Friday, September 20, 2013

Goodreads Pedo Alert: Karl Jones

It's a fine line between freedom of speech and libel. Take for instance - myself. There are a lot of Goodreads bullies who accused me of crimes I have never been convicted of. Crimes ranging from being a pedophile to rape. And just about everything in between. Freedom of speech is the right to express your opinion where as libel is accusing people of things that can't be proven or are just downright false. Now, have these bullies on Goodreads had evidence to support their claims, then we wouldn't be talking about freedom of speech or libel anymore, but rather, a simple fact. Which is where we begin with this post. I am not posting my opinion here, nor am I libeling, I'm just presenting the facts in regards to an author who resides on Goodreads. An author that just might scare the bejesus right out of you, and because of these facts, I ask the questions that need to be answered.

Remember back when I started The Looking Glass and I reported on the sexual role plays going on over at Goodreads? Remember how I showed adult men interacting with minors? Remember when I showed you a profile of a man in his 50's claiming that he keeps girls panties as trophies, right on his own profile? Remember how I feared that those sexual role plays could entice possible pedophiles? Well, meet Karl Jones, a Goodreads author.

And oh, by the way, a convicted pedophile in the UK.

You can read about it HERE

As you can see by the date listed, his legal troubles are very recent. he was found guilty of storing child pornography images on his computer. Kind of scary, isn't it? Well, there's more. I also took a peek at the groups he is a member of on Goodreads. Perhaps we can take a look at that. 

If you noticed, he has a couple of BDSM groups listed. One of them is "Erotic Enchantments". Interesting.  

Their group picture sure gets my juices flowing. Very sexy. 

Karl is also a member of a group called "Kindle Smut".

I see for this group that a very well known bully, Angela Horn, is a moderator of "Kindle Smut". Of course, Angela is hiding behind one of her famous sock puppets, "ETA:Soon". Very nice. 

Now, ever since my report on these sexual role plays that cater to both adults and minors, many of these groups went private. Some went completely stealth. Which means, we can no longer see if these groups continue to have adults and minors interacting in some sexually explicit manner. Stealth groups don't show up in any searches and can't be seen on people's group listing on their profile by non members. You would have to be a member to see their members list and to read the posts inside the group. But because we already know for a fact that Patrick Brown and the rest of the Goodreads staff doesn't do a good enough job policing this, how can we know for sure that online sexually explicit conversations are not taking place in these groups? And with that in mind, how do we know that Karl Jones, a convicted pedophile, isn't interacting with minors in these groups? What are these hidden and private groups hiding from the rest of the world? More importantly, is Karl Jones a member of one of these stealth role play groups that do not show up in any search? And if so, is he participating in sexual role plays with minors? Only a Goodreads staff member can answer that question. They are the only ones who can see what the rest of us can not see.

Getting scared now?

Further research into Karl Jones has revealed that his blog has been removed by Blogger.

But there's more. 

On November 6th, 2012, Karl Jones, a convicted pedophile, released a book titled, "Shattered". A story about two 14 year old girls being raped and murdered. The suspect in the book is an author. 

Now, if this was something that occurred with Karl years ago in his past, I might not have given too much concern over it. After all, people can change. But this conviction was recent. And he is listed on the sexual predator registry in the UK.

For anyone who thought that my fears of sexual predators using Goodreads as a playground to fulfill any of their sick and twisted fantasies, where minors are concerned, were fabricated, I guess now we have some kind of actual proof that registered sex offenders are on Goodreads and these sexually charged groups that have minors in them does indicate that, indeed, child predators do have access to them. And yes, Goodreads helps to facilitate by allowing these groups to exist on their website, allow minors to have access to them, allow adults to interact with them, and worse of all, they now allow these groups to be hidden from the public. Or maybe the worst part is, Goodreads does not monitor this like they should be. 

Perhaps now my warnings to parents in regards to the possibility of child sexual predators being on Goodreads will be taken a bit more seriously. I know this is only one man, and he is an author, but how many more are lurking about on Goodreads? How many of them are in hiding because they are not authors? 

Here's the thing, when you allow highly charged and sexually explicit role play groups to exist in the first place, like Goodreads did for so long, and seemingly continues to allow it, and within those RP groups, you have allowed adults and minors to coexist in them, and to interact sexually in those role plays with each other, then this is the kind of garbage you invite into your playground. 

I'll let you all contemplate this discovery. Meanwhile, I'll leave you with a comment that Karl Jones left back in April of this year, right about the time his legal troubles were in full swing. This is also the last known comment that he made on Goodreads.

I'm Carroll Bryant .... and this is The Looking Glass.

Things We Learned Today:

* Karl Jones is an author

* Karl Jones is a convicted child sex predator

* Karl Jones is listed on the sexual predator data base in the UK

* Karl Jones is a member of BDSM groups and "Kindle Smut"

* Child sex predators are members of Goodreads

* Your child is at risk to sexual predators on Goodreads

* Carroll Bryant warned you back on February 1st, 2013


  1. I was friends with this monster on FB. It makes me feel sick that I helped with his promotions by offering space on my blog and tweeting etc. He duped a LOT of people. I besiege people to report his books for abuse and adding this link

    Thanks for posting, Carroll.

    1. A reader pointed this man out to me. Had his situation occurred years ago, I would have given benefit of the doubt that he had changed, however, his situation and arrest is most recent. (2013)

      I felt people needed to be made aware since I was the one who reported the pedophilia activity on Goodreads through their "Role Playing" groups, which are now mostly hidden, and there runs a chance this man could be heavily involved with that, thus placing minors at risk.

      This is why the RP groups on GR need to be regularly and heavily monitored. People like this man could be lurking in those groups targeting minors.

      Glad to be of service. I feel it has become my responsibility now to report on more than just the cyber bullying issue.

      I also wish to thank STGRB and Athena for their / her assistance in working with me on this matter.

  2. Just finished reading Shattered and upon doing so thought I'd check others' reviews as I was leaving mine. Saw the mention of his conviction and it's left me feeling pretty grubby, I can tell you.


    1. I only broke the story back then because he was involved (at that time) in some sexual role play groups on Goodreads that contained minors - another story I broke.

  4. I had the great misfortune of dealing with Jones and he attempted to make my life a living hell. What I took away was to never trust people. I recently canceled my Goodreads account as he was adding my name to every book he "supposedly" wrote, which call me a skeptic considering he tried to pass my book off on his own along with stealing an entire series from another author. This man is a pariah and should be avoided at all costs!

  5. This is an interesting link where he is accused pf plagiarism,190095.0.html

  6. This news did not get the media attention that it deserved and earned. I too canceled my account on GR.


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