Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Goodreads Family Portrait

I thought it would be nice to post the "Goodreads Family Portrait". Every family that supports, endorses, condones and allows bullying on their website should at least have a family portrait to commemorate their position, wouldn't you agree? Well, this is Goodreads Family Portrait day. All the people who works for GR, supports a website that allows bullying, stalking, harassing and libelous comments against other people on their site.

I know what you're thinking: That these are just people who are doing their jobs and trying to earn a living. - Yeah well, so was Colonel Klink on "Hogan's Heros". That still didn't stop him from being a Nazi now, did it?

Please note: This was taken from the Goodreads website and is publicly accessible to everyone.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Amanda Welling: Lather, Rinse, and Repeat

Remember back in July of 2012? I know it's been a while, but try. Remember when Amanda Welling wrote about me on her hippie blog? She wrote about me despite the fact that she didn't know me, and I had certainly never heard of her. Remember when she talked about my adult relationship with another adult that Amanda claimed was a minor? Yeah, that was a lie. Remember when she accused me of complaining about bad reviews? Yeah, that was a lie too. And can you remember me ignoring her? Yeah, I never responded to it.

Now let's look back at what happened next, remember/ Her and her husband began leaving nasty comments on my other blog. Even though, I still had yet to respond to her post about me and I still had no freaking idea who she was. Yet, her and her husband came to my blog and left comments on posts that had absolutely nothing to do with them. Remember that?

Then if you will recall, after months of doing that and still, I hadn't responded to, or acknowledged them, they took it upon themselves to start sending me unwanted emails? Remember that? Not just to my public Hotmail account, but they also sent me emails to my private personal Yahoo! account too. Remember that?

In case you have forgotten, please help yourself to clicking on the tags with her name on it. This also includes her sock puppet "GenX". Or you can type in her name on the blog search bar. You can read all about how she and her husband stalked me, harassed me, and bullied me for six months straight and through it all, I still didn't respond to them.

You would think they would have dropped it at some point, wouldn't you?

So from July 2012 and up to December 2012, this was their life. To poke and prod me over my relationship with another adult. I know what you're thinking, I thought it too. What business is it of theirs where my adult relationships are concerned? Like you, I still haven't an answer for that. Other than the fact that Amanda Welling and her husband Jon are sociopaths hellbent on trying to destroy the careers of people at random. That or maybe they just wanted the attention of someone famous, or someone they perceived as being famous. I really am not educated in the field of Amanda Welling and her husbands mental capacity. 

And still, after six months, I ignored them. Then in January 2013, Amanda opened her new blog, GenXpose. She and her friends and her sock puppets began to come after me even harder. Her and her husband were leaving comments too. Finally! I gave them what they longed for. I gave them some attention. No sooner did I do that, they crawled into the fetal position in a corner of the internet and began their butt-whine hurt that I was "bullying" them for finally standing up to their senseless and needless attacks against me. 

I presented evidence right here on this blog, which I created in response to the hate blog, GenXpose. I posted proof that Amanda wrote about me first. I showed proof that her and her husband left comments on my blog first and spanning over several months. I showed proof that they emailed me first. In essence, I presented facts showing that it was they, the husband and wife team, that stalked, harassed and bullied me to the point where I finally had enough and started addressing their attacks and their lies. Hell, shortly after this, Amanda herself confessed that these facts were true. 

But then her and some other bullies made a desperate mistake. They brought the feds to my door over a post I wrote. The bully plan was to "shut me down" once and for all. That plan backfired right in their bully faces, didn't it? Instead, what ended up happening was, the feds got to see, from me, all the evidence of what has really been going on. And in that discovery, Amanda Welling and her husband really got noticed now. 

So then finally, around last Spring, Amanda Welling and her husband gave it up. They disappeared. Shortly after I had my sit-down with the feds, Amanda's blog disappeared. Even GenXpose posted an announcement to her readers that if her blog suddenly disappeared, that they needn't worry and she would find a new place to post her hate posts against me. 

Hhhmmm, Amanda's other blog is taken down, and GenXpose fears being taken down, how interesting. 

Then Amanda pops back up again boo-hooing about all of my defense posts about her. "Take them down" she moans and groans, crying about the fact that future employers might Google her name some day and will discover what a psychopath she and her husband truly are. My response was, "had you not picked this fight to begin, none of these defense posts would be here". 

And then eventually, she went away. We had hoped for good, right? I stopped posting about her because she was no longer posting about me. When you leave me alone, I leave you alone. You don't write about me, I won't write about you. Well, pretty much. Once Amanda, her husband and GenXpose stoppped with their bullying of me, I pretty much had nothing left to write about and turned my attention to trying to help others somewhat. But this was the result of me doing such a great job at uncovering bully lies about me that other authors sought for me to help them out too. I guess when you stand up for yourself against bullies, you do inspire others to do the same. It's an assembly line effect. STGRB inspired me, I inspired others, and so on and so forth. That's what it's all about. 

The end result is the changes we are now seeing on Goodreads. And the more we learn about tragic suicides from kids being stalked and harassed in the news, the closer we are getting to future regulations against cyber bullying. The closer we get to those regulations, the closer to the end we come to these GR bullies and now, BL bullies. 

Okay, so finally, Amanda Welling is gone. Cool. 

But wait! I think the sequel has just been released!

She's baaaaack.

Just recently on the website "Bullylikes", Amanda Welling decided to become a "Dawidiot". And no sooner does she join when she quickly turns to the one she loves the most! .... Me. :)

Check out this post she made. 

