Friday, February 8, 2013

Goodreads: The Aftermath of Shame

Many have been informing me of late, ever since I posted my article Goodreads: Or Good-Pedophilia? which focuses on the act of "Sexually explicit" role-playing groups on the book website Goodreads, and the dangers it presents for minors, that there has been an effort to make it safer for kids to explore and enjoy the Goodreads website without fear of being victimized by a sexual predator. While on the surface, that comes as encouraging news, I still contend, in my opinion, that such groups should not be allowed on a book site, period!.

I have also been prowling the internet alleys, reading the whispering voices of its members. Knowing the truth for what it is, and knowing that others know this too. They knew all along. I had my hunches that the Goodreads staff was fully aware of what was going on. And that for so long, a blind eye was constantly turned.

Now, in the aftermath of my report, I get to take a look at what others are saying about this sad mess. I have always long believed the wise words of my grandfather, who once told me, "Stir the drink if you want the cream. It always rises to the top."

There's no better validation of your efforts than that of massive response. When your words of truth are spoken loud enough for the world to hear, even with hands to both sides of your head, those words will penetrate the skin. What can't be penetrated is stubbornness, and the bottom line.

We'll be looking at some comments today, and an interesting email I received from Mr. Patrick Brown (Goodreads Community Manager) that really worries me on a couple of levels. I'll explain myself when we get to it. Meanwhile, I wish to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have emailed me, thanking me for breaking this story. Many of you have obviously chosen not to just take my word for it, but actually signed into or signed up on Goodreads to go have a look for yourself. Of course now, it is a little harder to find ever since Goodreads "hid" these groups, and not deleted them. How do I know this? because this is a screenshot I took on Superbowl Sunday, almost a week after I did my guest post on the website STGRBpreviewing the release of the story, and a couple of days after I broke the story right here on "The Looking Glass ..."

I want you to pay special attention to the red lines pointing at the listed role-play groups still on Goodreads. As you can see, the three groups I have highlighted are either "Role-play" or "RP". If you add the number of groups listed together, you get over 2000 groups. (Please note the bottom right corner. I'll be addressing that shortly) Now, some of these groups are listed in two or all three of these categories which is why I estimated over 1,750 - but unofficially - there is over 2000. Clearly, if any effort at all was made to address this problem, I'm not seeing it. How do we know that the sexually explicit material within these groups has been deleted? Many of the groups I once had access to publicly, are now "hidden". 

So what does this mean?

In between the time of when I did the guest post with STGRB and released the story on my blog, this is what Goodreads sent out to its moderators. 


  Dear Group Moderator,
We wanted to give you a heads up on some updates to our policies for groups on Goodreads. Groups are an important part of our vibrant community and we appreciate and value all you do as a group moderator. For many of our members, groups are a highlight of the time they spend on Goodreads.
As you may have already seen, we have made a few changes to how adults only (18+) groups work. As we have members who are age 13 to 17 on Goodreads, it’s important that we clarify how adults only (18+) groups should be operated on our site. We have therefore updated our guidelines for people creating and moderating groups on our site and you can view these here.
The two key points are:
• Anyone who wants to be a member of an adults only (18+) group, must have provided their birth date, and must be age 18 or older.
• Sexual role play is now not permitted in any group or any other part of the site.
Please read the guidelines for more details.
Important information for moderators of adults only (18+) groups:
• If you moderate an adults only (18+) group, any of your existing members who have not yet entered their birth date will be asked to do so before entering back into the group.
• Please note that members can opt to keep their birth date private (not visible on their profile).
• If any of your members are age 17 and younger, they will automatically have been removed from the group.
• Moving forward, if it comes to your attention that a member is actually 17 or younger, you must remove this member from the group immediately. If you have any questions regarding this, please email the Goodreads team at
Thank you for helping our members enjoy book discussion that is appropriate to their age level.
Best wishes,
The Goodreads Team


Here is a screenshot of it (Note the date and time on the upper right), courtesy of Melanie on the Goodreads Feedback Foruman "official" group the the Goodreads website.  (Please note: I am no longer a member of Goodreads. So if I can still jump in and see this, so can you. )

So as you can see, it all  looks good from a distance, but up-close, it's still the same ole runaround. Or so it would appear to me. 

