Thursday, February 14, 2013

GenXpose Part Deux: Yawn Inserted

Hey everybody, one of the great services I like to provide you all is information on fantastic blogs. One has come to my attention recently. Well, maybe not the blog itself, but her latest post is amazing! It's informative, insightful, and extremely well written. I think you'll get a lot from it. It's a post that should win her many blog awards. In fact, if it were a drawing, I would hang it on my refrigerator door. It's that good! So go check it out at GenXpose and don't forget to yawn. God knows I sure did. (But in a good way!) Or more like a humorous way. Here's a quick screenshot to get your juices flowing. Perhaps you will get a much needed laugh, and enjoy it as much as I certainly did.

I think the best part is when the point of my first post about her GenXpose Part One just flew right over her head. But if you got it, don't tell her, I want her to figure it out all by herself. I think this will help to make her feel good inside. Like all tingly and stuff. Kind of like when you tied your shoes without any help from mom or dad for the very first time. Remember that?

Don't forget, you heard it here first. Now, here's wishing you all a delicious Valentine's Day! 


  1. That was neat Carz. She's got links to pics and everything. There's even a pic of you. Somebody has an admirer. lol

    By the way, it's deux (I think)

  2. Yeah, I saw that. Stupid spell check. I'm still getting used to this new computer.

    I know! How creepy is it that she posts my pic? I feel the need to take a very hot shower. LOL I feel so *gulp* dirty? O_o

  3. I hope she's not stalking you. Be careful. I think she's a little off in the head.

  4. Most stalkers keep to themselves. I'm used to them. The worst one so far was Jude. Now that I think about it, maybe GenX is .... noooooooooo! LOL It can't be, could it?

  5. Your Blog is very informative Corroll. It is clear to anyone bored enough to read that GenXpose blog that it is just a hate blog written by kids. Slim Shady??? Yeah right! Be careful they don't go all gangster on you the way they did with Eve Thomas.

    I had never heard of GenXpose before yesterday. From what I can see the only purpose of the blog is to bitch about you and STGRB, am I right? Does that blog serve ANY other purpose? Well I guess its better to be talked about than not talked about!

    You would think these young girls would have better things to do with their time, wouldn't you? When I was their age I was studying hard and working hard, I enjoyed myself in my spare time by going out with my friends. The girls who "write" GenXpose just sit in front of their computers all day spreading HATE. That is a very unhealthy way for young girls to behave. I would be very upset if my Daughter carried on like that. GenXposes parents must be very disappointed by her hateful behaviour.

    Corroll it is clear from your blog that GenXpose baited you. That is what internet bullies do, nasty vile creatures. You have posted your story, anyone who can read will see that you are telling the truth because you show proof. Now if I were you I'd walk away and leave these vile creatures alone to continue their hate campaign against whoever is unfortunate enough to cross their paths.

    The bullies are merely bullies, that is all they will ever be! But you Corroll are a talented writer and a talented musician, you have done something good with your life! The bullies will never do anything good because they are too full of hate! If I was you I'd ignore them from now on because they are just silly kids looking for trouble.

    1. I think GenX is in her late 20's. She claims to be married so we can't write them all off as kids.

    2. Really Carroll? (Different anon) Gen is in her 20's? I swear to God when I was skimming her blog I thought she was around 14. I can't believe this woman has nothing better to do with her life than talk about you.

    3. If you are planning on naming and shamming the person who was already named by a few on STGRB in the comments and under their Scary. Run. Fast list (which was then removed), I hope you have absolute concrete evidence to back it up.

      A word of advice, it isn't her, because that is me, and I don't play these childish games. It may work with other people, but not me.

      Anon: Doesn't CB have anything better to do with his time than come up with these posts? I don't get what he is trying to accomplish here.

      Why don't you spend your time doing something more constructive, like, I don't know, improving your writing skills?


    4. The fact that you commented, GenX, I mean, Amanda Welling, indicates that you do play childish games. And it tells me more than I thought I knew.

      To answer your question, no, I don't have anything better to do other than to come up with these posts to defend myself. Proof doesn't stop you bullies from libeling me so go cry somewhere else. You get no sympathy here.

    5. Like what, exactly? That I don't want to be falsely accused of being someone I am not, again? This is not a game. I'm actually trying to be nice, so think long and hard about what you say about me.

      Like I stated, before, please have absolute concrete proof that I am her. Falsely accusing me of something that I have not done is libel and I WILL contact the police if you start in on me. I'm giving you a fair warning. Keep my name out of your mouth and off this site. I have done absolutely NOTHING to you besides refusing to read your crummy little books.

    6. Brian,

      I'm giving you fair warning, and not a scare tactic for your "bullying crusade." If you post my wife's information online we will file police reports, both here and in Waverly.

      I will contact Google for violating the law and their terms of service and have all of your accounts and blogs removed. I will prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law.

      To be fair, I will also email this to your multiple email addresses as fair warning and proof that I made a deliberate effort to inform you that you do not have legal permission to post this information.

      I will not respond past this notice. I will monitor your blogs to ensure you comply within legal standing.

