Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Miranda Koryluk: Cyber Criminal

Warning: Vulgar language used in this post.

You know, I have seen, or at least, I thought I have seen the worst of the worst when it comes to the Goodreads bullies, but nothing, and I mean NOTHING! compares to the bitch I am about to introduce to you here today.

But first, a little back ground on a very good friend of mine, author Rick Carufel. 

Mr. Carufel is an author. He has been publishing books longer than I have, and he has published a hell of a lot more books than what I will probably end up publishing in the rest of my lifetime. Hell, Mr. Carufel has probably forgotten more about writing books than what I will ever learn. Be that as it may, Mr. Carufel has a little history. You see, almost twenty years ago, Mr. Carufel had something of an addiction, you might say. He used to do drugs. 

I know, no big deal, right? I mean, hell, a lot of people get hooked on that shit, right? Even some of the most famous people in our culture have been know to do drugs, right? From Andy Warhol to John Lennon and the rest of the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, even the king of rock and roll himself, Elvis Presley. Although, in the case of Elvis, he was addicted to prescription drugs. Still, it was that addiction that eventually weakened his heart and ultimately killed him. In today's society, had this occurred, the doctor who prescribed those pills to him would have probably stood trial for it like Michael Jackson's physician did. 

The point is, there has been way too many of our icons in music, Hollywood, and beyond who have died from the result of their drug and or alcohol addiction/abuse. 

Now, luckily for many of these people, they never got arrested for it. Perhaps some did, but for the better part, many of them didn't. And in today's world, we read all the time about people who get arrested for doing drugs. We throw these people in prison and then hope that when they come out, they will be a changed person. We hope that these people see the error of their ways and find some way to kick their habit in so that they won't repeat their mistakes and end up going back to prison later. 

This can often times be difficult. Mostly because kicking drug and alcohol addictions is probably one of the most difficult things to do. Add into the equation that our prison system severely lacks in rehabilitating people with these addictions. For the most part, people with these addictions almost have to find it within themselves to kick the habit and turn their lives around. We, as a society, can only hope that some of them do. And guess what? Some actually do! 

One of the best examples I can think of off hand of someone who kicked their habit and turned their life around is Dogg The Bounty Hunter. (Dwayne Chapman) Here is a man who finally took control of his life and turned it around. Not only that, but now he has long since dedicated his life to trying to help others. He is the perfect example of a role model for all of us of how a person can make mistakes in their life and then finally overcoming those mistakes to go on and live a productive, constructive one. An example that people can indeed change. 

This is so reassuring to the rest of us, yes? To know that people can change? And we as a society applaud this effort, correct? ... I know I do. That's what our society is supposed to be all about. Or, do we as a society hold this against him for the rest of his life? Do we mock him for it? Harass him about it? Hate on him for it? ... Of course not. That would be mean. That would be evil. That would be adolescent and stupid of us. Everyone is entitled to second chances, right?

Enter author Rick Carufel. 

Nearly twenty years ago he was arrested for drug possession. There were other multiple charges filed against him at the time, but some of them were dropped. One of those charges that were later dropped was the 2nd degree of selling drugs in a school/park/public housing zone. However, ultimately, he was convicted of using drugs and sentenced to just over 2 year in prison. That was nearly 20 years ago. 

Today, Mr. Carufel is no longer using drugs. In fact, while serving his time and paying his debt to society, he was determined to never go back to prison again. He was determined to beat his addiction and change his life. And ever since his release, Mr. Carufel has done just that! Just like Dogg The Bounty Hunter.

You see, some people can change. Some people do learn their lesson. People can make mistakes and turn their life around to be a positive contributor to society once again. Mr. Carufel did exactly that. He buried himself in his writing. He's never gone back to prison. I applaud him for that. I commend him for that! I myself know of a few people who are or were addicted to drugs and or alcohol and I know how very difficult overcoming that addiction can be. But Mr. Carufel did overcome it. 

But because of this mistake he made, do we want to hold it against him for the rest of his life? Do we want to humiliate him, stalk him, and even harass him for it? Or do we want to appreciate the fact that Mr. Carufel overcame a difficult situation that he got himself into and has admirably admitted to his mistake, and has gone on to become a positive contributor to society? 

