Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Cyber Bullying 101 And Stefani

Have you guys read this article yet? GR Bullies Contact Eve's Charity. It's about the bullies on Goodreads who contacted an author's charity in which she does volunteer work for and contributes to her community through a kind act of giving. Now get this, the bullies are trying to make trouble for her through it.

Really? And you say you're not the bullies? Isn't this pushing it too far? I mean, you want to argue that it's all about your right to review books negatively - yet the evidence shows you review authors instead and libel left and right, but still, how do you expect to prove your case when you go and do things like this?

I think it's a bit too much. I think it steps way out of line of just a simple battle of review rights. I think clearly, this shows who the real bullies are. I think it shows these people's real colors. Apparently, this is more than just "their" right to review authors in book reviews. This is about cyber bullying all the way. To step to such a level as to try and attack someone's good nature like this, and get them in trouble with a charity that this lady, Eve Thomas, is trying to help is about as sick and low as another human being can get.

But this is what STGRB and myself are battling against. people like this. They need to be exposed, and little by little, they are being exposed. When you people go and do something like this, you need to be exposed, and you need to be stopped. If you can't see how acts like this make you a bully, then I don't know what it will take to convince you.

It's a sad time right now for Goodreads. They're putting kids at risk of sexual predators, and their support of bullies and acts like this. It just boggles the mind.

Here's a screen shot of Eve Thomas apologizing for talking about her charity work. Then you can see one of the bullies respond. ("J4N3" to be exact)

Well, "J4N3" - I'm not sure she was referring to you as a sour grape, but then again, maybe you know yourself to be a sour grape so .... you know what they say about a guilty conscience.

Anyhow, here is a shot of Eve's previous post. And this a link to her blog

And of course, here is "Zahara" leaving a comment on it. She's obviously not a big fan of STGRB, and she has strong feelings about it. Calling STGRB bullies. But I ask this question, how can they be bullies for merely posting about what "They" (the bullies) are doing?

Here is what confuses me (and I may repeat this thought again in the future) but, if these bullies don't feel that they are bullying others by what they are doing, then why are they so mad at STGRB? I would think they (the bullies) would be happy that STGRB is covering everything they do. I mean, if you do it, then you must enjoy it and it must be something you don't mind everybody else knowing about so - if they (the bullies) aren't doing anything wrong with their attacks, then why are they mad at STGRB? Hey, bullies, if you're not proud of what you're doing, then stop it! That's all I got to say about that.

 And here is Eve's apology for spamming groups on Goodreads where she explains how when she joined Goodreads, she just jumped head first and didn't read all the rules and guidelines. (And because of this, the bullies pounced on her, her book and her charity work.) And a link to it here. Eve's Reply To Comments

And here is a shot of one of the worst bullies on Goodreads (Stefani) with her take on Eve's apology. Pay special attention to the part where she talks about me. I circled it in red for you.

She says I spent four months "socializing" and interacting with minors to do my report. She is so wrong and this is why you can't trust these bullies for a minute. I never interacted with anybody while doing my "Sexual Role-playing" investigation. I just went in and read what others were writing and taking screenshots. That's it! But these bullies are spinning it like I was "participating" - which I never did. Do you see their evil here? Do you see their lies? Do you see their hate?

And these pedophilic dreams I had? Here, you can read for yourself. They have nothing to do with having relations with children. This is how Stefani and her stupidity spread the hate. (As do the rest of her bully friends) Carroll's Blog

Can you see how Stefani is spinning the truth to the point of flat out lying? This is what they (the bullies) do. It's their thing.

And as for my book, Last Flight Out - It's just that, a book. I wonder though, why she doesn't condemn her friend Jude Henderson (fake name) for sleeping with a 27 year old when she was 14? That wasn't a book, that is real life. No fiction in that story. Here's a link and a screen shot. (How do I know the guy she is talking about was 27? She told me.) Jude Story

These bullies don't care at all about the safety of the kids on Goodreads where sexually role-playing with adults are concerned. They're just more concerned about lying about me - the one who brought it out into the open - and libeling me further with more lies and accusations that again, they can never support with any kind of evidence. And trust me, Stefani is about the biggest bully and liar there is on Goodreads. She represents well the mentality and attitude of these people.