 Now before we get into some interesting comments in the Goodreads Feedback forum, and the interesting email I received from Patrick Brown, I want to share a few comments off my article that you may have missed, and really is a little bothersome. However, I do have my detractors and they did peek their heads out just as I predicted they would. (They can't help themselves. Their hate is much stronger than their hearts or minds.)

First, we have this very odd person who seems to think that just because you write a fictional romance story between a 28 year old man and a 16 year old girl, that makes you a pedophile. Check it out.

This is the irrational thinking that comes with these people. And just "who" are these people? I'll get to that in a moment. Right now, take a look at my response. (It's rather long, so I had to break it up into two parts.)

Okay, now let's move to another one. Like the first, it is completely asinine. 

And now another comment accompanied with my response.

Are we getting the picture about what we are dealing with here? These bullies are motivated by hate, lies and propaganda. Their hypocrisy will be exposed in the future here on this blog, but for now, we are talking about them being upset with me breaking this story. This makes me wonder if they are against breaking up these groups on Goodreads that allow adults and minors to interact in sexually explicit role-play games. According to their reaction, they seem to approve of that sort of thing. This is about as disturbing as it gets. 

At this point, you may be wondering, who are these "so-called" bullies and where do they come from? Well, they come from Goodreads, the same place that brought you "adults sexually role-playing with kids".   These "bullies" have their own hate group on Goodreads (and Amazon Kindle Boards Forum) and it's called Badly Behaving Authors. It's a group of thugs (as I like to refer to them as) who have appointed themselves "Judge, jury and executioner" of authors and their careers whom they deem "behaving badly". I akin them to the hate group, "Ku Klux Klan". Not in that "BBA" is racially charged, but in general philosophy. As it is common knowledge that the "KKK" hates people of color, and will attack them to cause them harm  or even death, they also attack anyone who supports them, including those of the same race. As do the members of the "BBA" group on Goodreads.  They not only attack those they select as "badly behaving authors", but they also attack anybody who defends them publicly, supports them publicly and those who support me and STGRB publicly, which I will prove in future posts, right here on this blog. They also claim it's about their right to give "negative" reviews. I will dispute that claim as well and show you evidence that this is completely false. (In future posts) 

In this group, they meet, plan and strategize their brutal and heartless attacks against often times, unsuspecting victims.

The head mod, as you will notice, is H.J. Leonard. A Goodreads librarian.

 The only reason I bring this group, and the members of it, up, is because we have already seen a couple examples of their comments on my article about Goodreads and pedophilia. Their goal is to try and "discredit" me. They do this with lies that they can not support with actual proof. (Like I do and will continue to do) The sad thing is, Patrick Brown not only allows this group, and these people, to attack people, but if you stand up for yourself against them, or for anybody else who is getting attacked, they will go to him to have you banned. (I will also be showing you proof of this as well in the future) 

Here, allow me to just give you a small example of what I am talking about. In this next set of comments, I want you to read what "Mrs. Joseph" (one of the most horrid people of this group) says about my article and me:

Yes, Mrs. Joseph, I did know about this for over four months. In fact, I knew about it for over a year that kids were role-playing with adults in a sexually explicit manner, but wasn't quite sure how to go about doing anything. But I wasn't the only one. Take a look. 

And a very telling comment by "MissJessie"

But "Mrs. Josephs" hateful stupidity doesn't end there. She also says in that comment of hers that asks: "What kind of adult does undercover work by having sexual conversations with children?"

Well "Mrs. Joseph", I didn't hold sexual conversations with children during my "undercover work". I never commented in any of the groups what so ever. In fact, I never joined any of the groups except those that were made private. In those cases, I got in, looked around, took some snapshots, and got out. Then quickly "leaving" the group as a member. I never posted a single thing! 

Looks like "Mrs. Joseph" is just  a bitter and hateful person who refuses to get "his or her" facts straight. But that's a bully for you. And hey, it gets even more saucy, she also goes on to say: "The same man that was banned from GR for stalking and harassing a minor! Who he then wrote a book about in which he calls her racist and sexist names and has her raped." 

And again, her stupidity and hate reveals itself. There has never once been any evidence produced or shown that I ever stalked and or harassed anybody. Yet these bullies continue to libel left and right, with nothing to support their claims. But instead of attacking me, shouldn't he or she be grateful that I finally exposed this problem? And as for the book I wrote, she is referring to my book "Year Of The Cat", a "fictional" story where no girl is actually raped. Do you see the distorted mind-set of these people? Like I said, just like the "Ku Klux Klan". Very similar philosophies. 