Well, believe it or not, some people want to hold it against Mr. Carufel.

Enter Miranda Koryluk!

Apparently, Miranda Koryluk and the rest of the Goodreads bullies seems to have a problem with Mr. Carufel's past. So much so that she and her friends have been relentlessly stalking, harassing and bullying Mr. Carufel about his past. Evidently, they stalked him so much and to the point that they came across an article in a Minnesota newspaper article that listed Mr. Carufel's history of arrest which later, the paper apologized for doing. In essence, they made a mistake by publishing it. Mr. Carufel wasn't the only one, this newspaper also released the names of other people and their past crimes. 

From what I understand of the situation, law suits are pending against the newspaper. None the less, I find it intriguing that Miranda Koryluk and her bully friends even discovered this newspaper article. How much does one have to go through to stalk another human being to get this information?

Now, it's one thing to mention this in casual conversation here and there, obviously, I suppose there is nothing wrong in mentioning it if the subject were to come up somewhere. But it's a completely different thing altogether to rub it in somebody's face and stalk, and harass somebody with it. Wouldn't you agree? 

So why then does Miranda Koryluk and the rest of "Bully Nation" feel the need to stalk and harass Mr. Carufel over it? Now, correct me if I'm wrong here, but I thought the bullies claim that their beef with authors is over them complaining about reviews? What does Mr. Carufel's past have to do with reviews?

The answer, of course, is nothing. (But try telling that to bully supporter, author Pete Morin)

So why would they do it? What would be the point? And if you think I am joking, take a look at these screenshots. I think they speak for themselves.

Can you see what is going on here? These people are so vile, cruel, heartless, soulless, and just plain downright vicious that they don't simply mention it in passing or anything, oh no, this stupid cunt tweets it like it's some kind of trophy for her and her bully friends to hang their hats on. Even more criminal, she tweets it @RickCarufel! For the sole purpose of antagonizing him.

Talk about stalking and harassment!

This crazy bitch is relentless in her attempts to publicly humiliate Mr. Carufel. And this is exactly the type of thing that causes mental stress, emotional distress, which can lead to physical stress and ultimately, could cause someone to have a heart-attack. Is this bitch trying to murder Mr. Carufel in that manner? .... It appears so to me. And if by chance Mr. Carufel does indeed get stressed to the point where he does have a heart attack and dies, then guess what? Miranda Koryluk would be a murderer! Or perhaps some nut-job goes to Mr. Carufel's home and does something horrible, then Miranda Koryluk would be responsible for that too because she, with the help of her bully friends, posted Mr. Carufel's home address all over the freaking internet!

Who's the criminal now?

But why? Why in the hell would this crazy woman do this to him? If this whole thing is about authors complaining about bad reviews, then what fucking purpose does this serve in that cause? 

The only reason this hate-whore could have to even remotely do this to Mr. Carufel is to not only cause him all this stress, and anxiety, but to try and destroy his reputation, his name, his books sales, which could cause him financial stress, and just to tell the world that she is a first-class ass-wipe of a cunt. 

Message received, Miranda Koryluk!

Her tweets/attacks are directly, and maliciously aimed for Mr. Carufel to see. She wants him to know that under no uncertain terms what-so-ever, she is out to ruin him completely! Plain and simple. 

Miranda Koryluk, in that last screenshot, you say that you are not a bitch. Well guess what, YES YOU ARE! In fact, you are a stupid, dumb-fuck cunt of a bitch of the highest degree. 

You can quote me on that if you like you bully cunt fuck.

Now readers, I'm going to have to ask you at this time to please forgive my language. There are two reasons why I have cut my tongue loose on this post. First, it sickens me to no end to see allegedly grown adults behaving in this manner. It truly does. This man, Mr. Carufel, has already paid his debt to society for his past transgressions. He also, in that process, turned his life around. And secondly, I use this language because apparently, besides it being true, Miranda Koryluk doesn't care to be called a bitch and or a cunt. And I want to publicly humiliate her in the same manner she humiliates Mr. Carufel. 

