about you AFTER you guys talk about me? I don't get it. And FYI, I don't say "whatever" I like, I post mostly your own words through "screenshots" and use your own words against you. if you don't want me to do that (like I am doing now with your new blog about me) then shut up. Whatever I do say about you people (the bullies) is in defense of what you say to begin with. How is it that you bullies do not see this? No wonder they forbid me to comment on their blog with my name. LOL They can't handle logic. Or truth.
Here is their common issue with "Carroll". LOL (Me)
"He has the bad habit of putting everyone in the same basket. For him, anyone who makes a negative, contradictory statement about him or one of his books, is a bully. And don't you know? All bullies are the exact same. We have seen this from Carroll time and time again. If one person posts or says something about him, he holds every person who ever opened their mouth about him accountable too."
No, I don't care if someone makes a negative comment about me or my books. But calling me a pedophile, a rapist (Like Zoe called me) or a racist is not a "negative" comment about me, it is libel. Learn the difference. And this is what I am defending myself against. As for my books, I don't care if anyone likes them or not. But writing a fake review is bullying in my book and I stand by that. Rating a book you never read is bullying in my book and I stand by that. Or writing a "book review" and talking about the author instead is bullying in my book and I stand behind that. And yes, you bullies are the same. You bully. That's why you're the same. And yes, I do hold everyone accountable for what they say, especially if what they say is a lie. I mean, first of all, why even say anything about me if you don't know me? If you say something about someone, then expect that someone to confront you about it. If you can't deal with that, then here is a suggestion .... Stop talking about me!
And that coming straight from a narcissist. LOL
I know what you're asking right now, "But Carz, is there more?" - The answer is yes, unfortunately, there is more. They then go onto say this ... "Take the young girl, Jude, who had the bloody misfortune of being Carroll's first victim in this whole mess. A year later, he is still talking about her even though she hasn't said a word to him and he continues to drag her name through the mud on his new blog. Hell, he even has her slated on his calendar."
Okay, first off, "young girl Jude?" You make seem like a child. (Maybe mentally she is, but I digress) She is a 19 year old "adult". (Can you see their spinning ways?) Then they use the word "bloody" as if to indicate I physically harmed her. (Spin city) Then they say "first" victim. (From what I can tell, she is the ONLY victim they seem to talk about. They way they put it, there are other "victims" out there. But who are they?) Can you see this spin? The answer is of course, there are no "victims" and not even Jude is a victim, much less, a bloody one. LOL (Unless it's that time of month in which case, I retrack everything) LOL
Yes, I am still talking about her, but it hasn't been a year later yet. (Spin city) It's only been about eight months. Eight months since she stalked me on my shared blog by befriending my best friend and manipulating her to be an admin on it. (All of this without my knowledge. Jude wanted it to be a secret)   But yes, I am still talking about her because she is the one who started this whole thing against me by posting alleged emails that I supposedly sent to her. (I have proof of that and it is coming up so ....) And hasn't said a word to me? How about this for "Having not said a word to me in a year"
Here is a screenshot of an email that I got from a girl calling herself "Angela" but in truth, after isolating her ISP - turns out that her ISP is exactly the same as ... Ahem .... Jude's.

Now, Angela and I never spoken before until around August. She was on my friend list when I was on Goodreads and she became friends with me about a month before Jude stalked my blog. Keep in mind that I had blocked Jude from emailing me first. But once all of this broke out, and after I got banned from Goodreads, this Angela girl started emailing me like we were best friends. I played along, even when I knew it was Jude. I wanted to see where she would take it. But right about mid January of this year was the last time I heard from "Angela", after I decided to "call her out". Ever since then, our daily emails went to ZERO!

Nice try Jude.
And to further showcase the irresponsibility of the people behind this blog, in their post "Self Control Is Lacking" they mention this about my exposing the sexual role-plays on Goodreads. "Carroll Bryant wasn't the first author who talked about these groups on Goodreads that participated in those kinds of activities and we can't say for sure that Goodreads updated their policy because of him. The timing is suspicious, we will give him that much."
The timing is suspicious? Really? Even after Patrick Brown emailed me and asked to see all of my evidence - which you can read here Goodreads: The Aftermath Of Shame - and even with the screenshot of Patrick's email to me, you still want to believe it could have just been the "timing"? And that Goodreads was already going to do something? LOL Really?
Do you all see the "stupid bully hate" I am up against here?
And then say this ... "Carroll seems to think that he should gain some kind of recognition for bringing these issues into the light, so to speak. Honestly, we didn't see much (if any) concrete evidence that actual children were participating in these sexual role-play groups, ..."
Really? You have screenshots of me saying that I am a hero and I should be given all the credit for breaking this story? Well, in case you don't. let me give one for you, "I should be given credit for breaking the story because ..... I broke the effing story!" LOL Then they say that Patrick offered me an "Olive" branch. First of all, no he didn't. Asking me for help to do his job is not an "olive" branch. And speaking of "Olive" branches, I offered this in November/December on my other blog to the bullies - none of you accepted that. Now you're stealing my "olive branches" from me? Really?

