Friday, March 1, 2013

Amanda Welling

Please Note: This post was fully written prior to the discovery (and admission by GenX) that GenX is Amanda Welling. I decided to allow this post to go through as previously scheduled.  

So, who is this Amanda Welling? Rumor has it that she may be GenX of the blog, GenXpose. I don’t have any concrete proof currently to back this up, or do I? This is just a “get to know you” post. The person we are going to get to know today is Amanda Welling. We’re also going to take a look at something interesting from the past. I mean, maybe we don’t “know” her – but can she be trusted? Is she honest? Well, let’s find out, shall we? And who well knows, after the threats her husband (Mepis) left me to shut down my blogs and contact an attorney, I figured we might want to find out who these people are and why are they attacking me? (Because as the proof will show, Amanda is no stranger in writing about me) Keeping in mind, I don’t know her from Adam.

First, I want to share a couple of her comments she left me on my other blog back in July of 2012. She left them on my post “Internet Terrorists: Ignorance run amuck” – From my research thus far, I have discovered she runs a blog called  Hippies, Bullies and Books Oh My

Now, in my post of which she commented, I didn’t leave any link to her blog. I don’t see where I even mentioned her blog, but that aside for now, apparently, I must have mentioned it somewhere. But why would I mention her blog if I didn’t know her? Because she changed her book review policy based upon another blogs “change of book review policy” for Indie authors. (If memory serves me, I think it was the “Bookish” book blog (Evie). Jude Henderson also referenced her changes as well based on the new “Bookish” policy. – Interesting) Keep in mind, all of this occurred back when I was attacked on Goodreads.


Anyhow, Amanda left these two comments.


In the second one, please notice where she says: “She referenced “Evie” and her policy but never mentioned me”
Now I want you to take a look at this post she made back in July of 2012. I ask you, does she mention me or not? I’ll let you decide. This way, you don’t have to take my word for it.

In this post, she clearly states that “She revised her review policy based on Carroll Bryant!” It appears to me that she did mention me, so why would she claim she didn’t? Can we say …. LIAR!
Now, interestingly enough, she also goes on in her post about offering advice for everyone on how to deal with online predators. (Ironic, isn’t it?) Anyhow, here are a couple more shots from her blog.

Here is where it gets crazy. This is shot of a GenX comment. Very similar to that of Amanda Welling, on my Christmas Picture Page post.

And here is my response to her comment.

Now, in her comment to me, she also mentions her “Many” emails with Athena of STGRB. I think we already covered that in “GenXpose Part One” where Athena addresses her emails with GenX and that those emails were not invited or welcomed. But do notice how she comes off as them perhaps being friends or something. This is most disturbing because Athena didn’t know who GenX was either. She appeared from out of the blue with her as well as with me. But she also gives me “advice” on how to deal with cyber bullies. Again, this is very interesting. For two people who are not the same people, (allegedly) they sure do seem to carry the same idealistic traits of “advice” giving – and information sharing. Very interesting indeed.
But why appear from out of the blue like that? This is the question. A question to which I, nor Athena have any answers to.
We do know this much, that Amanda is married to “Mepis”. Here is a screen shot from one of my posts on “The Looking Glass”.

He mentions my “Bullying” tactics. Does he not know of his wife’s bullying tactics? Maybe now he does with the screenshot I provided above of her writing about me and insinuating with that post that I am a sexual predator. That and the fact that he has fully acknowledged that he will be “monitoring” my blog posts in the future. (Can we say “stalker”?) Well, if we did say that then it would stand to reason why these two are married. (Peas in a pod) He also mentions how he will stop at nothing to shut down my blogs! Where have I heard that before? These bullies have been trying to do that to me and STGRB from the get go. Good luck with that Jonathon.
We can also say that because of these two screen shots of emails from two of my accounts, one from Hotmail and the other, Yahoo, of which he wrote me. (Not to worry, I flagged his emails and sent a complaint to Gmail about his harassment.)