If the truth be told, I would much rather call Mr. Carufel my friend as opposed to calling some cyber criminal, who stalks and harasses people for the simple pleasure of nothing more than hurting them, my friend. And let's face it, while Mr. Carufel has turned his life around and has become a postive contributor to society, Miranda Koryluk and her bullshit bully friends can only muster up the talent to attack and harm others. That is her only skill. To hurt other human beings because she has nothing else in this life to offer. 

How pathetic is that?

So go ahead, Miranda Koryluk, and Bully Nation, keep attacking people for the pleasure of hurting them. Keep saying things like this.

And things like this.

Mr. Carufel still has more class in his smallest finger than you will ever have in your disease infested body and that of your off-springs.  You are empty of any decency from your head, to your heart, to your soul.

And now the world will know what an evil little nobody bitch you are. Perhaps you could take some lessons from Mr. Carufel on how to turn your life around and be a positive contributor to society. Then again, you don't strike me as an intelligent individual. But I suppose if Mr. Carufel can do it, and Dogg The Bounty Hunter can do it, then who knows, maybe you can too. Maybe you could find a way to stop being a cyber criminal that stalks and harasses people for no other purpose except that to gain some kind of perverted pleasure. Perhaps someday, your pathetic little life will come to have some sort of meaning to the point where you won't feel the need to be a stupid cyber cunt. 

Then again, I could be wrong. It wouldn't be the first time. I've been wrong before.

Seeing is believing.

I just want to make it clear to everyone, and especially to Miranda Koryluk that Mr. Carufel is not proud of that dark time in his life. However, Mr. Carufel has never once ever tried to hide, deny or lie about his past. He has owned up to it like a man, accepted full responsibility for his actions and has since, moved on with his life in a productive manner. He was able to learn from his mistakes and has ensured that he never repeats it. Which is more than I, or anybody else, can say for you, Miranda Koryluk. Your classless behavior demonstrates clearly how little you have to offer society. All you have to offer the world, Miranda Koryluk, is pain, humiliation, and your current cyber criminal behavior of stalking and harassing Mr. Carufel, and displaying his address to the world like the classless cunt that you are. 

And FYI Miranda Koryluk, Mr. Carufel is an "ex" convict. He has paid his debt to society. I, as being one member of that society, forgive him and commend him for being able to overcome his mistake and make himself a better person because of it. Now, if only you, and your bully friends, could learn how to make yourselves a better person. I suggest you look into it.

The thing that gets me is, these bullies cry all day that it's about the reviews. They say that I, STGRB and our supporters stalk and harass them. That we attack them for no reason or for them giving out bully reviews. However, the other day, after signing onto Twitter, Miranda Koryluk tweeted this to all of her 39 followers. Unprovoked, mind you.

And here she is stalking, harassing and bullying author Lauren Howard/Pippa.

And again, totally unprovoked! She just does this kind of thing to harass people. 

What a fucking bitch!

Miranda's defense will probably be that she was standing up for herself or something, and not provide any evidence of it. That's the bully way. However, she may also use this next screenshot as her line of defense. Check it out. 

You see, she captured this screenshot of Mr. Carufel and a friend talking about how worried he was that Miranda Koryluk and some of her bully friends posted his personal information online, which showed his address. Mr. Carufel has good reason to be concerned somewhat for his own safety because of that criminal behavior displayed by Miranda Koryluk. 

Mr. Carufel's friend suggested he keep a baseball bat handy for protection. You know, in the event some nutcase stumbles across the personal information that Miranda Koryluk posted of Mr. Carufel. Of course, Miranda was "offended" - I think - by the word "retards" used by Mr. Carufel's friend in their discussion, which at no point did they ever mention Miranda Koryluk's name, and so, this will probably be her next whine. That she was upset that Mr. Carufel's friend used the word "retards". 

