Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Leafmarks: Emily May and Jacquie Mak Sakata

In my previous post, "Angela Horn: The Horn Identity" I showed you all a screenshot of Angela Horn saying that making book shelves that attack authors is equivalent to using the "R" word. I find this funny because she and the rest of her hate pals in GR / BL Bully Nation have been attacking authors through nasty book shelves for years. I want you to keep that in mind for this post.

A new book site has appeared on the horizon, and boy let me tell you, are we all in for a treat. The site is called, "Leafmarks", and it was started by Emily May and Jacquie Mak Sakata. There is an interesting story behind these two, but before we get into that, let's take a look at their new online book site. But first, let's meet the owners.

We'll be getting to know these girls a little better in the post, so stay tuned. 

First I want to cover joining the site. I have to start with this because there is a little something you should know. When I joined, I quickly discovered that there was no "delete my account" button, or option. I couldn't find it anywhere. So before you go rushing to join, I thought you might like to know that little tidbit. You can create an account, but you can't delete it later. Maybe this is something they will address down the road, but for now, once you join, the only way your account can be deleted is when they do it for you. You don't get that option as of yet.

Not starting out good at all here, are we? But hang on, there's something else you need to know.

Security. To be blunt, there is none. This website has more security issues than the ObamaCare website. Let's forget for a moment about the "sign in" using Facebook or other social sites you may be a part of, that alone for any website is a security risk within itself. If someone can hack into your personal account, they could have access to all of it if you practice signing into sites using other social media accounts, and your email. Let alone, a website that offers absolutely no security measures for their members, like "Leafmarks".

I know this to be true because they go into this whole song and dance on their "Terms of Use" page where they stress how they (Leafmarks) are not responsible for security breaches on your account. I ran this by my attorney and he basically laughed at it. All websites are responsible for "security" breaches, just as "Target" is being held accountable for their security breach by way of a class action lawsuit being filed against them. These two ladies might want to hire a lawyer for their website. I know they haven't any legal counsel because, according to my attorney, who looked over their "Terms of Use" section, it appears they grabbed stuff off of the internet and pasted it onto their ToU. The truth is, I don't think it would take anyone, who knew what they were doing, any time at all to hack into their site with relative ease. If security issues don't bother you, then have at it. This is a site for you.

The fact that they stress how it is against their policy for members to "hack" into other members accounts, and or into the website itself, and how it is forbidden to infect their site with a virus, spyware and or malware (which is common knowledge that these practices are within itself, illegal) demonstrates clearly their lack of security for the website, and its members. Not to mention, highlights their concern of this very thing happening.

They try to suggest that they are not responsible for what their members do, say or post, yet, in reality, they are fully responsible. If this website is created in the United States, these two girls are forgetting they have more than just local, state and federal laws to abide by, but then there is the FCC, FTA, FTC, and others. I don't think it would take much to hire a lawyer for three hundred dollars to send them a letter that would cause them to have to shut down should things get too radical on that site. (There's a reason why I say this, keep reading.)

According to my attorney, no lawyer would word their "Terms of Use" in the manner that it is written.

So let's look beyond the fact that you can't delete your account after you join, and the security issues for a moment, and let's look at something more simple, like the lack of "professionalism" from the owners themselves. We'll start with why these two girls started this site, and take a look at their "Mission Statement". 

They start out by saying: "Leafmarks came about because we love books. We really love books. And we want to share that with others." - To this I say, really? Then why do the members they already have list so many books 1 star? And have such nasty, insulting, and hateful bookshelves attacking books and authors? Even the owners practice this behavior. (We'll touch more on that later.)

They go on to say: "So our mission is to bring together like-minded literature lovers from all over the world." - Bring together "like-minded"? That's scary. But read on. "We find that words in the form of a story, a book review, or any form of expression can be entertaining, poignant, and insightful."

They actually believe this shit. They honestly believe that by singling out authors, and calling them vile names is entertaining? Poignant? And insightful? Yes! They do honestly believe this. (You'll be seeing evidence of this later in the post.) 

