Wednesday, February 27, 2013

He Loves Us (Hitler's Of The Internet)

Well, it didn't take CBL long to read my post about them creating a WHOLE blog in my honor. They took to their keyboards and came up with a post all of their own without stealing anymore of my lines. Good for them! And they went on to address the unusual bull.

They claim to feel special. Well good news, you people are special. (Little Yellow Bus Special) That aside, they claim that I am not a force to be reckoned with. I guess that's why they started that blog about me. (Because I'm not a force) Usually, when someone dedicates a WHOLE blog to one person, it is because that person is a force. But since they don't see it like that, perhaps a JUDE HENDERSON blog would be in order? You know, since making a blog dedicated to one person isn't "creepy" at all.

I slogged through their whine about me and I have a few comments of my own. Let's go through them, shall we?

1) They seem to think I pulled some names out of the hat to come up with my assumption of who is behind the "Carroll Bryant Lies" blog. They can't seem to see the logic as to why I assume it could be GenX, Amanda Welling, John Green and or Jude Henderson. So lets take a look at why I think logically that it could be any one of them or all of them.

First of all, GenX (Amanda Welling) came out of nowhere and started stalking me. I never had any interactions with her beyond her commenting a few times on my blog and on STGRB. When I showed everyone that it was in fact GenX who first approached me and made first contact (when she was claiming it was the other way around) I think I pissed her off royally for showing everyone the truth. (You can read about here GenXpose Part One.) So logically, she would be a good candidate to upstart this CBL blog.

Next, we have Amanda Welling, whom I believe is GenX in disguise. Why? Because her husband is Mepis and he has posted on the GenXpose blog. (As well as mine) And he has emailed me as "Mepis". (As will be shown on March 1st post called "Amanda Welling") But because of his email threats and his obvious anger about exposing his wife as having the sock "GenX" - he and her would be prime candidates of starting the CBL blog, if by chance GenX isn't Amanda, or even if she is. Now that is logical, also when considering that GenX brought in some new people to blog on her GenXpose blog, which would open the door for her to have more time writing on the CBL blog.

Then of course there is John Green and the post I did on him that made him look both, like the fool bully he is and a bit of a pervert. He would logically be a prime candidate to "strike back" with the CBL blog.

And then we have Jude Henderson, the girl that started it all by sharing emails with everyone way  back when and getting these bullies all fired up to attack me on Goodreads. She is obviously hating me because I refuse to allow people to forget the fact that she was behind it all. She sits in the shadows and continues to stalk me and my blogs, emailing me as one of her socks "Angela" for several months and so, yeah, she would be a logical choice to be behind the CBL blog.

So, as you can see, there is logic behind my "obvious" choices. That and the fact that whomever is really behind it, seems to afraid to "show" themselves. But why be afraid? Of little ole me? Really? So say what you want CBL, the fact that you are in HIDING proves that you think I am a force to be reckon with. That and the fact that you started a WHOLE blog just for me. Think about it, when STGRB became a force, they (the bullies) started the blog "Stop The STGRB Bullies". (And look what a joke that blog turned out to be.)

Then they say this ... "We can't blame Jude for using an alias." - Really? And why is it that she does use an alias? ... "Carroll Bryant is the perfect example why everyone should consider protecting their identity. Who would want someone like Carroll knowing their name, date of birth, place of residence, etc? We keep our identities secret to protect ourselves from him and others like him. There is nothing wrong with that." - Really again? You mean, like GenX (Amanda Welling) posting this on her blog about Athena?

It sure does look like it's GenX going that extra mile to "uncover" people's address, phone number and other personal information - and posting it online for the whole world to see - not me. You can scour all my blogs top to bottom and you won't find anything like that. If you still need to see for yourself, just follow this link STGRB Facts, Rumors and Speculation. It is there you will discover all of GenX's (Amanda Welling's) hard work of "stalking" STGRB, Athena and Melissa. It makes me ask the question, what normal person does that?

Then they "attack" a post on my other blog. One that is part of my "Teen Idol" series. They posted a cat on one of their posts to mock me, which makes no sense, then I said "You can't take a blog serious when they post a picture of a cat" so their response to that remark is this ... " If posting a picture of cat makes you unprofessional and immature. surely, posting a picture of Justin Bieber makes you the same, if not worse. How old are you, again? That's right. You've lied about that so many times, as well."

First of all, the post wasn't about a cat, but you used a cat picture, that makes no sense. As for me posting pictures of The Biebs" - It was for a post about "The Biebs" so .... who's picture should I have used? You mean to tell me that he isn't a "Teen Idol?" After all, that is part of an ongoing series of posts I am doing about Teen Idols. Really? You're going to compare a post about using a cat picture on a post you wrote about me, to a post I did about Justin Bieber and using his pictures on the post about him? Oh, and what does age have to do with anything? Because I am "old" I can't write posts about famous teenagers? This is your argument?

