Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Goodreads Fires Kara Erickson?

An interesting comment made by "N" has many asking questions. It would appear that Kara Erickson, Director of customer care for Goodreads, has been relieved of her duties. It has been widely speculated by yours truly that Kara was assisting the bullies in their attacks against authors in book reviews and comments. My recent post, "Goodreads Staff Bullies: Kara Erickson, Emily Finley" called into question their participation and or assistance with the Goodreads bullies in attacking authors and honest readers/reviewers. No word if that post, and others mentioning their possible involvement, contributed to Amazon looking into their behavior and led them to any evidence that supported my suspicions. However, this is yet another step in the right direction for Goodreads. It is my hope that more of those who are responsible for so many senseless and pointless attacks against authors and those who showed support for bullied authors on Goodreads, are held accountable for their actions.

While I hate to see anybody lose their job in such a bad economy, I also have to think about all the pain Kara Erickson may have assisted in causing by supporting those who have shown time and time again that they're only ambition is to destroy reputations and careers with their needless attacks.

Good job, Amazon, I am glad to see real action being taken in an effort to make Goodreads a better place for everyone.

As for Kara Erickson, all I care to say is, shame on you. Shame on you for protecting people who get cheap laughs off of hurting others. You had a responsibility to help those who needed it and instead, you took sides. Worse than that, you took the wrong side. So if indeed this comment on Goodreads is true, then you have no one else to blame but yourself.

And so it would appear that the bullies on Goodreads can add yet another victim to their total. Because of these people. many have lost accounts, book sales, blogs, and now, someone's employment. I anticipate more fallout from the damage that these bullies have caused through the years and through their actions. I'll keep everyone informed as best I can.

My thanks to author Rick Carufel for supplying this screenshot. 

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  1. Where theres smoke theres fire! This is your validation day Carrol

  2. I am actually loving the Goodreads admin right now. The trolls are just 50 or so members and their socks in the sea of 20 million good readers. Goodreads won't even feel their loss when they are gone. If fact they will feel all the positive effects of a great community when they are gone.


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