And of course "Jim" comments right behind "Mrs. Joseph". He calls me "a disgruntled former member who is now taking pleasure in attacking GR."

Really Jim? By posting my story about what is taking place between adults and minors on Goodreads is "Attacking"? I guess with that kind of "sound" logic (sarcasm) I would have to assume that Jim thinks that reporters are attacking people when they cover a story. (Not that I am a reporter, but I operated in similar fashion)  So, to all of you reporters out there covering stories and reporting them to the public, stop attacking people! By order of "Jim" on Goodreads. (Maybe he is married to "Mrs. Joseph"? They would certainly make an excellent couple.)

Now, if you want to see more of "Mrs. Joseph's" kind disposition and humane side (more sarcasm) then check out this comment she makes on a review of one of my books, you guessed it, Year of the Cat, where she wishes me dead.

 This is the kind of individuals we are talking about here that are members of the Goodreads Hate group, "Badly Behaving Authors". Keep that in mind for future reference. I will be showing more about these people. It will make your stomach turn.  (If it isn't already)

And here is our lovely couple once again talking about how they don't want the credit to be attributed to me for breaking this horrible story about what has been taking place on Goodreads between adults and minors in sexually explicit role-play groups, but rather, somebody else should be getting the credit. Take a look for yourself. 

As I stated earlier, they would make a perfect couple.

And here we have a very damaging comment left by "Stefani" that I find eye-brow raising, and very, very shocking. If this is true, then this looks very bad for Patrick Brown and the Goodreads website. (not to mention the staff, which implicates them of having known what was going on all along with these sexually charged role-plays between adults and minors.) 

Now, in the response to "Stefani's" comment, "Fenestra" replies back, trying to associate the discussion of literature to sexual role-playing. How distorted is that? News flash! "Fenestra" - Role-playing IS NOT literature. That's not my opinion, that's a fact! Nor is it a "form" of literature. I think you need to take a good hard look at yourself in the "Looking Glass". Read all comments in the Feedback Forum HERE and HERE.

But in this next screenshot from the "Feedback Forum" - I am refreshed to see that somebody finally gets it! Her name is "Elizabeth". However, at  the bottom, another telling comment made by "Osho", who says that "participants were attempting to circumvent the new rule in order to start new sexual role-plays."   

Are you serious?! And this is being said right there in the Goodreads "official" group - "The Feedback Forum"!

Didn't I warn of a possible "cover up" in my original article with that "Anon" comment on the blog, GenXpose? It would appear that I wasn't too far off with that one, was I?

So, what does this all mean for the big picture? I don't rightly know. But it would seem apparent, based on a few of these comments that Goodreads, their staff, and Patrick Brown have been alerted to and, this activity has been going on for quite some time, and that they have been looking the other way, allowing it to continue despite some of this content having been flagged in the past.

This is more than disturbing, it's disturbia!

But again, in this next screenshot, I am deeply mortified by "Fenestra's" comment. Take a look.

To rebuttal what she says at the end, "If a fifteen year old wants to read 'Fifty Shades of Gray, then discuss it online, I say 'Have at it'."

Well "Fenestra", I couldn't agree with you more. However, discussing a book and role-playing are "apples and oranges". Especially if that 15 year old is role-playing with an adult. It really frightens me to no end that YOU do not get this! It really does. But I hope you read "Osho's" comment in that screenshot. Again, very telling. "I'll be curious to see if my update feed is still full of NSFW images of penises, sex acts, obscenities over gifs, and chopped up animals from my friends ..."

Need I say more?

Well, "Bookie Nookie" says something in response to "Stefani's" comment. See for yourself.

I agree "Bookie Nookie" - It did get "out of hand".

So the fall-out continues on many discussion groups through-out the Goodreads webstie, blogs, and beyond. Everybody seems to have an opinion, some of those opinions are really, really scary. Be that as it may, it doesn't take away from what I revealed in my original article,does it?

Now, let me finally address another issue here. It's an email I received from Goodreads Community Manager himself, Patrick Brown. As I stated earlier, I was somewhat worried when I read it on a couple of levels. Even though the email itself, at first glance, and on the surface, appears like a normal request, however, I will explain how I "interpreted" it. Here is the email. 

