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The Attack on Judyann McCole

Today I want to focus on an attack that relatively flew under the radar. However, has since been covered by STGRB and now, here on The Looking Glass.

This is an attack against a young author named Judyann McCole. And while her attack was initially overlooked, the attack itself is typical Goodreads bullies standard M.O.

By that I mean, we already have heard the whines by these bullies that "it's all about authors who complain over bad reviews". Of course, they never present anything in the form of evidence to back their whines up, but instead, more evidence keeps showing up that proves this is not the case. This attack is no different. Judyann never complained about a review, good or bad. Instead, the Goodreads bullies accused her of "sock-puppetry". Something STGRB has proven that this is what the bullies practice constantly. Just a couple of examples I'm going to throw out is Janis Hinkle, who socks under the name of Anna Karenina and Mahala. Then there is Angela Horn who also doubles under many different socks which has been exposed but currently using "ETA:Soon" as her primary sock puppet cover.

And yes, Judyann was accused of the very thing that these bullies practice, and without evidence to support these bullies claim. You see, in the world of Goodreads "Bully Nation", evidence is something they feel they don't need. They simply expect everyone to just take their word for it.

Now, I could sit here all day and tell you the details of what happened to Judyann, but I think it would be better if we heard from her own words. But before we get into that, I want to share with you a comment made by another bully from Goodreads, John Green.

This comment of his says a mouthful. Despite the fact that that mouth is full of horse-shit. Still, he says: "GR is a READER networking site." - Did you hear that authors? Goodreads is for readers so maybe you might want to think about reconsidering your membership and refrain from giving Goodreads any of your advertising dollars. We'll let the "readers" send their money to Goodreads.

He says this despite efforts by Otis Chandler and Patrick Brown to recruit for new authors to join Goodreads. But maybe John is right. Maybe it is a book-site for readers. That would explain why so many authors get attacked. Because authors aren't welcome by John Green and the rest of Bully Nation on Goodreads, and because authors aren't readers too. Authors can't be readers, they're writers.

Then he mentions that Goodreads is a place where readers can discuss books. And it's true! There are many readers who do discuss books, but as we have also seen, it is a place where bullies discuss authors. Somehow, John Green fails to mention this.

He then sums it up by saying: "That's what the ratings and shelves are for, even if the book aint out yet, to gauge people's interest in it. How that's so difficult to understand, I've no idea."

Well, he certainly ended it correctly, didn't he? he admits he doesn't understand and from what we all have seen, that's a given! he doesn't have the mental capacity to understand how people could be offended by book shelves like the following. (These were left on Judyann's book.)

Really John? These are helpful book shelves for others to gauge a book? Or, and I'm just throwing this out there, are they book shelves that are meant to demean, dehumanize and humiliate the author? You know what John, I'm going to let my readers decide that one, by your own confession, you simply have "no idea".

Now, back to the reason why these book shelves were created in the first place. A reason that John Green refuses to acknowledge because, in his words, he hasn't any idea. And the reason these book shelves were created was so the Goodreads bullies could humiliate, demean and dehumanize Judyann McCole.

Judyann took to her blog after she was attacked to explain why she was attacked and how it all happened. Read this next screenshot to get a better picture.

Judyann's writing led her into the waiting web of one, Stephanie Sinclair, who started a rumor that was essentially, a lie. It was a lie because Stephanie Sinclair could never back up her false claims, nor has she ever provided any evidence to support her claim to this day. And what was that claim? What was that lie in which Steph Sinclair started? She wrote an article accusing Judyann of "tricking" her into reading her book by using a sock puppet.

So you see, this attack had nothing at all to do with Judyann complaining about a bad review as all of these Goodreads bullies, like John Green, claim. Instead, this attacked was initiated by one bully, Stephanie Sinclair, taking it upon herself to accuse Judyann of having a sock puppet.

Let me say that again, but only louder.


Keeping in mind also that Stephanie Sinclair didn't present any actual proof. And yes, this is the same Steph Sinclair who runs the bully hate blog "CuddleBuggery" that disguises itself as a book blog. All Steph did was post some comments by this "Melody" - of which Steph Sinclair accuses Judyann to be. The comments posted by Steph of Melody don't reveal anything, much less, that Judyann and Melody are the same person. 

But this is how Judyann came to being attacked. And from what I can gather by going through all the posts, is that Steph became friends with "Melody", and apparently, had a falling out, and just because Melody liked Judyann and or her books, Steph Sinclair assumed that Judyann was Melody, which led her to falsely attack Judyann. 

That's how I took it anyway after my investigation on the matter.

And as always, after Steph Sinclair decided to play "judge, jury and executioner" of Judyann, it wasn't long before the rest of Goodreads Bully Nation came a calling on Judyann's books. Take a look. 

That second one was from "Archer". You remember him, right? He was the one who threatened to "kill" me on Goodreads the first day of my attack back in July of 2012. And he was the one who attacked a 14 year old girl on twitter, which STGRB covered and showed the actual tweet that Archer sent the child. Yeah, he's all bad-ass and everything, picking on underage girls and making death threats over the internet. No wonder he and John would hang in the same circle. 

But you can clearly see that when Steph claims that Judyann's book is a "Harry Potter" rip off, the others join in and say the same thing. What are these people? The "Stepford" wives of Bully Nation?

And the only reason Steph makes this claim is because she took it upon herself to accuse Judyann of something that she (Steph Sinclair) could not prove. Here is another screenshot of a review by "Debby", who also follows the heard. 

You see, Judyann never complained about a review, Judyann simply got involved (unknowingly at the time) with the wrong people. She had no idea that the people she was talking to were part of the Goodreads Bully Nation crowd, and that they were merely looking for a reason to take her down, just like they did to Lauren Howard/Pippa and so many others. 

Now take a look at what really happened.

You can read all about it here. 

So you see, when the bullies of Goodreads claim that they are merely defending themselves from authors who complain about bad reviews, you now know better than to believe it. This is just another post full of evidence showing that they are lying. These attacks have nothing to do with authors complaining about bad reviews, it's about bad people going out of their way to demean, dehumanize and humiliate authors that they take it upon themselves as claiming to be "badly behaving". 

Nothing more and nothing less.

They are self appointed "judges, juries and executioners" of authors.

I'm Carroll Bryant ..... and this is The Looking Glass.

Things We Learned Today:

* These attacks on authors have nothing to do with reviews

* The bullies still do not present any evidence to support their claims

* Any author can become the victim of these bullies

* Cuddlebuggery is a hate / bully blog disguised as a book blog

* Steph Sinclair is a lying bully

* Archer bullies 14 year old girls (He's a tough guy)

* Acher makes threats over the internet (He's a tough guy)

* John Green has no idea

* John Green and Archer would make great life-partners


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