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The Legend Of Carroll Bryant

Back in July of 2012, when I was first attacked, there was a lot of crap going on. For those who missed it, I wrote a blog on Goodreads (then later posted on my original blog) where I talked about my experience with some book reviewers, and placed them on a “list.” My claim was that I had been “approached” by some reviewers who offered me their “services” in the form of a book review and / or an interview on their blog in exchange for a free read. Which I delivered, and they did not.

 Consider this: These promises were made in August/September of 2011. And broken by October / November of the same year. I did not post my list until July of 2012. And I didn’t post the list to just “get back” at these people. The truth is, I would have never made that post if it weren’t for one small thing. That Jude wouldn’t have “stalked” me on one of my shared blogs. (Which I talk about here in this post called Emails With Jude )

The fact is, I had let it go. I was moving on. Then Jude befriended my blog partner just so she could “sneak” onto our shared blog under the guise of “design” issues just so she could get back at me for blocking her months earlier from emailing me by leaving links to “her” (Jude’s) blogs. She also requested that my friend “not” tell me about it. To keep their little “friendship” a secret.


I see. (And I’m the stalker?)
After the “BULLY” attack on me on the website,, several people took to their trusty blogs to write about the incident. Just a word of note: Not one of them ever contacted me for “my side” of the story. Thus, without proof or evidence, they went ahead and took the liberty to write about my incident based on “Jude Henderson’s” side of everything. (We’ll be getting to her soon enough. Doesn’t the anticipation of it all drive you nuts? LOL)
Anyhow, we are going to take a look at some more “irresponsible” reporting of a story by amateur bloggers and why they should NOT give up their day jobs. This inside look will raise the question: Are these people bullies? Bully supporters? Or are they just trying to rustle up some fame for themselves? Or could it be they just wanted to defend their friend?
Maybe we’ll find out by the end of this report.

Special note: I consider myself an amateur blogger too, so you know …  but before I would rush to “judgment” on anybody, even I would know to try and get the other person’s side of a personal relationship story. Even I know the golden rule of “He Said, She Said”.  To this date: None of these people have ever contacted me in an attempt to get that other side. The result? Irresponsible reporting.

I understand that when it’s a girl versus a guy - It’s easy to side with the girl. To assume “she” was the victim of stalking, bullying and harassment. But as we will see by Jude’s own words and actions, she was the one stalking, bullying and harassing me. She was the one who had a “crush” on me. All I ever wanted was friendship.

  So let’s just go to this issue first, people blogging about me irresponsibly. I will start it out with this screenshot at bookish, (Evie Seo) who did a post about me then removed it. Permanently? I don’t know.

For whatever reason, it is gone now. Maybe it will make another appearance later. Who knows?
Anyhow, I assure you, it wasn’t kind. Nor are the ones I will be showing you later. While I do appreciate Bookish for taking it down, I condemn her for ever having posted it in the first place. But I sure would like to know why she took it down.
Another blogger who took initiative to get themselves involved and post some irresponsible words and very misleading information was “The Runaway Pen”. (I see the irony of her blog title)

She (T.L. Shreffler) starts her post out hypocritically to begin with, stating: “I try to avoid drama at all costs.” - Really? Is this why you decided to “write’ a post about someone you don’t even know to begin with? To avoid “drama”? And someone you don’t know anything about? You know, to “avoid” drama?
Moving on ……
Then she proceeds to say: “But as I cruised through my favorite book blogs this morning, I ran across a “change in reviewing policy” by Bookish. (How coincidental?) She then says: “Basically this “guy” Carroll Bryant (or is it a girl? Still confused) sent out a bunch of books expecting reviews. S/he claimed the books didn’t get reviewed as promised several after several months of waiting. S/he then went crazy and sent an evil, nasty email to a teenage book blogger telling her to go kill herself and other mean things. You can read more about it on Evie’s “Bookish” blog.” You can read it here for yourself on this screenshot.