Maybe I should I prosecute him and his wife to the fullest extent of the law for that blog post she wrote about me, which she had no right to do. And to “insinuate” that I am a sexual predator. Sounds like “Libel” to me, doesn’t it Amanda and Jon?
(Peas in a pod)
So get your lawyer! I would love to go to court with you two. Absolutely LOVE IT!!!!!! For two people who claim they have nothing to do with anything regarding me, Amanda sure does seem to forget that she wrote about me first (and lied about it even) so …. You know … you two are involved because you got yourselves involved voluntarily. So shut it! You get whatever I dish out. You earned it!
But “Mepis” does ring a bell. It seems I recall some comments of “his” on my other blog between July and August of 2012 that I had long deleted. Now the picture is coming in clear for me.
So the question still remains, is Amanda Welling really GenX? Stay tuned my friends, the answer will be coming in the near future. Let’s just say that I want them to “make their beds” before I ruffle the covers.
Jon, Amanda, here is your problem – This is not a game! But if it were, you two been playing it long before I knew that it was even a game. No, this is not a game, it is real life, so deal! And until you two stop, take down your BS and APOLOGIZE!, then there will be no rest for the wicked. (The wicked being YOU TWO in this case.)

So, from what I gather Amanda Welling, you can dish it out by the spoonful without provocation, but you sure can't seem to take it, can you? Like my grandfather would say, "If you don't want to play, don't roll the freaking dice."
Show this to your lawyer, sweetheart.
I’m Carroll Bryant … and this is The Looking Glass.
Things we learned today:
*Amanda Welling wrote a post about me in July 2012
* Amanda Welling claimed she didn’t mention me by name
* Amanda Welling lied because she did mention me in her post and as the reason she changed her “Review policy”
* Jonathon Welling (Mepis) is married to Amanda Welling
* Jon and Amanda are two peas in a pod
* Jon welling is going to be “stalking” my blog(s) under the guise of “making sure I stick within the law” after his wife libeled me (against the law) on her blog by insinuating I am a sexual predator.
* Amanda Welling and GenX gives a lot of advice (Interesting)
* Amanda and her husband, Jon, seem to think this is game.
* Carroll Bryant aint playing no game!
* Carroll Bryant aint putting up with their BS anymore! (Or anybody else’s)

* Carroll quotes his grandfather a lot
I'm going to leave you all with some wise words from GenX herself.

Can you own it, GenX? Well, maybe you can own this. A link to STGRB that shows Amanda's husband donating a dime to STGRB. Yes, on Jonathon's credit card. GenX commented on her blog one day that she just donated a dime to STGRB's authors fund. Well, hello Amanda, I thought you weren't GenX? You swore up and down you weren't. How many other lies have you told? One can only guess.  So I ask you yet again Amanda (GenX) - can you own it? Will you own it?
I'm guessing - Probably not.
Maybe that's why (the last time I checked) she shut down her "Hippie" blog.
Somebody isn't owning it.


  1. You say that Amanda and GenX are the same person, because GenX commented on her own blog stating she donated 10 cents to STGRB, and then posted the receipt with Jon Welling's name on it.

    You are wrong. GenX never said she would be donating to STGRB. In fact, it was Jon, posting under the name Mepis, who stated he donated using the PayPal button. Here is a link to the screen shot of his comment:

    http://imgur .com/9zxOz4Y

    1. I know Jon mentioned it, but GenX also mentioned it on a different post then it disappeared shortly there-after. By the time I figured it out, she had deleted her remark and then StLouisKiss posted her article.

      I know you're trying to salvage your reputation Amanda and Jon, but forget it, the truth is out. I don't even need that comment when Amanda admitted to it in her rant on her blog.

      Own it! For once in your pathetic lives just own it. Own something. Everybody else has own the fact of who you are and that you're both liars. Why can't you two do the same?

  2. I see the blog is back up and running again.

  3. Amanda Welling is GenXpose, FACT! There is no denying it any more. The pay pal screen shot proves who Genxpose is WAY beyond any reasonable doubt. The evidence was mounting even before the Pay Pal slip up. And now since that slip up GenXpose has had a VERY public meltdown.


    Carroll, the minute that you and STGRB posted the screen shots of the Pay Pal flummox GenXpose started writing crazy blogs denying it. If GenXpose wasn't Amanda Welling then GenXpose wouldn't have become so frantic about the whole thing. I imagined A.W. frothing at the mouth when she was having her epic freak out!