Keeping in mind that these people call STGRB all these vile names yet, they are the ones who go and contact Eve's charity and file a complaint against her for supporting STGRB. They bullied her to finally renounce her support for STGRB. Do you see the irony here? Here is a screen-shot.

And apparently, they won't leave her alone either. They are ruthless and relentless in their efforts to bully. You can tell in this next shot that Eve is at her wits end about it all. (And Stefani explaining why they are still bullying her)

If you click on the links I provided above, you can check out all of the action. But it is clear to see that these bullies stop at nothing in their efforts to try and destroy an authors career for no good reason. It just goes to show, once you are targeted, that's it. You can't defend yourself, explain yourself or even apologize. They (the bullies) won't hear of it.

And FYI - This attack had nothing at all to do with "reviews". It was about a new member, Eve Thomas, joining groups and advertising her charity to help women and children of Domestic Violence".

Maybe the bullies support domestic violence against women and children. Who knows? It sure seems that way to me.

And here is the group where the bullies on Goodreads meet to organize their attacks.

I'm Carroll Bryant ... and this is the Looking Glass.
What We Learned Today:
* Eve made an innocent mistake and got attacked by the bullies
* Stefani is a liar as is all the bullies on Goodreads
* Carroll did not interact with minors during his four month investigation of sex RPing on GR
* It doesn't pay to apologize to the bullies
* The bullies do not stay in their space
* It's not about "book reviews"

* Jude Henderson isn't her real name (And she's not even an author)

* Jude Henderson had sex with a 27 year old drunk man at age 14
* They (the GR bullies) will contact your charity to libel and slander your name
* The members of the hate group "Badly Behaving Authors" appear to support domestic against women and children as well as kids sexually role-playing with adults



  1. Carol,
    Sorry but I'm confused - on the one hand I've seen several posts you've made recently to expose potential sexual abuse of under-age children online (obviously, no one can condone that.) But on the other hand, you expect that people should 'condemn' the behavior of a 14 year old who 'slept with' a 27 year old man?
    I just don't understand, because that was not sleeping with, or having sex, that was, at a minimum, statutory rape and I really don't understand how you can make light of this, no matter WHAT the context or circumstances.
    This makes you look very bad.

    1. Perhaps it didn't come out correctly. I meant, to condemn the fact that she "voluntarily" met with the man knowing how old he was.

      Obviously, I do not approve of what the man did, but Jude could have prevented it by NOT taking it upon herself to meet the guy in the first place.

      That being said, obviously she could have been manipulated. Still, I imagine the word condemn could be a bit too strong. I think my point is this: There's still an element of responsibility here. And knowing that their friend was taken advantaged of by an adult, they could show a little more restraint when they go lying about me. I never interacted with minors in any capacity what-so-ever. For them to suggest I did, is over the top. And libel!

      Let us not distract from this fact. This is still a post about how these bullies on Goodreads continue to not only attack authors, but continue to attack me as well.

  2. Why would anyone condemn a 14 year old for being the victim of statutory rape?

    Also, what does that have to do with Eve Thomas, or Stefani?

    1. In my previous response (above) I did say that perhaps condemn is too strong of a word. However, I also mentioned an element of responsibility. I condemn the fact that she willingly met up with the man in the first place knowing how old he was. What the man did to take advantage of her is horrible, which is why her and her friends should cease spreading lies about me in the manner that they do.

      As for what it has to do with Eve Thomas - nothing perhaps, as her attack led to comments by Stefani,lying comments about me. Stefani is trying to associate me as being a pedophile. What happened to Jude is being victim of a pedophile. I do not interact in any sexual manner with underage girls. Be it the act of or even engaging in role-plays as Stefani and others like her, claim.

      If they can't see the vile of their claims without merit or proof, then why come after me for using the word condemn like I did?

      If it was wrong for me to use that word - then how much more wrong is it for a low life like Stefani (and the rest of her low life bully friends on Goodreads) to be going around making their outlandish claims against me?