Yes, that's right, she's back to lathering her butt hurt whine and lying again. But really, are you too surprised? I know I'm not. But wait, there's more. She also left this comment on a post requesting the bullies to tell about their experiences with the authors they bullied. You know, the authors like myself who finally stood up to them and hurt their precious little feelings with the truth. 

* Group response * ...... "Aaaawwwwwww"

And so, what does Amanda write? Check it out.

Yes, she calls me Crazy Bryant. The same nickname that GenX has for me. 

Interesting. O_o 

Ahem, moving on. 

Yes, she says I am obsessed with her. After not writing about her for the past few months, I became so obsessed with her that she joins "Bullylikes" and the first thing she does is write about .... me? O_O

And I am so obsessed with her that when she leaves a comment on some other hate post the first person she mentions is ...... me? O_O

Just like I was so obsessed with her back in July 2012 when I didn't even know her (now that's one crazy obsession right there) that she went and wrote a post about me on her blog. O_O

Just like I was so obsessed with her that she and her husband came to my blog and started leaving comments all of over it. O_O 

OMG! Now I'm obsessed with her husband!

Just like I was so obsessed with her and her husband that they started sending me unwanted emails. O_O

What the hell was I thinking, man?

And of course, in her butt hurt lying rant on "Bullylikes", this "Dawidiot" still thinks I am a member of STGRB. LOL Hey Amanda, when I said you should start taking your stupid pills, I meant the ones that will help cure your stupidity, not enhance it. 

And where is Jonathon Welling at in all of this? I mean, I'm for women's lib all the way, but come on dude, in a marriage, there comes a time when the man must take off his dress and put on the pants for crying out loud. Do your wife, and marriage, a favor dude, take away her computer until she has gotten me out of her system. 

Unless ...... her strange attraction for me makes the bedroom atmosphere more, shall we say, pleasant? O_o

Okay, that's just grossing me out here. 

Like I needed the visual of two pork-chops slapping nasties when one of them has her eyes closed and thinking about yours truly. (-_-) 

God, another infected thought just occurred to me, what if he is thinking about me too when they .... when they ..... OH ..... MY ..... GOD!  ..  (0_0)

Ahem! .... Let me get my cool back.

Think THE FONZ ..... Ayeee.

* 2 thumbs up *

Okay, much better now. I'm cool. 

Now let's address a few of her lies in her "Bullylikes" rant, shall we?

She starts out by saying that she deleted her GR account because she was tired of being stalked by STGRB. Really Amanda? They were stalking you? You know, they may have mentioned you before because of you and your husband stalking me, but I don't see anything on their site that resembles them stalking you. Have they sent you unwanted emails like you and your husband sent to me? No, I don't think so. That would have been stalking. 

She says she felt like her every move was being watched which explains why she shut down all of her social media accounts. You mean, like how you and your husband watch my every move, Amanda? Yeah, I can relate to that feeling. *Eye Roll*

She says she wanted to get away from the drama. Really Amanda? The drama you yourself (and your husband) started to begin with? *Eye Roll*

She says a certain member of STGRB still writes about her. Really Amanda? And who would that be? I haven't seen anything on STGRB lately that pertains to you. No posts, nothing. Oh wait, were you referring to me? I'm a member of STGRB? Really? Okay, if that helps you stalk better at night, I mean, sleep better. 

And if you were referring to me, FYI, I haven't written about you for a while either. Until now. You know, it's my obsession to address your obsession with me. 

She says I and STGRB can't let things go. We follow her everywhere. You mean, like you can't let things go, Amanda? So you know, the first thing you do when you join "Bullylikes" and become a "Dawidiot" is you write a post about me? *Eye Roll*

Then she says she wasn't dragged away by the feds. That she deleted all of her accounts of her own accord. Well Amanda, nobody said you were dragged away but you were investigated by them because I was the one who filed the complaint with them when you sent them to my door. I also know for a fact they sent you and your husband an email, warning you to stop sending me emails and to basically leave me alone. Perhaps that shook your crazy tree enough for you to take down those social media sites of yours. And perhaps that's why GenXpose made that announcement on her hate blog warning her three readers to not freak out if her blog was removed. *Eye Roll* (I love how bullies spin everything)

She says authors are their own business. She says an author is a company. (She must be a democrat) She is comparing flesh and bone human beings to corporations. (You know, those things in brick buildings that begin with an ideal.) Of course, the difference is that brick buildings and ideals do not carry emotions like those corporations made out of flesh and bones have. *Eye Roll* And she suggests that people can boycott business who have different values from her own. Really Amanda? A business is a living, breathing entity that has values? Really? No wonder I freak out when I enter the doors of them things. I was being monitored! *Eye Roll*

Word up, Amanda, business are not people. A business doesn't have values, the people who own them might. The people who work in that business might, but the business itself doesn't. Geesh. You're not too bright are you?

But also, Amanda, you don't know my values. But since you brought it up, I will share them with you. I value family. I value friends. I value children, they are the future of our species. I value education. (And I encourage you to go out and get some of that) I value privacy. I don't believe in writing posts about someone I do not know and whom does not know me, and has not done anything against me to begin with. I do not like bullies. I do not like stalkers. I do not like liars. (All of which these things, you are) I value life and I value other people's feelings when they value mine. I do not engage in sending unwanted emails to people like you and your husband practice. 

Oh, I also value differences of opinion, and values of other people. You see, I'm cut from the cloth that not everyone is going to believe the same way as myself, but I respect other people's beliefs and perspectives, even if i don't agree with them, because diversity is the spice of life. If you respected other people's beliefs, then maybe you wouldn't boycott them. Of course, boycotting itself means, if a company is killing whales for profit, then yeah, boycott them. A boycott is not taking to your blog and writing lies about someone, like you did to me. A boycott is not writing fake reviews and giving fake ratings of work you never even read. A boycott isn't sending unwanted emails to perfect strangers or getting involved with their private, adult relations when it is of no concern to you. You see Amanda, first you need to learn what a boycott is. Then you may use it in a sentence. 

