Beware STGRB and Athena Parker

I just wanted to make clear that I am in no way, shape or form, associated with the hate site known as STGRB or it's bully owner, Athena Parker.

Athena Parker is a blackmailer, not to mention a back stabber who will send your private emails to other people behind your back.

There are those who feel the same as I do, and that STGRB sold out and is completely out of control. It is also widely speculated, and believed in many circles, that Athena Parker is author Melissa Douthit.

STGRB has proven themselves to be hypocrites, and feed off of other people's tragedies, while riding the coattails of famous author Anne Rice, who publicly denounced Goodreads, where STGRB has suddenly been praising them.

The constant lies in which Athena Parker continues to speak against me keep mounting up. Author Rick Carufel makes a good point when he says that Anne Rice's association, in any form, with STGRB is detrimental to her good name and reputation.

Athena is also good a bluffing just to get something in which she covets with no regards to whom she hurts to get it. It would be sad if it weren't so amusing.

No one can trust Athena Parker to tell the truth anymore. I for one do not condone her behavior one little bit. Her tactics are bully-like and highly questionable. Just beware. She is unstable and won't waste a moment to attack you to if you say or do anything that she does not approve of.

I also do not condone falsely accusing people of being a thief then having them apologize to me instead of me apologizing to them. 

You have been warned.


  1. Still riding Anne Rice strong, I was banned from her site this very morning because Athena Parker came in spouting her trash telling Anne that I was a notorious bully that had been called out on STGRB. Pardon? Anyone who has ever seen my less than 50 reviews on Amazon, and less than 200 (not even reviewed just rated!) on GR can see that I have under 5 books that I have ever reviewed at 2 stars or less. Let alone bully or harass an author. This garbage needs to be put to a stop.

    1. Would like to do a story about that. Contact me if interested.

      Yes, Athena has abused her power to hurt innocent people. She does need to be stopped.


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