Wednesday, March 26, 2014

STGRB: Amused Is Amusing

It would seem that my recent post "STGRB: The Bluff" has struck a nerve. A comment left on STGRB regarding my post has more holes in it than in the head of the individual who left it. The comment was made by someone calling themselves "Amused", and quite frankly, I find it amusing. Take a look.

In my post, I mentioned how Athena brought up the topic of a group that was going to sue Goodreads. I showed our email exchange discussing it. However, "Amused" makes mention that a lawsuit was filed against Goodreads and that it was settled out of court - but that the people involved with the lawsuit didn't want me to be a part of it because - and I quote - "They told her that AFTER you sent her the email asking if you could publish it on her blog. Why? Because of your habit of publishing information without other people's permission. They were wise not to trust you."

First of all, this shows even more evidence that private information you send to Athena via email doesn't always stay between you and Athena. (Unless Athena is "Amused".) Something many of you might be concerned about.

Secondly, the only post I ever made without permission was the "Lucy Flood" post (which was posted in the WIN group on Facebook by Athena, the secret keeper *sarcasm*), well after September 1st, 2013. (And well after this alleged "settlement".) Prior to sending Athena that email, I had never posted without anyone's permission. In fact, I could have posted at least a dozen more posts about people getting bullied, but did not because those involved asked me NOT to post it - and so I didn't. I also had no one ever contact me after I posted about them to complain that they wanted me to take it down. Thus, there was no habit of me posting without anyone's permission at that time, or ever!. This is a bold face lie by "Amused" and again, no evidence to support the claim.

Third: (And this is where the hypocrisy / stupidity shows by "Amused") The fact that I DID ask for permission first AND didn't post anything about the lawsuit after Athena said, "Not yet", clearly indicates that I don't post things without permission, nor ask for permission in the first place. (Because obviously I did ask FIRST and when Athena said "Not yet", I didn't post anything about it, did I?) Thus proving that I can keep a secret. (And that I do ask for permission first.)

So this lie from "Amused" beckons that what I posted about originally, that this lawsuit being a bluff, is true. There was no group and there was no lawsuit thus, no settlement.

Also, even if there was a "settlement" of the lawsuit, the lawsuit having been filed would still be made public, and would indicate that a settlement was reached, but the settlement would not be disclosed. So, my question is, was this lawsuit ever even filed in California? There would be public documents to show if indeed it was or wasn't because all lawsuits are made public, period!. (Just not always the settlement - if in event the settlement was to be withheld - as "Amused" indicates.) Still, the lawsuit being filed by itself would have been made public, and there would be a public record showing this. So, see if you can find it. I know I can't. But if this lawsuit was filed, wouldn't someone be able to find it? Wouldn't STGRB show this to be true?

So you see, until / unless evidence is at least shown that a lawsuit had been filed, as it would be a matter of public record, then my story is accurate when I say that it was all just one big bluff.

And as for "Amused" making claim that I had (or have) a habit of posting stories without other people's permission, this is false, as no evidence has been, or can be, presented to show otherwise. Unless "Amused" is referring to me posting about the bullies without "their" permission.

But let's assume for a moment that "Amused" is correct, and there was a group that filed a lawsuit against Goodreads and that it was settled "privately", having me on board would have only helped that lawsuit, seeing how I was attacked the worst of all the authors who were attacked. (Outside of maybe only Rick Carufel.) And let's face it, at THAT time, I was the STGRB golden boy. I was their poster child. That is fact! So any group assembled would have wanted me right there with it.

And one more thing, if there was a "settlement", then I am quite sure that even Amazon Forum Boards would be on the target next as that is the original nesting place for these bullies. And I'm pretty sure all activity of bullying on Goodreads would have been stamped out, but Rick Carufel has shown that it's not. (And I could show it too if you like.) In fact, I think I will.

Seems to me, if there was a settlement, ALL of the bullying would have been taken down.

Nice try "Amused", but no cigar. If you have proof that I posted stories without other people's permission, then do us all a favor and give it to STGRB and have them show it. Better yet, send it to me and I will post it right here on The Glass. This is how fair I am. And while you're at it, go to the public records online and take a screenshot of the lawsuit having been filed, because ALL lawsuits that are filed are a matter of public record. I can't seem to find it. And trust me, I tried - And I would have posted it had I found it just to prove myself wrong - even without your permission.

As for the claim "Amused" makes that this private "settlement" of this mysterious "lawsuit" - that no one can find proof of - by this "mysterious" group is what led to the current "changes" over at Goodreads, well, my suspicion is that the "changes" would have occurred in a matter of days, not months. Not only that, but I would suspect that this "mysterious" group would also pursue "Booklikes" in the same manner, being how the bullies defected to that website in droves. And or "Leafmarks". But we don't see that happening, do we?

The only "settlement" that I see here is the one STGRB (or Athena) made by herself with Goodreads. 

Words are just words, "Amused", and we all know this much too well. (It's what we learned from the bullies) But proof speaks louder - much louder - than mere words. The question is: Can you (or STGRB) show with proof that your words have any merit? Time will only tell.

And time doesn't need permission. 

I'm Carroll Bryant ... and the PROOF is still only in the pudding. 


  1. I'm also pretty sure that if there was a settlement, some of that would have included an option for the authors who were victimized by the bullies - and banned by GR - to be allowed back onto their GR accounts if they wished. But that isn't happening either, is it?

    Or maybe they didn't have a good lawyer because a good lawyer would have worked that into the agreement, I'm sure.

  2. Another interesting point here is, Athena never did mention to me privately about this group or the lawsuit, I found out by Athena in her comments on STGRB. If this was such a secret and lips were supposed to be sealed, then why did Athena make mention of it on STGRB? (Loose lips sinks ships)

    Also, "Amused" says I never ask for permission yet I have proof that I asked Athena for permission.