      I knew by using that word that people would come out of the woodwork blasting me for it. And deservedly so, fine, blast away, but how about we also blast these bullies for their outrageous claims against me?

      If it makes me look bad, then so be it. It should also make Stefani and her bully friends look bad too. It's time for them to stop. If not, there is so much more to come out on the horizon. A hell of a lot more. Now would be the best time for them to stop bullying. We're all gonna look bad before it's over.

  3. I'm with you on this one Carroll. While what happened to Jude is awful, she did make a choice. I read the story on the link you provided, and while on the one hand, she comes off as something of an innocent victim, why she would choose to be a member of that BBA group on GR is beyond me. It shows two sides of her. I trust you will be showing us more of Jude's dual personality. The fact that she herself uses a fake name is telling when considering I have read comments towards you for using a pen name. That Jude made the choice to be friends with people like Stefani is also revealing. Everyone can see how they lie and twist things around. This makes me wonder about Jude and the company that she keeps.

    1. There will be more. This I can assure you. And finally! Someone who gets it. She does have multiple personalities and this is important to know going forward.

      These bullies need to get it through their heads that they are only forcing the issue. I am here to play hard ball with the truth. While they continue to lie without evidence - I shall continue to post truth.

      I'll stop when they stop. Until then, it only gets more revealing. For everyone involved.

    2. Jude has not said or done or participated in anything against CB in months.

      Did you know CB's real name is not Carroll Bryant? If you are so against using a fake name, where is YOUR name?

      CB also seems to think that nobody should use fake names, but STGRB does it all the time and I don't see him hounding them for that. Hypocrisy at its finest.

      P.S. Victim blaming is not cool.

    3. "Jude has not said or done or participated in anything against CB in months"

      First of all, thanks for at least acknowledging that she HAS participated in things against me in the past. This is also important to know as we go down this road. Also, you are slightly mistaken though, who do you think sent GenX after me? The point is still this, she did send these bully friends of hers after me. Granted, like she said to a mutual friend of ours one time, she didn't think it would get so out of control, but as I have stated before regarding that - It doesn't matter if you didn't mean to burn the forest, you still started the fire.

      "Did you know CB's real name is not Carroll Bryant? If you are so against using a fake name, where is YOUR name?"

      I think everyone knows my real name isn't Carroll Bryant. It started out as my pen name. There is nothing unusual about that. However, my name now IS Carroll Bryant. So chew on that. And FYI - I am not against anyone using a fake name. But I have been attacked for it repeatedly and I am a writer so like I said, nothing unusual there, however, for HER to use a fake name when she isn't a writer kind of makes the bullies who attack me for it look even more stupid, wouldn't you think? That is the point of me always bringing it up. And since Jude sent you, then Jude is just going to have to suffer the consequences for that. As for STGRB, they have to use fake names to get the information they get to report what you people are doing. It's just that simple, but again, I do not have a problem with anybody using a fake name, but evidently, the bullies do have a problem with it.

      How's that for hypocrisy?

      I am not "blaming" the victim, but merely demonstrating that even I, at 14, have to take responsibilities for my indiscretions at that age. I was also a victim of sexual abuse since age nine. And it occurred throughout my teens by various women of all ages, so I know first hand about the subject matter. I also understand that I too had a role to play in it as I got older. The point here is showing how people continue to make those bad choices and put themselves in situations where they can use the "victim" card all the time. I don't do that, but Jude does. Again, something to keep in mind going forward.

  4. * Eve made an innocent mistake and got attacked by the bullies

    (She apologize for her spamming, but continued to spam. Usually when someone makes a bad mistake, they apologize and stop repeating the bad behavior. She didn't stop. That kind of makes her apologies invalid.)

    * Stefani is a liar as is all the bullies on Goodreads

    (You don't know any of us to make this sort of generalization. Some of us are part of the group just to read what sort of crazy comes up.)

    * Carroll did not interact with minors during his four month investigation of sex RPing on GR

    (You shouldn't even be on Goodreads since you were banned. We have no way of seeing if that is a truthful statement because we don't know your fake handle)

    * It doesn't pay to apologize to the bullies

    (Actually, there have been times where an author does something wrong and sincerely apologizes and all if forgiven. So it does pay to apologize.)

