Monday, September 16, 2013

Goodreads: Hidden Review Club

The cat is out of the bag (again) when it comes to the Goodreads bullies and their many ways to "get" around the rules on Goodreads where reviews are concerned. A recent article posted by STGRB shows that a new group has been formed on Goodreads by the bullies called The Hidden reviews Club.

The intention of the group is to try and find a way to post bully attacks on authors in reviews without those reviews being hidden by Goodreads.

Now keep in mind that these bullies claim to be "readers" and yet, I ask you, does a true reader of books need to plot ways of writing reviews about books? Of course not, because the battle going on with myself, STGRB, and many other authors versus these bullies has nothing to do with reviews written about books, but rather, reviews written to attack the author. True readers and reviewers of books do not attack the author, they only address the book they are reviewing. This is why it is called a "book review" instead of "author review". But this new group on Goodreads is focused on how to write a seemingly "book" review and still be able to attack the author without that review being hidden. "Stefani". a well publicized bully in her own right, has a solution. Check it out.

Yes, yes! Talk about the book synopsis in your review, making it appear as though you're talking about the book, which is what a book review is supposed to be in the first place, then in the comments section below, the bullies can talk about the author and make their libelous statements there. According to "Stefani", this should keep the "book review" from being hidden. Great solution, "Stefani", write a fake book review and attack the author in the comments.

Now I ask you again, what serious book reader would think to plot such a devious scheme just to ensure their "review" doesn't get hidden? .... The answer is simple: None! No serious book reader /  reviewer would go to such lengths. Only a bully would. Here's a better solution to the problem, "Stefani", how about READING the book you REVIEW and ... (This is the part the bullies don't get) .... then write an actual "book review" about the ... gulp ..... BOOK!? (You know, instead of attacking the author?)

In this next shot, another bully, "Tiffany" admits how she is writing a review that merely talks about the author and fears the review will be hidden. Then "Stefani" chimes in response saying that she did tear into the "author" (in a "book" review) about the author going off (in the book) on an anti-religious rant. (I suppose "Stefani" has a problem with people who don't believe the same thing that she does.) Although, I find it hard to imagine that "Stefani" has any religious beliefs seeing how she lies in reviews and attacks people on a personal basis, not to mention the hate she has in her heart in doing so. My problem with her trying to come off as someone who holds religious beliefs is because the last time I checked, religious people of God, and perhaps God himself (or herself), if there is a God, do not condone attacking and hurting people. Nor would I be inclined to believe that God and those who believe in God would approve of stalking, harassing, libeling, or bullying of other people for no good reason. In fact, I thought Jesus said that it is wrong to "judge" others lest not thy-own-self be judged?

Or something to that effect.

So no, I don't see any of these bullies being religious due to their devious mannerisms and actions they take against people, and that of what they say about others. I think "Stefani" and any other bully fakes their religious beliefs as they do their "book" reviews. In essence, I don't see Jesus approving of the bullies and their behavior. But that's just my opinion.

The next group of screenshots are of the members of this group. Let's see if we can find any familiar names, shall we?

(Did I see "Archer" at the bottom? He's the one who threatened me in my attack and cussed out a 14 year old girl on Twitter. How nice. I'm sure Jesus would approve of that.)

(Is that "Belle" I see there at the top? We remember "Belle", right? Perhaps this next screenshot will jar your memory.)

(Of course, she wouldn't want HER "author" reviews hidden, now would she?)

Let's take a look at some more members of this group.

(Is that the famous "Lucy" I see in this group? The girl who "lied" about being stalked by an author? Why, yes, I do believe it is.)

(Oh my, "Nenia" is part of this group? And did my eyes deceive me but, Jude Henderson is part of this group under her sock puppet, "Nicole"? And .... SHOCKER! Mrs. Joseph is in this group too? You remember her, right? Here, let me refresh your memory with her.)

(Mrs. Joseph is the one who wishes people dead. Most notably, yours truly. Now I know Jesus would not approve of that one bit. I'm pretty sure no God would approve either.) But let's see who else is in this group.

(I see another famous bully here, "Steph", or as we know her as, Stephanie Sinclair, and "Tatiana")

And oh, look here, "The Holy Terror" has joined this group.

"The Holy Terror" is known for many attacks on authors. Most recently, that of Lauren Howard / Pippa, remember?

 Yep, "The Holy Terror" is big on trying to get people banned from Goodreads for no reason other than if you don't believe the same as she does, she'll flag you repeatedly until you get banned. I'm quite sure she and Jesus are best buds. (NOT) 

And how can we forget Wendy Darling? Her name appears in the members group section as well. You can learn all about her HERE. She's also mentioned in this report by STGRB called The Many Faces of Anna Karenina . (You remember Anna Karenina, yes? The elementary teacher in California? Her real name being Janis Hinkle? Sure you remember.

But yes, Wendy Darling is also a member of this group. So, as you can plainly see by the evidence put before you, the bullies have gathered in yet another new group on Goodreads to try and manipulate the system to work to their advantage. To come together and find a way around the rules on Goodreads that is now starting to hide fake and bully reviews that attack authors. Proving once again that all they really want to do is NOT review books, but bully authors. Because let's face it, this isn't about bad reviews of books, it's about bully reviews towards authors. And fake reviews. And these people have shown themselves time and time again to be nothing more than bullies. This new group of theirs only supports this fact. And what do I mention in one of my "Traits of A Bully" page? That's right, bullies do not play by the rules. They try and find ways around them. Just like they are doing here in this new group. 

I'm Carroll Bryant ... and this is The Looking Glass.

Things We Learned Today:

* The bullies have started a new group

* This new group focuses on how they can violate the rules without violating the rules

* No serious or real reader needs to manipulate the system just to review "a book"

* This fight isn't about censoring honest book reviews, but rather standing up against bullies

* Bullies can't be religious because religions are mostly focused on being nice to people, not bullying them, stalking them, harassing them, hurting them, or even wishing them dead

* If there is a God, you can best damn well believe he is keeping score right now



  1. I would just point out that there are indeed religions - specifically things like devil worship and demonology - that may have a dogma of being cruel to others. I don't count Satanism in there because Satanism is more about hedonism and narcissism then external cruelty, although they won't necessarily always be nice, either...

    1. You're right about Satanism. Nice to know someone else understands that belief. I learned through Vincent Crowley that Satanism was NOT the practice of worshipping Satan and holding sacrificial masses of virgins. LOL But rather, as you stated, more about hedonism and narcissism. It really bugs the crap out of me when someone refers to "ritual" type killings as "Satanism". Or Satanic. A lot of people do not do their homework when it comes to things like that.

      For myself, I look at all religions of being somewhat "cultish" - Not occult really, but still cultish.

      They say that religion is a personal thing, but if this were true, then why the need to "gather" on Sundays and why so many "rules"? ... Even when I was exploring Christianity in my teens, I never felt the need or desire to assemble with others.

      But for a bully to even rant about somebody's beliefs, to me, indicates their need to "impose" their will - so to speak. And to judge someone based on their belief is just plain ignorant to me. You may as well just say you judge people by the color of their skin too. Or nationality. I mean, just take a look at our new Miss America. Shortly after she was crowned, a lot of ignorant people took to Twitter and Facebook and started showing their asses by calling her a terrorist just because her parents were born in India. This young lady accomplishes a dream and it becomes tainted by the ignorant hating bullies.

      Diversity is indeed the spice of life.


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