    "Amused" also says that I post things without permission yet when Athena told me not to post about it yet, I never did. I never made any further mention of it. Anything that was mentioned about it was done so by ..... drum roll please .... Athena! .... and posted on ..... drum roll please ..... STGRB!

    And I'm the one who can't keep a secret? RME

  3. And one more note about the issue of "permission" - Let us not forget that when STGRB covered my attack, they did not ask for my permission. Granted, I did not complain about it, but a fact is a fact and the fact is, STGRB never asked for my permission first to post the attack on me.

    In hindsight, I wonder if they would have taken it down had I asked them to? I guess we'll never know now, but it still doesn't negate the fact that they stilll never got permission from me - nor did they even ask for my permission to post my attack.

    Just saying.

  4. This was sent to me via email:

    "I wanted to leave this comment on your blog but I didn't want to use my real name. I find this comment by "Amused" extremely disturbing on many levels. It would indicate that Athena, STGRB, and the members of WIN are picking and choosing who is a victim of bullying and who is not by how they perceive the victim. Do we like them? Do we not? Can we trust them? I thought the purpose of these people was to help authors who were bullied? No one fall under that category more than you. Obviously, that comment by "Abused", if true, says otherwise. It's the same as saying that if your house caught on fire, the fire department would only respond based on whether or not they like you. This is absurd! The people of WIN and STGRB have shown their true colors. They are as bad as the bullies they claim they are against. They are all hypocrites. I am so glad I left that group, and those mean spirited people. I believe as you do, Carroll, that there was no group, there was no lawsuit, and that Athena really did make a secret agreement with Goodreads. STGRB and the people of WIN are fakes, frauds and phonies. You have my permission to post this for me on your blog if you like. Just don't use my real name. I trust you."

    - End of email.

  5. If Goodreads got sued by bullied authors, it would have made the papers and STGRB would never stop taking credit for it. Also they'd be complete idiots to sue with you and I in the case.

    1. That's the whole point, they said it got settled out of court, but first to do that you have to file an actual complaint with the court. The complaint never got filed. And if their story is "we settled before it got filed" then that is a bunch of BS. Nobody settles before a complaint is even filed.

      On top of that, you had such a "great" case against GR and the best you could settle for was some bullies get banned once every few weeks or so? And some of their attacks get taken down? .... I don't think so.

      "Amused" is really Athena. The comment itself made her, STGRB and WIN look stupid and petty. First off, either Athena was trying to defend herself through "Amused" to avoid being further humiliated by me, or "Amused" isn't Athena and yet Athena is allowing other people to defend her. Either way it's pathetic. Plus, like that person said who emailed me, if what "Amused" said is true, it shows how STGRB, Athena, and the people in WIN really think, that if they don't like you, even though you were attacked by the bullies, they aren't going to help you because they don't really care. They only care about their hidden agenda. (Whatever that would be) If it's not true, then it's just a sad and pathetic lie. Either way, that comment makes them all look bad.

      But the bigger point is, nobody was complaining about me posting without permission prior to September 1st. That's because I wasn't doing that.

      The best thing Athena could do at this point is just come clean about everything. Her socks, her real identity, everything. She keeps digging her hole deeper and deeper. It will catch up to her someday. Mark my words. If a law ever does pass and they find a way to eliminate anonymous comments for the whole internet, then that would put an end to not only the bullies ability to hide behind socks, but Athena's as well.

    2. I meant without you and I included in the case. My case with my 7 friends attacked too is the best proof I've seem to date of organized stalking by the trolls.
      I have it fully documented and it at least proves malicious defamation.
      If Athena were to focus on the FTC aspects of goodreads and Amazon policies that encourage fake ratings and reviews, we could really have some momentum. If the FTC gets 200 complaints of false testimonials for products never bought or used it will cause action on their part. If STGRB, Anne Rice, Mike, you and I all just got united to push this one issue we could have some real traction if everyone would promote the hell out of that approach to the issue. These fake ratings and reviews are the major weapon of the bully-trolls. Take those away and we win a major victory.

    3. What do you mean if Athena were to focus on it? She is helpless. She no longer carries the influence. Her cred is shot to hell. Nobody is listening to her anymore. There is a transition starting to take place. Socks and frauds (like Athena) are losing their audience. It's all about real people, real identities. People like Athena have too many hidden agendas, and the world is starting to catch up to people like her. People are just beginning to realize that shady people with shady practices are not good for their cause. The people are wanting to rally behind those who step forward with their real characters at stake, and who don't go around snubbing victims just because they don't jump at your every demand or for making one mistake, or go around bluffing their way through things. The people who stand against cyber bullying have only one hope for a hero right now, and it's not Athena or STGRB .... it's probably going to have to be Anne Rice.

      She's the best chance for a hero in this struggle.

    4. I agree Ms. Rice may be the person. I see STGRB now has an attack on you below their attack on me. They are saying that Carroll Bryant is an alias.

    5. That's odd, on my Facebook, I have real life friends I'm connected with on there. Does Athena? Or is all of Athena's Facebook connections only people from off the internet? How about Johnny? Melisaa Douthit? That would be interesting information to know.

    6. Oh, and just for FYI to the bullies of STGRB, an alias for an author would be called a "pen" name.

      Is that the only thing they have on me? That I use a pen name? Even if that were true, that's the worst thing they can pin on me? I'm such a bad boy. Ha-ha.

      It's funny that everywhere I go in my real life, people call me Carroll Bryant. Who wants to bet that everywhere Athena goes in her real life, they call her Melissa? LOL


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