Sunday, September 22, 2013

.38 Caliber

A link was sent to me recently that led me to a post on .38 Caliber blog. For all of you who may be new, .38 Caliber is a blog owned by Mahala. And Mahala also goes under the name Anna Karenina. And the real identity of Anna Karenina is Janis Hinkle, an elementary school teacher in California.

Now, this post was published on September 1st. I just caught wind of it a few days ago when a reader sent the link to me via email. The post is called "Broken". It starts off with the very definition of trust. Then after that, the article kicks in.

Now, the article itself is somewhat confusing. Confusing that is, until you get to the end of it. So we're going to follow the next few screenshots one at a time until we get to the end. That's where the power of this article comes from. And it's very telling.

Read the first part. 

Confused so far? .... I was too. But keep reading. 

Yes, it seems that someone is planning and plotting again to attack me. But oh, who can it be? And to this point, I was intrigued, sitting on the edge of my seat. At this point, someone has apparently rubbed Mahala/Anna/Janis the wrong way. And this person, whom ever it may be, is now plotting to once again, try and take me down. 

The interesting part of that screenshot is where somebody refers to me as a "second stringer". Um, okay, I can live with that. But you have to admit that for a second stringer, I made the bullies look bad, and I proved a lot of their lies, and they sure as hell talked about me a lot. A LOT! And stalked my blogs religiously, but I defended myself pretty well. Granted, I had some valuable assistance from STGRB, and let's face it, they are the first stringers in all of this. Yet, for a second stringer, Patrick Brown once emailed me for help. Like I said, I'll take second stringer any day of the week. That's still better than any of the bullies. They're not even third stringers.

But I digress.

So at this point, I'm really drawn into this post. Then came the last part. It blew me right out of my shoes. Take a look.

Did you see it? Did it knock you off your feet? 

Turns out, what I thought I was reading was a post about me, it was in fact a post about GenX. (Let me say that again) IT WAS A POST ABOUT GENX!

And not just some random post either. An apparent heart-felt one. Evidently, GenX doesn't just lie to her readers, and the rest of the world, but she also lies to her friends. Or those she sweet talks into believing they're her friends. And from what I gather from this article,  Mahala/Anna/Janis, was duped by GenX in some manner.  

Why am I not surprised?

Why are WE not surprised?

I have covered GenXpose blog more than any other blog on the internet. I have covered GenX herself, and her friends, more than any other bully. (Or bullies) In fact, it is common knowledge at this point and time that the only reason I even started The Looking Glass was to defend myself from GenX and friends attacking me. In fact, GenXpose blog was started for the sole purpose of taking me and STGRB down. 

Major fail.

And .38 Caliber is correct, in all of the bullies attempts, I wasn't the one who disappeared. The bullies were / are the ones who are disappearing. However, that is of their own doing.

But even more interesting than discovering that GenX lied to Mahala/Anna/Janis is, knowing that in August of this year, GenX was planning to make a comeback where attacking me is concerned, AND - she was trying to recruit some minions to assist her with this flamboyant task. How flattering.

In hindsight, we now see the lying ways of one GenX. We now get to discover the deeper truth about her character. We now know of the deep hate she carries inside of her heart and soul for yours truly. A mere second stringer that has ultimately, at every twist and turn, humiliated her and exposed all of her lies. And it would seem that her lies run so rampant, she even lies to those who put their trust in her. Proof that GenX will stop at nothing to attack someone. To bully someone. To stalk someone. To harass someone. And that someone being little ole me. 

I continue to stand by my assertion that GenX is really Amanda Welling. I maintain this stance because starting at around July/August of 2012, there were only four people who were leaving comments on my blog and other blogs aimed at me, emailing me, antagonizing me at every opportunity. Those four people were, Jon Welling, Amanda Welling, GenX, and Jude Henderson. 

Of course, Jude never emailed me as herself. (I had her blocked) She used a sock puppet instead. I reveal this in an upcoming post scheduled for October 1st called "The Bully Investigation". You won't want to miss it. 

But in the conclusion of the article posted on .38 Caliber blog, Mahala/Anna/Janis asks the very same question that I, and perhaps some of you may have been asking yourselves, which is .....


(And while we're at it, why all the hate?)

I'm Carroll Bryant (second stringer) ..... and this is The Looking Glass.

Things We Learned Today:

* GenX lies to those who trust her, and call her friend

* GenX is / was plotting to attack me again

* GenX was trying to recruit minions to assist her in attacking me

* This post by .38 Caliber paints GenX (and all those who stand by her) in a very bad light

* You just can't trust a bully to be honest

* More dissension in the ranks of Bully Nation

* Carroll is a second stringer

* Carroll is more relevant than all of the bullies put together

* GenX has lost her cred

* STGRB is first string all the way


  1. Good post, I have a question I hope you can answer. Where was Janis watching GenX lurk and how was she doing that?

    1. I'm not exactly sure. I am assuming that they probably connected in the BBA group on GR. That would be my best guess. But I think this post Janis made shows what kind of sick and twisted mind I have been dealing with where GenX is concerned. I mean, what normal person spends their time planning and plotting to destroy someone they don't even know? I mean, I haven't done anything to GenX. Nothing! I just don't get it.

      It baffles me to no end.

  2. This woman, Janice Hinkle, is a class act when it comes to manipulation. She can make Hitler's orders to murder people sound "heartfelt." Remember she is one of the 3 biggest trolls who has destroyed hundreds of lives. This woman should not be around any children we know.

    1. I agree. The mere thought of her being around a classroom of young impressionable minds scares the crap right out of me. It honestly does.

  3. "Except that someone other than Carroll disappeared."

    I'm sorry, Carroll. I'm sorry that all of this has happened to you, but this is where you and I differ (respectfully).

    I've read all of your GenX posts. Every word and I agree that woman is a complete nutbag. But I don't think that she is Amanda, especially when Amanda up and disappeared from all of the bully groups and such. And then that line inside of this article you posted even further makes me believe that she isn't GenX. What I DO think is that Amanda and her husband were (are?) friends with GenX and they collaborated trying to take you down, and then something happened between all of them and their relationship took a hit.

    I however don't think that couple are the ones pulling strings anymore. I heard it around the rumor mill that Amanda left the BBA group, too. I think GenX decided to join, or rejoin from the sounds of it, the BBA group and is currently trying to continue digging up information on you. Who knows what they do in there.

    (Sorry for bad english. I hope it came out right. It's not my first language. My name is Marlene and I'm sorry I'm commenting anonymously, but I don't want these people stalking me.)

    1. First of all, you have no reason to apologize for posting anonymously. I understand completely which is why I offer that option. I don't want anymore innocent people getting targeted by the bullies or the GR staff.

      I hear what you're saying about GenX being / not being Amanda. I will confess that a time or two, I start to think they are two different people. But this is kind of what happens when the bullies use fake names and hide and someone like Amanda comes after me from out of the blue for no apparent reason.

      I still don't know why Amanda and her husband (and GenX) have taken it upon themselves to come after me. I have never done anything to them. I haven't done anything to anyone. Not even complain about a review. But in one of the GenX Says posts, the statement was made that they were defending their friend, Jude. But I never did anything to her either. So I don't know. It's a most unfortunate mess. Especially when my personal relationships with another consenting adult is nobody's business. I just don't understand why GenX and the rest of the bullies are making it their business.

      Peace and love to you, Marlene.


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