Thursday, February 28, 2013

Coming Attractions For March 2013

As my first month winds down, we can get resettled in our seats and brace ourselves for March. There are some very interesting things to ponder. The in10sity is almost too much, wouldn't you agree? Anyhow, here are some things to look forward to. We're just going to keep plugging away until the bullies stop. I don't care if it takes a hundred years. I'll stop when they stop. Then, and only then, will this madness be over.

Oh, one more thing, in John Greens latest post, he says I would know the meaning of "Marine Corp" if I had served. He thinks I never served in the military. LOL Hey John, once again, you suck at getting information. I served in two branches of the armed forces. TWO! LOL Looks like I win again. Hahahaha Better luck next time, champ.

This is just classic bully behavior. Proof that they are lazy about doing their homework and fact checking. They just say whatever comes to mind and it flies right out of their mouth. Hell, they don't even hope that what they say is true, they just pretend it is. And this kind of stupidity runs rampant in the bully community. It further illustrates how little they even know about me.

Okay, now the coming attractions for March 2013.


March 1st, 2013 - "Amanda Welling"


A look at a woman and her husband who claim they have nothing to do with me yet, the evidence will show otherwise. We'll also see how Amanda just flat-out lies! A husband and wife team gets "Exposed" GenX style.


March 3rd, 2013 - "StLouisKiss Is Amiss"


And by amiss I mean, muddled. To the extreme. While you'll scratch the hairs right off of your head with this one, we do finally put the puzzle together as to who GenX's identity is. We should thank StLouisKiss for that.


March 6th, 2013 - "The Legend Of Carroll Bryant"


I take a more in-depth look at irresponsible reporting of amateur bloggers, and address issues of concern within their reports. I also ask the question: Are some people just looking for attention? Fame? Off my name? Read and find out. Then you make the call. And we learn a little bit about Jude Henderson. You won't want to miss it. The truth from her own words!


March 8th, 2013 - " Mystery Loaf "


Big things come in small packages. Like on Valentine's Day ladies when you wait anxiously by the mailbox for your gift from your number one guy. He mentioned something special that he knows you been waiting for all these years of dating, and now it would seem he wants to take that next step. This makes you so excited. You know what you want, and it's about time the bastard figured it out. You certainly dropped enough hints. You told him once that your favorite song was "Ring of Fire" by Johnny Cash. You told him when you were a little girl, you loved playing "Ring Around The Rosey". And you definitely told him your favorite scary movie of all time is "The Ring!" (Are you listening boyfriend?) Then he appears, the mailman. He's walking towards you. He is carrying a package. You're about to pee your pants. He hands you the box. You take it in a swoop and race back inside the house and plop on the couch, ripping the package open. And then you see it. It's a key on a chain - and a message on a card that reads: "Hey sweetie, happy Valentine's Day. Here is a key to my apartment. Now you don't have to knock or wait for me to get home. Love you." - Charlie.
Yeah, it's kind of like that. Only better.


March 10th, 2013 - "Sad Times At GenX High"


You know about "Fast Times At Ridgemont High" - Well, this isn't Ridgemont, it's "GenX", so no Spicoli  Just a lot of Mr. Hand.


March 15th, 2013 - "Patrick Brown and Blackmail"


I take a look at the Goodreads ToS and ask the question, "Why doesn't Patrick Brown and or Otis Chandler enforce it?" We also get to meet two bullies first hand, Ade and Belle, as well as others who like to "put foot in mouth". Fake reviews by Martha D and Coaxial, a very bully thing to do.


March 26th - "Jude Henderson: In Her Own Words"


Screenshots of messages from Jude.


AC/DC - Thunderstruck!


  1. Hi Carroll,

    You have some interesting blog stories coming up. I am really looking forward to reading them.

    I think it is hilarious that Amanda Welling is STILL trying to deny that she and her husband are behind "Genxpose" and "CB Lies" blogs. If it is not her then why has Gexexpose been posting furiously ever since she was caught out? If Genxpose isn’t Amanda Welling then Genxpose wouldn’t give a damn about the accusations.

    It seems incredibly important to Genxpose that she keeps her identity hidden. So if it isn’t her then why did Genxpose go on such a crazy rant the day you proved that Amanda Welling was Genxpose? If Genxpose wasn’t Amanda Welling then surely genxpose wouldn’t have got so upset about the whole Amanda Welling thing!

    The genxpose blog has had so much activity since you and STGRB proved that Genxpose is Amanda Welling. She is posting story after story, trying desperately to put up a smoke screen to take away from the fact that she was caught out through her and her husbands Pay Pal flummox! This is just further proof that Amanda Welling is behind the Genxpose blog. Genxposes’s reaction to everything that happened this week is off the scale! There is only one reason why Genxpose would react like that; it is because she has been caught out.

    We didn’t need any more proof. The Pay Pal fiasco was 100% proof that Genxpose is Amanda Welling. But Amanda Welling keeps on verifying that she is Genxpose every time she posts another frantic blog. How many new blog stories has she posted since you caught her out? Amanda Welling protests WAY too much!

    From Charlotte.

    1. Yes, I hear she does seem to go off on rants anymore these days. Or so I hear. I myself haven't been to her blog for a couple of days now and have decided to stop going to her and her husbands blog "Carroll Bryant Lies".

      Now that we know Amanda and her husband are liars, and don't know what evidence is, it hasn't been as interesting as days past. LOL The last few posts I read tugged at my heart in a "watching a ship sink" kind of way and the captain telling the crew "We'll be okay. We're not sinking. We just have a flat tire."

      As for their "CB Lies" - They have already posted "fake" evidence and showed how they lie instead. I don't think anybody is paying attention to them anymore. Not even most of the bullies. LOL

      As far as I am concerned, until they decide to "take me to court". (LMAO) I am pretty much done with Amanda Welling and her husband Jon. There may be a few posts coming up in march about them, but that is residual stuff really. I had these posts ready to go for a couple of weeks now so .... LOL

      Thanks Charlotte.


    1. I really don't care. If anybody was "really" tired of me, they would stop making blogs in my honor. LOL Until then, trust me, they're not tried of me.

    2. Hilarious. They can't help themselves.

  3. But... but... he wants a DEBATE!!!


    1. Not with a coward bully anon. LOL

    2. And no, I never said that I wanted a debate, I said if you bullies want a debate then you have to use your real names. I really don't care to debate because there is nothing to debate. You're bullies. You're liars. You have no proof of anything and you're a waste of everybody's time.


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