    7. Knock yourself out, Mepis. I don't post personal information on this blog like GenX and the rest of your bully friends. And if I ever were to do so, it would be public information so stop crapping in your mom's panties son. You can call the cops all day, I don't care. Here, I'll do one better, I will call them up and let them know to be expecting your call. How's that?

      So prosecute away Mepis. Google isn't Goodreads. Patrick Brown doesn't work for Google.

      Don't email me anymore with your stupid idle threats boy. I am going to send a complaint to your email provider that you're harassing me via email and to stop!

      Got anything more stupid to say Mepis?

      Hey buddy, screw you. And your threats. You know where I live, I know where you live, how far you going to take this? (That's how far I'll go) When you and your friends stop then I will stop. That's the only road I travel. It's your choice.

      And didn't you say I better have proof that GenX is Amanda? Well, the ride is just beginning. Get ready for some future proof. *wink*

    8. How do you guys like? It's not a good feeling is it? The anticipation of what is to come. Fearing inside about what proof I may carry about any of you. Trust me, this blog war only gets better from here. With each passing week and month, you people have no idea what I am going to do one minute to the next. But not to worry, everyone will get their day in the sun, trust me. Some more than others.

      I gave you people six months to leave me alone and undo your bullying, but you couldn't do that, could you? I offered you people a chance to come onto my blog with all your evidence, and you wouldn't do that because you don't have anything bad against me except that of what you make up or take out of context and or spin. I even offered the proverbial "olive branch" and still, none of you took it.

      Welcome to hell (again)

      Public information only. Ade, Belle, Coaxial, and many more are coming up. Everyone gets their spotlight. You wanted it, you got it. Hold on to your seats folks, we're picking up some speed.

  6. Another Anon...Just wanted to say I think you're a very special person for having the courage to go up against these bullies like those of the Genx crowd, and others I've seen time and again. Their goal is to try to create distraction from their own corrupt behavior and make you look like you don't know what you're talking about. But the problem is that it is just not working anymore. There are too many of us out here who have seen them in action and we're tired of them always getting their way, and the last word. Oh, they think they are clever. But it had to backfire sooner or later. And it took brave people like you to come out against them in public to show people how sinister they really are.

    1. Thanks Another Anon. I guess after their first attack and they got me banned from Goodreads I figured I didn't have anything to lose so standing up and fighting back was my only option.

  7. I think she is going to do another post about you Carroll. Maybe it will be a big person post this time. She mentioned something in her comments.

    1. Hahahahah - "Big person" post. I love it! And of course she's going to post about me again. That was her plan all along, going into this year. As to why she targeted me out of the gate? I wouldn't know. And it wouldn't have mattered what I did, remain quiet and ignore her or fire back, her goal right from the start was to pick a fight with me. But thanks for the heads up.

  8. How ironic that a bully has to call her husband in to warn you off for something you haven't even done. Just another case of a bully not being able to take what she dishes out.

    1. That's okay, I have something for them on March 5th. It's posted in my "Coming Attractions" page. They're busted! LOL

      Seriously, these bullies make it too easy. :D

    2. I agree with Anonymous. I was thinking the VERY same thing myself! Imagine a grown woman hiding behind her husband.

      I have seen the way Corroll Bryant has been treated by these people. If anyone should to the police to make a report than it should be Mr. Bryant.

      The names these trolls have called him, the things that they have accused him of (without proof) are disgraceful!!!

      Corroll I'm not sure if your blog is a good idea? But I don't blame you for writing it. There is only so much that one man can take. All blog jokes aside, this must be very upsetting for you. You mentioned in the past that you are bipolar, the harassment from these bullies can't be helping. I can't understand how the bullies are getting away with some of the things that they say! Surly their behaviour is illegal? I spoke to a barrister friend of mine in the UK about your situation, he says that you would have a case against these bullies. He said that if its illegal off the internet then it is also illegal ON the internet. I think you should really get legal advice about the slander & abuse that you have suffered.

      You said that you heard GenXpose is a marred female in her late 20s. I am a married female in my late 50's, when I was first married and still in my 20's I was too loved up & happy with life to hate anyone. GenXpose should spend more happy time with her husband, that might rid her of her bitter streak. Or maybe she married the wrong man, maybe that is her problem. As for the John Green.... well any grown man who would leave smutty comments on Twitter about oral sex is just plain creepy!

      That GenXpose blog is just a hate blog about you and STGRB. They have driven you to write your blog. But at least something good has come out of your blog. You have single handedly changed the face of Goodreads forever since you exposed those dreadful roll-play groups! You have made the internet & GR as safer place for children! You also write books and poetry, you play music, you are very talented. What has GenXpose achieved with her blog??? SHE HAS ACHIEVED NOTHING BUT HATE!!!

      You can hold your head up high Corroll, WHILE GENXPOSE IS TOO ASHAMED TO EVEN ADMIT WHO SHE IS!!! She knows that she is wrong, why else is she hiding her identity??? If she is so sure that she is right then why is she hiding who she is??? She is a bully and a COWARD and she is right to be ashamed!!! Did you ever notice the way the trolls on GR never show a photo of themselves as their profile picture? They are ALL ashamed because they know they are WRONG!

      Stay strong Corroll! You are a good man.

      From a well wisher - Charlotte. :)

    3. I'm at a lost for words Charlotte. Thank you very much.


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