Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Bully Investigation

I wanted to post this sooner, but then I felt it wasn't a high priority and add to the fact that I was scratching for something to schedule for October, well, I decided to wait and post it now. But ever since my attack on Goodreads in July of 2012, and especially since we entered into 2013, I had been getting some very strange and suspicious emails from some strange and suspicious people.

Ever since the bullies sent federal agents to my door in the summer of 2013, I was able to finally get law enforcement to listen to, and look at, some of what I was going through with the Goodreads bullies. The bullies attempt to get me arrested for a post I wrote here on The Looking Glass backfired, and blew up in their faces. The bullies sent these agents to my door over a post I made about Gun Control. I later admitted that I somewhat used that post to set the bullies up. I knew they would respond in some manner, just wasn't sure how far they would take it, but fortunately for me, they took it to the extreme.

Anyhow, ever since then, I have had local law enforcement, who beefed up their patrols around my street, looking for any suspicious characters. This was done in light of my death threats from the Goodreads bullies and or their supporters. Obviously, none of them went through with their threats but that could just be because the people who made them are cowards. But I digress.

I was then put in contact with a deputy sheriff of whom I could finally forward all my suspicious emails to. I get quite a lot. Mostly one timer's who just want to show their support or from people who simply ask me questions. More times than not, I don't hear from many of them after that. I shrug those off.

Then there are those who want to continue corresponding. I try to keep up as best I can. I understand some people want to "connect" with me. Most of the time though, these people tell me who they are. For example. they will tell me what their Goodreads name is, their blogs and stuff like that. I usually will check them out just to verify they aren't the bullies trying to pull a fast one. More times than not, I am satisfied with what I find.

And then there were those strange few who simply stood out. I would go into Goodreads to check their accounts and see that they were new. They also showed no picture of themselves or any basic information. These are the ones that raise the proverbial red flag. I am cautious with these people. And for the better part, eventually, after several corresponding emails, they eventually start asking more personal and odd questions, like they're trying to get some information that I haven't released through any of my blogs.

Anyway, once I finally got law enforcement involved, some of these suspicious emails and their senders were looked into. Now while it took some time for law enforcement to investigate a few of my most suspicious ones, they did finally uncover a few things.

Before I get into it, I just want to say that I can't, unfortunately, show you much evidence of these investigations as they are still on going. As you all well know, for all on-going investigations, law enforcement will not turn over their evidence to anyone except a prosecuting attorney should the time come. And also, everything that was told to me by law enforcement was done so over the phone. However, there are some screenshots I can show you of these emails. So basically, you either believe what I am about to share with you or you don't. Not to be coming off sounding like an ass, but it doesn't concern me in the least which way you go with your belief. I don't blame anyone for doubting something that isn't supported with screenshots or evidence.

However, I will say again that some of these emails I have received have been turned over to authorities for investigation of stalking and harassment. We already know of the ones sent to me by Gen X and Amanda Welling, I have already posted those on this blog. But then there are the odd ball ones like this, with an obvious fake name and using "Guerrilla" Email services. An email service that advertise their emails as being completely anonymous. But there is a problem with this claim, that technically, they're not anonymous. If need be, law enforcement can still track where they came from. However, this one didn't take a Sherlock Holmes to track down, the sender made an obvious mistake. Rather a stupid one if you ask me. First the screenshot of the partial email.

If you notice the date, it was sent on 1/24/2013. Just shortly before I started The Looking Glass. And as you can see by the sender, it appears they are trying to hide their identity. However, at the end of the email, the sender left their name. (I know, right? I mean, why go through Guerrilla Email and be anonymous if you're going to leave your name for Pete's sake?) Anyhow, check out who sent it.

That's right, Mepis. Didn't we already long establish that Mepis was Jon Welling? Husband of Amanda Welling? So why he went through Guerrilla Email services to be anonymous yet then go ahead and leave his screen name at the end, is beyond me. But he did.

It doesn't matter what he was rambling on about, it was retarded anyway, but the point is, he sent me an email when otherwise, he probably shouldn't have. But the Wellings were dealt with by law enforcement. They were contacted. That I know for a fact. And they were contacted for multiple emails that Jon and Amanda were sending me that I clearly stated were unwanted. It took law enforcement to finally get them to stop.

The point is, I was told recently by my law enforcement friend that this email, those sent my Amanda and those sent by Gen X were indeed sent from the same computer. Something I had already long suspected anyway, so no big whoop there. However, it does get a bit odd. You see, the GenX email also showed a Canada ISP.

