Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Janis Hinkle: Teacher: Daly City, California

Janis Hinkle is a 2nd grade teacher in the Daly City, California area. Her online persona is that of Anna Karenina. You may have heard her named mentioned here on The Looking Glass a time or two. Janis Hinkle, while posing as Anna Karenina, has stalked, harassed and bullied many people. Mostly authors. Her criminal online behavior has been documented well on STGRB. It will be to those articles posted by STGRB that I will link to if you wish to learn more about her online activities.

She also goes under the sock of "Mahala" and is behind the blog .38 Caliber.

Cyber bullying, stalking and harassment needs to stop! We will take it one bully at a time. If it's really all about the 'reviews" as these monsters claim, then they wouldn't be doing the things they are doing. They wouldn't be stalking, bullying, harassing or libeling people. Mostly authors. So please take the time to read the articles I link to, and remember, this is a 2nd grade teacher we are talking about here. A teacher who would rather get online at school, when she should be teaching her class, and make every attempt to humiliate people as often as she can. What kind of role model is that for young children? Young impressionable minds? You make the call.

Janis Hinkle / Anna Karenina, you have the spotlight. Enjoy it.

Janis Hinkle / Anna Karenina was even mentioned in this article about Pete Morin. Remember him? We talked about the differences between "bad" reviews and "fake bully" reviews in my post "Pete Morin: Moans And Groans". Well, now I see where most of his five star reviews come from. Check it out. 

And finally.

 I'm Carroll Bryant .... and this is The Looking Glass.

Things We Learned Today:

* Bully Anna Karenina is really Janis Hinkle

* Janis Hinkle is a 2nd grade school teacher

* Her criminal cyber activities of bullying, stalking and harassment needs to stop

 * With all those links, Janis gets around


  1. She's got to be a special kind of crazy, stupid, lonely, and messed up woman to be crawling around the Internet with a dozen IDs for years and years with nothing achieved or gained for oneself but typed messages all over the Internet.

    1. Pride comes in many different shapes and sizes. Imagine what her students might think when they grow up and start using the internet and then stumble onto these posts.

  2. They might already know. Kids are very tech savvy these days. We should be taking this information to their parents for the sake of those kids. There's a twisted, crazy monster psycho in sheep's clothing prowling around our kids. We need them to grow up to be a healthy and normal adults using their time to gain something useful for themselves and their families.

    She sounds like a geeky psycho. This trolling hours and years of their life in front of the computer is the geeks' equivalent of a slob and drunk couch potato lying in front of the TV all day long.

    - T R Mason

  3. I think its funny how everybody thinks Janis is a young woman. Her birthday is June 16 1949. Shes a sad old lady who loves alone and stalks people on the internet.


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