An olive branch from Patrick would be if he offered to allow me back on Goodreads (which I would decline) and that he offered to rid GR of you bullies. (Which I would accept) That would be an "olive branch".
Okay, I am ending this here. I think I made my point about this new blog named after me. And as a narcissist, this makes me feel pretty awesome. LOL As for those "Angela" emails, I have all of these emails stored. We may be taking a look at those in future posts. There are some strange similarities I wish to focus on which involve GenX, Amanda and Jude. (Two people pretending to be three. Four if you count the "Angela" persona) But that is in the future. Anyhow, you should go and check out this new blog called "Carroll Bryant Lies". It's really just John's, GenX's and Amanda's way of "striking back against me for standing up for myself to begin with from their initial attacks" LOL And pointing out all of their lies to begin with.
Did you get that?
What's wrong Amanda, that lawyer thing not working out for you?
I'm Carroll Bryant .... and this is the Looking Glass.
Things we learned today
* Carroll is a narcissist
* Somebody really has it bad for me to honor me with a blog
* Jude and GenX may have a new persona called "Angela"
* The bullies think GR's new role-play policy and my breaking the story on it is "suspicious". LOL
* Carroll lied about his looks by posting a fake picture of himself as a joke that went too far (Get a rope)
* Carroll lies about his age (Get another rope)
* Carroll uses a "fake" name to write under (Any rope left?)
* A 19 year old Jude constitutes her being a "young girl"
* The bullies couldn't stand it that I stood up for myself with this blog against their attacks so they started a new blog dedicated to me to counter my defense.
* Can't take a blog serious when they post pictures of cats
* The people who started "Carroll Bryant Lies" could be 13 years old (Mentally)

* The bullies don't know what an "olive branch" is

* The bullies can't get enough of Carroll Bryant
* Seriously though, John Green, GenX, Jude, Amanda Welling, all of you need some serious mental help. You really do. This is no joke, mental illness is a serious issue and I plead with you from the bottom of my heart to seek for and receive that help.
Oh, and thanks for the blog. I am honored.  


  1. You got them on the run Carroll. Great job!

  2. Yes Carroll you gotta laugh at GenXpose. It is simply a hate blog about you and STGRB! Hate, hate, hate! And I think there s a bit of love and obsession thrown in there too! I was thinking that Genxpose would run out of things to say pretty quickly. But then I thought, NO, GenXpose is mainly fiction so she will never run out of stories to make up.

    She is over there ranting and raving to herself. No one comments on her blog. She has even lost the support of the GR bullies!!! She was trying desperately to be queen of the bullies when she started her "blog!" And for a while the bullies cheered and cried for joy hoping Genxpose was going to come up with all sorts of secret information about you and STGRB! BUT SHE NEVER DELIVERED!!! So now even the bullies have no time for her! No one even bothers to comment on her crazy rants. I bet she will get desperate soon and she'll start commenting on her own blog just to make herself feel wanted! It very sad really. LOL!

    One of the most childish expressions that I have ever heard used on the internet is the word "butthurt." It is an insult that children use when they are too young to be allowed curse. Genxpose blog consists of "Butthurt Carroll" Butthert STGRB" "Butthurt butthurt" But the only one with butthurt is Genxpose because she never ever stops complaining!!! She persistently rants and raves, whinges and whines! Every time I hear the word "butthurt" I burst out laughing! She really has to be a child! No self respecting adult would continuously use that word! "Butthurt!" Hehehehe!!! "Butthurt!" It is hilarious! Ouphs I have a hurt butt!!! LOL!!!! Butt-bloody-hurt!!! Can anyone keep a straight face while trying to use the word "butthurt" as an insult? Hahaha!!! "Hey you! You have butthurt" Too funny!!! :)

    As my Mother always used to say "its better to be talked about then not talked about!" She will tire her little self out soon. She has completely and utterly lost the support of the GR bullies, she ran out of lies to write about you ages ago. At this stage she is just repeating the same old things over and over again! One thing that is for certain Carroll, she is totally ABSOLUTELY OBSESSED with you!!! It is really creepy! I wonder what her "husband" thinks about her obsession? I bet she doesn't even have a husband. Genxpose has dedicated a whole blog you you. She has it bad for you!!!

    I hope you are keeping well Carroll! The trolls will get bored soon. The Genxpose blog is dormant, you can almost see the tumble-weed rolling by! Genxpose never delivered so now she is all alone, all she has left is an obsession for you.

    From Charlotte.

    1. Wow. On the one hand, it is kind of funny. On the other, somewhat sad. I don't think I could have explained that any better. But she did promise something to her readers about me and STGRB, didn't she? And you're right, she didn't deliver. She couldn't. I mean, all STGRB and myself do is post what the bullies are doing.

      Anyhow, a friend of mine actually asked me to lay off of GenX because there is some concern that she may not be very well .... um .... balanced?

      But until I see actual evidence of it, I am still going to defend myself.

      I was noticing the same thing though. It seems very quiet over at GenXpose lately. See what happens when you shut me out of the party. Everybody loses interest. Oh yes, she does continue to repeat herself. Model pic that, my age this, writer's name over there, and I'm a narcissist. Well, who the heck didn't know that? LOL

      Obsession is the key word. GenXpose has been "exposed" as well as John Green. Now they're bailing water out of the boat with pails that have holes in them.

  3. I'm just sending you a hug. Whoever published that blog about you should be sued. I think that's stepping way over the line.

    1. Thank you. But the bullies always step way over the line. As for that blog, well, they wouldn't be bullies if they didn't start it. I'm kind of glad they started it. They left me a lot of links to other bully blogs who wrote about me that I was unaware of. But again, thanks for the hug. Nothing wrong with friendly hugs.


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