What you and your friends are doing Amanda, is not boycotting. You're stalking, you're harassing, you're bullying, and you're lying. So please, go out and get yourself some of that edmacation I was speaking of earlier. And while you're at it, pick up a heart and soul too.

She says when authors are amazing and outstanding to work with, people need to know this. First of all, when have I ever worked with you? When has any author ever worked with you? The answer is ... never! Authors don't work with their readers. *Eye Roll* But I digress, who are you to judge me? To judge anyone? Just because you have some kind of difference with them doesn't mean everyone else will or does. So who are you and your friends to go out and spread shit about other human beings? Especially when you lie like you and your friends do just to try and make your point? When I have a difference with people, I keep it mostly to myself. In fact, I have some differences with people right now. Some of my internet friends, fellow authors and sometimes, I have differences with the people at STGRB, but guess what? You don't see me writing posts about it, do you? No, because I respect those differences. Not everyone is going to see things the same way I do, nor will I see it the same way with them. But guess what? I like it like that. I still won't go out and "boycott" them (as you call it) just because of it. I'm not that adolescent anymore. I grew up. But that's just me.

Then Amanda says she and "Bullylikes" carry a lot of the same values. Really? "Bullylikes" has values? Again, it;s a website, it;s not a living breathing thing. It's not a person. *EyeRoll* 

She also makes the claim that she (Amanda Welling) is not a troll. This explains why she trolled me for months. Her and her husband. The proof is right here on this blog. Even her own confession of it. But just because she wrote about me first, left numerous comments on my blogs, sent me unwanted emails from out of the blue, and told lies about me, naaaaw, she aint a troll. *Major Eye Roll*

I guess that's why she also says she don't like spamming. or unsolicited remarks unless she is the one doing the spamming and giving out unsolicited remarks. She also says she doesn't like outright nastiness from authors. Well guess what Amanda? I don't like outright nastiness from you. Which is why after six months, I finally addressed your nastiness. 

She says, like her bully friends say, that she shelves book under "Badly Behaving" to 'remind her to never read that authors books'. Really Amanda? You can't just make a shelf titled, "Do Not Read"? And leave it at that? Oh, no, you have to judge people don't you? Let everyone know that you think this author is badly behaving yet failing to mention that you were the one who attacked me first. 

You need some serious help girl. You and your friends.

She also claims that she never goes around picking out authors randomly to "ruin" their careers. yet for some reason, she sure picked me out randomly, didn't she? I mean, like I said earlier, when she wrote about me in July of 2012, I didn't know who she was. I never interacted with her before. I never did anything to her. Nor said anything. So why did she write about me? And why did she come to my blog leaving comments? And why did her husband do that too? And even when I was not responding to her, why did her and her husband continue to stalk and harass me with unwanted emails of hate? 

Why indeed.

You see Amanda, you did randomly pick me out to try and "ruin" my career. I never did anything to you even up until about six months after you and your husband were attacking me. So if you would please come on here in the comments section, I would really appreciate to know why it was in fact that you even started in with me in the first place if we never interacted before. Can you do that, Amanda? Will you do that? Would you just come here and tell me why you wrote about me in July of 2012 on your blog? And why you and your husband left the nasty comments? And why you and your husband sent me unwanted and hateful emails? 

I sure would like to know. 

But she won't come here and explain herself. She won't do that because she randomly selected me from out of the blue to purposely, and maliciously, try and ruin my career. To stalk me, harass me, and bully me. Didn't you, Amanda?

It's simple, Amanda, if you didn't want me in your life, then why did you invade mine? 

I'm Carroll Bryant .... and this is the Looking Glass.

Things We Learned Today:

* Amanda Welling and her husband attacked me first for absolutely no reason

* After three months of no Amanda, she joins "Bullylikes" and becomes a "Dawidiot" and the first thing she does is write and comment about me. (And I'm the stalker) *Eye Roll*

* A Tootsie Roll is a lot better than an eye roll

* Amanda can't help herself to lie

* Amanda and her husband may be having impure bedroom thoughts about the Carz while slapping nasties

* Amanda is proud to judge others

* Amanda thinks a business or corporation is the same as a human being

* Amanda knew nothing of Carroll's values before this post

* Amanda Welling, her husband Jon, and the rest of their friends are just plain bullies

* Jon Welling wears dresses? O_O

* "Dawidiot" is still the word of the day

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Michael Hastings: Accident Or Murder?

I was solicited and asked if I would promote this video. I was reluctant at first, but did some digging and decided that it was worth posting about. Michael Hastings, a reporter / journalist who feared for his life in the finals days of it. He feared his life was in danger from the F.B.I.

The story has already gone national. It was also featured on an episode of Piers Morgan.

Go to Youtube to learn more about the Michael Hastings tragedy.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Cows Full Of Ink

The Goodreads / Amazon bullies have started a new thread on Amazon Fora Boards. It's called, "BBA Cows Full of Ink".

As usual, it's just another meeting place for them to trash people they deem "badly behaving". Mostly authors. Anyhow, nice to see the "book police" still being "judges, juries and executioners" of the book writing world. (Self appointed, I might add)

Anyhow, we're going to take a look at some of their conversations. But first, let's see the introductory post left by "Winter".