Why does this email worry me? Good question, let me see if I can explain it properly. In it, Patrick 'claims" to "take this issue seriously". Yet, we saw in "Stefani's" comment earlier that this stuff has apparently been flagged and or "brought to Goodreads staff" attention. And other screenshots "implying" that this kind of thing was common knowledge throughout the role-playing community. So I have to ask the question, how did Patrick Brown NOT know that this was going on?

It would seem to me that appropriate action should have been taken long before I ever wrote about it here on my blog.

The other thing that travels through my mind when I read his request is, why? Why do you want to see efforts of my work for the past 4 months? Everything I found can be easily viewed by him and his staff. They (Goodreads) don't "need" to see any of my "additional evidence". It's there on their website and all they have to do is make a little effort to find it themselves. Others have, after reading my report. Why can't he?

Another reason I have a problem with this email is this: An email he sent me to notify me that I had been banned from Goodreads and his reason why I was banned, dated - July 22nd.

His reason states: "... you repeatedly attacked fellow members in violation of our terms of service. "

Did he not see the constant attack and numerous ToS violations against me that weekend? STGRB sure did, and they have proof to support it! ("The Attack on Carroll Bryant" link is available at the end of this article if you wish to see it.)

So, as you can see, if you haven't figured it out by now, I do not trust this man. Not one iota. I will show you his response to me at that time when I tried to get a dialogue started, because at that time, as is the case now, I wanted to see this so called evidence that he had against me. But was he "'courteous" to me in those regards? Well, see for yourself with his response email at that time.

So, how did I respond back to him this time around? In the same fashion.

What comes around, goes around, Mr. Brown.

I know how to play "poker" too, sir. I'm pretty damn good at it if I do say so myself. You and I both know that the only reason you want to see my cards is to see if I have a "Royal Flush". I assure you that I do. I never bluff.

So, to answer your question Mr. Patrick Brown, no, you may not see my evidence. And "Yes" you may see my evidence, by going into your role-play groups and seeing for yourself. (Which you may already have) 

If you really want to see it, I could offer up a couple of alternatives. Either / or would do just fine. For example: I sure would like to see "your" evidence against me for my banning. But since you and I both know that evidence doesn't exist, nor did it ever, that would be a little impossible to do, now wouldn't it? 

Also, what would be my compensation for doing "your" job for the past four months? I doubt you can afford my fee. So that is out of the question. 

Well, as my grandfather would say, "Looks like two angry rattlesnakes got themselves cornered in the same box with a mouse. And they both want to feast on it." - Translation: Only one of us is going to eat the mouse. Which one is it going to be?

 Sure, I admit, people will say I posted that story because I have an "ax to grind" with you. the same could be said in return. I know first-hand you don't care for me either, but does it really matter? I mean, does it matter at all if I love you and Goodreads, or am neutral, or hate you and Goodreads? the point is, the truth is still there. That adults are role-playing in a sexual manner with minors. There is no disputing that. But as for the question of my intentions behind the story, it is a moot point. Would you rather I "loved" Goodreads and it "broke" my heart to "spill the proverbial beans"? 

I don't see the difference where my intentions are concerned, or my feelings towards you or Goodreads. That has no meaning what so ever. Not when the truth of the matter is still the same. Intent has nothing to do with it, only the truth matters. 

Think about it.

And while you're doing that, answer me this: (And the whole world) Is the following screenshot NOT a violation of your ToS?

Here is the link: "Year of the Cat" Reviews 

I would also like to share a couple of links that STGRB has sent me in regards to my article as well. 
Also, feel free to read The Attack on Carroll Bryant
If you are a member of Goodreads and want to know what you can do to help, if you see any content that violates Goodreads ToS, please notify the Goodreads staff by flagging the content and / or contacting the proper legal authorities. (If content discovered involves sexually explicit material involving adults corresponding with children. )

I'm Carroll Bryant - And this is The Looking Glass.

