Monday, September 23, 2013

Book Likes: An Alternative to Goodreads

So if you're like many people who are sick and tired of dealing with bullies on Goodreads, then I might have some good news for you. There is a book website that you might want to look into. They are Called Book

I plan on joining soon and will take a good look around. Once I get a feel for it, I will do another post regarding them. Meanwhile, maybe you would like to give them a shot for yourself.


  1. There is a mass exodus from GR to this site with the trolls saving all their filth and exporting it to Currently there is a 2700 hour backlog to upload there. I suspect the server will crash today.

  2. Agreed with what Rick said. A number of the worst offenders have already said they're going there, where they can exercise their right to free speech at the expense of others.

    1. What the bullies do is not free speech. It's a temper tantrum gone awry. It's bullying. It's juvenile. It's pointless. It's mean.

      But it is not free speech.


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