See how H.J. Leonard gets quoted as saying: "We're experiencing troll takeover/shutdown on the old thread."

No, "Hand Job", maybe Amazon is now coming to terms with the fact that you and your hate-whores are killing their bottom line and have finally had enough of you bullies. I don't think you'll find any threads on Amazon Fora made up of authors to attack and defame you people. Only you people making thread after thread to attack authors and libel them, stalk them, bully them, harass them, and publicly humiliate them. That would be the definition of a troll.

Then "Winter" goes into this butt-hurt whine about how they give "honest" reviews of books and get attacked. (Break out the violins and the cheese.)

Pawleeeeese, "Winter", spare me. How many times do I and STGRB have to post evidence of you and your hate-whores leaving fake ratings and reviews on books? or reviews that attack the author? let me repeat this one more time, you bullies are not readers, you're bullies. Readers don't bully and bullies don't read. This is not a war between readers and authors, it;'s a war between authors and bullies.

I think everyone sees this now which is why you guys are losing / have lost your public support. The truth often times hurts, and right now, you and your bully gang of thugs are hurting.

"Winter" then rambles on about opinions being subjective. And that not everyone agrees. However, what "Winter" doesn't seem to comprehend is that calling somebody a rapist or pedophile, in a book review, is not an opinion. It's defamation. It's libel. It's just plain wrong. Nor does "Winter" seem to grasp the concept that in order to first be seen as a reader, one has to actually read the book they review. how many times have I caught these bullies lying about reading my book? And how many times have we seen book reviews and shelves on GR where the person admits not reading the book and they never will yet still leave a rating or review?

Then "Winter" suggests that once in a while an author "realizes" their mistake and "apologizes" to the bullies after the author has been attacked. "Winter" applauds that however, even when an author did apologize to the bullies, we have seen evidence on STGRB that the bullies never accept them and continue their attacks. Case in point: The attack on Lauren Howard / Pippa. She apologized. The bullies continued to attack her.

Not to mention, the bullies have yet to show with a screenshot any author attacking a review for anything, much less, complaining about a "bad" review. (Just throwing that out there)

Anyhow, there are so many disturbing things about these people and their new hate group on Amazon Fora. This coming on the heels after their last hate group was shut down by Amazon. So let's take a look at some of what they say, shall we?

In this next shot, we see "Book World" yacking about STGRB. Talking about how STGRB doesn't show evidence of their claims when in fact anyone with a working pair of eyes can spend an entire month alone just counting the screenshots of evidence they post to back up their words. Then "Book World" says that Amazon and Goodreads should get their lawyers to shut STGRB down. Hey "Book World", maybe you just should have said: "We should be allowed to call authors rapists, pedophiles and drug dealers but nobody else should be allowed to call us out for it or say anything about Amazon and Goodreads, even if they have evidence to support their claims."

Either way you say it, "Book World" - it's still stupid. Take a look. 

See what I mean?

Then "Ms. Mayhem" gets into the convo with this next shot. Check it out. 

Nobody is throwing a hissy fit over a low rating or bad review of their book, "Ms. Mayhem", dead or alive. They are probably throwing a hissy fit over the fact that you people attack them through your so called book reviews. But obviously, you may find that calling a dead author a pedophile is a lot easier because the dead person can stand up to you when you do it. Good idea! keep that up. Maybe you and your hate-whore friends can make that a new trend. 

Then some coward simply named "G" says that STGRB doxxed some minor who attacks authors. However, what you don't see in this comment, nor will you ever see in any of these types of comments is them linking, or posting the screenshot of STGRB actually doing this. Take a look. 

Coincidence? .... I think not. But "G" also makes a point to let everyone know that author Rick Carufel has a record. Hey "G", that was 20 years ago, Rick has already paid his debt to society and has changed his life. (Like Dog The Bounty Hunter) Perhaps you and your hate whores can like, I don't know, move on? besides, at least he is a cyber criminal like you and your friends.

 The thing I like most though about this hate group is when someone participates and for whatever reason, doesn't agree with them, look at how they respond. 

Didn't we see these people respond like spoiled children of the corn when they were banned from the GR group, "Mystery And Crime Thrillers"? ... Remember that? They were kicking and screaming, "I want my dolly, I want my dolly!"

Oh, here is a couple of nitwits talking about me. One of them is Pete Moron. I mean, Morin. 

First of all, I am not from STGRB. LMAO You see how stupid these ass-holes are? They still think I am from STGRB and they haven't any evidence to support this claim. How many times have I said that if I were a part of them I would be a proud outspoken member? This is another classic example of how these people simply "make things up" to fit their bully agenda. Also, yes you do, Petey, you care what I say. I called you out, showed your lie to the world, and you got busted fo rbeing a stupid little monkey liar and bully. And a coward. (Oh wait, is it okay to call the bullies stupid little monkeys? Or do I need to ensure the person I am calling a stupid little monkey isn't a person of color? I forget the their bully rules.) Anyhow, it's okay, Petey is white (trash).  Ha-ha.

Then Janis Hinkle, I mean, Anna Karenina, jumps in with this comment. 

First of all, I have a great sense of humor. People who know me know this. Secondly, I can read, Janis, and I do read your "accusations". In fact, I read all of you hate-whores "accusations" all the damn time. You see, the thing is this, I just never seen any of you back up your talk with evidence. And that's all it is really, just you people talking, saying that stuff is true but never showing that it's true. Kind of like how you're saying stuff now and I show that you are with actual screenshots. That's what we call in the real world as evidence! 