    Also the "CB Lies blog" is so obviously run by Amanda Welling and her husband. Firstly there is the fact Amanda Welling Admitted it when she was having a freak out on her GenXpose blog. Secondly because the "CB Lies blog" owner is protesting WAY too much this week about Amanda Welling being the owner of both blogs. If the blogs belonged to someone else then the whole thing wouldn't bother that person so much. In fact considering that GenXpose is so intent on keeping her identity hidden, surly she would be glad that people are getting a false impression as to who is behind the blog. But no, instead she has had a week long hissy fit, desperately trying to cover up her lies. But the cover up isn't working, its making it look MUCH worse!

    GenXpose is Amanda Welling. "CB Lies" is Amanda Welling and Jon Welling. They are a deranged couple who are totally obsessed with Carroll Brynant. Their blogs make very disturbing reading.

    Carroll, all jokes aside this is a very worrying situation. I really hope that you have at least made a police report about everything that they have done on you. If you haven't then PLEASE promise me that you will at the very least make a police report. Police take these things very seriously nowadays. You don't even have to press charges if you don't want to do that yet, although I think you should. At least make an official police statement, protect yourself.

    You are a good man Carroll. I admire the way you have kept a sense of humour throughout this whole nightmare. You put up with dreadful slander from Amanda Welling and from the rest of the bullies for months before you were left with no other option but to start your own blog to put the story straight. You have even promised to delete your blog if they delete their blogs. All they have to do is delete their hate blog and the whole thing would end.

    They had their chance to put an end to these blog wars but they didn't take it. Now Amanda & Jon Welling have been exposed. I bet they are sorry that they didn't stop before they were caught out with their lies. They started out by trying to ruin your reputation, but ended up completely destroying their own reputations.

    It speaks volumes that they were so determined to keep their identity hidden. This shows that they know what they are doing is totally WRONG! At least they have the gumption to be ashamed of themselves.

    What sort of a relationship must Amanda & Jon Welling have? The way they are behaving is NOT NORMAL. I have read stories about evil couples who start off doing weird spiteful stuff and who then go on to commit more serious hate crimes. Some couples get off on pure evilness. :(

    I'm sorry Carroll, I don't mean to worry you. I just want to convince you to make a police report. Things have taken a huge turn around this week. The bullies are being caught out. Support is growing for you more and more every single day. You have become a hero! Everyone is talking about this. Hopefully things will calm down soon and you can go back to what you do best, writing and playing music! :)

    Take care
    From Charlotte.

    1. The police are aware of everything. So is a lawyer. All things in time my friend. All things in due time.

      When you take someone to court, you must show proof that leave no doubt in anyone's mind of who started what and who pushed what and who did what and why. Trust me, with every post and blog they create, they do indeed dig their hole that much deeper.

      And yes, I do believe the Welling's are very much disturbed at this point. It is like they have decided to make their career harassing me. I guess it could be scary except for one small thing, they are cowards. They would never be that stupid to push it to a "real life" confrontation. They like to hide behind the keyboard too much. They think they are doing damage to me when in fact, they are doing the opposite because they are exposing themselves even more to be "consumed" with me.

      I appreciate your concern Charlotte. It is very sweet of you. I will be just fine my friend. Jon and Amanda Welling do not worry me in the least.

  4. P.S. "CB Lies Blog & "GenXpose Blog (ie, Jon & Amanda Wellings Blogs) are total hypocrites. I wrote a very polite comment on their blogs, but they didn't post my comments because I showed support for you. Total hypocrisy! Carroll at least you post comments from both sides of the fence. That is because you have nothing to hide! You have done nothing wrong. :)

  5. Well, I do try to post comments from booth sides. One thing I won't do is get into a debate with Anons who wish to go beyond posting a comment and moving on. I don't think it's too much to ask that if these bullies (or their supporters) wish to debate the issue(s) then at least do so using your true identity.

    I don't go to their blogs and post as an Anon so one would think they would do me the favor in return. But they can't. And they won't allow comments that support me to be posted on their blogs either. They're ashamed of themselves just like the hate group "Badly Behaving Authors" on Goodreads. Which is why they stopped showing their members names.

