Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Rick Carufel Sues STGRB / Anne Rice

Author, and painter, Rick Carufel, files a complaint against STGRB, and mentions Author, Anne Rice, in the complaint - according to a recent press release.

Also mentioned in the article, yours truly. 

For several months now, it has been common knowledge in the 'war on bullies' circles that Rick Carufel has been pursuing justice against STGRB for their libelous posts on their website pertaining to Rick Carufel, calling him a "cocaine monkey" and other vile and slanderous things. It would seem that complaint is inching closer by the minute to being resolved in a courtroom.

For more information regarding this press release and Mr. Carufel's complaint, just CLICK HERE

Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Anne Rice Whine Campaign

Moments ago, before this writing, I signed into my Facebook account when once I did, an Anne Rice Facebook feed appeared before my eyes. I don't know why it did, I never subscribed to anything Anne Rice, but none the less, it did. She posted a link to a video of her talking about STGRB I suppose. I didn't watch it. I just read the description, but in the description, she praises STGRB.

I took it upon myself to comment since it was allowing me to  comment. And this is what occurred.

I admit, I tore into her just a bit. I laid down some heavy truth for her, not that it was going to make a difference, I know better than that, but the truth needed to be said.

Anyhow, I did get one response. It was from some sadly misled girl named Carrie F. Shepherd. Check it out.

She says that I am the root of bullying. 


I'm the root of bullying.


I was a victim of the bulllying that Anne Rice claims to be fighting for.


I'm the root of bullying. 

Me. A victim of bullying.

Anyhow, I decided to respond but it didn't quite go very well. 


Yes, I got banned from responding. And I wasn't cussing or anything. I got banned from further responses because Anne Rice is a bully who doesn't want a healthy debate of the facts because she knows she will lose the debate. She knows that I, Carroll Bryant, would humiliate her and STGRB in any debate regarding bullying. The truth is what I said to her post, that Anne Rice doesn't know what bullying is. I do. I was a victim of it on Goodreads. It was my attack that put STGRB on the map. Before they covered my attack, they were just mostly known by the bullies themselves. But when I got attacked, it went viral. When STGRB covered the attack, they went viral with me. This is the truth and everyone knows it. This is when people really started paying attention to STGRB. They were only a few weeks old when they covered my attack. But then they turned around and made a backdoor deal with Goodreads and Patrick Brown (allegedly) and then they turned on me shortly there-after. 

That's a sum up of the facts as they stand. And everybody who was there in the beginning knows this. And when I say everyone, I mean everyone. 

Anyhow, here is my response to the utterly misled Carrie F. Shepherd.

It would seem that Anne Rice doesn't want the truth to get out, but here's the thing, it is getting out. I'm just basing that on the amount page views I am still receiving here on The Glass. Meanwhile, Anne Rice continues her "Whine Campaign" in true bully fashion. (I say she is a bully because of her behavior. She invades personal spaces and that is not cool.) And I have been fighting the bullies a whole lot longer than she has. And nobody has been attacked by the bullies like I was. And Goodreads has practically rewritten their entire ToS because of the attack on me and because of my article GOODREADS OR GOOD PEDOPHILIA

All Anne Rice wants is to change the rules of rating and reviewing. She wants to change the system so she can game the system. 

On the bright side, I doubt I'll get her news feed on my Facebook page again. lol 

Hey, Anne Rice, keep your shit off my junk.  *George Carlin*

Okay, that sounded quite gutter. O_o 

Shit off my junk? C'mon Carroll, you can do better than that.