What We Learned Today:

* These role-play groups may not have been deleted, but instead, merely "hidden"

* These role-plays may have been flagged previously, yet ignored, by the Goodreads staff

* Patrick Brown should have known about this if they were flagged, but ignored it

* A lot of people are talking about this scandal

* Patrick Brown may be a hypocrite

* Carroll knows how to play poker

* Intent has nothing to do with the truth

* Ax's were made to grind on both sides

* The hate group "Badly Behaving Authors" share similar philosophies as the Ku Klux Klan

* The hate group "Badly Behaving Authors" is located on Goodreads and Amazon Forum Boards

* H.J. Leonard is head mod of a hate group

* H.J. Leonard is a Goodreads Librarian

* Mrs. Joseph makes a lot of baseless accusations

* Mrs. Joseph and Jim make a good couple

* Patrick Brown hasn't any evidence to support the banning of Carroll Bryant

* Goodreads can't afford Carroll's salary

* Carroll doesn't trust Patrick

* Screenshots and links - Don't lie

* Only the truth matters! 

I'm going to leave you with a few more comments which suggests Goodreads may have known what was going on long before I broke the story, which can be found in their Feedback group. 

And as an update, I want to show you all a very disturbing reaction to my report. This is coming from John Green, a moderator of the hate group "Badly Behaving Authors" on Goodreads, who suggests my article about Goodreads was baseless. (Yes, I know it's irresponsible reporting, but we'll touch on that later, in another future post.)

He says: "Here Bryant poses a patently ridiculous question: why are adults in a sexual role-playing group having sexually explicit discussions?"

Really John? Ridiculous? Because from what I have seen in the Goodreads “official” feedback group, and as I have posted, there were people who knew about this and knew that it was/is going on. Oh, and if my ‘claim” was so ridiculous, then why did Goodreads react so quickly? And hide groups? And maybe deleted some groups and or contents within? Seems to me that if there was nothing going on, Goodreads wouldn’t have done anything. Oh, and why have I been left comments on the article where people actually went to take a look for themselves and acknowledged they “saw’ it and were appalled? Again, seems to me you enjoy practicing “irresponsible” reporting. Something I will cover in a future post.

Talk about an “ax to grind” - you admit your hate group assisted in getting me banned. Funny how Patrick can’t show me the “evidence” to prove or support that in which I was accused of. And you’re still stuck on that “pic”? That is all you people have on me. And I explained it here on my Carroll Bryant Blog. (Which I'll be getting to in a future post) You bullies can’t let anything go, can you? Mommy forgets to pack your pudding cup for lunch and you let her hear about for the rest of the year. (And beyond) What is this fascination you bullies have with my looks and my age? Very creepy. And I guess this also proves that you and your hate group are liars, it’s not always about the reviews, is it? Nope, it’s about being “judge, jury and executioners”. How sad and pathetic can you people be? Seriously, how pathetic? First you go to my blog and “steal” screenshots because you’re too lazy to do the work yourself and then you claim I made everything up regarding Goodreads and the role-play groups, even after people have come out of the woodwork claiming they themselves knew about it and even flagged this stuff. 

And then you say I only did that story because I have an ax to grind. Looks like you have one to grind also. Even in the face of defeat, you and your bully friends cry “victory!”  How sad. Even the worst of your group of thugs, "Mrs. Joseph", admits that she hates the fact that "credit" for exposing this story will be given to me. I have a good feeling she speaks for the whole group. Even when someone you people "hate" does something good, you have to go and pour your piss all over it. 

Of course, John focuses on "Isis" and "Just Joe" in my report, talking how their role-play with one another where they have "characters" both underage, forgetting to mention, ironically, that the real age of "Isis" is 23 and the real age of "Just Joe" is 16. That’s an adult role-playing with a minor! I’ll let you do the math later. It’s obvious you need help in that department. How sad. Just irresponsible reporting John Green. Are you sure you're not Patrick Brown's little puppet?  

He also claims that I "question" the topics of gay and lesbian romance. I did not “question” the topic ‘gay and lesbian’ romance. Merely stated a fact that they existed and they were sexually explicit and that adults and minors were engaging in them. Nice try in attempting to “spin” my words. Typical bully behavior.  How sad. 

It is apparent the bullies condone adults and minors involved with sexually explicit role-playing.  How really sad! And frightening!!!!

Good to see the bullies true colors at long last be revealed. Good indeed. 