I can hear all of my readers laughing - even from this distance.
Wow! Talk about reaching for something and coming up empty.
Then they make it absolutely clear that ...  "John Green was talking with a PORN STAR about sexual play. We think a porn star would be comfortable talking about that sort of thing since, you know, she's a porn star."
Yeah, she's a porn star, that doesn't exactly help his image, does it? Thanks for the FYI.
Then they move on to this statement. "The words you use have meaning. For instance, in the interview question Carroll states, "But ever since I was about 14 years old, I always thought about going into the adult film business." Carroll did not say, "When I was 14 years old, I thought about going into the adult film business." See the difference? We hope so. It's not about lacking a sense of humor. We just do not find it funny. We also don't think that stealing a model's photo is funny and passing it off as your own is funny."
Really? You're going to nit-pick? Well of course you are, that's what bullies do. That's your job. Fine, I'll remember that for future reference. So when it comes time to use it against you, I don't want to hear your whine. And of course YOU don't find it funny. You people don't find anything funny. You're bullies. That's your job. To NOT have a sense of humor. It's kind of hard to have one when you're so full of hate. And again, still on that "model's pic"? Really? It would seem you would move past that as I have already explained it. But again, that's not your job, is it? Bullies let NOTHING go. They get stuck on the past. Isn't that like you people getting on me for still talking about Jude? Not letting go the past? Only for you, it's that "model pic". Well, here is a news flash - nobody cares! (Except for you bullies) But then again, that would fall under the "no sense of humor" category, wouldn't it? You people need to just let that go. I owned it. Which is more than any of you ever owned up to, that's for sure. See, you say I don't own up to nothing so you rag me for it, then I own it and you still rag me - Nobody can win with you bullies. Nothing is ever good enough for you.
Then they address this issue:  "We do believe that Carroll has socks and no, not the kind you put on your feet. Carroll still clambers around Goodreads and we believe he has at least one open account there even though he claims he has no interest in regaining his banned account. We know that he has had at least one account he wasn't supposed to have and we don't believe for a second that he actually deleted it."
Well, let's just assume for the moment you're right, that I do have an open account on Goodreads, that would be one, singular, where as you said "socks" (plural) You would still be wrong. (See, I said I would remember it and hold you to your "word" exactly as written like you did me and I am holding it against you.) But I digress, you only "believe" I have socks. You still have no proof. But does that stop you from saying anything? Hell no. Because a bullies job is to lie and libel at every turn. You bullies have the bully code down to a science. But yes, I deleted it. However, to show you I really don't give a rats tail, I will be creating a new one when I get back from vacation and go in search of more sexually explicit role playing between adults and minors, just to see if "Patrick Brown" really cleaned it up. And if I find it, I will post it again. More evidence. So chew on that.
Then they say this. "Carroll Bryant isn't allowed to post here for one reason. He has his own space where he can post. In fact, he has a handful of blogs where he can post whatever he wants to post. It's nothing hypocritical. All we are saying is that he doesn't need to do it here. Maybe if he doesn't like our rules, he should talk to STGRB? They have very similar rules. Pot calls the kettle black, wouldn't you say?"
Yes, I have a handful of blogs (four to be exact) and two of them is strictly my writing and my original blog I no longer talk about you bullies or address you. This is why I started this blog. But you make a blog about someone (me) and don't even allow that someone (me) to respond on it? To address your lies? And what does STGRB have to do with anything? I can't control what they do or how they run their website. I have no power there. I have no say-so what-so-ever. But you're still going to hold their policies against me? Well of course you are, because you're bullies. That's your job. But that's okay, I have this blog to address your lies and I am placing bets that that will be enough.
Then they go on with this statement: "Carroll not only lacks self-control, he also lacks reading comprehension. In our last post, we listed common traits of narcissists. We never said all apply to Carroll. He seems to think we did. It's okay. Nobody is perfect."
You pretty much insinuated. I mean, when you call somebody a narcissist, you've pretty much covered it all. I don't seem to think you did .... You just did.
Then they pretty much wrap it up with this: "Lastly, Carroll might want to remember why everyone started speaking up about him in the first place. Is it amnesia? Old age setting in? Denial? With 100% certainty, Carroll did something very wrong that led to bloggers and readers all over the globe pissed off. Just check out his history in our menu bar. And yes, Carroll, that is your history. We are sorry you won't own it, but it is yours."
Now let's just assume I actually did do something wrong. Who put you bullies in charge to be my "judges, jury and executioners?" I mean, people make mistakes all the time, or am I the only one? But more importantly, what did I do wrong? What was it that I did (that you can prove) that was so God awful that you bullies have to go and try and ruin my career as a writer? ..... What? .... Did I kill someone? .... No. ..... What? .... Just because I played a bad joke with that "model pic" and it got out of control? Is it because I won't reveal my real age? Is it because when I started out I used a pen name? (Then later changed it to my real name) .... What? .... because some girl claims that I stalked her when I have evidence that shows she stalked me? On my shared blog? Manipulating a girl younger than her to do it? So she could get back at me for blocking her from emailing me anymore? Come on, what did I do? Because all those links you have are to other people who DON"T KNOW ME or THE TRUTH about what really happened. They are just speculating and lying just like you are. But again, even if I did do something wrong, who made you Gods of internet world and other people's reputations and lives and careers to which you try to ruin? Are you saying that you people (the bullies) are perfect and so shall we all be? What?
You see, it doesn't matter if you're right or not, you still have no right at all to crucify people on your "holier than thou" cross. It's not your responsibility to go around and "Judge" others. God is watching you. And this is exactly what you are doing to me and other authors out there - You're "judging" them, then finding them guilty without just cause and then ... you and your bully gang goes out and do everything you can to "destroy" them. That is living with hate in your hearts and again, if there is a God, that God is watching. because according to the word of the bible and the Lord himself, "He is the one who do all the judging." - Not to mention - "Hate the sin, not the sinner."
But you see, this is the point, it doesn't matter if I did anything wrong - You still have no right to do what you people go around doing. You need to let it go. You need to stop hating so much. You really do. All of you bullies. Jude included.
Then they end their post with this: *This is the longest post you will ever see on our site. Well, hopefully. It's a semi-promise."

