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Patrick Brown And Black Mail?

So, I stumbled onto this comment on STGRB website where someone asked the question: “Why does Patrick Brown allow bullying?” This person featured my attack as a primary example. But then from that one question did another arise: “Do these bullies have something on Patrick Brown?” Or better yet, “Is he being blackmailed?” Here is a screenshot of it.

Of course I am going to subscribe to the notion that he isn’t. But you have to admit, it’s a reasonable question to ask. I mean, why does he allow that sort of activity to go on, on Goodreads? I guess you could place that question in the same drawer as the one that asks: “Why did Patrick Brown and Otis Chandler allow sexually explicit role-playing to go on for so long before addressing it AFTER my article was released?”

You see, if you allow yourself to try and answer the role-playing question, then perhaps that might lead you to the bullying question. I already know my answer. THE BOTTOM LINE!

Yes, that’s right folks, the oldest reason in the world, money. You see, Patrick knows that these bullies have nothing to do all day. For the most part, they stay glued in their chairs and on the internet. They have no life outside of Goodreads. They don’t golf, bowl, they can’t write or do anything artistic for the most part, and simply put, I doubt they have anyone who gives two shits about them in the real world. That or, they are just lonely, disgruntled and angry people full of rage, jealousy and hate. Maybe they hate their lives. Who knows?

But Patrick knows this. He also knows that when these bullies attack, many people come to witness it. Take for example my attack. In a 48 hour period, my blog on GR had over 75,000 views! How much revenue did Goodreads collect for that weekend? The fact remains, these bullies are obsessed and addicted to drama that they themselves start. And when they do their thing, attacking authors, they and their bully gang from the hate group “Badly Behaving Authors” located on Goodreads and Amazon Forums Boards, will gather and prey and give GR much needed “clicks” of the mouse, which in turn, generates the revenue and moves them (GR) up the Alexa Rankings. This is why he allows these ToS violations to occur repeatedly.

You see, the bullies do most of the responding to their own drama and wars that they start. Take for example, Ade and Belle. These two know how to start drama. These shots of their “book review” and the comments that follow are a clear cut example of how Patrick Brown and Otis Chandler allow these violations to continue without consequences to the people who posted them. I want you to take a look at them and then scroll back up to the ToS and ask yourself, “Are these violations of the ToS?” And if you think so, then ask yourself, “Why doesn’t Patrick Brown or Otis Chandler do anything about it?”

Then I guess you can come to your own conclusion.

And of course, some comments made in these reviews that have absolutely nothing to do with the book. In this next shot, I am called a racist, but then notice how Ade responds to it, saying – “I like how STGRB says that they're trying to stop the bullies, but their own followers/members name-call and make racist statements.”

Really Ade? GR is trying to stop the bullies? Like yourself and Belle and the rest of you who responded on these comments? Talk about hypocrisy. And how could you dare call me a GR bully? I'm not a member of GR anymore. (Not even undercover - Or am I?) Don’t believe me? Read for yourself.

And next we get to see Belle ask the question of what I could be hiding, after saying that I have a problem with “chubby” girls. (Which I don’t. Because if I did, I would have never even bothered giving Jude a second look in the beginning.) But we will soon see more of the bullies and their fascination with me and my looks. They claim I am “hiding” but the truth is, they don’t know where to look to find my “pictures”. And this drives them crazy! LOL But still, when Jude does a video, why does she cover up her body? Why don’t she film her entire body? What is she hiding? Maybe you bullies could ask her this since you’re good friends with her and everything. The same goes for her pictures. It is always head shots, no body.

But I am not here to focus on that, I am here today to show you repeated violations of the Goodreads ToS and to ask ourselves, “Why does Patrick Brown and Otis Chandler permit these violations to occur? Maybe that is a question you can ask them someday. I wouldn’t hold my breath for an answer though. Just saying. Anyhow, in no specific order, here are your violations. Enjoy.

And in that last one, Zoe realizes that she “mis-read” a quote from one of my books where she cried foul on my part, claiming that “I” said that I wanted to rape a girl. In truth, the character from the book mentioned “raping a girl of a character flaw” – not an actual physical rape. But Zoe screamed “Rapist” at me and now she realizes HER mistake, but did she ever apologize to me for it? Nope! And she never will either because bullies don’t apologize for anything. But by God, those badly behaving authors sure do have to apologize damn it!

Are we seeing the picture here? Good! Now, let’s see some more shots of GR ToS violations.

As for that last one, really Ade? You tried to “convince” your friend of “your” opinion? What? You don’t like for your friends to be able to think for themselves? Really?

(Please consult my page “Traits of a Cyber Bully”)

And how can we forget the “fake reviews”? These are reviews given when the reviewer fails to either even read the book, or just reads the first free chapter offered by some of the E-book sites. Here is a couple examples of that. One by “Coaxial” and one by “Martha D.” (As for Martha, I offered her a chance to just prove to me that she “owns” the Ebook by just posting the first line of chapter three. She didn’t because she couldn’t. She couldn’t because she doesn’t own it. She never read it.) I busted her and now she is all upset about it. As for “Coaxial”? Well, he or she speaks for him or herself with the many comments he or she leaves all over the place in these bully attacks. You can read those comments on my GR author page (book reviews) or go to STGRB whenever they mention another attack on an author and chances are, you’ll get to read some of Coaxial’s stupid and hateful comments.

Ade's review of "Year Of The Cat" (Click on comments and read for yourself how bullies behave)

Belle's review of "Year Of The Cat" ..... Coaxial's review of "Year Of The Cat"

Martha D's review of "Year Of The Cat"

This is her blog. Perhaps you could go there and let her know that she shouldn't be reviewing books that she never even read. (Funny how none of the bullies likes any of the books of the authors they target. Really? There are singers I don't care for, but I enjoy their music. Anyhow, here is Martha's link. You may as well go there and give her the views, after all, that's the only reason she chimed in with her two cents, to get more page views. Confessions of a Bibliophile

And here is a link to the hate group on Goodreads called Badly Behaving Authors. They are the literary worlds "Judges, Jury, and Executioners" of author careers and they get to decide what books are good or bad. They are the rulers of the GR universe. Patrick Brown may be the "community manager", but these people are the real ones in charge around there. Make no mistake about that!

The question is, WHY? What do these people have on Patrick Brown, if anything, that prevents him from enforcing the Goodreads ToS?

I’m Carroll Bryant …. And this is The Looking Glass

Things we learned today:
* Goodreads HAS a ToS (Terms of Service)
* Patrick Brown is community manager
* Patrick Brown doesn't enforce the GR ToS
* The members of the hate group BBA run the show
* Ade, Belle, Coaxial and Martha D are 100 percent bullies
* Ade, Belle, Coaxial and Martha D are liars!
* Coaxial and Martha D reviews books they never even read!
* Zoe admits misreading my quote
* Zoe never apologizes for "libeling" me by wrongfully saying that "I" wanted to rape a girl
* Zoe is a bully and a liar!
* The bullies aren't too bright
* Patrick Brown "might" be getting blackmailed by the BBA group
* Goodreads ToS would make good toilet paper (You know, since it's meaningless and never gets enforced anyway)


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  1. Everybody already knows that GR doesn't enforce their ToS, that is old news. What you may not know Carroll is that Jude Henderson is the one behind 'TiredofBryant' blog. She is also a contributor to 'CB Lies' and 'genxspose'.

    That Mrs. Joseph scares me. She comes off homicidal. Of all the bullies, she is the one most likely to visit a school in the afternoon.


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