Sunday, March 3, 2013

StLouisKiss is Amiss

Okay, this one baffles even me. (And it takes a lot to really baffle me) But we have this new article on the GenXpose Blog posted by "StLouisKiss" which is titled - of all things - "Carroll Bryant Approves Hate For Profit". (Yeah, my eyes rolled too - LOL)

She starts it out like this.  "In his article When your blog is all about your butt hurt, guest blogger Edward Blake covers Douthit's ambition to turn her hate and revenge blog against Goodreads into an unaccountable profit-making machine. But did you know that Carroll Bryant approves this message?

Then she has a screenshot of me welcoming STGRB back online and saying that I love the "Donation" for authors button that runs through Paypal. Then I say, "Let's kick some bully ass."

Are you confused to this point? Don't worry, you won't be soon enough. Or maybe you will, I don't know. But let's continue, okay?

Then she says this.  "Yes,  Carroll Bryant approves of making profit from hate and enthusiastically wants to "kick ass" with the unaccounted-for funds Douthit's probably paying her utility bills with. He has several blogs he's created to perpetuate his own hate and many estimate it shouldn't be long before Bryant smacks his own PayPal button up. After all, so far Douthit's gotten away with using her fake name to cash in, so why shouldn't he give it a go?"

Now, her comment saying that - "He has several blogs he's created to perpetuate his own hate ..." really boggles the mind. Really StLouisKiss? I have "several" blogs to which I "perpetuate" my own hate? Like my Carroll Bryant Collection blog that only features my writing? Because you can search it high and low and you'll find nothing on it about any of you bullies. It's just my poetry, books and me talking about my work. That's it. Or do you mean Carroll Bryant Word Press where all I have posted on it is poetry? (And my books?) Or are you talking about my original blog Carroll Bryant where I have in the past defended myself against you bullies but haven't posted anything on there about you directly since December of 2012?

Then there is this blog. Yeah, I defend against accusations here, which was the sole purpose of this blog. But when you say it, you make it seem like have so many. And the only blog I use now to defend myself against you bullies is this one.

Then she posts this screenshot of Amanda Welling making a ten cent donation to the STGRB website. And how do I know it is Amanda Welling? Well, for starters, I read a comment GenX made one day on her blog (which has since been deleted) where she said she made a ten cent donation just for the fun of it. You know, to "mock" Athena. But that aside, I want you to do something with the screenshot below. I want you to save it to your computer and using your picture program, I want you to pull it up and carefully look at  the last letter of the last name. Isn't that a "g"?

Now, if you look carefully at the first letter of the first name, you will be able to make out the letter "A".

Can you see it? Good!

Now, who do we know with the first letter of the first name is an "A" and the last letter of the last name is a "g"?

(A)manda Wellin(g)?

And because I saw that comment that GenX made - and putting these letters together from this screenshot, I know for a fact that GenX is Amanda Welling. And, if you want to get technical about it, GenX (Amanda) seems to support STGRB because she made a ten cent donation! Can we say "Traitor?" or "Hypocrisy?" - LOL

Okay, maybe I'm just kidding with that traitor and hypocrisy bit because we know Amanda (GenX) only donated it to mock STGRB. But still, what is the freaking point of this post? I don't get it. I mean, why would I ever put up a Paypal account? I don't need the money. Everybody who knows me knows that. I don't even monetize my blog with over 400,000 page views. I give a lot of people free copies of my books and my musical CD. There is absolutely nothing in my behavior that would suggest I am out to "make the money".

But the most baffling part of this post is why would she even suggest such a thing? I mean, WTF is the goal of that post? What is it even about? That STGRB has a donation box on their site? Well hell, anyone who goes there knows that. So what? Or that I like the idea behind that donation box on STGRB? Well hell, everybody knows that. So what? I support STGRB - not big news. And that Amanda Welling (GenX) made a ten cent donation to STGRB? Well hell, not everyone knew that - but now they do! LOL

So again, I ask, WTF is the point "StLouisKiss"?
Anyhow, this has been the biggest waste of time since the invention of wasted time. And what makes it even more baffling (as if that could happen) is this comment made by "AreaFive"

Really? "A succinct double shot if ever there was" ???????????? WTF is that supposed to mean? A double shot of what? Stupidity? (Then she would be correct) I just support the idea but it was Amanda Welling who "donated" the dime.

I'm Carroll Bryant .... and this The Looking Glass .
Things We Learned Today:
* STGRB has a donation button
* Carroll Bryant supports the idea of the donation button
* Carroll Bryant would never do that because Carroll don't need the money
* Amanda Welling is GenX
* Amanda Welling donated a dime to STGRB
* StLouisKiss makes no sense
* We all just wasted five minutes of our life reading this
* Carroll apologizes about that BTW


  1. Amanda Welling is really clutching at straws now writing blogs about "Carroll Bryant Approves Hate For Profit." What a load of old rubbish.

    Talk about desperation!

    1. Desperation? *Sniff, sniff*

      I thought I smelled something funny. LOL

      Thanks for the comment. :D And it is sooooooo true. LOL

  2. "We all just wasted five minutes of our life reading this."

    You made me smile!! Just a suggestion. But I would find a non-fiction book about all this absolutely fascinating. You're so invested in this, and you've experienced it all first hand, you should think about writing one. I think so many people could identify with what you've experienced. And the mainstream would get an education in what social media like GR is all about. Most really don't know...until they get burned. Like I said, just a suggestion.

    1. That is actually a damn good idea. I could donate proceeds to help fight cyber bullying. Great idea! Thanks a million.

  3. I think it would be a bestseller!

    1. I think you might be right. Seriously, I am going to give deep thought to that.


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