    As for me not doing anything wrong, that's not entirely true. I did become friends with one of the bullies (Jude Henderson) and I did speak my mind and tell the truth with "The List". Those would be the two biggest things I did wrong. Not that they would be considered wrong in a normal world, but in the bully world, that is considered wrong. Funny though, I only regret one of those two things, and it's not speaking my mind.

    Thanks for letting us know about your comments on CB Lies being deleted. Please let us know everyone if you are not getting your comments posted on GenXpose and CB Lies when you show support for me.

  6. People are better off not posting on Amanda Wellings hate blogs. Don't give her the attention that she craves. She is never going to post comments that show support for Carroll. So its is a waste of time.

    The bullies have given up on Amanda Welling. So if Carroll's supporters give up on her too she will cease to exist!! Just like that! Da-da!!! :)

    She is a nasty character best left alone to wallow in her hate.

    BTW, I'm chuffed for you Carroll. You proved that Amanda Welling was behind those hate blog. I knew it was her all along. You can tell by the way she writes! ;)

  7. Carroll, you say that you are open to debate. I tried to leave a comment here but apparently it can not be over 4000 characters in length. Instead I posted it on the blog. If you wish to read it and debate what I say I am extending you that offer as you have done in your comments previously. If you would like to read it and respond here, that is fine. We can also debate it there as well. Just as a word of warning, comment moderation is off. We can also debate via email correspondence if you wish. Per my policy, written content of emails are not posted and display without prior consent. The choice is yours.

    1. I am not going to your blog. I don't care about your blog. If you were tired of me you would leave me alone. You would go away. I have no choice. You people will not leave me alone. I have to defend myself.

      If you have anything to say to me then you can email me. If this is Amanda or Jon Welling, we don't have much to say to each other except for me, I say, find a life outside of me and leave me alone.

      But I am not visiting your blog. I do not debate with Anons. Here or anywhere else. I am not going to agree to any bully policy.

      You start a blog called "Tired of Bryant" and you think you're going to call the shots to a debate? Think again. Find something constructive to do with your time or email me if you have something to say that you can't say here.

    2. Good for you, Carroll.

    3. Because that blog gives too much evidence against you and you don't have anything to say to it. You prefer conspiracy theories and your own delusions. When someone tries to give you the evidence you demand people show you turn the other direction.

    4. Don't negotiate with these terrorists, Carroll. They won't let your supporters comment on their hate blogs. They won't debate you with their real names. They want to control the debate. It's probably not even a debate but more like they just want to call you names. You tried to offer Amanda a chance on her Genxpose blog and she mocked you. These people have revealed their true selves by starting these blogs. They are internet terrorists like you said in your post on your other blog. They just like starting trouble.

    5. @ Anon 1:12

      None of you have produced any evidence of anything yet. I am not wasting anymore of my time to go look at your "spin" evidence.

      I have seen all of your "so called" evidence. Your "mis-quotes" from my books and your "twisting words around" - Yeah, I don't need to see anymore of that crap nor does anybody else.

      If you have something to show me then email me. Maybe then I will take a look at it. (But you better not be Jon or Amanda Welling because you two are proven liars and you had your chance and you blew it like Anon @ 1:21 mentioned - and you two are not allowed to email me because you're stalkers.) Nor do I need to look at emails taken out of context.

      But sure, if you think you have something, email it to me. I am not going to your hate blogs anymore. I don't care. If you wanted to debate, you wouldn't keep hiding behind Anon.

  8. I never said that I wanted to debate, I only have said that if you bullies wanted to debate then you had to use your real names.

    But you never do.

    I don't visit any of your hate groups Jon and Amanda Welling. And I am not interested in your new one either called "Tired Of Bryant".

    It's obvious you're not tired of me because you bullies started a new blog for me. LOL You just keep on with the lying and hypocrisy. LOL

    I started this blog because I got tired of you bullies.

  9. I placed a comment in the spam section from an Anon. Sorry Anon, but I am not going to debate the issue with you. Not as an Anon. I don't know how many times I have to say it.