First of all, “The Runaway pen”, I did not “send” out a bunch of books “expecting” reviews on a whim. I don’t practice that kind of behavior. You will be hard pressed to find anyone to whom I ever “asked” for them to review any of my books. These people “approached” me. There is a big difference. When YOU approach someone and “make” them a deal, and that other person holds up their end of the bargain, then YOU best damn well hold up your end also. (I also like how us authors are expected to be “professional” where-as these bloggers feel like they don’t have to be. Word up: If you expect others to be professional, try being one yourself.)
I did not go crazy with an evil email over any of these people “stealing” from me. That email in which Jude showed everyone is an email - more likely - from when she used her threats of “suicide” once too many times towards me in our long standing friendship, and thousands of emails we sent back and forth. While I have never seen this email, I can’t even rightly say I even wrote it. But I do recall once when she threatened to kill herself  (yet again) when I mentioned that I was intending to block her from emailing me once. When she sent me that “I’m gonna kill myself” email, I pretty much got angry with her. I guess I should have been more understanding, but there is only so many “threats” of suicide one can take from somebody and I just grew weary of it and simply put, called her bluff. Obviously, she didn’t go through with it. Obviously, it was a bluff. Sometimes, you have to use tough love with some people and that was my “tough” love response to her: To “go ahead and kill herself” if that’s what she wanted to do. But again, I was very angry about it because I cared about her deeply at that time as a friend, and it hurt me deeply that she would say something like that (again!) after I had repeatedly told her how much it hurt me when she would say it. She used that threat of suicide as weapon to try and get me to behave the way she wanted me to behave. Hence: One of the reasons why I wanted to block her from emailing me.
So “The Runaway Pen” - You got it so wrong! But that’s what happens when you decide to join in with the drama, (you claim you don’t want to be a part of in the first place - LIAR!)  and form alliances with bullies and haters.
The she goes on to make a little list of her own. Rules for “authors” I imagine. Just like a bully, she wants to put “authors” in their place. First of all, who the hell is she to give anyone advice? She can’t even get a story straight. Anyhow, here is the screenshot.

Here is the list: 1) Not begging for reviews like a starving orphan. - (Well, first of all Evie, I don’t beg for reviews period!)
2) Not responding to bad reviews like a rabid animal. (Secondly, Evie, I never responded to a “bad” review.)
3) Not “making” a ridiculous list of book bloggers who “don’t do their job” - (You mean, like your ridiculous list of advice for Indie authors?) And yes, I stand behind the list. I think us authors owe it to one another to “out” the ones who steal from us. Some authors can’t afford to be “taken” by bad reviewers. They can’t afford to just give away free reads (books) and get nothing in return. Perhaps if YOU and YOUR bully friends were to learn this, you would understand why some authors have a problem with reviewers. If you’re going to deal with “professionals” then you might want to try and act like one in return.
4) Not initiating or instigating internet drama. (Like when you and your bully pals at “Badly behaving Authors” group on Goodreads and Amazon Forum Boards do? And oh, by posting your stupid, irresponsible and misleading blog post?) Wait! What am I saying? You already stated that you didn’t want to be a part of the drama.
Okay, here is a question:  How do these self - proclaimed “amateur” bloggers come up with the nerve to even start giving advice to authors about anything? And why would anyone in their right mind even listen to them? That’s what I would like to know. For self-proclaimed amateurs, they sure do offer up a lot of professional advice.
Evie Seo - You lose! You don’t know what the hell you are talking about, and I doubt you ever will. But it is irresponsible “reporting” in my eyes. Or is it just that she is a bully? Or is it she just wants more followers? (As this screenshot might suggest)

I’ll let you people decide. But it is apparent that Evie got all of her “knowledge” from reading a blog, and not from any actual effort on her part to get the ‘real” story or the truth. Yeah, I agree, AMATUERISH! But that’s we are in the end, aren’t we? Just a bunch of amateur bloggers. (Myself included) However, at least I try to get the truth through screenshots and links. And present them as evidence. (Like I am doing now.) Wouldn’t it be good if these bullies did the same?
Moving on ….
Then “Book Goggles” gets into the action. She tries to be neutral, but if she really wanted to write something about the issue, she would have contacted me to get my side of it. But did she? No! That would be too difficult. To actually have to consult with someone who was a victim of a bully attack and get their side of it all. Like I said, she “tries” to come off as neutral. She claims I was mad or something. I was never mad at these reviewers, just very disappointed that they made me an offer then backed out just because of their friend, Jude. I was also just bewildered by the unsuspecting attack against me that was organized for a few days in advance. And how do I know this? Because I posted my “List” blog on GR on a Monday and hardly got any views (About 35) until that following Friday, at around 3:30 pm. From there, and up until I got banned on that Sunday afternoon, I had over 75,000 views and over 1000 comments. It took me and two friends to sign in on my account and start deleting it all. (Well, at least we know these bullies don’t stay in their spaces. But hell, we all knew that already, didn’t we?)