Yes, the GenX email was accessed by two different people from two different countries.

But there is another suspicious email I got from a suspicious individual that also was sent from the same computer that the Welling's sent me.  This person passed herself off as Angela Landry. A 15 year old girl who claimed to be a "fan" of mine.

Hhhmmm, 15 years old you say? Sounds like Amanda was trying to "set me up" here, right? I mean, how many times have I documented on this blog her and her bully friends calling me a pedophile? ... Plenty of times! But anyhow, this Angela started emailing me way back in 09/07/2012. As you will see in the email, she talks to me like we were best buds on Goodreads. She even tells me to say hi to all our friends on Goodreads, when in fact, I had been banned for about two months when she sent me this. Not to mention, this girl and I never corresponded on Goodreads.

That was the first clue that this was a suspicious email/person. But I played along, waiting to see where it would go. It was apparent by the time 2013 rolled around that this person was trying to get me to talk inappropriately with her, knowing that she claimed herself to be a 15 year old girl, and she sent me a picture that resembled a young Amanda Welling, and now, after I was told about from where this email originated, it is clear to me that it was indeed Amanda Welling or her husband who was trying to "set me up." Take a look.

This is why I say that this stalking of me wasn't just on my blog. It was through my emails. What normal person would do this? Only a sociopath would do this. Now, as far as I am concerned, the Welling's issue is dead, however, it is good to know that the police discovered what I had always long suspected. That along with their obvious emails that this couple sent to me, they also sent me emails through Guerrilla Email and one of them, Jon or Amanda, perhaps both, were posing as a 15 year old girl named Angela Landry to try continue their stalking of me. A very unhealthy obsession.

This was all through my Hotmail account, now, let's take a look at my Yahoo! account. 

Besides sending me emails to hotmail, the Welling's also sent me emails to Yahoo! These next two shots are of the one Mepsis sent me to Yahoo! through Guerrilla Email. 

So it wasn't just through one of my emails, it was through both of them.

As for how they were able to get my Yahoo! email address, well, only one person on Gooodreads knew about that email, and that's Jude Henderson.I never advertised my Yahoo! account. It was used only for business and family, and maybe a few close friends. The only way any of the bullies could have found out about it would be through Jude.

Not only that, but an account was started on a site called Wattpad in the name of Zemy96. The bullies claimed this to be me under a sock. This was looked into and .... the findings? ... I was told the account was started by someone, and accessed a few times from ....  drum-roll please .... San Diego, California and Mexico.

DUM-DUM-DUM-DUM .... The plot thickens.

Now, who do we know that's from Mexico, and visits her brother in San Diego? That's right, Jude Henderson. I think the picture is coming in clear here. We already know she stalked me on my shared blog back before I was attacked by her bully friends, which she sent after spreading an email around that I may have or may not have even written. I think sociopath fits her well.  

So now you can see why I have vowed to make sure that everyone knows who it was who started this bully/hate campaign against me from the start, and sent the bullies to attack me. And why I say that Jude Henderson was the one who has been stalking me, and not the other way around.

When my police friend told me this, I just wanted to bust out of my skin in jubilation. For myself, my questions were answered as to who these mysterious people were. And now I know! 

Fortunately for Jude, she hadn't said anything in those emails that were of criminal intent, however, it does demonstrate that she was still stalking me through a fictitious name, keeping contact with me. The police do not intend to press stalking or harassment charges against her. While it is a somewhat provable case, it still remains a little weak at  the same time. You see, because she wasn't actually threatening me or anything, law enforcement kind of doesn't want to pursue the case for the expense of it all. Plus, it is difficult to prove that she was the one who sent it. All the information tells us is that the emails originated from her address / computer. In legal terms, can we really prove she sent them or did she loan out her computer to a friend? They said they would rather just make contact with her and ensure she doesn't send me anymore unwanted emails. I supported the idea and decided to let them deal with it as they see fit. However, it is somewhat disturbing of her to send me emails posing as someone else. Very disturbing indeed. And as luck would have it, the emails have indeed stopped. So kudos to law enforcement.

In fact, all suspicious emails from suspicious persons have ceased. Now, I just get the random emails from real folks who simply want to wish their best for me in my efforts to battling the Goodreads bullies and the random questions that still come through a few times a week. As for the Angela emails that used to come to me about once a week to three times a week? They come no more.