Even when the proof is overwhelming, the bullies on Goodreads still spin it to fit their objective. But what that objective is, is anybody's guess. One could certainly speculate though. But you don't need speculation when the proof is there to see. The proof in this case is the big bad-ass marine, John Green, bullying a female! Check This Out! Just take a look at John's comments. Is that what they teach you in the USMC, John? To pick on girls? I guess it's easy to be a "tough guy" on the keyboard, isn't it? No wonder you hide there to do your dirty work, too coward to go face to face with people I see. What a punkish thing to do. Good luck with that woman bashing bad-ass. I just hate it when guys pick on girls. I get the feeling John is nothing but a coward. I know, you'll claim that I did the same thing, and as always, you won't have any proof to back it up. (Unless it's me defending myself from a bully.) But I don't go after girls who have done nothing to me. Unlike you, John Green. What did Sharon Desruisseaux ever do to you? Nothing I suspect. Like I said, big bass-ass marine. You're a disgrace to the Marine Corp. John Green. A complete and utter disgrace! I carry my doubts about him being in the marines. A REAL marine wouldn't attack a female like he does Sharon. He's just another tough guy on a keyboard.

More Things We learned:

* John green has his own ax to grind

* John Green is a moderator of the hate group "Badly Behaving Authors" on goodreads

* The members of the BBA group on GR helped to get me banned

* There is still no evidence that I stalked or harassed anyone on Goodreads. 

* John Green picks on girls

* John Green is a coward

* John Green is a disgrace to the Marine Corp. (If he ever really was a marine)

* The bullies can't get over the pic issue

* John Green blogs irresponsibly

* John Green could be a Patrick puppet 


  1. I know John. His response to this is very upsetting.

  2. It is beyond me how anyone could be anything but shocked after reading about these awful sexual roll play groups on GR that had children as members. I have read some of the troll responses to this blog, it seems they are just hell bent on bullying Mr. Bryant. The trolls don't care about the safety of children on GR. The only thing that is important to the trolls is trying to belittling people, they are incapable of anything other than hate. They show no concern for the children who use these sexual roll play groups on GR.

    As for that John Green person, I don't know him personally and thankfully I have never had to engage in any "conversation" with him. But I have read many of his hate filled comments. He tries to look down on people. Did you see the screen shot STGRB posted to-day of one of John Greens comments on Twitter? He is very sleazy! Ugh! His Twitter comment really made my stomach turn, I can't even repeat what he said. But here is a link:
    Very creepy!!!

    Day by day the trolls are been exposed for what they are.

    1. I have seen that myself. Will be part of my upcoming post "John Green". It's funny some people seem to have no problem "judging" others yet, they themselves have no faults or do not make mistakes. John Green and GenX have taken it upon themselves to post about me when prior to this year, I have never knew or mentioned them. Now we get to see their hypocrisy in upcoming posts. Their true selves will be revealed. (If it hasn't already)

      Thanks for the comment!

  3. Congratulations Corroll! By exposing these sexual RP groups on Goodreads you have forced Goodreads to clean up their site. You have changed the face of Goodreads and you have made it a safer place for children.

    I have children so I thank you from the bottom of my heart from bringing these seedy groups to everyone's attention. There are a lot of people talking about this blog on Twitter. Amazing work! Well done Corroll!!!

    If someone had of told me a few weeks ago that one person could bring about such a huge change to Goodreads I would have said "no way, GR will never change!" But you did it Corroll! You made them change! This is brilliant! Now I'm thinking maybe this is just the first of many changes on Goodreads. The seedy groups are gone, hopefully the next thing to go will be the bullies with their nasty troll accounts.

    Goodreads should have cleaned up their act a long time ago, now all eyes are on them. People want change! People want Goodreads to clean up ther site! Make Goodreads bully free!

    You have done an amazing thing Corroll! I'd be very suspicious of anyone who doesn't see that!


  4. You're welcome. However there are still questions concerning just how they cleaned it up. I hear reports that GR hid most of the groups and that kids are still RPing with adults, and I hear that some groups and their content got deleted. I'm not really sure what to believe. As I mentioned before, it may take the FBI to go in and see what has been done and what hasn't. But at least it's out there. I hope for everyones sake they are cleaning it up.

    I also wish they would clean up the bully attacks too.

    And again, thank you for the comment and the kind words within. Some people don't get to do something in their life in which they can really be proud of. This is one of those things that even 20 years later, I can be proud of for doing. One of the few things anyway. Hopefully, I made Goodreads safer for kids to navigate.

    Thanks again! :D


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