I even posted a comment where in it, I made myself available for her to ask me questions to get the real truth. Did she? I’ll let you figure that one out. Here is the shot.

And then someone with the blog “The Rex Files” decides to make themselves a name off of me. And like the rest of them, gets the story completely inaccurate. (While trying to be neutral) I like when these bullies “attempt” in being neutral. But you can read them like a …. book?

His blog subtitle reads: “A sounding board for my forays into writing speculative fiction” Well Rex, you got that right. Your “article” about me was about as fiction as it gets. One look at his 33 members list might tell the truth as to why he wanted to throw in his two cents. (And two cents is about all his story is worth, if that.)

He mentions that I was working hard to build my “standing” on Goodreads. That’s right, Rex, I was. I was very active. I did have a lot of fans in a very short amount of time. But you use page eight of “Lucy’s” story about being “stalked” as your so called “evidence” of what went down? Really? You take the word of bullies and liars and presto! You got your truth? And from Absolute Write? The biggest bully/lying organization on the internet? Really?
Okay then …..
Anyhow, I will use those very same comments to prove my side of it.

I didn’t post several blogs about reviewers stealing from me, Rex, I wrote one. Last time I checked, one was not “several”. Anyhow, another of your ’inaccuracies’ is when you mention that I gathered up some supporters. I never did any such thing. And I certainly didn’t gather up anyone at STGRB because at  that time, I didn’t know who they were. And nobody “advised” me I was going about it the incorrect way. So far, your “evidence” gathering of the truth sucks dude.
And then I see you got “Jude’s” side of the story, but not mine? A little one-sided wouldn’t you say? And it wasn’t false “photo’s” (plural) either. It was just one photo. (Singular) But I already explained about that. And she used the word smitten? Well, if her only reason for being my friend in the beginning was because of that photo, seems to me Jude is a little shallow. Agreed? (But we’ll continue with Jude later in this post)
You used the word “courted” her. Really? Did she tell you that? Your reliable source? I wouldn’t call being friends with someone counts as “courting”, but way to spin it there Rex. (Like I said, they “try” to come off neutral.)
I flew to Mexico and she refused me? Did she say that to you? Well, had you bothered to ask me, you would find out that “she” didn’t refuse me at all. But how would you know this? Look at your “source”. By the way, I didn’t fly to Mexico, I flew to California.
I stalked and harassed her? Again, she told you this? So I guess her posting shit up in her group on Goodreads first doesn’t count as harassing me? And I guess her befriending my friend and sweet talking my friend to make her an admin on one of our shared blogs doesn’t constitute as “stalking”? It seems to me she says a lot without proof where as I can show you proof of it being the other way around. Now, who do you think people will believe? You, her and all her bully friends who have no proof, or me, with the proof? Yeah, think about that one Rex.
Then I see you mention that she did post images of emails she claims I sent. However, she posted them before the weekend of my attack. When the people came to attack me that weekend, they were mentioning something about those emails. So before I got banned, she had already posted those emails. I bet she never posted the emails she sent in response or prior did she? I bet she didn’t post the whole entire conversation between us, did she? Of course not, that would put everything in too much of a context. Do you see the manipulation of the truth process here folks?
I never said my list was posted under false pretense. That is an outright lie on your behalf Rex. I also never confirmed any story. You are so full of shit dude, I can’t even begin to express how much of a liar you are. And you sir, are a liar!
I also did not demand anybody take down anything. I merely offered a truce. You are some piece of work Rex. No wonder your fan base is so small. Everyone knows you’re a liar. (And a bully) And the bookshelves that my books were placed under after the attack were not done so by readers, but by bullies. Big difference because bullies don’t read. I also see you failed to mention the libelous words posted about me and the threats made by your friends. And the fact that these so called readers rated and reviewed my book without reading it and even in their reviews, libel me left and right with vulgarity. Oh yeah, I see you left that stuff out.

