Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Jude Henderson: Own It! Please?

Believe it or not, I have put all the bullying behind me. No, seriously, I have. The one thing I haven't done though, is to forget.

I got am email recently from a friend. Periodically, I still get emails from people who insist that I should "take a look at this". For the most part, I don't. However, when someone sends me something and explains in their email what it is I will see / hear, and if what they say peaks my interest, then I do check it out. In this case, I was sent a video of Jude Henderson. The title of her video alone peaked my interest.

Now, I am aware that Jude used to do videos on Youtube, I just didn't know if she was still doing them. Well, until this one was sent to me. (Good for her!)

For the record, deep down, I do believe that people can change. I think for some that an event can awaken them and impact them to the point where they have an epiphany or something. I have witnessed people changing before, and in fact it has happened to me before too, so yes, change is possible.

However, real change takes a series of actions to occur and more importantly, it takes one to take full responsibility for their past aggressions against others. When a person really does change, owning up to the bad things they did is perhaps the best way to demonstrate they have changed. Am I right about this?

So when I got this video, I decided to watch it. After all, I wanted to know if Jude really has changed. And it's a video where she talks about depression and everything, and the healing power of books. I also noticed that she mentions her attempts in the past of suicide. Ironic that she mentions it now, after I have come out and mentioned publicly of my suicide attempts, but I digress.

The thing that really grabbed my attention though was when she touches on the subject of bullying. Now, I am not going to post or link to her video. If you want to go watch it, help yourself, but I take issue when she tries to mention bullying.

Before I get into this post any further, I would like to say that I am happy for her that she finally got some help with all her mental problems and everything. I really am. Dealing with ones mental and emotional issues is a difficult mountain to climb. I should know, I dealt with mine. Still am to this day. So kudos for her.

However, on the topic of bullying, I have a problem with her. She mentions of the bullying she had to endure while growing up, and it's awful that anyone has to endure that sort of thing, especially as a child. But my beef with her is the fact that she fails yet again to acknowledge her participation in the stalking, harassing and bullying of me. Her and her many bully friends. (Don't believe me? Just go to her GR account and see for yourself. Many of the bullies appear on her friends list.)

You might be wondering why I bother to bring it up. As you all know of me by now, I say it like it is, period. I can do this because, and if you been keeping up and or do your homework here on this blog, you know that where this battle with the bullies, and those of us who stand against them, I am the only one from both sides who has ever owned up to his mistakes. No one else has ever done that. I'm the only one. It's a fact. If I am wrong about this then please let me know. But this blog has a few posts where I own up to things I later discovered I was wrong about. And again, nobody else from either side of the fence has ever owned to their mistakes.

Therefor, when it comes time to call people out, I, more than anyone, am willing (and authorized) to do so. And I think you all know this about me.

So here I am calling out Jude Henderson, again. I mean, if she's going to go public with her troubles of the past and gain sympathy from people, the least she could do is acknowledge her wrong-doings against me, yes?

And while I have put the past behind me, I still keep to my promise that I refuse to let people forget how the attacks and the bullying against me first started, and why. And I refuse to allow people to forget who it was that was behind it all. Only when amends are properly made will I be able or willing to really put all of it behind me.

Now, everything is on record right here on The Glass in regards to how and why I got pulled into the fight against cyber bullying. I didn't really have much choice in the matter. I was viciously attacked by many people for a very long time. But the person most responsible for those attacks is Jude Henderson herself. She was the one who got her bully friends fired up by posting / sending emails I allegedly sent to her. (I never saw the emails so I can't say one way or the other if I actually sent them, or if they were doctored, or if they were taken out of context or what.)

But I do know she posted them somewhere online because she said so herself, and so did others say so. Many people posted excerpts from these alleged emails when they attacked me. Still, she participated greatly in the attacks against me. And we also know this from the "GenX Says" series right here on The Glass where some of the bullies "admitted" they were speaking on her (Jude's) behalf.

So why she would make a video and mention the bullying that she has received, and not mention her participation in bullying me is confounding to say the least.

If you want to talk about the road you traveled, Jude, in regards to your mental and emotional problems then that's fine, but if you're going to talk about bullying then perhaps the first place you should start is by coming clean about how you helped to organize a bully attack against me. I think it's only fair. And if you really have changed, then coming clean and apologizing to me would be a really fine place to start. It would also indicate that you really have changed. Until you do this, then you haven't changed, and you really shouldn't be talking about bullying. You can't pretend to stand against something, Jude, if in fact you participated in it, and never owned up to it. This what we call hypocrisy. Or need I remind you how and why it all started? You remember, right? It all began shortly after you stalked me on my shared blog? Maybe this screenshot capturing that event will jar your memory.

Does that help?

Look, I am glad if you think you're all better now. I really am. But you will never be able to come full circle until you once and for all come clean about what you (and many of your friends) did to me. I'm still waiting for that apology. Until I get it, I will not let the world forget what you did, and who you really are. I'm sorry, but that's just the way of it. The truth will always be out there for all to see. 

And while I am more than happy and willing to let bygones be bygones, when it comes to you talking about bullying, I have to keep reminding everyone, and you yourself, that you have some amends to make from your not so distant past. If you're going to talk about it, then so shall I. And if you're not going to remind everyone of your bullying deeds, then I will. 

Own it or be quiet about it. I will not allow your hypocrisy to go without being challenged. The truth is the truth, so just do your soul a favor and confess to the truth.

I'm Carroll Bryant ... and this is The Looking Glass. 


  1. That last email screenshot was sent to me by friend back during the days of when I was attacked. This friend was also friends with Autumn Rosen.

    For those of you who don't recall, Autumn was one of my attackers. Her and my "clash" was documented by Goodreads Follies, and STGRB. However, STGRB has taken down their coverage of my attack after Athena went ballistic against me.

    Anyhow, this friend was informed by Autumn that Jude was indeed the one who orchestrated the attack against me. In fact, Autumn had posted this information on her GR author blog at the time before she left Goodreads, deleting the post prior to her exit.

    Unfortunately, I didn't have enough time to capture the post, nor did apparently anyone else. I heard it wasn't posted for long before she took it down and left GR.

    I stumbled across this email Screenshot on a disc I had from back then. I forgot all about it until now. I also have some more interesting email screenshots that I will probably post in the future - that I discovered on that disc. But as my grandfather would say, timing is everything, and all things in time.

  2. How about a link to the Youtube video you mention?

    1. I have to warn you Rick, this girl has gone through everything under the sun. From sexual abuse, being bullied, cutting, eating disorders, suicide attempts, low self esteem issues, depression and the list goes on and on. However, she's never once dealt with these issues by using drugs or alcohol. (Or reckless sexual behavior) Now I ask you, what are the chances of that?

      I've been to counseling for my bi-polar, and clinical depression. Combine that with my sexual abuse at 9 and my suicide attempts, and I was destined to fight the booze and drugs for the rest of my life. That's not taking into account the other issues she claims to have had. Clinical depressed individuals alone have a 75 times more chance of turning to drugs or alcohol for an escape than those who aren't clinically depressed. And there is a distinction between normal depression and clinical depression. Normal depression is being depressed over a death (for example) or some other event - while clinical depression, as in my case, is caused from lack of sufficient Serezone levels in the brain. (I hope I spelled serezone correctly)

      I'm not going to come right out and call her a liar, but I do look upon her claims with a raised eyebrow.

      I still find it ironic that she came out publicly after I came out about myself publicly. Just saying.


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