Sunday, January 26, 2014

Is STGRB Out Of Control?

I keep saying that I am out of the fight, and for the most part, I am. But I can't help but wonder what the hell is going on in the mind of Athena Parker over at STGRB.

I thought the purpose of STGRB was to fight against the Goodreads / Amazon bullies and trolls? If so, how does attacking Ruck Carufel and myself fighting the bullies and trolls? We are not the ones on Goodreads and Amazon Forum Boards carpet bombing, writing fake and attack reviews. We are not members of the Bully Nation. So why are they seemingly focused on me and Rick?

This recent screenshot has gotten me concerned.

This vicious attack showing up on STGRB is no different than what Miranda Koryluk did to Rick Carufel on her Twitter account. (Which I covered here on The Glass.) How could someone, who professes professionalism, as Athena Parker does, allow this kind of thing to show up on STGRB? What is the point if the point is to go after and report on the activities of the bullies / trolls?

It is a question you will need to ask yourself and perhaps Athena Parker. 

This is also the kind of thing that shouldn't be going on. Especially on STGRB. Could it be that STGRB is now picking and choosing for themselves who the bullies and trolls are? Just because they don't like me anymore, or Rick Carufel? 

Even to this day, I would not allow anyone to come on here and make such comments against STGRB despite mine and Athena's "falling out". (Unless they were to do so using their online identity.) Even then, there is a limit of what I would allow. 

I think we all should turn to Rick Carufel and his plea of assistance that he left on his Facebook page, and try and do something to get STGRB to slow their roll, and refocus on the task at hand where the bullies and trolls are concerned. You know, the ones who are actually attacking authors. 

So in this next screenshot, I encourage you all to help support Rick Carufel stand up against this new apparent practice by STGRB and report them to their web host. Thanks. 


Why also, have they (STGRB) all of a sudden decided to jump on the Anne Rice bandwagon? Everyone knows that it was Mr. Carufel who first brought our attention to what Ms. Rice was doing on her Amazon thread(s). I also wrote a post regarding her involvement as well. Since then, STGRB has been riding Ms. Rice's coattails on the matter. Does this mean that they are now going to attempt to take credit for Anne Rice and her involvement to standing up to the bullies and trolls? And if so, will they crucify her too if they (STGRB / Athena Parker) and she (Anne Rice) have some kind of falling out in the future?

I guess we need only to stay tuned to find out. 

Meanwhile, wouldn't it be nice if STGRB could get back into the game of fighting bullies and trolls instead spending their time attacking victims of the bullies and trolls like Rick and I? I don't know about you, but I sure would like to see that. Then again, STGRB were the ones who declared some kind of victory over the bullies and trolls back around October / November of 2013, when obviously, there was no victory. The problem is still there over on Goodreads and has gotten worse on Booklikes and Leafmarks, or so, that's the information I have been receiving. It's obviously still happening on Amazon Forum Boards, otherwise, why would Anne Rice be getting involved, correct? 

I guess we could use that as food for thought. 

Come on STGRB, Athena, get it together! You're losing it. 

I'm Carroll Bryant .... and this is The Looking Glass


  1. I guess what I'm saying with this post is that we should all be fighting together against the bullies and trolls, not fighting with each other.

    Does that make sense?

    When STGRB condemns myself or Rick Carufel, who and what are they really trying to condemn? They (STGRB) condemn the bullies and trolls too, just like I do. But if they are trying to discredit me and my words, isn't that also discrediting their own words? And their words of the past? I have basically been saying the same things as they (STGRB) have about the bullies and trolls too. So has Rick Carufel.

    So now, when they condemn us, isn't that, more or less, them condemning themselves too? And all because of what? We had some sort of disagreement?


  2. Thanks Carroll. Although noble asking Athena/Melissa to stop attacking me is like asking a mad dog not to bite. The only way to stop her is to get the site taken down as the hate/revenge site it is. Contact Bluehost and demand action. I also encourage contacting Paypal about the donations button. Clearly, as illustrated by the attack on us, the funds are not being used to defend abused writers.

    1. Maybe you should leave a link where people can click on that will lead them to Bluehost where they can file a complaint? It might make it a little more easier for them. Just a suggestion.

  3. Contact Bluehost at


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