"Beyond connecting those in the reading community, Leafmarks likes to "up the ante" and take it a step further. Because Leafmarks is a place where you can not only keep track of what you're read, rate and review books, and organize your books in shelves, but also express yourself openly and creatively. It is a space in which freedom of speech and expression will always be upheld."

Yeah, but unfortunately, that free speech they are talking about is "hate" speech. It's kind of like the Ku Klux Klan and Black Panther Party, they have freedom of speech too, and they use it, however, they use it to spread hate. (Which is why their membership is so low, so shall it be with "Leafmarks" too.) Read on. 

"Only when this is achieved do we feel that discussion and interaction become meaningful. Leafmarks will strive to make sure that this site will always remain TRUE and HONEST."

I will be showing you how "true and "honest" this website already is in their first few weeks of operation, so keep reading. 

Their "mission" statement: "Unfiltered reviews. Unbridled creative freedom. Friends and a community you can trust." - Again, I will be showing you this "trust" they are talking about. 

Now, as I stated earlier, we will get to know these two ladies. I will start off with Jacquie Mak Sakata. I don't have anything on her. I don't know if she has attacked authors or not, or maybe if she has, she does so under a sock puppet, I simply don't know. But rest assured, now that her name is associated with Emily May (who is known to run in the bully crowd) maybe we will learn more about her in the future. 

As far as Emily May is concerned, she has been known to associate with the bullies. Most notably, Angela Horn. Here is a screenshot of her friends list on her website.

Do you recognize anyone? Especially the last one? 

And if that isn't enough to demonstrate what Leafmarks is really all about, let's take a look at Emily's "professionalism" and "Leafmarks" mission statement in action, shall we? (This next screenshot comes from one of my books, "Of The Light". Let's take a look at that free speech, trust and honesty now, shall we?)

Did you get a load of the shelving? Even the owner herself, Emily May, leads by example here. This is what I meant by their "free speech" being that of "hate speech". These bookshelves serve one purpose, and one purpose only, to demean, belittle, insult, and humiliate other human beings. Most notably, authors. Call me crazy, but I don't see how this sort of behavior is entertaining, poignant, or the least bit insightful. Can you? Maybe it's entertaining to them because being hateful towards others is very entertaining to bullies, this is why they do it. 

And as for the honesty? And trust? Well, Amanda Welling is just one of many of the bullies who did not read any of my books yet she, like many others, rate my books 1 star. How is that for honesty and trust? Fake reviews! Yeah, you know what I'm talking about. 

Also, here is more of their "honesty". On all of my books listed on this book hate site, they have wrongfully listed their publication dates. Take a look at one example.

They claim my book, "Children Of The Flower Power" was released on January 1st of 2011. I hadn't even sent it to my publisher on that date, much less, been published. And if they can't even get the published dates correct on books, then how "honest" and "trustworthy" can they be in regards of other information, and aspects of their site? I mean, really? They can't get something as simple as publishing dates correct? (All of my books are showing inaccurate publishing dates.)

One has to wonder. 

In this next screenshot, I want you to pay particular attention to what I have circled in red. 

Did you see it? Here, allow me to tell you. There is a part where they say: "Other sites out there often block users content and reviews, post fake reviews for the purposes of marketing, or mine your data in order to boost book sales." - Do these girls realize that "fake ratings" is just as bad as "fake reviews"? .... Evidently not. 

I do agree that they are against "boosting" book sales. Their interests lie in "killing" book sales, and indie authors careers. That is their agenda. The "Leafmarks" agenda that is. They also go on to say: "As we aim to be RESPECTFUL, we also expect you to use good judgement, to be considerate, to respect the community in your postings ...." - Do these screenshots of insulting bookshelves towards authors and fake reviews look "respectful" to you? .... Of course not. This is their hypocrisy in action. Say one thing, mean and do something opposite. This is the "Leafmarks" true agenda. These people will never understand the difference of an "opinion" to "libel". Maybe when they get summoned with a lawsuit, they will learn the difference. And seeing how they have no legal counsel behind them, that should be fairly easy to do, I'm sure. 

Here is another telling screenshot. 

