Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Nenia Campbell: Not Exactly Einstein

So the bully revolt is on in full force, and author Nenia Campbell seems to be trying to lead the charge.

On my pages section, you will see "Traits Of A Cyber Bully". That list is not a list  that I came up with. I put that together from three different websites, and the information I gathered came from three different professional psychologists on those websites. While after reading this post, you may want to resort to going to that page and read all the traits, then compare them to what you just read in this post. The answer as to what these bullies are really all about will become more clear. But for the sake of this post, I am going to post the first 2 "Bully Traits".

 1) The individual is apt to lose his or her temper easily. They are quite impulsive and tend to get frustrated at minor events.

2) They tend to disobey rules that are set up by authority figures. They would prefer to set their own rules. They are defiant.

Now, let's meet Nenia Campbell. (And a few of her friends)

I especially like how she lets everyone know that she is a proud member of the "Meanie Brigade".

 Anyhow, Nenia announced on her Goodreads blog something she got in her inbox. Take a look.

Sounds simple enough, right? I mean, after the debacle last Friday when Goodreads announced that they were finally going to start enforcing their ToS, the bullies went ballistic over the fact that Goodreads had already deleted some bookshelves without prior warning. It appeared in the beginning that all the bullies wanted was "advanced" notice before GR started to take down shelves. Well, Nenia, guess what? This is exactly what they did. This is your advance notice. 

Now, how are the bullies reacting to this? How about you take a look for yourself.

"Loederkoningin" says: "Oh I bet we're all coming under review at some point ..." 

Yes, "Loederkoningin", you are. Not just the bullies, but EVERYONE! You see, the bullies feel that this new policy of Goodreads is directed at just the bullies. The fact is, these new changes are for EVERYBODY! All members of Goodreads must conform. Ironic though that the only members who are complaining about this new policy change are the bullies themselves. Everybody else appears perfectly okay with it. 

Then "Batgirl" says: "It seems like they're not going to share policy with us ..."



Wasn't Goodreads announcement on Friday THEM sharing policy with you? I think that it was. And ... isn't this notice to Nenia Campbell a heads up in regards to her book shelf violating that policy and requesting that she address it to conform to their policy?

I think it is.


Oh, but it gets better. Take this next screenshot by "Alfaniel". 

Evidently, he thinks it's offensive for Goodreads to have a policy and to enforce it. He thinks it's offensive of Goodreads to want to get rid of book shelves that don't address the book. Really? And I suppose book shelves and reviews that attack authors ISN'T offensive? 

SMH Again.

Then "Alana - The Book Pimp" says: "We knew this was coming, though ... just another sign that the thought police have taken over."

Are you sure you knew it was coming, "Alana"? Because earlier, "Batgirl" shows concern that GR isn't sharing policy with you guys. 


Scratch My Head

And thought police? Really "Alana"? Goodreads is trying to read your thoughts now? 

*Face Palm*

Imagine that! Goodreads new policy is really a diversion from the truth, that all they really want to do is control your thoughts. Let's alert the media!

Then another great thinker of our time gets into the conversation. 

Well "Simon", since you're unclear what "deleting a shelf" means, let me see if I can explain it for you. It means, shelve go bye-bye, can't see it no more. All gone. Disappear-o. Nothing left but memories. - Did that help you any?

Probably not.

Then "Simon" wonders if renaming a shelf "Bullying" would still be objectionable.

* Face Palm With A Tire-Iron *


Yes, "Simon", it would be objectionable.

Then "Not So Einstein" Nenia Campbell herself chimes in. Take a look.

Well, Nenia, their policy is pretty straight forward. Book shelves and book reviews are to be about books, not authors or websites. It's their website, they can make the rules. Either you comply with the rules like everyone else or you don't. If you don't, your account will come under review. If your book shelf or book reviews goes against their policy, then it goes against the spirit of their policy. Book related shelves and reviews should be about the book and only the book. Now, if it were called "Author" shelves or "Author" reviews, then you would be in line with their policy. But they're not called that, they're called book shelves and book reviews.

"Things that are self-explanatory for one thousand, Alex"

And no, Nenia, just because GR is enforcing their policy and want you to remove or change your book shelf that indicates an author supports STGRB doesn't mean that GR supports STGRB. It means that your book shelf does not comply with their rule that book shelves are to be about the book. 

