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The Lucy Flood Attack

Another author, another attack. Just another day in Bully Nation. I would have thought that the holidays would have kept these viral diseased infested haters busy enough, but then I remember how pathetic their lives are, and how lonely they are because they don't have any real life friends. Come to think about it, they don't even have a real life. 

Anyhow, their new target is author Lucy Flood. So you may be asking, why did the bullies go after her? Well, for the same reason they go after everyone else, because they can. And because Lucy asked a question. 

In my last post, "Christina Baker Kline: Orphan Train", I showed you how the bullies like to bait their targets. (STGRB has many examples of this on their site as well) But they (the bullies) have many different tactics to which to bait unsuspecting and new authors like Lucy Flood. You see, there are still many, many authors out there who live and write unaware of these people, which is why we all need to get the word out about them. Lucy had no idea who these bullies were until it was too late. 

While the bullies use multiple schemes to bait with, Lucy got baited by the "carpet bombing" tactic. A tactic that Lucy admits she herself never even knew about because she never even knew the phrase "carpet bombing" to begin with, or what it meant. But Lucy's story can be best told by Lucy herself through an email she sent to STGRB. (A website she discovered after she was attacked.)  

*** EDIT ***

I had posted an email from Lucy Flood to STGRB 

I was requested by Lucy to remove it

I have honored her request

In short, Lucy asked a question in regards to "carpet bombing" in an author feedback forum on GR

This is what led to her and her book being attacked

*** Edit Two ***

There are some who have suggested that I haven't owned up to my mistake in regards to posting Lucy Flood's email to STGRB. The fact is, I posted it without her consent. But in my defense, I didn't think I needed consent to try and help others where the issue of fighting the bullies is concerned. The gratitude I have received for trying to help has been non-existent. However, I do apologize publicly to Lucy Flood for using it without her consent. This is me owning it. Take a snapshot, it'll last longer. Now all of you (and you know who you are) can return to your support groups on Facebook, and continue with your whine, and licking your wounds, while waiting for others to fight your battles for you. Thank you. (Now the only question is, when will you people - and you know who you are - own up to the fact that you're too afraid to stand up for yourselves? My guess is, you never will.)

I sought to inspire but failed. Or maybe those I sought to inspire failed me?

Now back to the rest of this post.


The first thing that pops out is the fact that it's always the same people doing this kind of thing. Many familiar names. The second the thing is, they always seem to attack in a close time frame. usually a bulk of it comes the same day, but then for the next week to ten days, the others pop in to carpet bomb the authors book. You will be able to verify this in the upcoming screenshots. The date in which the attack occurred is to the right in every screenshot. You can't miss it. 

Another common theme in these attacks is the fact that the bullies post fake ratings, having never even read the book. I think we also touched base on that in my "Christina Baker Kline" post. Many times, the book shelves created by the bullies tell the tale so you will also want to take a good look at that also in the upcoming screenshots. 

Lucy Flood has thus far published only one book. For the most part, the ratings and reviews she has received for it are overwhelmingly favorable and positive. That's the good news. But you also have to understand that there are several different ways that these hateful people, I call bullies, operate and bait their authors. In this case, "Deanna0975" used the old carpet bomb method. Deanna carpet bombed nearly a hundred books in one single day! just waiting for one of the authors to respond. When Lucy went to an authors forum to ask the question of why Deanna may have done this to her and so many other authors because it was something that confused her and she didn't understand what was going on, the bullies were waiting in that forum to pounce. This is their standard operation procedure. And as you can see, it worked. They got to pounce on poor Lucy Flood. 

This confirms my words that the bullies actually go out and bait authors with their bully tricks. It has nothing at all to do with their BS claims of "free speech". It also shows that these people do not read the books of the authors they attack. And I will continue to show you all this evidence for as long as these bullies continue to do what they do. 

It is my hope that Goodreads will come around a little more quicker in response to these vile people and get them off their site. It needs to be addressed and it needs to be stopped. The actions that GR has taken to this point continues to come up short in truly addressing the situation. They need to use their commonsense and see the harm they are doing to so many. 

Goodreads is still not a place I would ever recommend to any author joining. I will be stating this emphatically in my upcoming interviews this year on television and newspapers. This is also something that I intend to stress in my upcoming book, "Stalked" in 2014. Authors need to be made aware of the dangers of joining Goodreads and the Amazon Forum Boards. They also need to be made aware of The Looking Glass, and STGRB so they can learn about these bullies and how to best avoid them. I also need YOU to help me, STGRB, Jack Eason, Rick Carufel and everyone else who is involved with combating this epidemic on Goodreads. 

The following screenshots are from Lucy Flood's book, "Hidden". 

I will show you a shot of some of the good reviews by actual readers. 

There are many more legitimate reviews on her book, but now I will show you some of the bully carpet bombs and fake ratings / reviews. Again, notice the comments, book shelves, and the dates they attacked on the right hand side of the screenshots. 

To Linda Hilton I say, no you didn't Linda, you didn't try at all. You never read the book. You are a liar. Also notice the familiar name of "TinaNicole". Here are some more. 

In the last two screenshots, we see more familiar names, "Karma Bites" and "Shelby". You may remember "Shelby" from the Tucker Reed attack. "Shelby" is the one who picked the fight with Tucker and led the attack on her and her book(s). And now finally, the carpet bomb attack of "Deanna0975" in which baited poor Lucy Flood to respond and set this attack against her and her book into motion. 

I hope it's not asking too much for every good person who is reading this that are a member of Goodreads to contact GR and demand that they do something about this nonsense. Demand that ALL of these participants be banned from their website. They are easy to spot. The bullies do not blend in well at all. They do stand out, and Goodreads knows exactly who these people are. Your help in helping me and other authors who are fighting to end this nonsense is very much needed and appreciated. So please, don't keep standing on the sidelines quietly, help to take a stand against this kind of behavior, and demand that GR do their part to end it. Thank you.  

I'm Carroll Bryant .... and this is The Looking Glass.

Get involved to help stomp out cyber bullying. 

  And remember, these bullies don't just attack authors, they also will attack readers. They will also attack YOU! if given the opportunity. Don't give them that opportunity. Beat them to the punch. Get involved! 

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  1. When you mentioned Amazon Forums, Meet Our Authors, it reminded me of Janice Hinkle/Anna who was recently asked by the author Ann Rice why does she (Anna) keeps following her board to board with negative, mean remarks. Janice Hinkle displays behavior of a stalker. I will contact GRs.


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