Seeing is believing. But with these bullies, not only can all they make are semi-promises, but you can't believe a single thing they say. Apparently, they are perfect. And they are the internet-worlds "Judges, Jury and Executioners". So beware of them. They are the Hitler's of the internet.

I'm Carroll Bryant .... and this is the Looking Glass.
Things We Learned Today:
* The people behind "Carroll Bryant Lies" and their supporters are the "Hitler's of the Internet"
* The bullies are perfect
* The bullies are "Judge, Jury and Executioners" of authors
* The bullies don't like me posting about teen idols and or Justin Bieber
* The bullies are stuck on the "model pic"
* The "model pic" is all they have on me
* Jude Henderson stalked me on my shared blog
* The bullies think I have socks on Goodreads and they seem to think one is plural
* The bullies have no proof I didn't delete my old "sock" account I used to do my GR RP investigation
* GenX (Amanda Welling) is the one "doc-dropping"
* There is no evidence to suggest that Carroll doc-drops
* John Green talks to porn stars
* Carroll is going to start a "Jude Henderson" blog when he returns from California (because that wouldn't be creepy at all.) Or maybe he already did?


  1. "First of all, GenX (Amanda Welling) came out of nowhere and started stalking me. I never had any interactions with her beyond her commenting a few times on my blog and on STGRB."

    This is what I always find very interesting. She came out of nowhere, invaded your space, and went into attack mode without knowing anything about you.

    I have seen this before. Ann Somerville (that gutter bitch) is famous for it. I once saw her attack a very well-respected woman author for no reason at all, and it was one of the most vicious attacks I'd ever seen.

    These people clearly are the outlaws and criminals of the un-policed Internet. They are like the old time bandits that used to attack stage coaches and trains. I truly can't wait until one of them is prosecuted one of these days.

  2. After all of her bitchin about everyone else doing stuff like this without providing any proof, she turns around and does it. Forget the fact that it is public information, what does it say about Amanda's character in just posting it to begin with? Or even to search for this information? There's no need for this.

    This is why I don't use my real name on comments here. I don't want Amanda to know who I am so she can post my personal information on one of her blogs if she decides she doesn't like me.

    Carroll, you're right, God is watching. I get the feeling that Amanda Welling is going to burn in hell for a very long time for her actions. I pray that God has mercy on her soul.

  3. I read Amanda's most recent post on genx where she claims you have a streak of narcissism. I don't think she's tuned into reality anymore. I've read your work and it's actually very, very good. You are a talented man and she just sounds jealous she's not as talented. I don't read her blog often because when I do I leave feeling so sorry for her. It's like she has this odd fixation on you and she really needs to get interested in something else.

    1. You know the funny thing is, she thinks by calling me a narcissist that she is "revealing" something new. LOL Hey, I admit it, sometimes I am a narcissist. I don't mean to be. I still give to charities and do charity work and stuff but yeah, a writer, an actor, a singer / performer, let's face it, many of them are centered around themselves. They almost have to be to sell themselves. That's how they survive in their business.

      I mean, I write books. I want people to read those books so I have to promote myself as an Indie author. This is going to make me come off a bit narcissist.

      Anyhow, I think we all - as humans - have a little bit of narcissist in us to some degree. Sure, some more than others. And maybe I am one with a little more than normal. Is that a reason to "hate" me to the point where you would want to ruin my career and reputation?

      I do agree, she seems to have this very odd fixation for me. And yes, I wish she would get interested in something else like .... I don't know .... her husband?

      Thanks for the comment. Be well.


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