Oh, and as for my sense of humor again, how is this: "I find it hilariously funny/scary that Janis Hinkle, posing as Anna Karenina, is a 2nd grade school teacher in Daly City, California. I guess we know where the next generation of bullies is going to come from, don't we?" .... Or how about this: "The bullies think I am part of STGRB!"

Ahahahahahahahahaha, now that was FUNNY!

I don't have a sense of humor? .... Humbug!

But hey, it's good to know the bullies are watching me, reading me and everything. I am so relevant now. LOL Hey! That was another funny. 

Then "Doctor Rocky" (hate-whore picture show) .... Another funny I made! .... gets into it saying this.

Yes! "Doctor Rocky", I do only read about myself. Kind of like what I'm doing now. 

Then Jane says.

Wait! Jane! ... You can hear me? Are you sure you're not just hearing those voices in your head? ... And yet another FUNNY! 

I'm on a roll here folks.

Then Jane says the following.

Yes, I do, Jane! How did you know? Are you stalking me or something? 

Another funny!

Then Ms. Mayhem posts this comment.

Ahem, Ms. Mayhem, no, we don't want people to give our books five star reviews if they actually read it and didn't care for it. But again, you miss the whole point of what reading is. It is essential in order to give a fair and accurate review. If you don't actually read the book, then your review and rating is a lie. Not to mention, a book review is about a book, not the author. Learn this, and you will do well Ass-hopper. I mean, Grass-hopper. LOL And again, another funny. Oh, and FYI, we have demonstrably showed we are being bullied. It is you hate-whores who have not presented your evidence. 

And here, we see this screenshot by "Bruins Gal". Take a look. 

Hey "Bruins Gal", there is totally nothing wrong with one star reviews either. But there is something wrong with fake one star reviews (as well as fake five star reviews) when the individual writing the review never even read the book. Or attacks the author in a review. The fact that you are slamming your head on your desk repeatedly indicates that this could be yet another reason why you are so stupid and hateful and such a bully. Brain-damage!  

And again, I made another funny. And a key connection as to why these bullies act so stupid as they do. Maybe they all are hitting their heads on hard surfaces. You would think they would do all of us a big favor and slam those heads a little harder. Maybe then they would slip into a more vegetable state to the point they couldn't type on a keyboard anymore. And be fed their applesauce by a registered nurse who was educated on how to bully by her 2nd grade teacher, Janis Hinkle. (alias, Anna Karenina) LOL

And the jokes keep on coming, folks.

And finally, I wanted to show you guys this comment by author Pete Morin. (The moron) He compares threats of rape and sodomy, made to Lauren Howard/Pippa, to "jumping in a lake". Check it out.

I guess he and the bullies find rape and sodomy funny. And I'm the one with no sense of humor? ... I .... I .... I don't get it Pete.

I'm Carroll Bryant .... and this is the Looking Glass.

Things We Learned Today:

* Carroll does have a sense of humor after all, the bullies just don't have the intellect to "get them"

* Apple sauce is good food

* The bullies slam their heads on hard surfaces

* Seriously, who throws a hissy fit these days? I thought they were called "tantrums"

* H.J. stands for "hand job"?

* Aawwww, the bullies still talk about Carroll Bryant, how sweet

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Authors Against Abuse

For any author out there who wishes to join this group, feel free to do so. Authors Against Abuse is a Facebook group dedicated to eradicating online cyber attacks against authors. Mostly on Amazon Fora Boards and Goodreads. Contact M.T. Dismuke, Sharon Goding, or Paula Shene for more information. This group is growing by leaps and bounds. Below is the link. Even if you're not an author, ask Gail if you can still join to show support for authors who have been victimized by the Goodreads bullies and Amazon trolls. Or for anyone who has been attacked by them or anyone, anywhere else. If you've been a victim of an attack and you would like some place to go, check them out.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

American Shut-Down: Default: Obama Legacy

Here we are, on the edge of the great unknown. America is looking down the barrel of yet another default. Ignorance isn't so bliss after all, is it?

Wait, what's that? This isn't about ignorance? Well, you're right about that. This is sheer stupidity. The thing is, we have the GOP pointing the finger at  the Dems, and the Dems pointing the finger at the GOP. Each one blames the other for the mess we're in. Seems like nothing has changed at all in my country. It looks like politics as usual to me. I mean, let's face it, when you vote (D) or (R), you pretty much get what you voted for. Am I right? Of course I am.

Oh sure, it would be easy to just come right and say that it's both parties fault. Actually, that is what I'm saying because, gulp, it's the truth. But I have had plenty of time to ponder this whole mess and once I pondered some more, it finally struck me. This isn't just the GOP's fault, nor is it just the Dems fault. Don't get me wrong, they are responsible for the adolescent behavior coming from both parties, however, when you really think about it, and I mean, REALLY think about it, you begin to understand that this government shutdown and inching closer to a default is not the fault of our idiot leaders. No, seriously, it's not.

So, if it's not their fault, entirely, then who's fault is it?

It's Americans fault!

Everyone who voted for a democrat in the last election, it's your fault. Everyone who voted for a republican, it's your fault. You're the ones who voted these people into office, correct? And if that is the case, and we know that it is, then why are so many Americans getting all bent out of shape about it? Why all the butt-hurt whine? Instead of getting mad at the people YOU elected into office, go to the nearest mirror and bitch that person out. 

Lucky me, I know it's not my fault because I only vote for Independents. None of them won, by the way, so I know I didn't put Obama in the White house. I didn't put any of our senators in the senate either. In fact, not one person in congress was put there by my vote, so I have every right to bitch about the shutdown and the looming default. All of you who voted (D) or (R), you got no right at all to be complaining. Unless, of course, you complain to / at yourself. 

