Monday, February 11, 2013

GenXpose Part One

Okay, so let's get this van a-rockin. I wish to talk about an event that has occurred in my life. I wanted to do this article because it is farm fresh. This is part one, and who knows how many parts it will take to ring out the towel. Not to worry, we will be discussing plenty of other things down the road. Things like, "The List", "Jude", "Doc-Dropping" and so much more! All of that good fun stuff.

Meanwhile, let's move on with this article.

Recently, I was targeted by someone who first disguised herself as a friend only to have baited me into a fight. I’m not quite sure as to why she did this, but it would seem that she thinks I had something to do with her being banned from making comments at the STGRB website. The truth of the matter is - I have no say on that site, but there appears to be a lot of folks who think that I am a contributor on it, and that I have some kind of say so as to what happens with it. This is absolutely false. Nobody has been able to prove I have anything to do with STGRB because I don’t have any involvement with them other than I am friends with them. It is only my opinion, but for some reason, this girl appears to hold me responsible for STGRB’s actions against her. The truth is, I thought she was one of the good guys. And STGRB warned me about her, they had their suspicions, but I went with my gut. (Stupid gut) Anyhow, she baited me into a fight and today, I will show proof that she did. Now, why did she do it? Again, I do not have an answer to that. One could speculate though. But she did set a trap and I fell for it. (Please see #16 of “Traits Of A Cyber Bully")

The reason I feel a need to address this is because this girl and her supporters are adamantly saying that I initiated everything, and started in on her first. That I drew first blood. This is false. This girl initiated first contact with me and drew first blood. But she did it in a true cowardly fashion. (In my opinion) But please, do not take my word for it, just look at the evidence. We’ll let the evidence decide. And I will present that evidence to you now.

Please bear in mind that prior to this situation coming about, I didn’t know who GenX was. In fact, it wasn’t until around mid January did I even learn that GenX was a girl. I always thought she was a he. She never did take part in any attack on me that I can remember so when she first popped into my life, I had no reservations where she was concerned. That quickly changed in a matter of days. But now, at this very moment, I know exactly who she is. (I have done my research) And guess what? I’ll tell you what I tell everybody who stalks me and picks a fight with me, (which this post will clearly prove), you earned everything that I might dish out. If anybody ever pushes me too far, there is no entity in the world that could prevent me from reaching out and touching them. You’re no exception! You're just a crazy puffs girl who has glued her gluteus maximus to her chair, armed with a lifetime supply of Doritos you won from "The price Is Right" play at home version. (In my opinion)

Okay, so, according to her, just because she left a comment or two or maybe three (I don’t really know nor do I really care) on my blog, back in the days of the dinosaurs, she constitutes that as us “knowing” each other. I also saw a few of her comments on STGRB and as for our relationship, there was none! We never exchanged any kind of relative banter through comments or anything. Nothing! This girl was a complete unknown to me.

Now, I certainly apologize for the fact that, for whatever reason, she failed to make any kind of impression on me in the beginning to actually retain any remembrance of her in my Episodic Memory. But while that may have been somewhat bi-polar of me, I still, to this day, fail to see how leaving a few comments here and there constitutes as us “knowing” each other. But according to her, it does. So, do with that information as you will.

This is relevant to know as we go down the road in this most baffling journey. And this is Part One of who knows how many parts. But one day, she sent me an email from out of the clear blue. Now, keep in mind that her friends, in comments on her blog, made the assertion that she should be careful with me because I might go and “start stalking her” or something and yet, as the evidence will show (And not just my words) she was the one who emailed me first, making first contact, and she was the one who lured me into a fight. Here are a couple of screenshots from her blog comments. (If you want, you can just go visit her blog GenXpose and jump into the trash can to sift through all the garbage)

Don’t you make “yourself” available enough for me? Hey GenX, you came to me first sweetheart, remember? Don’t flatter yourself. (Please see #8 of “Traits Of A Cyber Bully“) In fact, consult that list after reading this post and see if you can find how much of those bully traits she displays. (The bully traits I listed here on my blog came from three different professional websites by the way) The comment refers to me "all but stalking her." I shall dispel that notion once and for all.

And here is the first email she sent me from out of the blue for no apparent reason.
Or was there a reason?

So I ask you, who is stalking who? She titled the email “Touching Base” but why she was “touching base” is beyond me. We never “touched base” before. Unbeknownst to me at the time, she was setting her trap.

Now, this email brings about a very good question. Why did she email me? We didn’t know each other. Why did she ask if everything was okay with STGRB? You see, this was the first time when STGRB went off-line because author Ann Somerville (a friend of GenX at the time) was the one who sent a complaint to GoDaddy which led to STGRB going off-line for a day or two. Wouldn’t GenX have known this through her friend Ann Somerville? So again, I ask the question, why did she email me asking what happened to STGRB if she already knew?