If this is the case, then here you go Miranda Koryluk. I have worked with people who have "special" needs before. The people I helped with were awesome people! They suffer from Mental Retardation and or Down-Syndrome. So I know first hand that there is a difference between people with mental retardation, and people like you and your bully friends who have no excuse for the things you do and say, and act every bit like retards. And trust me when I say, you and your bully friends DO act retarded. Because a retard is not somebody with a mental disorder, hell, those people don't say and do the horrible things you and your bully friends do and say, but rather, someone like you who just likes to show her ugly ass off to the world. 

Now you can stalk me you bitch, and make sure you get a good screenshot of what I just said. You actually have a good reason to screenshot my shit because I am talking about you. Mr. Carufel and his friend were not. You just like to stalk people, harass them and bully them for no good reason. The truth is, you might want to just start stalking me because I will make damn sure I give you a reason to stalk me you hate-whore. I'm going to make you famous. You and I, we're just beginning our journey together. And if you want to take that as some kind of threat you little cunt, go right ahead, I don't give a rats ass. I simply do not care!  But the fact that you like to ease drop on people and their conversations for no other reason than you're just a stupid fuck, and post people's personal information online, shows me what a retard you truly are.  

Thus proving that it is these people who are in fact stalking, harassing and bullying. They are the ones who are constantly doing all of the attacking. So thanks for the evidence, Miranda Koryluk. Thanks for continuing to supply me the proof to show all my readers that it is you and your gang of Goodreads thugs, so called "readers and reviewers", that you are indeed the ones who are on the offensive. I couldn't have proven my case without you. keep up the good work. I'll be watching for more of your online stalking, bullying, harassment and attacking of Mr. Carufel and others. Maybe with any luck, we'll be able to get you banned from Twitter someday. Not that it would make much of a difference. You only have 39 followers anyway. Not to worry though, you're a star now.

I'm Carroll Bryant .... and this is The Looking Glass.

Things We Learned Today:

* Miranda Koryluk is a cyber criminal by way of stalking and harassing

* Miranda Koryluk is a cunt first class

* Miranda Koryluk is a bitch all unto herself

* Miranda Koryluk is heartless, soulless and evil as hell

* This was never about reviews for the bullies, only the pleasure of hurting others

* Miranda Koryluk enjoys hurting people


  1. Great post Carroll. Tough and to the point. Miranda needs some serious counseling.

    1. I won't argue with you there, but currently, she and her bully friends are rushing to do damage control right now. This always happens when a post like this comes out and shows how none of this behavior of theirs has anything to do with book reviews. And they have been reading this post big time. You should see the keywords coming up on my blog stats page. It's hilarious.

  2. Would you say that he has paid the debt to society if one of the people he sold drugs to died, got into an accident, etc? How many lives did he ruin by helping to destroy this country and pollute it with drugs? You are defending a criminal and treating a person calling out his bad behavior (which is public information, by the way) worse than she deserves. Are media now criminals, bitches, and cunts, every time they ask someone if they spent time in jail or have done drugs? He did the crime. It's public knowledge. She isn't a whistleblower; the info was already out there.

    1. If a person gets sentenced to prison for a crime, once they are released and once they clear parole, they have paid their debt to society. End of story. And if you haven't heard, the trafficking charges were dismissed. He wasn't convicted of selling. Had that been the case, he would have served mandatory 20 years. Stop your damn lying.

      And what Miranda is doing is worse because Mr. Carufel already paid his debt. Miranda is currently breaking the law and needs to be arrested for her cyber criminal behavior of stalking, harassing and bullying.

      Even though that information may have been released by the newspaper online, not very many would have thought anything about it or found it. Many may not have even known it was that Rick Carufel. But Miranda and her bully friends made it a point to "out" his past, didn't they? And not just by some casual mention of it, but rather, repeatedly tweeting it and posting it all over the internet, and rubbing it in his face. Yes, that info was already out there, but she nor the bullies needed to get it out there even more. That's just mean.

      You know, somewhere out there on the internet, all of our information is available. Mine, yours, Miranda's. But if I go intentionally searching for it just to post it everywhere, would that be okay with you? .... Judging from your comment, I guess it would. So I tell you what, I'll go in search of Miranda's personal information online and when I find it, I'll post it, okay?