When your "community" consists of bullies who would rather spend their time humiliating, and insulting other people instead of reading books, this becomes a frightening statement, don't you think?

So in conclusion, "Leafmarks" was created by bullies, for bullies. The freedom of speech they are talking about is "hate" speech, designed to attack authors. They are not a "professional" book site, they have major security issues concerning their members accounts, even their owners participate directly in insulting other human beings who happen to be authors. Their ratings system is a fraud, displaying complete lack of honesty, trust and integrity. You can't delete your account once you create it. They have no lawyer to guide them. 

So go ahead, join their book site. And when your account gets hacked, you can thank them for it. When you click on something on their site that is a computer virus and your computer crashes, you can thank them for it. 

Trust me, no serious reader or lover of books is going to join that site. Everyone knows that 99 percent of readers only care about books, not the authors who wrote them. Only one percent of readers are bullies, and in fact, not even readers to begin with. They're people who only want to go around and stalk, harass, insult, humiliate and attack authors they deem unfit or "badly behaving". Hell, one of the book shelves says that I have multiple sock puppets and that's why she doesn't like me. And yet, not one person has ever presented evidence that I have one sock puppet much less, multiple. They say I am a BBA (Badly Behaving Author) yet they have not one shred of evidence that I have ever attacked a reader or complained about a legitimate review. In fact, of all their claims against me, not one of them can they support with actual evidence. If they could prove it, they would claim the 1,000 dollars I am offering for any evidence they have against me. None of them have claimed the money yet because none of them have any proof.  That's telling within itself. 

But anyone can claim that money. Anyone who finds the evidence and shows it to me can claim that money. The offer isn't just for the bullies, it's for everyone. If you can find any evidence that supports any of the bullies claims against me for anything, grab a screenshot of it, send it to me, and collect your reward. 

Meanwhile, join "Leafmarks" at your own risk. It won't take a serious reader long to discover that once they joined, and took a look around, it's nothing but a bully site. A place where you can go and hate on people in peace. Serious book lovers don't want that. This is why serious book lovers are celebrating the changes over at GR. Serious book lovers and readers, they only care about the books. They might love a book from an author and maybe not like that authors next book. Over at "Leafmarks", you will notice that when they hate a book of an author, they hate ALL books of that author and they hate that author in the process. That is not a serious "lover of books" book site, it is a bully site disguising themselves as a book lovers / readers website. The bullies make themselves all too obvious. 

I don't think it will be long before "Leafmarks" is contacted by an authors lawyer. Or before they get hacked, or their members accounts get hacked. Don't come crying to me when it happens to you. I warned you. I wouldn't be too surprised if the feds shut them down for any API violations. I mean, these girls who own the site don't have legal backup to protect them. They're probably running this site from their parents basement. Regardless, one thing is for certain, and it has been proven here today, that "Leafmarks" is all about the free hate speech and bullying. 

Have fun with that. 

 I'm Carroll Bryant .... and this is The Looking Glass.


  1. How long do you think it would take these fucktards to ban me if I exercised my free speech and spoke my mind on their site? Maybe I'll just have to test it and prove them liars.

    1. They will ban you. They are liars. The fact that they rate books they don't even read is what makes them liars.

  2. I found this blog after researching some authors on GR and getting interested in where writers come from. As a writer myself, I found this particular post somewhat disappointing. There seems to be a theme of attacking professionism, yet as a writer, you must be able to appreciate both the cynics and the avid fans. No writer goes without a swarm of negative reviews. I don't see it as spreading hate, but rather sharing your likes and dislikes of a writers work. I take my reviews and learn from them, often revisiting the areas criticized and formulating ways to improve on that in my next work. I think how you are attacking reviewers also shows a lack of professionalism and respect for the industry in which you are part of. Actors get an extreme amount of harsh reviews, yet you don't see them being openly bitter and attacking the reviewers - it is part and parcel of industry.

    I cannot speak to the sites security, but reading the profile of one of the authors, it is evident she has a tech background (you can look her up on linkedin and it seems she is a software architect) so I doubt their site contains any of the security breaches of which you speak. It is hard to believe that anyone with that kind of background would leave the site open to hacking.

