Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Author Rick Carufel Makes Good Point

I got to read recently a post by Rick Carufel on his blog. He raises a good point about Anne Rice and her association now with STGRB. His post talks about an article on TIME, who mentions Anne's involvement with her stance against cyber bullying of authors. Here are some sample shots of the TIME article and Rick's post.

Rick's position rings very true in that Anne Rice is risking her credibility by associating with STGRB and WIN.

While I believe her stance is noble, and sincere, I feel she would have been better served had she took up this stance with people, authors who were victims of these bullish attacks rather than trying to join forces with groups, websites and or other organizations. Especially with those who are already under scrutiny for their practices, and those who continue to remain anonymous themselves.

Rick mentions in his post that he tried to warn Anne in advance about STGRB. I did the same thing in an email exchange with her. I also supplied her with links to posts for her to read. But just like with Rick's advice, and my efforts to help steer her, Ms. Rice refused to educate herself further in this matter. And this, I'm afraid, is why I believe that Rick is right, and that Anne Rice could be losing credibility in her stance.

I was fortunate in that STGRB cut ties with me. I put them to the test and they failed. Many supporters (and non supporters) of STGRB saw this. They saw the truth revealed right before their very eyes. They saw how STGRB turned on me and then went on to mock me. They saw Athena's real character when she sent private emails I had sent her to other third parties behind my back, in a manipulative manner - all for the sake of trying to discredit me and pit people against me. They saw the lies, and they saw the truth.

You can't be an advocate against bullying if you yourself are proven to be practicing the very same thing. You can't claim to be fighting against the bullying of authors when you yourself bully authors. Especially authors who have already been bullied by the bullies. You just can't do it.

When you do bully authors yourself, while claiming to be against it, you lose credibility. When there is already so much speculation about your real identity, it makes everything that much more concerning.

When you take on a stance or fight such as cyber bullying, everything is dependent upon YOUR credibility. This means, doing so under your real identity. This also means standing up against a practice despite your feelings towards certain individuals. Just because you dislike an author who has been bullied doesn't mean you can bully them too, and expect to retain your authenticity as a fighter for bullied authors. You're either fighting for a cause or you're fighting for some hidden agenda.

I predicted not long ago that cyber bullying against authors would regain momentum sometime in 2014. I continue to stand by that although, I would love it if I am proven wrong. But if my prediction does come true, then there is only one entity to point the proverbial finger at and that is, Athena Parker. While I maintain she has done some good, it has now become a question of her hidden agenda, and not the cause she claims to be fighting for.

I think it was said best in the movie The Dark Knight - "You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain." - It is my belief that Athena Parker (and STGRB) have lived long enough to see herself become the villain.

She brought this fight to the forefront but now, she has become her own worst enemy. When you practice the same tactics as your enemy, you then become an extension of that enemy. And until she gets off of her power trip, makes amends with those she needs to make amends with, and proves herself all over again as someone who is fighting for a cause as opposed to displaying characteristics of someone who may have a hidden agenda, this battle against cyber bullying will lose ground, and everything that was won up to this point, will be lost and forgotten. That's how I see it anyway.

And as for Anne Rice, what first appeared as a good sign to come, has now become a worrisome situation. After all, if Anne Rice loses her credibility all because of her association with STGRB, then what? Who will step up and fight the cause then?

This cause isn't about legitimate bad reviews, it's about bullying. May no one lose sight of that. 

I'm Carroll Bryant .... and this is The Looking Glass.


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