    * The bullies do not stay in their space

    (Neither do you.)

    * It's not about "book reviews"

    (Yes, it is for the most part)

    * Jude Henderson isn't her real name (And she's not even an author)

    (Who cares and why are you still droning on about her?)

    * Jude Henderson had sex with a 27 year old drunk man at age 14

    (Victim blaming is disgusting. You should know better.)

    * They (the GR bullies) will contact your charity to libel and slander your name.

    (There is nothing illegal about contacting a charity when you have concerns. If they don't think it is serious, then nothing will be done.)

    * The members of the hate group "Badly Behaving Authors" appear to support domestic against women and children as well as kids sexually role-playing with adults

    (We certainly do not approve over either and this is libelous statement.)

    1. First, Eve should have never been attacked in the first place. End of story!

      Second, Stefani is a liar! The screenshots I provided are proof of that. I don't need to know someone when they flat out lie!

      Third, my "fake handle" has been deleted. And if Goodreads wanted me to stay banned, they should have kept my IP banned. You think I am going to care about what GR thinks? Or you bullies? Rules are broken all the time for the sake of a good story that is the truth. And my report on the RP's was true! And no, I guess you don't have proof to say otherwise that I didn't participate, but you also don't have proof to show all the other lies you people spread about me. So where you bullies are concerned, "What's proof got to do with it?"

      Fourth, well excuse the "F" out of me. I have never seen one time where an apology got anybody anywhere. You don't see a group of authors on Goodreads where they meet up to plan attacks on reviewers, do you? In fact, I have never seen a group of authors attack a reviewer. Then again, according to you bullies, EVERY author is wrong! And YOU are never wrong! (Hypocrites)

      Fifth, maybe, maybe not, as far as the spaces are concerned, but you only you bullies are the ones who go around screaming, "We stay in our spaces!" - Yet the evidence shows you don't. Speaking of which, I never left my space when I was attacked, you bullies came into it. So suck on that for a while.

      Sixth, as for still "droning" on Jude, I mentioned it before, she earned it. For as long as you bullies keep attacking me, and she being the one who sent you to me in the first place, or the ones she sent gathered up more of you people, she is in this for the long haul. She also participated in me being banned from GR and future posts will show this, so yeah, she is going to get droned on for a long time to come. Unless this stupid shit from you bullies stop. Then I will stop.

      Seventh, I am not victim blaming. But like I said, if you people are going to continue with your pathetic BS, then hold on to your britches, because I am just warming up.

      Eighth, nothing libel about contacting charities to report somebody's behavior? Who the "F" made you people guardians of the universe? What the "F" gives you people the right to try and sabotage people like that? That's "cyber-stalking/cyber-bullying right there! And it there is something wrong with that. It's crossing a huge line. It's none of your business! Period! End of story! (And FYI, I didn't say it was illegal, just immoral and perhaps INSANE!)

      Ninth, I didn't libel - I said "appears" to support - but while we're on the subject of libel you "F-ing" hypocrite, go check out my GR book reviews.

      The gloves are off!

    2. @ Anon 8:50 pm: Are you kidding me? You people libel Carroll all the time and you're crying about him doing the same to you? Talk about tasting your own medicine. Not that he even did it because he is correct, he said "Appear to support". It would appear you are grasping at straws here. That seems to be a bully trademark.

  5. We are at that point where using real names would be wise. I deleted a couple of comments only for the reason they were made by Anons. Had they used their online names, they would have appeared on this post. (I did however capture screen shots of them for perhaps a future post)

    But to address those "Anons" - I am not blaming the victim here. But I do hold people accountable to a certain degree. And FYI - dressing up in a dress and being raped is quite opposite of your point. Jude wasn't "forced" raped - she was a willing participant - so to compare the two is apples and oranges. Although, it was statutory rape. (But again, not physically forced) There is a difference.