    After reading this post, I checked out the site - it is true that there is no delete account button - not sure what the deal is about that, but perhaps it is in a beta phase and the functionality hasn't been built in. I also read the TOS. While many of these appear standard, as a person who frequently reviews contracts, I can state that the legal jargon is properly used and much of it is disclaimers that is necessary when owning any kind of website. Any lawyer cannot advise outside of their realm, they need to understand internet laws and usage laws before trying to declare it invalid or libelous.

    I just say be careful of what you claim, as this too can be construed as libelous. You are making all sorts of claim without any facts. I myself have no facts, or I would be glad to defend either side that was in the right. To someone like myself, who stumbled across this, it sounds like someone who is unhappy with what reviewers have commented on his work, and not a reliable source of information (" I mean, these girls who own the site don't have legal backup to protect them. They're probably running this site from their parents basement. Regardless, one thing is for certain, and it has been proven here today, that "Leafmarks" is all about the free hate speech and bullying").

    1. First of all, I appreciate honest negative reviews / ratings, when an honest reader buys my book and reads it. The owners of this site rate my books one star and yet, they never read any of my books. That is not "them" expressing their like or dislike of my books, (You can't like or dislike what you haven't read) it is them expressing dislike towards me, and they are trying to "punish" me through fake ratings of my books with intent to try and hurt my book sales. Their book shelves are designed to try and humiliate me (and other authors) in the process, as well as libel.

      Secondly, comparing indie authors (or authors in general) to "actors" is like comparing apples to oranges.

      Third, this post is me "reviewing" their website, which is a product, just like my books. Unlike them, and all of the bullies, I at least "tried" their product out. If they have a problem with my "review" of their website, perhaps they should grow thicker skin. I am exercising my "free speech". Perhaps they should be more "professional" and understand that their website is not their "baby" and not everyone is going to like it. Just like them, I have every right to express my "opinion" of their product. And when their product includes people who falsely rate books because they never read them, then I am entitled to assume they practice this behavior due to hate. For them to complain about my "review" of their site would make them unprofessional, and BBWO. (Badly Behaving Website Owners)

      As for their site security, has plenty of people working on that site who have a tech background, yet it has been hacked several times already since its inception. Having a tech background does not automatically assure that there won't be security issues.

      As for lawyers advising outside of their realm, how do you know that my lawyer was speaking / advising outside of his/her realm? Do you know my lawyer? Do you know my lawyers area of expertise? Do you even know the name of my lawyer?

      I am not unhappy about reviewers commenting on my work. I am unhappy that bullies, who never even read my work, are commenting falsely on my work. To be a reviewer of my work (or anyone's work), you first have to be a reader of my work (or anyone's work). I am also "unhappy" for the hateful and derogatory book shelves the bullies create to place people's work under, which are only designed for one purpose and that purpose is to humiliate those authors and hurt their book sales. Real readers do not create book shelves that are intended to humiliate people.

      I also do not have to be careful of what I claim. At least unlike the owners and many of their members, I do not claim to dislike something I never even tried. Like I said earlier, at least I "tried" their website. If they have a problem with my "review" of their website, and my claims, they can get their "lawyer" on me. I would love for that to happen.

      Nice try "anon", but I have a feeling you are one of the owners. Or their friend.

    2. How do you know they have never read your books? Maybe they have and just didn't like it.

    3. Because they have gone on record to say they never will read my books, or they have book shelves that say they never will read my books, or they say in their reviews, and comments of reviews that they never read my books but still give them a one star, plus they have said plenty of times that they won't buy my books in so as not to give me any of their money. I have plenty of screenshots on this blog of them saying these things. And let's face it, if they have read my books, the bullies would post long and thorough reviews covering the entire book and they would rip it to shreds, and not just one star them. Instead, what few reviews you read of my books by the bullies, only covers the first free chapter offered by Amazon.

      This is how I know.

      But don't take my word for it, go ahead and ask anyone of them what any of my books are about - in detail - then buy it and read it, then you will see the truth Grasshopper.