That's right, Americans are to blame for what is going on in our country's politics. After all, it was no secret that Dems and GOP do not get along. It's been that way for how many decades? Armed with that knowledge, you all still voted these people into office? 

What were you thinking?

Oh yeah, that's right, you were thinking CHANGE! 

I suppose the change you all were talking about was the skin color of our next president, not change where our direction as a nation was heading. I guess it was more important to everyone that we showed the world we could elect a black man into office. "See how awesome we are the rest of the world?" .... Yay us. Yay America! 

Yes, yay for you!

What's next? Are we going to show the world that we aren't afraid to elect a woman into office? Yay again for us. Yay again for America! More change! 

I don't think so.

Sorry Hilary, you are not change. It wouldn't matter if we elected a hermaphrodite into office, it still wouldn't be change. Not as long as that hermaphrodite had a (D) next to their name, or an (R). 

However, if that's the change America is still looking for, then go for it. But if America wants real change in it's economic and political future, then there is only one way to ensure America gets that change. That change can only come in one form, and that form is an Independent. 

For as long as America is ruled by the iron fists of democrats and or republicans, then continue to expect the same future for your children as you have lived in the past. (And still living in the present) 

In fact, for as long as you continue to vote (D) or (R), expect things to get worse. 

Hey, you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it take a drink. Just like I can point you in the right direction, but I can't make you take the path. That is something you are going to have to decide for yourself. As far as I can see, if you vote (D) or (R) in the next election, then you really don't want change.

Only when we elect these parties out of office will America get the real change its citizens so boldly claim they want. 

And don't go shaking your head, saying, "But Carroll, voting Independent is so risky." ... Bullshit! Voting Independent in the next election is no more riskier than voting for another dumb-ass democrat or dumb-ass republican. At this point, it would be less of a risk based on the fact that we know what we're going to get with Dems and GOP, the same shit we've been getting for all these many years. 

And let us not forget that we did have a president one time who did not belong to or was affiliated with any political group when he was in office. Who was that president? Why, it was George Washington. Last time I checked, he did a pretty good job leading our nation. 

So, if the government shutdown is getting you .... down? And if this looming default is ticking you off like it is ticking me off? Then do something about it! Unfortunately, you might not be able to do anything about it until next election, in the meantime, just shut it. Take what you voted for like adults. Take responsibility for your vote. You knew what you were voting for and if you didn't, then now would be the perfect time to remove head from sphincter. Then vote!

And while you're at it, vote for an Independent. That will show these people that Americans are still the boss. And don't just vote Independent for the presidency, vote Independent for the senate, congress, judges, governors, mayors, from federal to state to local. Let's get rid of the (D)'s and the (R)'s and let's get America headed in the right direction once and for all.

As for my message to Obama, you can be as difficult as you want when it comes to negotiating with the GOP, I don't care anymore. But just remember, this government shutdown, and impending default, it's happening on YOUR watch. If that's the legacy you want to leave behind, so be it. Oh, you can finger point at the GOP all day long, you have been doing that for the past five years anyway, (and vice-versa) but in the end, you're still the Commander in Chief. This is still your dog and pony show. 

And the world is watching.

I'm Carroll Bryant .... and this is The Looking Glass.

Things We Learned Today:

* Both political parties are to blame for shutdown / Default

* Americans who voted for these people are more so to blame

* Real change will only come when Dems and GOP are no more

* Vote Independent

Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Attack on Judyann McCole

Today I want to focus on an attack that relatively flew under the radar. However, has since been covered by STGRB and now, here on The Looking Glass.

This is an attack against a young author named Judyann McCole. And while her attack was initially overlooked, the attack itself is typical Goodreads bullies standard M.O.

By that I mean, we already have heard the whines by these bullies that "it's all about authors who complain over bad reviews". Of course, they never present anything in the form of evidence to back their whines up, but instead, more evidence keeps showing up that proves this is not the case. This attack is no different. Judyann never complained about a review, good or bad. Instead, the Goodreads bullies accused her of "sock-puppetry". Something STGRB has proven that this is what the bullies practice constantly. Just a couple of examples I'm going to throw out is Janis Hinkle, who socks under the name of Anna Karenina and Mahala. Then there is Angela Horn who also doubles under many different socks which has been exposed but currently using "ETA:Soon" as her primary sock puppet cover.

And yes, Judyann was accused of the very thing that these bullies practice, and without evidence to support these bullies claim. You see, in the world of Goodreads "Bully Nation", evidence is something they feel they don't need. They simply expect everyone to just take their word for it.

Now, I could sit here all day and tell you the details of what happened to Judyann, but I think it would be better if we heard from her own words. But before we get into that, I want to share with you a comment made by another bully from Goodreads, John Green.

This comment of his says a mouthful. Despite the fact that that mouth is full of horse-shit. Still, he says: "GR is a READER networking site." - Did you hear that authors? Goodreads is for readers so maybe you might want to think about reconsidering your membership and refrain from giving Goodreads any of your advertising dollars. We'll let the "readers" send their money to Goodreads.

He says this despite efforts by Otis Chandler and Patrick Brown to recruit for new authors to join Goodreads. But maybe John is right. Maybe it is a book-site for readers. That would explain why so many authors get attacked. Because authors aren't welcome by John Green and the rest of Bully Nation on Goodreads, and because authors aren't readers too. Authors can't be readers, they're writers.

Then he mentions that Goodreads is a place where readers can discuss books. And it's true! There are many readers who do discuss books, but as we have also seen, it is a place where bullies discuss authors. Somehow, John Green fails to mention this.