* Face Palm With A Frying Pan *


"Ouch. That one hurt."

  And a side note, Nenia, your words are throw-up in the back of your mouth. 

I'm not even going to comment on this next screenshot by "Miranda". It speaks for itself and of my "Traits Of A Cyber Bully" list.

And here in this next screenshot, "Howdy YAL" calls GR staff "A-Holes"

Are we having problems adhering to the rules, "Howdy"?

Then "Charming" says: "The spirit and intent of Goodreads is not what it used to be."

On the contrary, "Charming", it was always GR policy (ToS) that inflicting emotional distress onto other GR members was forbidden by Goodreads. It's just .... now ... they have finally decided to enforce that rule. (And expand upon it)

Then, "Not So Einstein" Nenia Campbell changes her book shelf name. She wants to know if it passes muster. Take a look.

And here is the screenshot of that book shelf.

She renamed it, "Books That Support STGRB".

* Face Palm By Rocky Balboa *

Yo, Adrian, no, it doesn't pass muster.

Insert world's longest sigh here -------> (_________________)

 I guess now "books" are capable of supporting websites?

Are we getting the picture here? 

In this next screenshot, we have "Loki" spreading worldly wisdom about authors and their writing that only a "Loki" could spread. Take a look.


No, "Loki", not every author puts parts of their personality into everything they write. Sure, maybe some do, but not all. And not in every single thing they write. Have you ever considered that some books are just what they are and .... just stories? Take my book "Last Flight Out" for example: It was inspired partly by The Mary-Kay Letourneau story. There is nothing at all in that book that represents me in any way, shape or form. It's just a story! 

Now, in my book "Children Of The Flower Power", the only thing that represents me is the feel good feelings of love, family and friends that it projects. Other than that, it's just a story! 

Some parts of me can be found in "Of The Light" while again, absolutely nothing of me was put into my book "Year Of The Cat". 

But you aren't an author now, are you "Loki"? So, how would you even think that every author puts parts of themselves in every single book that they write? .... Oh, wait, I know the answer to this one, PLEASE CONSULT MY PAGE "Traits Of A Cyber Bully".

And "Loki" thinks that if you're a jerk, it will show up in all of your writing!



* Head Slam On Table *

And just when you think these people couldn't possibly get anymore intelligent, "Eric_W" pops in with this comment.


I don't even know if I could properly explain the word "offensive" to him or any of the bullies. I seriously don't think anyone could. They're reasoning simply defies all grounds of logic. Simply put, there is no logic at all in anything they ever say. None! And don't think for a moment that I am trying to educate them with this post either, because I'm not. If the public school system couldn't do it, then far be it for me to even think for a second that I could ever pull off the feat.  And speaking of the public school system, I think I should write them a strongly worded letter that points out their many failures. If Nenia and her friends are any indication of the results of the public school system, then a strongly worded letter is indeed warranted. 

"Eric", I'm questioning your ability to comprehend bubble-gum chewing at this point. 

And I'll leave you all with this this final screenshot of the night. I think it wraps up this post, and the message it sends, quite nicely. So have a good laugh now, and write your local school board later.

I'm Carroll Bryant .... and this is The Looking Glass.
Things We Learned Today:
* The public school system is in dire need of upgrading

* Nenia Campbell is no Einstein - Not by a looooooong shot - Nor are her bully friends

* Carroll worked in a "Rocky" spoof

* No tables were actually harmed in the writing of this post (Too bad the same can't be said for my head)
* "Loki" is an expert where authors and their writing is concerned
* The above statement was sarcasm
* "Loki" is not an author

* Carroll picked the wrong day to quit drinking

* The above statement was NOT my personality coming out in my writing

* Today would be a great day for Carroll to start drinking again

* The above comment WAS my personality coming out in my writing


  1. Another outstanding post, Carroll. These people are idiots.

    1. I like to think of them as "Not Exactly Einstein". LOL

  2. When you try to defend yourself against an attention seeking bully they and their troll armies will always turn it around and present themselves as the victim. Their attacks amount to nothing more than projection, and say more about them than about the victims of their attacks.


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