Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Melville House

It would seem that Melville House and Dustin Kurtz have decided to take the low road, and band with the bullies with their post about the Goodreads sex role-play scandal. That or Patrick Brown found himself a new monkey to do his bidding. Not only does Dustin half-ass around with giving me credit for breaking the story, he also links to The Rex Files and a story that was posted about me that is filled with speculation and lies, as my future post "The Legend Of Carroll Bryant" will break apart.

But why would Dustin link to Rex? Is it that Rex knows what is coming up in my future post and he knows his so called "story" about me is going to be revealed for the bully crap that it is? And of course, armed with this knowledge, maybe he got Dustin to try and give him "credibility" by linking to my "sordid" past. A sordid past that would have been more sordid if it were entirely accurate and real. But like I said, Rex wrote that story off the top of his head. He presents no evidence in anything he wrote. My future post will show this and will show how he too, like John Green and all the rest, practice the art of irresponsible blogging.

So Dustin, nice try. Does this mean we can add you to the bully list? Does your half-ass attempt at posting this story and writing it in the way you did, to include a link to a website that has gotten its story completely wrong about me, any indication for the rest of us that you are Patrick's new puppet, and support the hate group on Goodreads known as "Badly Behaving Authors" and they're goal to be masters of the GR universe? You do realize they are self-proclaimed "Judge, jury and executioner's" on author careers, right? And that Patrick Brown supports them, correct?

You also realize that that they have also hidden their members names from view because they are ashamed of themselves and what they do and don't want anyone to know who they are anymore until they show up in a bully attack. You know this, right? Dustin?

Just checking, Because reading your article, one would easily suspect that you might be a member of that group yourself. Or, a sympathetic supporter of the bullies on Goodreads. But again, nice try at reporting. You should consider a job with a tabloid, since getting the truth isn't important to you. Melville House must be proud of you.

And yes, I did a post in red. You have a problem with red? Does that violate some kind of blogger rule? Are you and the bullies now going to tell us authors how to blog? The bullies sure do try and "teach" us authors how to act on Goodreads -  As this article on STGRB indicates - so I figure, 'What else are they going to try and educate us authors on?'.

I'm Carroll Bryant ... and this The Looking Glass.
Things we learned today:
* Dustin Kurtz wings his reports

* Dustin doesn't appear to like the color red
* Dustin half-asses giving me credit like it was a root canal
* Dustin links to "The Rex Files" to showcase my being sordid?
* Carroll is going to rip "Rex's" story blog post all apart in a future post
* Dustin (or Melville House) could be Patrick's new spin monkeys.
* The members of the hate group "BBA" on GR have hidden the names of their members (In shame?)
* Melville House may be proud of Dustin's "irresponsible" reporting by linking to "The Rex Files"
* "The Rex Files" shows no evidence of the claims they make against Carroll
* For Dustin and Melville House, the truth isn't important

* The GR bullies are JUDGE, JURY AND EXECUTIONER'S of authors careers
* Root Canals are not worth mentioning 


  1. Before anyone comments, I want to say that Dustin took a story projected to be about The sexual RP's on GR and spun it to associate me with "sordid" actions based on "The Rex Files" article "The Legend of Carroll Bryant" which he originally titled "The Strange Case of Carroll Bryant" but changed it when I mocked him with a post of the same title on my other blog.

    Rex knows I am posting this upcoming story about him and his shoddy reporting. This link supplied by Dustin is an attempt to try and project me into being some kind of "Pervert" like John Green. (Now that is an interesting coincidence)

    So pretty much, it isn't a story about sexual RPing on GR, and me breaking the story, it's about trying to discredit me. End of story! And make it appear that all efforts to stomp out that role play activity was nothing more than GR's (Patrick Brown's) doing and from their own accord. And to portray Patrick in a better light by calling him a "swell" guy. All the while, linking me to the word "sordid" and to Rex and his story, which I am about to rip apart in a future post.

    Yeah, this article by Dustin on Melville House, it's a bully attack.

  2. If Dustin really wanted to do a post on me breaking the story about the sexual role-playing going on between minors and adults, then Dustin would have contacted me. This is why I say that his article had nothing to do with role-playing and everything to do to try and place me in a bad light.

    If Dustin wanted to be a responsible blogger, he would have contacted me and asked me about the things that "The Rex Files" claims in his article, because everyone knows on my "Coming Attractions" that my "The Legend of Carroll Bryant" post is forthcoming.

    Just saying.

  3. Unfortunately, you have been the victim of a quasi journalist blogger who doesn't understand what's been going on, and didn't take the time to vet both sides of the story. He also writes ALL his posts with an air of unwarrented superiority, and in his bio he's referred to as a "wiseacre." I actually had to look up the definition of a "wiseacre," because I'd never heard that term used before. This is part of the definition of a "wiseacre:" "a know-it-all."

    He's also kissing butt with GR in a big way. But I think he underestimates how many peoople are following all this, and how dumb he now looks, not to mention how little he knows. He could have written that article in a much better way and didn't.

    1. It is my assumption that he was "asked" to write it by one of or some of his bully friends. perhaps Patrick himself? Or H.J. Leonard? Maybe John Green (as payback for posting his sexual remark?) or Amanda Welling? Even Jude? There are so many possibilities here, but one thing is for sure, when you read it, you know that it's just a feeble attempt to tarnish me a little more. By Dustin linking to a post that is close to eight months old, tells me he was throwing poor Rex a bone on the eve of my "counter" post that is due up in a matter of days, which addresses the content of his shoddy "report" about me.

      Not to worry, I contacted the "Times" and sent them a link to the Goodreads story. They did an interview with Otis Chandler recently and an article about Goodreads. I wanted to set the record straight.


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