Thursday, September 26, 2013

LitChick Shows True Colors

STGRB has recently made a post called LITCHICK REMAINS DEFIANT, and of course, I went to check it out. Basically, they are showing how LitChick and friends continue to defy the new policy on Goodreads. A policy, mind you, meant for ALL members to adhere to. But for some reason, "LitChick", and the rest of the bullies, seems to think they are being isolated.

Well "LitChick", you're partially correct. They are targeting certain people, those people being the ones who violate their policy. People like you. Everyone else has to conform to it, why do you and your friends seem to think that you don't have to conform to it? What makes you so special from the rest of the members on Goodreads? Feeling a bit entitled are we?

She ends her comment with, "Let them kick me off here. IDGAF."

Works for me. 

And "Karli the little" adds, "I think keeping on writing reviews on author behavior is the best thing we can possibly do."

I agree "Karli", it is the best thing you bullies can do, because that would mean you bullies will be getting banned. I like the thought of that. 

Nothing proves a point more than evidence. With that in mind, one of the biggest tactics that the bullies have resorted to in their defiance of the rules and authority is to attack authors and their books with fake ratings. This calls into more question the API violations by Goodreads, but that's for another post. One in which is being (and has been) covered by STGRB so I will not step on their feet where that subject matter is concerned. 

But just to show you some evidence that supports what these bullies are doing, which they must feel absolves them from being bullies and liars, this next screenshot tells the story about what these people are again all about, and how they deal with rules and authority. Something of which bullies, as according to my "Traits of a Cyber Bully" page, clearly defines and that "LitChick" and the rest are clearly showcasing every trait listed.

This is a screenshot of LitChick's revenge against those she has become judge, jury and executioner of, most namely, yours truly. 

Yes, "LitChick", the best way to prove to the world that you're not a bully ... is to bully. Good thinking there on your part. I guess where I say, that you so adamantly quoted me, that "you're not very bright" has now been proven - not by me - but rather - by you yourself with your current behavior and actions.

Hey, I understand, you don't like the new rules on Gooodreads, so fine, protest it. I'm all for it. I think it is every person's right to be able to protest what they are against of, but here's the thing, even while you're protesting, you still have to respect the rules. Protest the rule all you want. Protest it like it was Obamacare, but until the rules change, you're still expected to abide by the current rules that are in place. This is how civilized society functions. 

Then again, you and your friends aren't very civilized, are you?

Oh, and word to the wise, I never complained about a bad review, only reviews that are known fake and reviews that attack me on a personal basis and have nothing to do with the book. I have never attacked anyone who hasn't attacked me. I was always polite and considerate when I was a member of Goodreads. In case you forgotten, I was attacked by you and your friends over a relationship with another consenting adult that was none of anybody's business to begin with. Oh, and for exercising my "free speech" in regards to a post talking about my experience with a handful of reviewers of which, you bullies didn't have "tough enough skin" to deal with. I wasn't attacked for complaining about reviews. Reviews had nothing at all to do with my original attack. I had no bad reviews prior to being attacked. 

So I say, to all the bullies, keep on being defiant! Keep on demonstrating to everyone just how unruly and hateful you are. Keep showcasing for us all why it is so many stand against you and your bully friends. Keep reminding us why people like you have no constructive place in a decent society. Keep showing your bully colors. You're only proving my point, and that of STGRB, even more when you do this kind of thing. Maybe this is why, after all your years on Goodreads, you only have 267 friends?

Nobody likes you, "LitChick". You're a bully. You're a liar. Most of society doesn't like people who bully and lie all the time. I'm pretty sure your parents would be embarrassed by your behavior right now. If your parents were to see this, I am pretty sure they would be scratching their heads and asking, "Did we raise our daughter to act like this?"

Apparently so!

And yes, I went there. Deal!

So if you want to protest the rules, then protest the rules, but you won't be able to get anyone to listen to your protest of the rules if you're currently breaking the rules that are already in place. And you also have to keep in mind, Goodreads does not belong to you. It's not your website. To willingly decide you are going to break the rules in protest of the rules only reveals the real you. That real you is simple, you're a bully, and you're a liar. And you need to grow some tough skin. 

So you and your friends continue doing what you're doing. You're not gaining any supporters by doing it, you're losing more and more of them. It's kind of hard to support somebody who chooses to act like a spoiled nine year old. "I want a puppy and I want it now!"

I'm Carroll Bryant .... and this is The Looking Glass.

Things We Learned Today:

* LitChick is acting like a bully

* LitChick isn't very bright

* LitChick has a lot of growing up to do

* LitChick needs to grow some tough skin

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