The only answer I can come up with is … you know what, I have no possible explanation to it. I’ll let you people try and figure it out. Could one say she was/is stalking me? I suppose that is one option. Other than that, I have nothing. Perhaps the answer can be found somewhere in my “Traits Of A Cyber Bully” page.

And how do I know that Ann Somerville had something to do with STGRB being off-line? (So glad you asked) Well, don’t take my word for anything, maybe this next screen shot will answer that.

Why did she go after STGRB when she goes after every living author alive with horrid comments and false allegations, other than the fact that she may be a stalker too? (Visit STGRB for that evidence.) Because they were exposing her evil attacks, her hypocrisy, and sock-puppets, that's why. Perhaps she feared the truth about her would "hurt" her book sales. Really Ann? Well, don't worry cupcake, STGRB can't hurt your sales dear. I'm sure your writing is doing that for you by itself.

First of all, "Anon", GenX talked about me on her blog long before I took any swipes at her on STGRB. The proof is coming up. Secondly, how did I copycat her blog? Is her blog called “The looking Glass Of GenX?” No, it isn’t. This blog is nothing like hers, and I am not hiding behind a fake name.

 Anyhow, back to the post …. Where was I? … Oh yeah ….

If you will notice in the email she sent, the date shows “January 4th”. (Screenshots don’t lie) And the date of the first post she made ("STGRB Stopped") on her blog where they also made their comments about me was on “January 4th”. (Screenshots don’t lie) And of course, the very first comment posted by Cheri is dated, you guessed it, "January 4th." (Screenshots don’t lie) January 4th seems to be significant here. Could this have been … ahem ….  A coordinated operation of attack? Just like the one perpetrated against me on Goodreads back in July of 2012? One can only speculate.

As for when I made the comment on STGRB that supposedly started our little episode of confrontation? Well, go to their site and you’ll see that while they were switching service providers, I couldn’t make any comments. They didn’t get back up and running until  January 11th.

And what was this horrible comment I made that got their panties in such a twisted bunch? Take a look for yourself.

Notice I made that comment on "January 12th". Why is this significant? Because the accusation here is that I “started” everything up with GenX, and so far, the evidence proves otherwise. She was first to email me, first to post anything about me, and first to “rag” on me, not the other way around as they blatantly claim. I’m not calling them liars, the screenshots are doing that by themselves.

And what was the date when I first made any comment on her blog? "January 11th", a week AFTER she started in on me. Check out the screen shot for yourself. It doesn’t lie.

Granted, I could have been a little nicer about it, calling them ass-wipes was way out of line, but a person can only take so much. GenX purposely baited me by pretending she was a friend, stalked me with an email first, sent a additional emails about "cyber bullies" and such, and posted about me and commented about me and then her and her friends try to pass it off as though I started everything up with her. If you go to any of my blogs, you will not see anything where I ever attacked her. She attacked me! And she did this methodically. On purpose! (In my opinion) Now, we can sit here and debate the reasons why, but as far as I am concerned, it is classic bully behavior. (Check out my page “Traits Of A Cyber Bully”)

So GenX, you and your bully friends just got busted. You came after me and I - as always - defended myself. Keeping in mind that I am merely going by the evidence. Screenshots don’t lie. And furhtermore, I have no idea why you even bothered because I didn't know who you were coming into this year. Did Jude send you after me? I wouldn't be the least bit surprised.

So now that we have established that, let’s take a look at something else that I find very amusing. Part of what I want to do today is establish the mentality and behavior of these individuals. One of the things that stands out with them is how they argue among themselves at times like six year olds. Violence and anger, not to mention, domination of others, are key elements in this equation. And these people can’t seem to get enough. They also put their foots in their mouths way too often, and I will show you how they do this. Their only goal is to cause chaos and disruption. Like a bunch of kindergarten kids, they can’t seem to function without it. One difference they have is that they are filled with hate. They are always fighting with somebody. Even in their own pack. And there apparently is some dissention in the ranks among this group of people. Ann Somerville, and GenX (and friends), have parted ways. As shown here in the following screenshot.

Oh no! Say it isn’t so. (Hall and Oates) What seems to be the problemo? Who knows. 

Why is this relevant to anything? Good question. Well, because … and trust me when I say, I am doing everything in my power to hold back my laughter here … one of the bullies warned me five days before their fall-out that my “STGRB friends will one day turn on me at the slightest opportunity.” I mean, this is how they think. Just because friendship means nothing to them, they seem to think it means nothing to anybody else. They haven’t a clue as to what friendship and loyalty is. Not to mention, respect. And who was this person who said this to me, that STGRB will one day turn on me? …. Wait for it …. Wait for it …. Wait for it …. …. ANN SOMERVILLE HERSELF !!!!!!!