      Also, Miranda nor any other bully asked Mr. Carufel if he had a history of drug use or been in jail. Miranda and the bullies searched for it, found it, and posted it everywhere they could. That is not the media. The media does not post people's addresses or phone numbers. They report a story. But here is a newsflash for you, Miranda and the bullies are not "media".

      I didn't call Miranda a whistleblower, there was nothing to whistleblow here. Miranda is not a whistleblower, she is a bully. She is a cyber criminal that needs to be arrested for her cyber crimes. Rick's "bad behavior" occurred in the past, he paid his debt and is no longer involved in illegal activities. Not like Miranda Koryluk and her bully friends are practicing in the here and now.

    2. Searching for personal information on Miranda and posting it on your blog was rhetorical, correct? Either way, you know those people are going to spin it.

    3. I choked on my morning coffee when I read anons comment. Associating Miranda with the media? Referring to her as a whistle blower? When will these people understand that they keep making themselves look more idiotic with every thing they say? Another great response by you Carroll. You keep putting them in their place. The truth tends to do that. I doubt these people will ever accept the fact that they are wrong in what they say and do to others.

      Have you seen this post by author Nathan Bransford?


      Word is spreading fast about these people.

    4. @anon 3:45 - Yes, it was rhetorical. Yes again to the fact that I know the bullies are going to spin it. LOL

      @anon - 3:54 - Sorry to hear about you choking. Hope you feel better now. LOl

      I have seen that post from Nathan. I am actually in the process of working on a post about it.

  3. "Even though that information may have been released by the newspaper online, not very many would have thought anything about it or found it. Many may not have even known it was that Rick Carufel. But Miranda and her bully friends made it a point to "out" his past, didn't they?"

    That sounds familiar, doesn't it? It sounds a lot like some authors when they find snarky, Gif laden reviews that paint them and their books in a bad light. If only authors would stop responding to these things and making such a big deal over them, then all of this drama wouldn't be as big as it is.

    1. Anon 7:33 said - "That sounds familiar, doesn't it? It sounds a lot like some authors when they find snarky, Gif laden reviews that paint them and their books in a bad light. If only authors would stop responding to these things and making such a big deal over them, then all of this drama wouldn't be as big as it is."

      Carroll says: - If only bullies would stop leaving snarky, Gif laden reviews that paint THEM (The authors) and their books in a bad light then all of this drama wouldn't be as big as it is. Would it?

  4. One more thing...If the people who work and write for Tabloid magazines can get away with the things they say and do (You know the ones where, "OMG, this celebrity is anorexic! Look how much weight she lost! She must be doing crack!"), what makes you think that anything these people say, true or not, is going to suddenly make this sort of thing stop? People have been trying to get rid of tabloid-esque types of publications online and offline, for years with little to no success.

    Furthermore, the publishing industry DOES identify bloggers as being media. When book events come around like Book Publishing America, bloggers can apply for a media pass to get in for free if they plan on covering the event on their blogs. ALA does the same thing. So if the publishing industry professionals consider bloggers as a form of media, then that's what they are.

    Just playing devil's advocate here.

    1. And ho wmany times do we read about those tabloid magazines and papers get sued for saying some of the stuff they say? .... Plenty!

      So, the publishing industry DOES identify bloggers as being media? .... Then the boo-hoo whine these bloggers make that they are NOT professionals is a lie?

      You heard it here first folks! When I outed the bloggers who stole from me and they posted their articles where they say they are NOT professionals - is a lie. They are professionals! So now I suppose we can expect them to behave in a more "professional" manner and when they make a promise to review a book on their blog and or give an author interview in exchange for a free read, they can now be held to "professional" standards and accountability.

      Thanks for clearing that up Anon 7:40. Thank you very much.

      Oh, by the way, tweeting isn't a blog. Miranda tweeted that information. Oh but wait, did the "publishing industry" announce also that tweeting is media? LOL

      But first, clear something up here. is blogging considered media or a "form" of media. You made contradicting claims in your comment. Make up our minds. LOL

    2. They consider bloggers "Non-professional Media," that's literally what they refer to them as. I work these events every year. When BEA comes around next year, I'll send you a screen shot of the application.

