Saturday, February 21, 2015

When Anne Rice Attacks

In the short history of my standing up to bullies, not once have I ever entered into "their" space and ruffle up feathers unless it was a case of the bullies talking about me. If they started spreading their lies and their crap about me, I would show up to defend, prove they were wrong, or demand they show proof which never ever came. But still, I never just showed up in their space and start poking and prodding just to get a rise out of them. It never made sense to do that because why stir up a hornets nest, right? And besides, I always took that as a bully type move. I say, if they aint talking about you anymore, leave well enough alone.

Enter Anne Rice. 

It's no secret that she supports the bully site "STGRB". The site that used to help bully victims but now only helps those who have something to offer them. They now, themselves, attack, stalk, and bully anyone and everyone who dares question anything they say or do. STGRB has - for a little over a year now - become what they once despised. (Bullies) 

To me, a bully is someone who initiates trouble where trouble isn't happening. To me, a bully is someone who goes where they are not welcomed nor belong and starts trouble where trouble isn't happening. However, washed up has-been author, Anne Rice, has now become an official STGRB staff member, or at least acting like one anyway. She went into a forum on Amazon where she isn't the least bit welcomed nor liked and she went there UNPROVOKED! Just to stir up trouble with those she calls "bullies". Yes, you read correctly, Anne Rice bullied the bullies. Check it out. 

Just like her friends at STGRB, she has now gone on the offensive to do what she claims she is trying to stop on Amazon, bullying. 

Anyone who knows me knows that I am against this type of behavior. I don't condone just popping in where you know you're not welcomed and just start trouble for no good reason. It's okay to go there to defend yourself if you like, or use your social media accounts to defend yourself but I do not approve of going into other people's spaces just to start trouble. That does not set a good example. And at her elderly age, Anne Rice should know better. 

These next screenshots shows how unwelcome she is. 

And then Anne Rice pops back in again to continue her harassment. 

Rick Carufel then speaks out. 

You see, this is not an Anne Rice group, crowd or place to be. She is not welcomed there yet she just pops in to let everyone whom she does not like and does not like her that STGRB has posted new lies ... I mean articles on their hate site. Clearly, this is proof that Anne Rice, acting on behalf of STGRB, is stalking, harassing and stirring up trouble where she needn't be nor belongs with people of whom none of them care for her or her presence. My question is this, can't Anne Rice just say what she has to say on her own social media outlets? Does she have to go to boards and forums where her enemies are and simply post for the sake of stirring up trouble? If I were to give washed up author Anne Rice any advice it would be, stay on your own side of the fence and stop bullying the bullies. There is no point in it. You don't know what you're talking about to begin with, you don't do any kind of research as you claim and you know not much of what you speak about. You are against 1 and 2 star reviews, period, and nothing else. You don't care about victims of bullying nor does STGRB and Melissa, I mean, Athena. I guess what I'm trying to say Annie, is stop being a bully and a stalker. Go write another book or something. Get back on your meds. Anything! But just shut the fuck up about bullies and bullying because you don't know shit about it. 

And that's just the cold plain truth of it all.

But since we are on the subject of Anne Rice and STGRB, does anybody know of, or is anyone aware of any credentials that "Athena Parker" may have that qualifies her to "give advice" about how to deal with bullies? I mean, seriously, her hate site is plastered with all kinds of crap that tries to explain how others should deal with bullies but I'm just trying to figure out if she has any kind of doctorate or PHD or anything that would give her any credibility in the area of bullying. It was just a thought, that's all. And I notice she still advertises real anti-bully sites but to date, none of them will endorse STGRB as an anti-bully site. I actually find that quite amusing.