That’s right! I am the one being "played" here Ann. (Screenshots don’t lie.) Really Ann? I am going to be betrayed by STGRB, my friends? Well, that remains to be seen although, I highly doubt it because our friendship is built on mutual respect. You see, even when I thought GenX was a friendly, and after they warned me, I still chose to believe that she wasn’t a bully. Now, did STGRB hold that against me? Did they throw a temper tantrum? Did they “turn” on me as you so boldly - and confidently - predicted? The answer to all of those questions Miss Einstein is a firm and solid - Hell no! But alas, your friends sure did seem to turn on you real fast, didn’t they? (Or … was it the other way around?) Moot point. Not to mention, it was a hypothetical question. The bottom line here is, you people say a lot of crap and spit a lot of sewer stink from out of your mouths, but once you get it out, your foot slips right in, just like a match made in heaven.

The thing here to remember is, you just can’t believe what these people say. Oh, don’t get me wrong, they do say a lot, but they never back it up. And they are so smart, they can tell me what my future is going to bring, but they can’t even see the front end of theirs. (In my opinion)

And we will end this fiasco for now with a few screenshots of some of these people talking about how I am a stalker and stalking GenX when in fact we have proved here today that she came to me first. (Like a stalker) She emailed me first. (Like a stalker) She blogged about me first. (Like a stalker) She meticulously baited me and I, the blonde that I am - or perhaps a fool for thinking that everyone has a shred of decency in them and I was a victim of my own good nature - took the bait. (She also continues to do her dirty work hiding behind the fake name of "GenX". What's wrong, GenX? Afraid to reveal who YOU really are? Can't stand behind your own words with conviction?) We also proved how these people lie and spin everything around. We have behavior here from these people that can be directly related to “Traits Of A Cyber Bully” which you can view on my “Traits Of A Cyber Bully” page. And we have shown that these people are the ones who turn on each other. (That was my favorite part) And with these parting screenshots, you will see how they can’t seem to “get enough of me” by stalking my blog. (Just like a ….. eh, forget it, you know what I was going to say.) LOL (Stalker!) Ha! I said it. Damn bi-polar.

Special message to GenX - The amazing investigative reporter. You're slacking. FYI, the pizza shop is not next to the park. I repeat, the pizza shop is NOT next to the park. In fact, neither do I live right next to the park. I live about 3 miles away. (maybe more) But yes, the cannon is pointed in the direction of my building. (I bet you thought I lived in those blue apartments, didn't you?) LOL Silly wabbit, see what your hate makes of you? And people actually pay you to "investigate" for them?

And also for you, GenX, a return message that you left for me on your blog. You and your friends started talking about me first. You were always planning on addressing me no matter what I do or say, or even if I just went silent. Do you know how I know this? Because you mentioned me first to start with, and then you went and brought my friends blog into it, and she has NEVER done anything to you. So it would never matter what I do, you will always be coming after me and for what reason? I will never know. I'm not sure that you even know so I guess I figured I would just give you a reason now.

News-Flash GenX - Nobody is afraid of you. Well, maybe some people are, but interestingly enough, none of those people are ME!

Don’t worry, my good readers, there will be more to come. Oh yes, there will be more. So stick around … Gameday box go BOOM!

I'm Carroll Bryant - And this is The Looking Glass.

Things We Learned Today

* Carroll is bi-polar

* I was baited into a fight by GenX

* GenX is a liar

* GenX emailed me first

*GenX "may" be a stalker.

* GenX blogged about me first

* GenX can't investigate for crap

* I have no "official" affiliation with STGRB

* There is no pizza place next to the park

* My gut is stupid

* A few comments posted on your blog constitutes “knowing” someone.

* The above statement was sarcasm ^

* Ann Somerville has parted ways with GenX and friends

* Ann Somerville stalked and harassed STGRB

* Ann Somerville sucks at predictions and advice giving

* The bullies can’t seem to get enough of me

* The bullies hate and fight so much that they fight with each other

* Hall and Oates rock!

P.S. - the following screenshots are from GenXpose. (Link provided up top) And what you are looking at is a post about STGRB listing some "anti-bullying" websites for its members as a public service. Apparently, GenX doesn't want them to do that? Why? I don't know. You would have to ask her about that. But I would think by posting links to these sites would be a "good" thing. She informs her friends (because no one else will listen or is paying attention to her) that she has contacted all of the sites STGRB lists. She has about a dozen screenshots proving that she has contacted them to inform them about what STGRB is doing.  That being said, I have but one all important question to ask: Hey GenX, obsessed much? What is your beef with STGRB and myself? (Okay, that was two questions. My bad.) Give it a rest already! Geesh.

And FYI - Just because they have those sites listed, doesn't mean they are "affiliated" with them. They do not make any disclaimer that they are. They merely have them there so people who are victims of bullying can utilize them if they so choose or feel they need to. But I can see you don't want victims of bullying to "find" help. Nice to know. Thanks for showing your "true' colors.

P.S. S. - Dear GenX, in this screenshot, are you threatening Athena here? Because from where I stand, it certainly appears that you ....... (Crappers! Just like the Sopranos, I ended this post in mid sen .....)

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