    Also, I think an "eye for an eye" fits perfectly in this situation. If you bullies are going to continue spreading lies about me, then the gloves come off. If you don't like the way I play, then back the fuck off! (I know I violated my "Rules Of Engagement here, but with good reason) And since it being that Jude started this all by stalking me on my shared blog, and by sending you people after me, she has earned whatever I dish out. So yeah, an eye for an eye. I'm not messing around here. It will get worse. Trust me on this. The sooner you bullies stop attacking, the sooner I stop defending. Understand?

    I hope you do.

    1. In what fucking world do you think you live in. It's okay, we have many screen shots of this entire post and our comments that were not posted.

      You are a sick man. Please do everyone a favor and go to your doctor, tell him or her your medication is not working, and get some mental help.

      Game on.

    2. I live in the same world you do. I need to take meds? Maybe so, but at least I am not the one trying to contact people's charities they believe in and trying to sabotage them like a nut job.

      You're damn right it's game on! It's been game on for a long time. I'm just now getting into the game. Bring it!

      I took screen shots too of the comments that I didn't allow through. To show what morons you bullies are.

      I haven't even begun to fight back yet. You bullies been having it easy for too long.

      Welcome to hell. Been waiting for you. Grab a seat, you ain't seen nothing yet.

  6. About Jude using a different name than her real name: did it occur to anyone that when she started blogging and being in the public, that she was a minor, and wanted some sort of protection from people finding her real identity and stalking her? I don't see the problem here. I don't see a problem with ANYONE using a pen name, unless they are calling out other people for the same behavior.

    1. I know a lot of young people who don't use fake names, but yes, it did occur to me. But I am not the one calling her out. Her friends (the bullies) called me out on me using a pen name. I am merely throwing it back into their face that their friend (whom they are defending) uses a fake name too.

      Oh, and further more, she isn't a minor anymore and hasn't been for almost two years. She's still using it. Just saying.

  7. I notice all these people coming after you Carroll for what you said, but none of these people even mention, much less take responsibility for what Stefani said about you. It's almost like they have no problem with their lies. Is this what you mean when you say they always try and divert the issue? That's what it looks like to me.

  8. Hey, if you guys want to see something funny, check out this link. My psychotic "sweetheart" of a stalker, GenX just posted her new butt-wipe whine. LOL How long before she shows up at my door with flowers in hand? Don't worry "sweetheart", I know I'm hard to resist. You just keep hiding behind your "fake" name to avoid public humiliation. Thus far, you're just WWW-humiliated. LOL

    P.S. - Hey, "Sweetheart" - if you're lucky, you're hubby will replace those chocolates for your meds. LOL

    Oh, did I just call you "sweetheart" again? LOL But hey, I must be famous because you're riding my coattails trying to ascertain the same thing. LOL

    Here's the link:

  9. Let's be honest, please.

    What straight guy on this earth doesn't think a teenaged girl is cute (as long as they're not related, of course)? This is coming from a woman btw. ALL guys think teen girls over the age of 15 are cute. Some will be attracted to them as well. It's normal, okay? NORMAL. It's just illegal to act out on it.

    To be called a pedophile for having normal feelings is preposterous. It's not like an adult walks by a hot 17-year-old on the street and doesn't think for a second that he/she's cute. Come on. Who the hell are we kidding?

    Think of the movie "American Beauty".

    These people will reach for any excuse to bully others. If they find nothing, then they just make something up. Right?

    1. This is true. Personally, I don't see anything wrong in thinking or saying that a person is cute no matter what their age. I have often times saw a 13 or 14 year old and said, "She's a heart-breaker" or "She will be a heart-breaker in a few years" or what-not. Hey, attractive people are attractive people. But it's like you said, there is a difference in thinking some young person is cute as opposed to acting on some hormonal impulse.

      A hundreds of years ago it was custom that a girl marry at 12 or 13 and often times, to much older men in their 20's or 30's. It's really all about culture. But that was when life expectancy was like 40 so ....

      I loved that movie "American Beauty". I consider it a classic.

      Yes, this is the way they operate. If they can't find something then they make it up or they twist it, spin it and try to make something seem opposite of what was said. The bullies are good for that.

      Thanks for the comment.


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