He then sums it up by saying: "That's what the ratings and shelves are for, even if the book aint out yet, to gauge people's interest in it. How that's so difficult to understand, I've no idea."

Well, he certainly ended it correctly, didn't he? he admits he doesn't understand and from what we all have seen, that's a given! he doesn't have the mental capacity to understand how people could be offended by book shelves like the following. (These were left on Judyann's book.)

Really John? These are helpful book shelves for others to gauge a book? Or, and I'm just throwing this out there, are they book shelves that are meant to demean, dehumanize and humiliate the author? You know what John, I'm going to let my readers decide that one, by your own confession, you simply have "no idea".

Now, back to the reason why these book shelves were created in the first place. A reason that John Green refuses to acknowledge because, in his words, he hasn't any idea. And the reason these book shelves were created was so the Goodreads bullies could humiliate, demean and dehumanize Judyann McCole.

Judyann took to her blog after she was attacked to explain why she was attacked and how it all happened. Read this next screenshot to get a better picture.

Judyann's writing led her into the waiting web of one, Stephanie Sinclair, who started a rumor that was essentially, a lie. It was a lie because Stephanie Sinclair could never back up her false claims, nor has she ever provided any evidence to support her claim to this day. And what was that claim? What was that lie in which Steph Sinclair started? She wrote an article accusing Judyann of "tricking" her into reading her book by using a sock puppet.

So you see, this attack had nothing at all to do with Judyann complaining about a bad review as all of these Goodreads bullies, like John Green, claim. Instead, this attacked was initiated by one bully, Stephanie Sinclair, taking it upon herself to accuse Judyann of having a sock puppet.

Let me say that again, but only louder.


Keeping in mind also that Stephanie Sinclair didn't present any actual proof. And yes, this is the same Steph Sinclair who runs the bully hate blog "CuddleBuggery" that disguises itself as a book blog. All Steph did was post some comments by this "Melody" - of which Steph Sinclair accuses Judyann to be. The comments posted by Steph of Melody don't reveal anything, much less, that Judyann and Melody are the same person. 

But this is how Judyann came to being attacked. And from what I can gather by going through all the posts, is that Steph became friends with "Melody", and apparently, had a falling out, and just because Melody liked Judyann and or her books, Steph Sinclair assumed that Judyann was Melody, which led her to falsely attack Judyann. 

That's how I took it anyway after my investigation on the matter.

And as always, after Steph Sinclair decided to play "judge, jury and executioner" of Judyann, it wasn't long before the rest of Goodreads Bully Nation came a calling on Judyann's books. Take a look. 

That second one was from "Archer". You remember him, right? He was the one who threatened to "kill" me on Goodreads the first day of my attack back in July of 2012. And he was the one who attacked a 14 year old girl on twitter, which STGRB covered and showed the actual tweet that Archer sent the child. Yeah, he's all bad-ass and everything, picking on underage girls and making death threats over the internet. No wonder he and John would hang in the same circle. 

But you can clearly see that when Steph claims that Judyann's book is a "Harry Potter" rip off, the others join in and say the same thing. What are these people? The "Stepford" wives of Bully Nation?

And the only reason Steph makes this claim is because she took it upon herself to accuse Judyann of something that she (Steph Sinclair) could not prove. Here is another screenshot of a review by "Debby", who also follows the heard. 

You see, Judyann never complained about a review, Judyann simply got involved (unknowingly at the time) with the wrong people. She had no idea that the people she was talking to were part of the Goodreads Bully Nation crowd, and that they were merely looking for a reason to take her down, just like they did to Lauren Howard/Pippa and so many others. 

Now take a look at what really happened.

You can read all about it here. 

So you see, when the bullies of Goodreads claim that they are merely defending themselves from authors who complain about bad reviews, you now know better than to believe it. This is just another post full of evidence showing that they are lying. These attacks have nothing to do with authors complaining about bad reviews, it's about bad people going out of their way to demean, dehumanize and humiliate authors that they take it upon themselves as claiming to be "badly behaving". 

Nothing more and nothing less.

They are self appointed "judges, juries and executioners" of authors.

I'm Carroll Bryant ..... and this is The Looking Glass.

Things We Learned Today:

* These attacks on authors have nothing to do with reviews

* The bullies still do not present any evidence to support their claims

* Any author can become the victim of these bullies

* Cuddlebuggery is a hate / bully blog disguised as a book blog

* Steph Sinclair is a lying bully

* Archer bullies 14 year old girls (He's a tough guy)

* Acher makes threats over the internet (He's a tough guy)

* John Green has no idea

* John Green and Archer would make great life-partners


Thursday, October 10, 2013

Goodreads Founder Otis Chandler Lies

I saw this video and it almost made me want to puke. But in keeping up with my streak of nearly 15 years going without upchucking, I was able to hold it off.

Otis Chandler, founder of Goodreads, lies out of his arse in this video interview. While the idea of what he describes that Goodreads is may have been the dream, the reality of Gooodreads is quite different. I think we all have seen evidence of that a-plenty!

Be that as it may, here is Otis Chandler, founder of Goodreads trying to convince the world that Goodreads is a place where book lovers can meet in peaceful harmony to discuss books. You'll notice, of course, he, like Patrick Brown, fails to mention that Goodreads supports, endorses, encourages, and fosters a hostile environment towards authors and protects bullies. And is a death sentence to authors and their careers.