  3. Replies
    1. I agree, Loiza. The bullying does need to stop. And when that happens, I'll be happy to stop writing about it.

  4. Grow the hell up and stop whining. No one gives a shit that no one wants to read your books. Stop having hussy fits.

    1. Grow the hell up and stop whining. No one gives a shit that no one wants to read your comments. Stop having hussy fits on my blog.

      Although .... where I come from, it's called "hissy" fits. And the truth is, the bullies are having the fits, I'm just posting about it.

    2. Isn't it ironic that they demand you to grow up carroll when what they are doing is much more childish?

    3. I think Carroll's books sell just fine. I bought one of them over the holidays and it was pretty good.

    4. The "bullies" aren't having any fits, you are... They're just refusing to read your "work" because you obviously have such a charming, warm and glowing personality. Grow up. All you're doing is making even more people (including myself) never want to pick up anything you write.

    5. The bullies are throwing plenty of fits. Their book shelves demonstrates that. When you rate a book one star without having ever read the book, you're throwing a fit. And they are refusing to read my books because of Jude Henderson. I never had a problem with anyone anywhere until Jude sent her friends to attack me that day on Goodreads. Then they sent their friends, and so on and so on. I never once complained about a bad review because before that day of my attack, I never had a bad review to really complain about. But I don't complain about bad reviews, only fake ones. (And fake one stars)

      As far as you picking up anything I write, please don't. If you are a bully or a bully sympathizer, (which apparently you are) then I don't want you picking up anything I write. I write for real and honest readers, not pretend readers like you and your bully friends. I don't want your blood money. I have morals.

      And I'll "grow up" when you and your bully friends "grow up" and stop carpet bombing books you never read, writing fake reviews, creating hate book shelves, wishing people dead, attacking authors by ganging up on them because you and your friends are the "author behavior police", and when you "grow up" and stop coming to my blog (my personal space) and acting like an idiot. Then and only then will I "grow up", brave "anon".

  5. If one of the owners has a tech background, then why no delete account button? Who creates a website where you can check in but you can't check out?

  6. I think it might be only fair to note that I only write as a hobby. My book sales are irrelevant to me because I do not count on book sales as part of any income or salary. I already do just fine. I didn't start writing and publishing to become "rich".

    Most of what I earn from my writing and blog ads goes to charity eventually, over the course of the year. So anyone buying or not buying my books affects me none financially. Nada. Zero.

    Other than writing books, and songs, I haven't worked for close to ten years. Of course, i don't consider writing work anyway. Plus, I just signed a huge deal to write a biography. I'll earn more from that project this year than all of my writing projects put together, times ten.

    So for anyone who thinks I am bitter because the bullies don't buy my books, or perceived non-book sales, is fooling themselves. Because I'm not bitter. I couldn't care less. I do it because I enjoy it. But that still doesn't mean I will look the other way when it comes to cyber bullying, attacking of authors, carpet bombing, fake reviews and ratings, derogatory book shelves, etc.

    Combating cyber bullying is my cause. I'm very passionate about it. Otherwise, I wouldn't do it. And yes, the primary reason I took this up as my cause is because I can relate to those authors out there who have been bullied, libeled, and attacked because I was also.

  7. I think you just have to deal with the fact that 'haters gonna hate'. Besides, bad publicity is still publicity. Look what happened with 'Twilight' and '50 Shades of Grey', the books are crappy as hell, there's no sense on the writing and still they are off the roof with ratings and sellings. So I really think that letting haters give you fame, doesn't matter what kind, it can't hurt that much.
    I do art for living, I know how badly haters grind my gears. And I learned, after many years, that letting the fire get bigger by throwing paper at it only speaks badly of myslef. Just saying.

    1. I know haters are going to hate, and that's fine with me. I don't care about haters. I only care about bullies. When people accuse you of being a pedophile, and other lies, then you have to set the record straight. Defending ones self from libelous accusations is not "throwing paper to the fire". There is a big difference between haters and bullies. Haters will just hate, but bullies bully, spread lies, and attack in gangs online. I'm clearly not the only one they attack either. So yes, there is a difference between the two. The people I am dealing with are not just simply "haters", they are cyber bullies.