Like I stated earlier, you can take from this what you wish. I don't care. I already know the truth now and I'm just glad that the suspicious stalking emails have ended. My inboxes have been a lot cleaner for it. And my sanity has returned as well. LOL

Now, to the real meat and potato's of the situation. I also had the emails looked into from the two hate blogs in my honor. I was told one of them was created by someone in Canada. (Could this be the same person from Canada who also uses the GenXpose email account?) ... I'm not sure yet, but law enforcement knows and turned that over to my lawyer.

As for the other hate blog? .... That email was created by someone in ...... drum roll again please ..... MEXICO! And also accessed by someone in ...... San Diego! ...... Or so I was told by law enforcement.

For myself, the mystery is solved. All personal details of the people behind these emails are being kept from me at this time. They have been released to my lawyer for future considerations. My lawyer will only release the information to me when I decide to file any charges. (Notice I said "when" and not "if".) I am waiting for something specific right now. Once another situation occurs, then I will make my move shortly there-after. And what is this other situation that I am waiting for to occur? .... I'm not at liberty to say just now, but rest assured, things are happening behind the scenes. All things in time. This is a complex situation. There are many players involved here. Not everything has been revealed yet. Not all of the wrinkles have been ironed out. But it's getting there.

I was directed to an investigator who specializes in tracking down real identities off the internet. No, I am not planning on posting personal information about people, I just want to know real identities of certain individuals so that I can unmask them here on The Looking Glass. I'm not going to say if I have even hired this investigator or not. I'm just saying that I have been directed to him and could, at any time, give him a name off the internet and he can find out who they really are. And while I am against doc dropping, I have gone on record saying that revealing true identities is something I haven't a problem with. Who knows, in the future, we might all get to find out who "Mrs. Joseph" really is. Or "Belle". Or "Ade" .... or ................... ???????????????????????

I'm Carroll Bryant .... and this is The Looking Glass.

Things We Learned Today:

* Carroll was stalked and harassed long after being attacked on Goodreads

* Law enforcement discovered where those suspicious emails were originating from

* Amanda Welling was Angela Landry

* Jude Henderson and her bully friends created the hate blogs in my honor

* Carroll is now at peace with his inboxes

* Carroll now knows who is at least behind one of the hate blogs in his honor

* Who is this Canadian? (My lawyer knows but won't reveal it yet until I green light the lawsuits)

* Timing is everything

* Carroll has irons in the fire


  1. what the shit? you fuckin dick! what the hells your problem? get over it! your such a lying tool i hate you you bitch! get a fuckin life! your such a fuckin whiner god

    1. You kiss your mother with that mouth?

    2. :lol: he or she sounds like a toddler throwing a temper tantrum. "Shit fuck dick hell tool hate bitch fuckin life fuckin whiner god."

      MMM kay.

    3. For some people, this world will never be right.

      Mr. Mackey is awesome.

  2. Golly! We have two more out. Two more out.

    1. More info could be on the way. Emails have been, are, or will be looked into to as well ........

      This is what happens when people leave death threats on my blog.

  3. Your favorite person (snort!) is now on Booklikes. When I created my account it automatically followed her and I had to unfollow very quickly!


    The person in Canada is probably Genx. Or is that Amanda. Does she live in Canada? I'm so confused.

    1. We are all confused when ti comes to psychopathic Amanda. I read her BL post thingy and ..... that girl is effing crazy! Talking like she didn't want to be part of the drama when she effing started it all by stalking me like a crazy bitch. LOL Her and her husband!

      I think it's time for another post - calling out her lies - you know, since people put themselves and their word out there for public scrutiny. Haha

  4. Great expose' Carroll, I would suggest you print my blog on the Federal Laws covering online stalking. It clearly states it's a federal crime to harass using an alias. Maybe if you show it to your friend in law enforcement he may change his mind about prosecution. He may not be aware of the statutes that make this a crime punishable with up to 5 years in prison and fines.

  5. Yeah, but Amanda and her husband are small fries. They're just a couple of crazy people caught up in their own crazy hate. The real target is a Mexican National. There is protocol involved.

    They're looking into their emails now and reading them to see if there is anything else going on. Depending on what they find, the situation remains open for possible charges. That's what I have been told. However, if there isn't anything big in the emails, they'll probably leave it as is. That's fine with me. The bogus emails have stopped and that was mostly the goal.

  6. Amanda Welling.. hmmm Is this the one?


    1. Do you know how many Angela Landry's there are on FB?

      And NO, that isn't the Angela Landry who was emailing me. The Angela Landry who was emailing me isn't real. She was Amanda pretending to be 15 years old. Didn't you even read the article?


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