    If you want to learn about IP's then go to Amanda Welling. She seems to know everything about everything. As for me, I have shown my evidence. You bullies haven't shown Jack Crap. If you need to see further evidence of anything, then maybe I will show you more. When you show me something. LOL Which so far, none of you have.

    1. Oh wait, after a second look, I saw that you were trying to educate me about IP addresses. LOL Okay, maybe you are Amanda. Haha

      I know all about IP's.

      Anyhow, it doesn't matter, proof has already been shown in regards to whatever it is you are yapping about. Case closed. Move on. Own it. Whatever. But get this through your head Amanda and Jon, I am done with you.

      You have been exposed. Buh-bye.

    2. You can't debate my comment because you know that I am right and you know that your evidence doesn't hold water. Your proof is based on assumptions. My proof is based on fact, something that you can't comprehend in that twisted little mind of yours.

      I think it is funny that anytime someone disagrees with you, you think that person is Amanda. I'm not Amanda. I'm not even a girl. My name is Mark. Have a good time trying to figure that out.

    3. I can't debate your comment because you're an Anon and I don't debate with anons.

      My evidence doesn't hold water? None of your bully evidence is even evidence. And as for this water holding thingy, you don't need my evidence, we have Amanda confessing it by accident of who she is. LOL

      Your proof is not based on any fact. You didn't offer any proof that Amanda is not GenX - just tried to tell me of other ways to prove it is her with the IP's. I hate to break it to you Einstein, but that isn't proof of anything on your behalf. Just a bunch of useless yacky-yack.

      I don't think everyone who disagrees with me is Amanda, I just assume that every Anon who leaves a comment crying about their humiliation and trying to debate me is Amanda or Jon. Sorry about that, but all you "Bully Anons" look a like to me. LOL And right now, Jon and Amanda are the biggest bullies against me on the web.

      Have a good time trying to figure what out? That you're Mark? I don't care who you are. Mark is another nobody bully more than likely. I am not going waste my time on another nobody.

      Figure it out for yourself, Mark. Better yet, go find a life beyond me. Contrary to popular belief, I am not the universe. But you wouldn't know it with all of these blogs about me popping up all over the place. LOL

    4. I don't use google or anything else so it's hard to sign in here. An email sign in would be useful.

      It's not yacky-yack. It's called admissible proof. If for some reason this goes to court, you would have to prove the IP addresses match. One way of doing that is through email headers, but that isn't even concrete solid proof. it is a start. You can't bring assumptions to court. You can't bring comments made by other people because they won't hold up.

      If you have the emails, the emails hold your proof or lack of. I don't have the emails to show you the proof. You do, so how am I supposed to show it to you? I'm sorry but not everyone is taking you seriously even if we want to. I want concrete proof and if you have the emails, then show them. If not, you're basically blowing smoke up everyone's behinds.

    5. This won't go to court. You know why? Because Jon and Amanda would end up paying out of their asses for libeling me and harassing me and stalking me. They are stupid at times - I admit - but even they couldn't be that stupid to try and take me to court for anything. The evidence clearly shows that "they" attacked me first. And they continued attacking with their CB Lies blog.

      But don't worry - that evidence will be presented in court "if it goes that far".

      As for having to prove anything to you or any other anon - yeah, right, like that will ever happen. First of all, I don't have to prove anything to you "Mark". I don't see how this is any of your business to begin with. You new people just pop up out of nowhere looking for your fifteen minutes off my name. LOL

      The proof you fail to show is the proof that Amanda is NOT GenX. That is your claim. I have already proven she is. You, in true bully fashion, just won't accept it.

      Word of note: No more of your comments will be posted here. I gave you more than enough comment time. You're clearly trying to start trouble and get into a debate.

      Like a true bully, you won't respect the rules. I already told you, if you have something to say or wish to debate something I have posted, do it using your real name or email me. You choose to do neither.

      And yes, all you and your bully friends do is "Yackity yack" and "Blah, blah,blah" - Everything is always the fault of myself or STGRB. *Tear*

    6. IP addresses aren't proof of anything. I can change mine in a split second. Heck, I can even change the country.

      By the way, "butt hurt" is a tell.

    7. Good point. If you know what you're doing, one can "doctor" just about anything computer related.


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