      But you are right about one thing, the only reason I have any recognition is because of the bullies. I don't think I could have acquired this if it weren't for the bullies because when they attacked me on GR, they sent me viral. And because they wouldn't let up for six months after the attack, is when I started this blog. To defend their lies about me.

      But again, haters are haters, but bullies bully, harass and stalk. Big difference. But if defending myself (and defending others) against their bully lies is speaking badly of myself, then so be it. How anyone could hold it against someone for defending themselves is beyond my commonsense ability.

  8. Carroll is right, he wasn't attacked for anything he had done, he was attacked because of his relationship with Jude. In one of his posts in the Gen X series he shows a screenshot of the bullies saying this. I can't remember which one it was but I do remember seeing that screenshot.

    1. You are correct. The bullies did say that, and I do have a screenshot of it in one of the "GenX says" posts. I can't remember which one it is either, but it is there. So commonsense would say that if they are only attacking me because of their friend Jude, then obviously it has nothing to do with me or my books.

      Thanks for that reminder. I completely forgotten about that.

  9. First, I would like to say that you probably never thought you'd hear from this post again. But that's not how I'm going to introduce myself.

    Hi! I'm Sam. And I was around when the idea of Leafmarks came up. I was a bright-eyed, bushy tailed... oh wait, no. I struggled in school, hated a third of my friends, and was beginning to get acne. In other words, I was 10. The most I focused on, was the name. I didn't really get the name "Leafmarks". I liked a different name that I don't remember because it didn't matter in the end. Leafmarks appeared on the internet a little less than 2 years later. By then, I was 11 (the original idea came up late in the year; my birthday is currently in 3 days).

    I was outraged when I read this. I wanted to reply to this so badly. Say something that would drown you in the facts that you blatantly ignored/ didn't know. I wanted to say that you weren't only putting hate onto Jacquie and Emily. You were insulting other people too, other people that helped create the site, or, at the very least, supported it.

    I'm clearer of mind now. It's only been a year, but a lot has changed. And I could say the same for Leafmarks. First of all, as you drift off in "I don't give two flying pigs land", I'd like you to go in and back into the "About Us" of Leafmarks. When reading it, compare it to your screen shot of it in the previous year's.

    Now, maybe (just maybe) I sparked your curiosity. If not, then don't reply. That's fine. If I did, keep reading. I've, in all honesty, never really cared about Leafmarks. I never really did. People could review all they wanted; I never once read those when getting a book. Honestly, though, there were times where I wish I did. But that doesn't really matter. What I did care about, was who it was directed to; one of my idols. I'm not even going to go into detail anymore. I'm just going to say, from a personal, mayhap biased stance, this didn't have much truth in it. But, like I said, I don't have much information on reviewers. Jacquie never did much reviewing.

    I suppose I should also say that I've met Emily on a personal level too. And (what a shock), nothing like you had explained.

    Now, maybe you haven't noticed, but I've created a puzzle: who am I? Why did I comment on this a year later? And why was changed the About Us profile relevant to the situation?

    I know it's stupid. I know that I'm spinning unnecessary, cliché, and melodramatic webs. And you just ignore this is that's the case; why should you care? But if you do care, and you figure it out, I'd like you to know something: I'm 13 years old. Not even. I'm in 7th grade and I just barely have a 3.5 GPA. I'm really, really hurting at the moment, which, I will admit, is one of the reasons why I came back to this.

    Please, please, please, don't go adding on more thing to topple me over.

    1. You are much too young to be involved in this situation. You should be out living life, not spending your youth on the internet.

      Emily and Jackie are internet bullies. Or at least they were at one time. They bullied me. Tried to anyway. And or they are bully supporters.

      I care not about their book site. Been there, done that, don't wanna do that again. If these girls are your idols, then I'll have my religious friends say a prayer for you.

      Hang in there kiddo, life will always have something there to try and topple you over. Hang tough. Before you know it, you're 23 and going crazy trying to put together the best wedding ever. It never stops. Life always has the last word.

      Best of luck to you.


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