My story does affect all authors. It’s what can happen to them if they get targeted by the Goodreads bullies. But I say, no author should fear these people or you, Rex. People should stand up to you and your bully friends. And your “fake” reporting of events. You are a laughing stalk Rex, and you probably always will be. But the next time you want to do a real story on someone, you might want to get both sides of it. Otherwise, you’re just a bully adding to the pile.
Speaking of adding to the pile, here is Young Adult Novel Reader adding on to it.

She uses me as a primary reference to authors being “unprofessional” just because I got swindled by some reviewers and stalked by an immature girl. I guess if being honest and outraged over people stealing from you and breaking promises - that’s being unprofessional. Forget about the people who are stealing and breaking promises, that is okay I guess. Good to know this person’s idea of professionalism. Here is a news flash - authors aren’t ruining the book reviewer business, bad book reviewers are ruining it. Or should I say, irresponsible book reviewers and bloggers? And like the rest, could she just be trying to get some attention with her irresponsible post? Check out her followers list and you decide.

Now, let’s take a look at those comments on page eight of Lucy’s “stalker” story, shall we? We will start with Jude talking about me stalking her - of course she fails to mention that time when SHE befriended my friend and asked her to not say anything about it to me and sweet talking my friend, a year younger than Jude, to let her onto our share blog as an admin. Funny how she leaves that out of her comments. (And I’m the stalker?) And of course she only did this to get back at me for blocking her from emailing me. Let’s take a look at that comment shall we?

In this next shot, Jude talks about that it has been 9 months after she and her friends bailed out from their promises to me. And yes Jude, you were number one. You weren’t originally going to be on the list but after you sent your friends after me, and they gathered up their friends and so on and so on, I decided you earned it to be on that list. But remember Jude, the only reason I posted that list was to get back at you for sneaking on my shared blog through my friend and co-blogger. Remember that? Remember when you did that? Of course you do, but again, in this next shot, you somehow fail to mention this.

Now, here is Jude admitting the truth. That she HAD a crush on me. Check it out.

Now here she is later using sarcasm - contradicting the very words she spoke in the previous screenshot. See for yourself.

Also notice in the above screenshot, in true bully fashion, how she accuses me of being “Jennifer” without any evidence to support this claim. This is how these bullies operate. They say things that aren’t true and that they themselves can’t prove, but say them anyway just to spread the lie. You know, to plant that seed.
I just want to take a little timeout here to try and understand something - Jude is an 18 year old adult and she is still having “crushes”? And because of this crush (like a 13 year old girl would have), she loves my book, wants to review it on her blog and give me an interview - then when the crush is over, my book is no longer good? I don’t get my interview? Or book review? And all of her friends who came to me with their offer, back out too? And I’m suppose to believe that this is co-incidence?  Meanwhile, I am just being / trying to be her friend yet Rex (of the Rex Files - remember him?) says that I am “courting” her and in his much thorough report about me (and talking to Jude) her “crush” never came up? Nor her successful attempt of stalking me on my shared blog after befriending my friend in secret? Really? And I am the stalker?
So far, the proof points in a different direction, doesn’t it? Then to top it all off, Jude makes a sarcastic remark about her “crush” for me as if to insinuate that there was never really a crush to begin with, completely back-stepping her previous comment when she stated she had a crush on me. Well, it was obvious she had a crush on me, but this is why I insisted in the beginning that we just be friends. I wasn’t trying to “court” her, as Rex calls it. Trust me on this, there were other “friends” of mine that I would have “courted” who are better looking than her and have much nicer bodies too. But I never “courted” anyone. And I never have nor ever would court an underage girl, no matter how close her birthday is to 18. Only when you reach 18 would I even consider courting anyone. And even then, I doubt I would because I don’t need to meet a GF online. But even if I were, she would have to be at least18 period. And even then, just friends unless I am in the area and they want to meet. Then we could start talking about courting.
Did I have fond feelings for Jude at the time? Yes! I had very deep feelings for her at that time. Most of it out of sorrow because of her cutting and bad relationship with her father and her threats via email at me of suicide. That was very disturbing, and because of that, I did have strong feelings for her. But even after I revealed myself to her and explained that picture, funny how her crush still didn’t go away for a few more months. And funny she would still stalk me several months later on my shared blog. Maybe she is jealous of my friendship with my friend. Who knows?
And here is a shot of a comment made by some girl called “Alisha-Dear Constant Reader” who seems to be worried about Ira and mine friendship. And Kara sharing the same sentiments.