      Tweeting is media. It's social media and it is generally accepted now in all forms of advertising and media. Us older people sometimes don't understand that. Media is an umbrella term used for a wide variety of things.

    3. "Non Professional media"? .... isn't that an oxymoron?

      Anyhow, why didn't you just lead with that then? Would have saved a lot of time.

      Whoever "they" is, they can consider whatever they want as media, doesn't mean I totally agree with it.

      Some people use sandpaper to wipe their bum, doesn't mean I'm going to call sandpaper toilet paper.

    4. They as in the professional book industry and the people who operate the trade shows. In other words, the publishing industry wants to hear what bloggers have to say, but they know they are not professionals.

      I think you may need to read up on media and what it is compromised off. I don't think you quite understand it and how it works. Yes, in this day and age there are professional (paid) and non-professional or non-editorial (not paid) media. Like I said before, media is a term that is has an umbrella meaning. It covers a lot of things.

      I'm not saying you have to like it or agree with it, but that's how it is and things are going to become even more murky and ever-changing with the advancements in technology.

    5. Fine. Whatever. But I still contend that bloggers are not "the media". They're just people with the ability to post their thoughts and or opinion to the world via a computer. Like myself. And I don't consider myself as "media". I'm just a guy with a blog. A few of them in fact. And Twitter is just a place where people can continue to ramble on their thoughts and share things with others, not media. Maybe a social media, sure, but not a news media or an accurate account of the news. Not that the paid journalists and news outlet (professional media) is anymore reliable these days.

      The point is, you got to have your moment. Now, no more of your comments will be posted. As you may or may not be aware of, I do not debate with anons on this blog. I've been more than lenient with you because you have been civil thus far. However, if you wish to post under your name, then fine, we can pick it back up. Until then .... have a nice day. Bu-bye.

  5. Dear Carroll, when I first read the language you were using in this post I thought to myself, "there is no need for that." But now that I have read what you have to say, I can totally understand your need to use such language.

    Miranda is rotten to the core. She looks very young, how can someone so young be so black inside? Some day she will grow up and she will realize what a nasty ugly person she is. Miranda is trying desperately to copy the behavior of that old hag she hangs around with. She is like Angela Horns Mini Me.

    Miranda and Horn are two twisted individuals who get off on other peoples pain. I am very sorry that Mr. Carufel was treated this way, he didn't deserve any of it. But it could be worse, imagine looking into a mirror and seeing Miranda empty face looking back. She can laugh and joke with her washed up old pals on-line, but at the end of the day Miranda has to live with herself. While other girls her age are having nights out with the girls or going on dates, Miranda is at home all alone on her laptop attacking people. Mr. Carufel is years older then her, why is she so infatuated by him?

    Miranda is bitter to the core. Her behavior is in no way normal for a young girl, she really needs to get help for her psychology state before its too late. I pity her.

    From Charlotte.
    (Sorry for selection an Anonymous profile, but I don't have any of the other profiles. I barely know how to set up an email account.)

    1. No need to apologize for commenting as anon, Charlotte. You have nothing to apologize for.

      As for your comment, first I want to say that I did edit this post down about three of four times. It was a lot more vulgar. Sometimes, you just have to let it out, you know?

      Also, this stuff is still happening to Mr. Carufel and not just by Miranda either. Others are doing it too. And it is every single day that they do it and with no provocation either.

      Please accept my personal apology for the language in the post.

    2. In Carroll's defense, he does warn people about the language, and his coming attractions video warns the bullies that 'now they're messing with a son of a bitch'.

  6. Great post, Carroll. Miranda's one of the nastier trolls, and if you didn't call her those names, then you'd be censoring yourself, like the trolls claim that goodreads censored them.

    Unless it's only OK for the authors to be censored, which seems to be the trolls stance.

    1. It was a lot worse before I decided to edit it. But since I am only human, I allowed more emotion out on this one. Probably because of how cruel Miranda is towards Mr. Carufel. Her intentions are clear, to humiliate him and try and make him feel inferior. This is about as evil as a person can get without actually harming someone on a physical level. There's just simply no reason for it.


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