Just don't eat anything yet if you haven't already. If you have eaten recently, wait about an hour then watch the video. LOL

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Janis Hinkle: Teacher: Daly City, California

Janis Hinkle is a 2nd grade teacher in the Daly City, California area. Her online persona is that of Anna Karenina. You may have heard her named mentioned here on The Looking Glass a time or two. Janis Hinkle, while posing as Anna Karenina, has stalked, harassed and bullied many people. Mostly authors. Her criminal online behavior has been documented well on STGRB. It will be to those articles posted by STGRB that I will link to if you wish to learn more about her online activities.

She also goes under the sock of "Mahala" and is behind the blog .38 Caliber.

Cyber bullying, stalking and harassment needs to stop! We will take it one bully at a time. If it's really all about the 'reviews" as these monsters claim, then they wouldn't be doing the things they are doing. They wouldn't be stalking, bullying, harassing or libeling people. Mostly authors. So please take the time to read the articles I link to, and remember, this is a 2nd grade teacher we are talking about here. A teacher who would rather get online at school, when she should be teaching her class, and make every attempt to humiliate people as often as she can. What kind of role model is that for young children? Young impressionable minds? You make the call.

Janis Hinkle / Anna Karenina, you have the spotlight. Enjoy it.

Janis Hinkle / Anna Karenina was even mentioned in this article about Pete Morin. Remember him? We talked about the differences between "bad" reviews and "fake bully" reviews in my post "Pete Morin: Moans And Groans". Well, now I see where most of his five star reviews come from. Check it out. 

And finally.

 I'm Carroll Bryant .... and this is The Looking Glass.

Things We Learned Today:

* Bully Anna Karenina is really Janis Hinkle

* Janis Hinkle is a 2nd grade school teacher

* Her criminal cyber activities of bullying, stalking and harassment needs to stop

 * With all those links, Janis gets around

Sunday, October 6, 2013

AnnaLund Status Whine

It looks like that ever since the Lauren Howard/Pippa attack, Goodreads may have finally started catching on a little bit. I certainly hope so.

Why do I think that maybe, there might be a glimmer of hope? Well, because of GR bully, "AnnaLund", who was caught crying over her butt-hurt when Goodreads hid her bully review. Take a look.

So apparently, AnnaLund is not pleased with the fact that she can no longer bully people with her reviews. Here is her profile.

Here is her lovely bookshelves.

I couldn't find the review that got hidden, but I did find this review of hers which was one star and she makes it perfectly clear that she didn't care for it one bit. 

Here is how she ended it the review.

As for this particular review, I see nothing wrong with it. Her review clearly shows that she read it. It also shows she clearly didn't like it. But nowhere in the review does she insult the author. Let me go on record once again to say, I love this review! ... But it does make me wonder what she said in the review that Goodreads hid. I wish she would tell us which review it was. Which book. Which author. I have a sneaky suspicion that it pales in comparison to the one above. 

Anyhow, here are some repsonses to her status update where she cries about a review of hers being hidden. Notorious bully, "TinaNicole" says the following.

Yes, "TinaNicole", it's about time they start hiding some of your nasty book-shelves where you and your bully friends call authors vile names, and book-shelves where you start mentioning rape and sodomy. 

Then "AnnaLund" responds with this.

Newsflash for you, AnnaLund, you are not the "cash cow" for Goodreads. Unfortunately, no reader is the cash cow for GR. While it's true, that Goodreads was designed for readers, the cash cows are the authors and publishers who buy adds on the site. Do readers buy adds on Goodreads? Nope. I haven't seen one yet. And guess what else, AnnaLund? Authors are users too. Users are not restricted to just "readers". Just saying. Perhaps if you weren't so filled with hate, you wouldn't be so stupid. Just saying again. 

Then "TinaNicole" gets back into it with her worldly wisdom. (Sarcasm)

No, "TinaNicole", nobody has a problem with one star reviews and reviews. People have a problem with fake ratings and reviews. People have a problem with book reviews that attack authors. Didn't I just approve and support "AnnaLund's" one star rating/review above? Yes, I think I did. So maybe "TinaNicole" should put an icepack on her butt-hurt and quell the lies. 

Then some "Sandra" chick weighs in.

Hey Sandra, not all librarians on GR are bullies. Librarian status is given by request. Top librarian status is earned with reviews given. It doesn't help when many librarians rate and review books they never read and or attack authors in "book reviews". Fortunately, those librarians don't get paid because that would a double crime. Getting paid to trash and bully authors? And libel them? Yeah, that wouldn't be wrong at all, would it?

Then AnnaLund spills the beans. 

Who are you AnnaLund to be judge jury and executioner of authors and their so called behavior? Who appointed you a GR police? I thought the issue was BOOKS! Not authors? But you want the right to label, and libel authors as you see fit? Fine, I will do the same with this post. (My space) and deem you a Goodreads bully. There, how do you like them apples? Maybe now you can moan and groan about that. Cry about how unfair it is of me to call you a bully. Now you know how it feels to be targeted and singled-out.

Who cares how much money you spent on books, AnnaLund, you could spend a million dollars on them, it still doesn't give you the right to attack, bully, and libel authors. I for one don't want your dirty, filthy money so I am glad you don't read my books. In fact, I am extremely happy that none of the bullies buy my books. I don't want their blood money. I want good to honest reviews of my books by real readers, not bullies. I want one star reviews like the one you wrote up above, not like the ones I post below. 

I'm still interested in seeing the review of yours that Goodreads hid.

I'm Carroll Bryant .... and this is The Looking Glass.

Things We Learned today:

* The bullies cry foul when their bully reviews are hidden

* Carroll wants to see "AnnaLund's" hidden book review

* "AnnaLund", interestingly enough, doesn't supply a link to the review. Why?

* The bullies still claim this is about bad reviews when it's not

* The phrase "spill the beans" was used in this post