Not to worry Alisha or Kara, my friend and I are doing just fine with our friendship. In fact, the friendship I have with her is the one I thought I would have with Jude. However, unlike Jude, my friend doesn’t have daddy issues, or cutting issues, nor does she go around sleeping with guys twice her age. She is very stable in her life for the most part, and is far from being a basket-case. Simply put, my friend isn’t a psychotic bully with bully friends.

Then in this next shot, we have Archer, who likes to bully 13 year old girls. He is talking like he knows something when in truth, as you’ll see by his remark, he knows nothing. Like the rest of the bullies, he is as clueless as clueless can be. He thinks I complained about a bad or negative review. And that simply wasn’t the case. Check it out.

Then there is this comment by Jude, actually admitting she refused to review my book. But Jude, you’re wrong, I didn’t post “The List” because you backed out of your promise like a 12 year old kid, nor did I post it because your friends backed out too – I posted it because you “stalked” me on my own blog and you manipulated a 17 year old girl to do it. You used my friend to try and get to me. That was your mistake! Your choice! And your own doing! That was the action you did which propelled me to post “The List”. The fact that you and your friends “stole” from me is just that, a fact, and even if I didn’t want a reason other than that, I have every right in the world to let other authors know about what happened to me. And you manipulated my friend to get to me just like you manipulated an email which you and I both know was taken out of context. I called your bluff on a threat of suicide just because I told you I was going to block you from emailing me because I had enough of your crazy ways.

And in this next shot, we have Sandra mentioning about this “alleged” crush that Jude had for me. We already seen the shot in which Jude came clean on that then later, mentioned it sarcastically and now, so does Sandra. Well Sandra, I think we can put that little lie to rest, Jude did have a crush on me. Her own words, not mine. And just like Alicia Silverstone in the movie, “The Crush”, she stalked me religiously. That’s what crushes makes people do, makes them crazy. Or at least, brings it out. Jude was crazy from her descriptions to me about her childhood. If they were even true at all. I know now how Jude likes to play the “sympathy whore”.

Through it all, we see on the day of my attack, how these people spread their gossip, lies and hate all around. How they worked together with these lies to get me banned because, and this is important, they (being the members of the hate group “Badly Behaving Authors” on goodreads and Amazon Forum Boards) are the judges, jury and executioners of authors that they deem to be “badly behaving”. Who do they think they are? The Justice League?
Anyhow, I think we dispelled a lot of rumors and exposed some lies that Jude and her bully friends spread around like applesauce. 
I’m Carroll Bryant …. And this is The Looking Glass.
Things we learned today:
* Jude did indeed show off some emails that I supposedly written to her
* These emails did cause quite a stir and resulted in my being attacked
* Those emails were taken out of context (just as Jude planned)
* Jude is friends with the bullies
* Jude admits she “had” a crush on me
* Jude later back-tracked and sarcastically mentioned “she had a crush on me”
* Sandra must have missed Jude’s confession about the crush because she “sarcastically” mentions it as well
* Archer thinks it’s about me complaining about negative reviews (which is wrong)
* Alisha and Kara are concerned about my friend
* My friend and I have a great and wonderful friendship
* My friend is not a psychotic nut with issues
* My friend isn’t a stalker
* My friend doesn’t have any friends who are bullies
* Jude could be jealous of mine and my friends friendship
* The bullies still say a lot but have nothing to show that supports their claims

* The Rex Files is WRONG! And a laughing stock of a blog

Rex Jameson is a LIAR and a BULLY


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